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July 2021

Swansea – Arsenal 0-2, More of this please

By Walter Broeckx

The hard life of a blogger. After the Arsenal match today I had to go to my own game and so I couldn’t  write my usual after-game thoughts. And because of other things I had to do I couldn’t even write my ref preview.

So another Untold novelty : the first ref preview after the game.  Well we try to amaze you as much as we can.

So the ref preview would have been very short: not enough data for Arsenal to make conclusions. Only 2 games and two wins. Yeah. We didn’t have to fear the ref before the game.

And for Swansea the record under Moss was very much in line with their overall result.  But also mostly wins. So they also didn’t have to fear the ref.

My take on this ref got confirmed today. He is a ref that lets to keep the game moving. He will not blow for the little foul if he can let it go. But I think (without having the data of the review) that he just did this today as in the games I have seen him do before.  But he also will punish the cynical foul when needed.  And hand out a few cards.

A ref can decide that this is the way he wants to do his games. I’m not a big fan of doing it like that but as long as he treats both teams in the same way it is something you can do. I must say that this ref so far in Arsenal games I have seen, is capable of treating both teams in the same way.  He also is one of the few refs who dared to give us a penalty last season away from home. But in those games he also should have given us a second penalty. But well daring to give us even one penalty is always a good sign.

So a ref I can live with, not completely my cup of tea but so far a fair ref in Arsenal games. Long may it continue.

On to the game. 3 changes. Diaby, Monreal and The Ox came in for Rosicky, Gibbs and Ramsey.  Even after an impressive win at Bayern I was waiting to see how we would cope with a game against Swansea, a team which has caused us all kinds of troubles at the Emirates earlier in the season.

The Ox came close after some 5 minutes but his effort came off the crossbar. That would have been a massive start. Then Swansea had a better spell and till the end of the first 15 minutes they were the more threatening side. The biggest chance came from a bad pass from Jenkinson through the middle that was intercepted. But Swansea never really tested Fabianski.

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Lots of midfield play from both teams after that but not many chances for either team. And then The Ox unleashed another shot but once again it ended up on the crossbar. Next week training on shooting below the crossbar for The Ox please.

But my biased view on the game was that we were the better side, certainly after the break. I can’t really remember many attacks from Swansea that reached our goal line. And you can correct me if you want but I also don’t remember Fabianski having to make a big save. But my memory dares to let me down on occasion so I could have forgotten it.  If so sorry Lukas.

So I think we can say that after keeping Bayern away from our goal, for the second game in a row we kept our opponents away from our goal in an almost perfect way.  I’m waiting for the answer to the question: how is this possible? If we were to believe the ones who claim to know it Wenger cannot teach us how to defend. And he will not allow Bould to teach our players to defend. And our defenders are obviously crap. Ah well , whatever the reason I’m pleased with it.

Let’s move forward. Up to midfield. Arteta was composed as usual. Diaby was rusty. And Cazorla was Cazorla. A joy to watch. Not only his technical ability but his work rate is impressive. He really is working his socks off and that is great to see from such a talented player.

Up front we had the hard working Giroud, the rather invisible Walcott and The Ox who mixed brilliance with drifting in and out the game. But that unpredictability makes him sometimes so difficult to stop.

We all remember the reverse fixture at the Emirates when we were frustrated for a long long while and then got punished late on by Michu. This time we reversed the situation.

After 70 minutes Wenger took off The Ox (many people disagreed at that time) and Diaby (not that many disagreeing) and brought on Ramsey for the latter and Gervinho for The Ox. I can imagine the usual suspects getting mad and angry. But a few minutes later this was all forgotten as we scored our first goal.

And an  unfamiliar goal scorer. Monreal followed up well when we set up an attack on the left hand side. Cazorla his pass came to Giroud who couldn’t turn and shoot and laid it back to Monreal who decided to shoot and his shot went through a few defenders and ended up in the net. So a first goal for the Spanish defender.

From that moment on we were even more in control. And I think that was for a big part down to Ramsey. He really was impressive. (Well I had that impression anyway). He was always making himself available for the next pass. And being from Cardiff I think he rather enjoyed his game there at Swansea.

Swansea made a final attempt to throw all and everyone forward to score an equalizer. But the defenders just stood where they should be. And when in extra time we could counter the ball fell to Ramsey who suddenly was the most advanced player, Gervinho made the run through the centre and Ramsey just played the ball to his feet. I think a few million Gooners stopped breathing for a second hung up between oh no and oh please on their lips and then we could erupt in a massive OOOHHH YESSSSS! Gervinho scored the goal that sealed the game completely.

