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July 2021

The first transfer deal of the summer (!) has been done, as we prepare for sticky toffee.

By Tony Attwood

Next up Everton

These days Arsenal ask readers of their web site to vote for their man of the match, and after the Norwich game they gave the honour to Aaron Ramsey.  Which is quite amazing when you think how he was seen by the AAA just a few months ago.

It is obvious that when fit, Ramsey plays and that he has (like Theo) turned into a fantastic buy as a young player. You can check odds for betting online on him or on Arsenal over at Unibet.

Also in the “he plays when fit) scheme of things is Arteta – so that is two players definitely in for the Everton game.  Only nine to go.

Tomas Rosicky was apparently not going to play against Norwich even if he had been fit, but if he is fit again he could be.  There could also be changes as Per Mertesacker is available again – only one match out for him as it wasn’t dangerous play.  So that would presumably mean Vermaelen would sit the game out.

As for Podolksi Mr Wenger said, “I work a lot with him as a central striker at the moment. He is a quality player and when he comes on you can see that straight away. You don’t get 100 caps by luck.  Honestly he has a great attitude. He never moans, he never has a bad phase, he is always positive.”

Theo made such an impact you would expect him to play from the start, and Monreal has looked extremely good – maybe Gibbs will get a break and Monreal come back in.

Where Mr Wenger was critical it was over Giroud.  “I think he had a very, very average first half and a very, very positive and influential second half. He was much more in the game in the second half.  He looked in the first half like he was not on the move when he got the ball. In the second half he was much more mobile and that made a difference.”

So put that lot together and we might have a front line of

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Walcott  Giroud Podolski.

with everyone interchanging between their three positions.  Elsewhere the team much as before, save that Monreal starts.  My guess is for Mertersacker to be on the bench.

So the basic factoids are

We are unbeaten in their last 11 Premier League games against Everton and have only ever lost once against them at home in the Premier League.  We have also won our last four Premier League matches while Everton have won four of their last five.  But they ain’t won any of their last four away Premier League games.

The last time we lost to them was a 1-0 defeat at Goodison Park in March 2007.

Wayne Rooney (aged 3) scored his first goal in the league against us, when he came on as a sub and gave us our first away defeat in 212 years.  Seaman was in goal.  I was there.  It was a shock.

We have so far scored 82 goals against Everton in the Premier League era, and only Man Un have scored more Premier League goals overall than we have this season.  Which is interesting since they have RVP and we don’t.

The League Desktop – note in passing that not only are we a point above the neighbours, we also have a goal difference that is 14 better than they.  Actually our goal difference is only one worse than Manchester C.

1 (1) Manchester Untidy 32 26 2 4 73 33 40 80
2 (2) Manchester Arabia 31 19 8 4 57 27 30 65
3 (3) Arsenal 32 17 8 7 64 35 29 59
4 (4) Chelski 31 17 7 7 61 33 28 58
5 (5) The Tiny Totts 32 17 7 8 55 40 15 58
6 (6) Everton 32 14 13 5 51 37 14 55
7 (7) Liverpool 33 13 11 9 59 40 19 50

First transfer deal done

Central defender/right back Martin Angha (age 19) has signed a pre-contract agreement with FC Nuremberg.  He has played in the NextGen series, the under 21s, and in the League Cup side and came on as a sub in the 2-1 defeat Champions League defeat at Olympiacos.

According to he has also played for Switzerland at under-16, under-17 and under-19 level.

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22 comments to The first transfer deal of the summer (!) has been done, as we prepare for sticky toffee.

  • James32

    Oh Tony, how clever you are, luring us to your article with promises of transfer news, only to inform us Martin Angha is leaving, which isn’t even news.

  • Tasos

    David Moyes has stated that his Everton team need to win at the Emirates if they are going to have any real aspirations of playing CL football next season.

    Both teams are in decent form and this promises to be a decent contest.

    Arsene Wenger has once again timed his teams assault for a top four spot to near perfection and whilst Arsenal’s excellent run of form has to come to an end sooner or later I believe our strength from the bench will again prove crucial in the later stages against Everton.