0-2 and game over. Karma it is called, Swansea supporters.

A few more of these  untill the end of the season please. Maybe 9 of those if possible. Some good defensive performances, the whole team defending like a unit. And scoring enough goals to win with two goals difference.  Keep it up Gooners.

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64 comments to Swansea – Arsenal 0-2, More of this please

  • Malaysian gunner

    Diabby seems to be losing the ball. If not for some stout defending from mdf plus the defenders ,Swansea could have stolen the lead. I am still wary of the defence.
    The defence disn’t go to sleep when Michu was caught os. It won’t so lucky next time.

  • Dave Highbury

    You’ve got to be happy when Jenkinson is setting up Gibbs for a third goal to nil in the 93rd minute at Swansea. That’s a tight unit.

  • herman

    Great read but the assist to gervinho was giroud not Ramsey.

  • herman

    my apology, it was Ramsey.

  • CharlieG

    Diaby not there yet. He needs games, which unfortunately due to his injury prone career he will not get. His stop start career will not put him in the groove. One could see that he was not in the game. His passing, decision making and most of all positioning himself to help colleagues were absent.
    Giroud imo is the stupidest player I have seen in an Arsenal shirt. Absolutely brainless and lacking in awareness. The first goal was down to luck. He controlled the ball when he was not in the position to do so, with two others clearly waiting to put the ball into the empty net. Lucky for him his pass found Nacho whose shot somehow ended in a goal. Giroud just runs and work, not Arsene type of player more suited for Stoke.
    Otherwise we played manificently, Fab did not have to make a single save, tells one the organisation and teamwork to keep a home team bent on attack at bay. Well done.

  • @festacbox

    oh yeah, oh yeah…..I dont care. All I want is a victory.
    It’s a team game…and at times not everyone will play well and like it or not, the team has to count on some player’s lack of skill.
    It’s all about knowing what the other’s limitation is.

  • Lanre

    Good win and a clean sheet to go. Back to back mehn! I want to believe that we haven’t had back to back clean sheets since d start of the season.
    Please can someone do a review of Jenkinson’s performance this season. Looks to me like nobody could get past him. Possibly taking good lessons from Pa Sagna.

  • JohnW

    I think however much his talent is, Arsene needs to move Diaby on. After the Bayern game, we needed energetic midfielders but Diaby was a bit lazy. Diaby, Djourou, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamack, Squilaci should all be moved on, and in their places, either Arsene promotes from the reserves or buys other players.
    For the next 9 games, I will not mind about the performance, all I care about is a win.

  • gouresh

    When ur rusty, in the case of diaby, i don’t need to carry the ball too much as U lose it. Play simple passes till U get the oil in all ur bearings. I was told this my a senior player when i started off.

  • ARSENAL 13

    @ Malaysian gunner,
    cut the crap will you. Just enjoy the victory and hope for the best in the coming weeks. Do you know what really helped us in Bayern….Away fans. They are the ones who fed the team with energy to fight till the last minute. If the home fans could do the same.

    Nice game. 2nd game in a row where opponents had any clear cut chance.
    GO Gunners.

  • Mandy Dodd

    How good is Ramsey becoming! Always knew there was a great player that the cloggers would only halt not ruin. Feel things will change this summer not sure how maybe in terms of signings or some of the ways we have been run maybe a stellar signing or two just get the feeling once we get over this year things will get better. Some of the performances from the likes of jenks and Ramsey fill me with confidence. We look solid at times like we did earlier in the season. Hope reports of tv being on his way are not true not his best season but have heard several times he is carrying something like Poldi . Also true that tv and szez have not benefitted from much protection from the mf do wonder if jack for all his quality incurs a cost defensively. Or is bould just ripping up the training ground? Hope for positive results for us today.

  • ARSENAL 13

    @Mandy Dodd,

    People say he is not technically gifted. But who cares…..I prefer a hard working ordinary players to technically gifted lazy players.

    Ramsey was very instrumental in that Bayern win. Always available for a pass. Always working to close the channels, through which Bayern could attack. We need him. He may not set field on fire, but therz a fire in him which ARSENAL needs.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I just wondered….why oh why do we need to pick on any player after two such wins?
    Why this need to look for anything negative that can be said? As if we cannot be happy even when we win two such difficult games.
    Bayern in Munich are a class apart and yet we won.
    Swansea is a team that can frustrate you and that can defend but also can open you up with their passing and yet we won.

    But hey lets look out for that misplaced pass on 56m38sec or the heavy touch on 68m24sec.

    Oh well. I’m just happy. COYG.

    You made me happy. COYG

    Confidence and more consistency are/were(?) the missing things.

  • AL

    I think it’d be very hard, if not impossible, to find a perfect result or win even by the best team in the world. There will will always be a moment they will not be entirely satisfied with. So I just wish to focus on the positives, great win. And hoping our two rivals stumble today.

    p/s I think the Wales Captaincy was weighing Ramsey down a little; I mean being captain of your country but not a regular for your club? He seems to be playing a lot freely these days. Arshavin too perhaps?

  • gouresh

    The defence won the game for us yesterday. If our defence / GK are solid, that gives confidence to the entire team to play knowing that the back 4 & GK will get you out of shite if necesary. The comment in the article about AW defensive ability is a bit iffy. We don’t know weather AW has given in to Bouldy uncle persistance or AW has finaly woken up to realize our frailites. We will never know, but what we know is that the team looks very solid at the back now that RK is in place of TV. What we need to see is that the team carries on the same way for the remaining 9 games. It looks very promising.

  • va

    YUP. So happy with win! wacthing MOTD yesterday oh aresnal won then the moved on. If we had lost oh aresnal cannot defend no trohpy etc etc. 2nd place up for grabs now that man city lost lol

  • Brilliant defensive performances in last two matches, this is the way we should do it. It should be noted that Gervinho has shown signs of improvement in terms of self-confidence in last two matches and his composure when he scored our second goal was encouraging.

    Ramsey is a central midfielder with high work-rate and even higher intelligence and it is a good thing Wenger gave up on playing the Welshman on the wing-positions.

    Regarding Jenkinson’s misplaced pass to Arteta, there are two things I’d like to point out. First, Jenkinson has improved in incredible way this season but his passing game in our own half hasn’t been the best – he shouldn’t send diagonal balls when being that close to our goal. Secondly, Arteta didn’t attack the ball, he was running forward so it’s not entirely Jenkinson’s fault.

    Fabianski did make one save and – although Michu was offside – it was excellent one.

    We won very important match, kept clean sheet and there is still room for improvement (I have seen our attackers shouting at each other for not being seen by their team-mates too often – similar thing happened before Monreal scored). Things look much brighter now.

  • paul"the Gooner"

    Great win.Lets all enjoy.The media just do not know what to say now after 2 good wins.We can now have 2 weeks off and leave on a high.Will we be able to listen to the radio or read the papers without a Media bashing.? Our defence has looked best when Gibbs and Jenkinson have been playing at fullbacks.I must say that AW made 2 massive decisions and they at present have paid off.Dropping both Scnez and Verm.Thats what he is paid for.

  • AL

    I think it may be helpful if we stay clear of What Wenger or Bould’s input is into the defence as it leads to all kinds of speculation when the real truth is we will never know who is advocating for what style in that department. I also would be cautious of giving Bould the credit when things are going right, and blaming Wenger when they don’t, it just doesn’t make any sense. After all he’s been getting it right all these years without Bould. We are a team, and when we win all deserve credit. And if we don’t let’s avoid singling anyone out for criticism.

  • Stroller

    Just imagine the stick that Wenger would have got for bringing on Ramsey and Gervinho had we not won. Added to dropping Ches and Verm it would have been all about his lack of tactical ability and how he’s lost it. The player that most concerns me is Walcott who hasn’t been effective in recent games despite (or maybe because of?) having won his new contract. The Ox was far more involved until he tired, and with a fit Podolski and revived Gervinho Walcott needs to heed Wenger’s warning that nobody’s place is assured.

  • Oh my GOD what a pleasant environment we have no sewers in the lobby i can not believe it,for how long GOD knows. Gunners lets keep the fire burning.Had we lost!the sewers would be all over the place. Where are they now?

  • Highamsparkgunner

    @kampalagun Think there are a few at the start of the comments still. There is no Rupert Cook for which I am eternally grateful but a few have a go at the likes of Giroud and Diaby still.
    Think we should enjoy this win and look forward to Tottenham combusting as usual towards the end of the season.