  • Bobber

    It’s almost as if this headline is trying to get as many clicks as possible from Newsnow

  • Bobber – as if I would! Actually this one wasn’t written in this way – the easiest way to get lots of clicks is to mention another club’s name – then the site gets listed on Arsenal and whichever other club we choose. I always fancied doing “Manchester United deny interest in Arsenal defender”. Don’t have to write an article then.

  • I thought there was some sense about the signing. At the end of it, nosense…..

  • Saketh

    that front line leaves out cazorla. you have to account for him
    if elsewhere same as before ( + monreal)

  • nicky

    Not only are we lying second in the goals scored but only 15 goals against in 16 away games suggests that our defence isn’t as bad as reported.

  • Matt

    Since when has the league been decided by goals scored and goals conceded away from home?

    We are 21 point behind United that is the main stat to worry about and were knocked out of the cups by Bradford and Blackburn.

    Been a good year when all said and done in fact been a good 8 years.

  • GoonDog

    Love the alternate league table, but you should make the following changes for the next one:

    Liverpool = Red Bin Dippers
    Everton = Blue Bin Dippers


  • Stuart

    Since 1862, the league has been decided by goals scored, then in 1986 they allowed teams to concede goals which is when goals against came into it.

  • Adam

    Gutted to see Angha go, lets hope there is a buy-back clause and a healthy sell on fee. This boy definitely has a future in the sport. At what level is the question.

    Matt, why are you so negative? I would like to know.

  • Adam

    We get Andre Marriner for the Fulham game.

    Man U to have the tittle wrapped up at Old Trafford Vs The villains, then we can kick the sh*t out of man U at home.

  • nicky

    When a site has so many negative comments by so many sad people, it’s the duty of all loyal fans to counteract in any way possible. My Gran (who cleans at the Emirates) calls it “the clutching of straws”… so don’t knock it, pal.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Interesting Webb has been castigated for his mistakes in the Newcastle game rather than his performance when we played at west brom. Must admit, I always thought Webb was bullet proof for services rendered to you know who.
    Really hope we have a strong ref against Everton, and not one influenced by the sub moronic motd pundits after the Norwich game.

  • none

    @ Mandy Dodd
    19:45 Arsenal v Everton Neil Swarbrick

  • Mandy Dodd

    Thanks for the info

  • Gord

    OT: Final home game rescheduled.

    Arsenal v Wigan Athletic
    Tuesday, May 14
    Kick-off 7.45pm
    Live on Sky Sports

  • elkieno

    Can UTD win it at the Ems? Maybe the refs ain’t been as bad to us recentky cos they saving it up so that manure will waltz in and get a pen at 85min?
    Matt: we got raped last few seasons for our best players. So we have rebuilt team and are starting to gel once again, we are happy and excited that it won’t be an off season of more thieving of our best players, at least I hope not!

  • Mik

    I really feel for Rosicky, he is probably our best midfielder when on top form and this Spring yet again he is carrying Arsenal across the top 4 finishing line. Yet he is so easily dismissed in favour of our semi-god Jack. There is the hype around Jack at its worst and noboby seem to want to know that the gay, as good as he is, is still young and has a lot to learn from players like Cazorla and indeed Rosicky who is a class act. If you look really close and unbiased, Rosicky offers more than Jack at the moment. Better, more aggressive passer in the final third, a bigger goal threat, faster, creative, able to change pace and dicrate the rhythm of the game. Tomas should be played whenever he is fit and ready.

  • Stroller

    The key with Everton is to neutralise their attacking full-backs, especially Baines. If Theo plays he needs to get into the game quickly and keep Baines busy in his own half. Our wide players need to also track back when needed, something we don’t always see from them.

    I hope that we can start on the front foot and play with some pace that we didn’t see against Norwich until the last quarter of the game.

    As well as Walcott I felt that Ox had an impact on Saturday and he might also have a key role at some stage.

  • We need to to put in the winning team first and then the rest can follow.Manure will get 3 penalties in their remaining matches as the devil might die if he loses this one this time around.As of the sewer rats ,they will look for anything under the sun to criticize Arsene and the boys. But we the sewer rats as they play apart in cleaning where we can not clean. Lose today and the world will fall apart,win today and they will moan for anything. Lets keep the spirit up the struggle continues. Lets go gunners.