  • Rufusstan

    Lots of positives from yesterday.

    Great tactical decisions throughout. team selections, substitutions (although I was screaming for Gervinho–Theo not the Ox).

    Its funny to see a lot of people dismissing the first half in particular as bad. I thought it was great. Two highly technical sides trying to play the ball on the ground, both pressing the other high up the pitch, and in the pissing down rain. They did cancel each other out but there was a hell of a lot of good football.

    On specifics:

    I think Jenkinson is having a good run, but he is still 21, and not there yet. I think we still need Sagna for at least a couple of years while he fills out into the awesome player he will end up as.

    Diaby at times makes me want to cry. You see flashes of what he should be and it is hard not to feel sympathetic. I’m torn about what to do about the guy.

    Mandy — Agree totally about Ramsey, As with the above; where would he be now if he had not been Shawcrossed? By the way, don’t think the Swansea fans going after him was the best idea.

    Herman — Funny thing is, I think you are both right and wrong. 2nd goal was after all Giroud–> Ramsey–> Gervinho–> Bang. Ramset (deservedly) get the credit for the assist, but our demand for stats these days means that Giroud’s ball, which opened Swansea up gets ignored for the most part.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Just seen the images from after the game. I did noticed Michu being unhappy with Fabianski. Don’t know why to be honest and don’t care. Maybe he clapped in his face? Which is perfectly acceptable these days.

    What I did see was our BFG clapping his hands in front of the away Gooners. And not just the one-two clap gesture but as if he just has been to a great concert and really enjoyed it and gave a standing ovation. A BIG standing ovation. 😉 I notice he always seems to make a lot of time to show his appreciation for our supporters.

    I also saw Szczesny walking around with a big smile hugging the players who played. Good to see that.

  • @Highamspurkgunner at least they are not all that smelly though sewerism is always at their lips.Any one who know why Michu wanted to fight Fabiansk may be he told him that he will never score against him or may be asked him where he was for the whole 90 mins,probably he gave him a finger? But the pudits would have made a meal out of it. Sometimes my eyes are not that good did anybody read how Ferdinand was fined 40000pounds and suspended for 10 games after elbowing Torres? Or was i dreaming?

  • WalterBroeckx

    keep on dreaming Kampala 😉

  • Yassin

    @ Arsenal13, Walter,
    Definitely, the Away fans were amazing in the last two games,as always, they deserved those wins, I could hear the chants on the my TV, while at Emirates, Bayern chants was what i heard, Why don`t Gazidis clone those fans to 60,000 and put them at the Emirates, Gazides out, he doesnt know how to motivate the fans…..

    as we always criticize the refs when they destroy our match (just like what Foy is doing know in between Norwich and Sunderland), I would love to say that Moss was very good, yesterday, from the first moment the swansea players wanted to tackle our players, to stop the game flow, Yellow card was given telling them this will not go unpunished, and then they couldnt kill us as always….

    Why dont people come out and say that Wenger is a genius now, they said he was tactically crap when we lose….

    BTW, Next victim after Arshavin( BOOOOD guy), Ramsey (not worth to wear the shirt) and Gervinho( NO Brain), now coming up, Vermaelen

  • Yassin


    On, Wenger said

    on Michu taking exception to Fabianski’s post-match celebration…

    You have the right to celebrate without being provocative. I know Fabianski well. I know that he had not even seen Michu when he celebrated.

  • AL

    Yeah, Yassin, our fans always seem to want to have a fall guy. Can’t help but feel TV is the latest to being singled out for criticism. Why can’t we just enjoy a win?

  • AL

    And agree about Foy, he might as well have pulled a Sunderland jersey on.

  • @Walter thanks, i always like my dreams.@AL Foy and his linesman are a joke how on earth can you give Sunderland that penalty and you don’t give that one of Norwich!!Probably he had orders from above.

  • Tasos


    Spurs 0-1 Fulham

  • Adam

    I’m gonna get hammered for this but, Vermaelen has been getting on my nerves recently, but it has more to do with the silly bookings he picks up.

    I still think he is a quality player and could move into midfield if he cuts out the bookings, as when you play in the middle you will see more of the ball and the opposition with the ball.

    Maybe this is Wenger giving some of the squad a break, resulting in competition for places.

    So nice to beat Swansea. onwards and upwards.

  • AL

    Well done fulham!

    @Kampala, the standard of refereeing in the premiership is shocking, just seen one of the most sickening tackles I have seen on a football pitch in the wigan/newcastle game & nothing given, not even a free kick. Instead the ref has red carded the coach whose player got injured. Two games in a few minutes of one another, both with shocking refereeing, this isn’t acceptable.

  • AL

    Adam, I don’t think you would get hammered for that kind of ‘constructive’ criticism. You coming up with your thoughts on where you think he could be used best and what he may need to avoid. It’s when people just boo their own player for being out of form & clamoring for said player’s hastened departure, you know, when you hear the he’s not fit to wear the jersey nonsense, that isn’t right imo. The players aren’t impervious to our criticisms, and these get to them, having a detrimental effect on their performances.

  • bjtgooner

    Good to see Spurs drop points, it makes our hard fought win yesterday all the more worthwhile.

    A certain sewer rat does seem to be in hibernation. Great!

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hmm@btjgooner why are you saying what i’m going to say?? h ah ha ha ha

  • @AL im lost for words’ i don’t know if these mangwapa’s get paid for being total shit or what? Yesterdays game Manure vs reading Buttner kicked Mariappa from behind i thought Mariappa had a broken leg but thanks to GOD he escaped,But Mason was just grinning i almost hit a moron with a coca cola bottle but i did not for i knew he was a blind fan(atic. )moments later robson -kanu run into Shrek a minor slip and he was yellow carded. By the way Walter does Robson-Kanu have any thing attached with our Nakwu Kanu?

  • I would love to see what the whore lists will give us tomorrow? Did bale play or he was red carded !Or the ref did not give a penalty ,just waiting to hear utter shit from them.

  • Adam

    And to think Tottenham have to go to Swansea next, so the swans will want to get back to winning ways and the spuds have to fight for their league spot.

    Come on the Swans. And we have Reading at home.

  • Florian

    I wasn’t counting on the totts dropping points in this match already, but that’s a nice well done job:) I guess it comes with the experience:))

    Seriously now, I remember one of Arsene’s comments, when he praised the team for accomplishing 2 away victories in the space of 4 days, against tough opponents. The totts had a similar schedule, against a comparable level of opposition (to put it nicely), and the outcome is the one we can all see. As the article title says, more of this please!


    @Mandy and ARSENAL13 Agree with a lot of your comments a team has to be made from many different types of players give and goes , prompters , runners ,no nonsense defenders and technical players hopefully with vision putting that into a team is difficult . IMO Arsene Wenger is not far away from getting this right and think Ramsey will be a big part of it a player with an engine who does not hide even when things do not go for him .
    Can spuds play 2 games a week ? lets be happy while we can only see them sliding away

  • Florian

    Interesting comment Adam, the Swans lost 3 of their last 4 games. Looks like Laudrup relaxed after he won the Carling Cup. It’s a difficult state to go out from, as the motivation can be hard to find. They have upcoming matches with all of the current top 4 teams, but are on 40 points, 13 above the drop zone, so it’s one of those middle grounds that invites to lethargy. Classic case of victim of their own success. Oh well, let’s hope for the best after we’ve beat them.

  • Adam

    Florian, we also have West Bromich Albion soon as well, and they had Mike Dean yesterday, so we may have dodged him for the time being. They have rolled M L Dean out for our cup games and against the Manchester clubs this season. so fingers crossed.

    Our game in hand over Tottenham is the Everton game next month, so hopefully, we can climb the table in between.

    We have upto 16th April

    Reading H
    West Brom A
    Norwich H
    Everton H

    Spuds have upto 14th April

    Swansea A
    Basle H
    Everton H
    Basle A
    Chelsea A

    and it doesn’t get any easier for them, good luck in Switzerland then traveling to Stamford bridge where they also need the points.

  • Adam

    Interestingly Norwich haven’t had Mike Dean this season. weird.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Like I said : the league cup curse has maybe hit Swansea.
    Liverpool could hardly win a game last season
    Birmingham even went down after their win. Karma.

    And the season before MU was in front in the league, won the league cup against Chelsea I think and from then on lost their lead and Chelsea went on to win the league.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Adam, don’t bring Mike on to ideas as it is the match I am coming over for… 😉

    No I think he will be kept for the Mu game.

  • Adam

    Well Walter, you have seen the stats for Dean, so you know he is a shit head of a ref.

    I noticed he has been around for the Manchester sides this season.

    We had Lee Probert at Carrow road when Norwich turned us over.

    So it wouldn’t surprise me that we get him again.

    Do you want me to do anymore sides for you or are you up to date?

  • Adam

    Maybe its about time we dedicated the league cup solely to our youths and reserves again.

  • Adam

    Off-topic question for anyone.

    Do we know if we have any players banned for a match after the Bayern game, as this maybe next seasons qualifier’s?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Adam, for the moment I have all the date of all the team and all the refs.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think Koscielny?

  • Florian

    Adam, then I can only speculate that on the current assumptions we can get Dean for 3 possible matches:
    Norwich H
    ManU H
    Newcastle A

    2 out of these 3 probably, as all 3 would raise suspicions. If anyone wanted the worst case scenario, I’d say the Newcastle game looks the most in peril.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Dean and others beloved spuds are wobbling a bit and may need help if we hit a run. Or was dean just part of the arry band wagon? whatever it is he certainly does not favour us and yes we will see him again this season I fear.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Well, TV5 has never been a rock in the defense (atleast when at ARSENAL). But his well timed runs into the opposite penalty area made him a lethal. Also he was not as good at reading the game (as the BFG), but he was good at tackling. He is off form now. So that timing is just not there. A few days away from spot light might help.

  • bozogooner

    Wow.. the team looks pretty solid in the last two games. I hope arsenal can retain most of the players. I can not wait til they produce the invincible’s eye-contact coordination. Theo said here ““. If play more and more games together, they don’t have to tell their teammates. Their teammates just know.

    and it’s such a pain in the neck to think about new additions in the summer. Don’t want to see team chemistry destroyed.

  • Rupert Cook

    Very good win. And thankfully it was even better because Spuds lost at home. If our defence can remain as stout for the rest of the season we might have CL football next year. I think we have two away games that we have to be wary about, Fulham and QPR. London derbies are usually highly charged affairs and Fulham have been an awkward tie in recent seasons. And QPR will be fighting for their lives and they’ve caused the odd upset this year.

  • Rupert Cook

    Having looked at the remaining fixtures I predict both ourselves and Spuds will finish on 67 pts but we’ll have a superior goal difference thereby claiming fourth.

  • Tasos

    Arsenal now hold the best defensive record in the Premier League, away from home. Only 13 conceded in 15 games.

    Two games, two wins, two clean sheets and this without Szczesny, Sagna, Wilshere and Podolski.

    Things must be looking good. Even Rupert is starting to sound optimistic.

  • Stuart

    Have you left your computer unattended again???

  • A. Stewart

    @ Adam, re: Vermaelen in midfield, I’ve seen this argument around the place recently, and even wondered about it myself before. Not sure it would be a good idea however, perhaps a specialist in holding midfield may be better?

  • A. Stewart

    Re: “just wondered….why oh why do we need to pick on any player after two such wins?
    Why this need to look for anything negative that can be said? As if we cannot be happy even when we win two such difficult games.”

    Given the posts preceeding this comment, can I assume it’s in reference to Diaby ? I don’t think anyone is unhappy, let’s all celebrate the result sure, but why can’t engaging in constructive post-game analyis and the good debate and conversation that ensues be seen as a good thing?

    I don’t think anyone was picking on Diaby for picking on him sake, but rather making some observations about his play, and in doing so I don’t that affects their ability to celebrate the win.

    There’s no need to look for anything negativer per se just for the sake of it, but many like to analyze the matches after, the performance of the players, manager ( and even the refs, right?) to see what we can learn going forward. I see nothing wrong with that.

    A good result doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be discussed that can be improved on, conversely a bad result doesn’t mean that there weren’t some good things to highlight and take forward.

  • Adam

    A.Stewart, I’m in two minds about Vermaelen in midfield. Guess we just leave it upto Wenger. Nice to natter about such things though.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Vermaelen in mf….interesting, we know from the player that wenger wanted to sign verthongen and play him there, but the player was not up for it. Wonder if tv would be either, although he does have qualities. Still think with a bit of coaching he could be a very good defender for us. The current bunch look good now, but wenger has altered the team tactics to help the defence similar to earlier in the season. Vermaelen has not recently had the luxury of such a formation, he can be very cavalier for a cd, and there are games when we need this quality. Not sure he is suited to zonal marking at this level without more coaching which who knows, they may be getting. Tv, bfg and kos with a young understudy rotated seem like a pretty good unit to me.