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June 2021

Is Mr Wenger on the way out? Is Cesc on the way in?

By Tony Attwood

Being ahead of the game we’ve already done one piece on Mr Wenger leaving, but the story won’t go away.  According to various paper reports (Le Parisien is one example) the top men at PSG have been saying Arsene Wenger will definitely be coming to PSG this summer.   Failing that he will come in 2014 when his current contract at Arsenal ends.

PSG however have been buying very big, and there is no saying if they will get through the FFP regulations.   But they have to keep buying big because quite amazingly they have a rival emerging in France: Monaco.   Monaco, being a principality rather than part of France, have their own tax rules and they are using them (plus a Russian billionaire owner) to climb back to previous heights.  Mr Wenger was once manager there, you might remember (1987 to 1994 to be exact).

PSG have Ibrahimovic, Pastore,  Lavezzi, and Beckham and see themselves as the Chelsea + Man C combined in France.  They are way out in front of the French league and will win it, if they haven’t already done so by the time I finish this article.  The current manager is Ancelotti, who apparently doesn’t want to stay on – probably because he fancies having a go at Real Madrid.

Here’s the current French table






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1   Paris Saint-Germain 34 22 7 5 61 20 +41 73
2   Olympique de Marseille 34 19 7 8 38 32 +6 64
3   Olympique Lyonnais 34 17 9 8 55 36 +19 60
4   AS Saint-Etienne 34 15 13 6 56 28 +28 58
5   LOSC Lille 34 15 12 7 53 35 +18 57
6   OGC Nice 34 16 9 9 51 41 +10 57
7   FC Lorient 34 13 11 10 53 52 +1 50

Interestingly there is an ex Arsenal man there – Remi Garde is manager of Lyon in third.

Thre are however meanwhile suggestions that the board at Arsenal really are releasing more money (said to be £50m plus whatever comes in from other transfers) to build on the changes brought about in the team this past season so that might  convince Mr Wenger to have another go at the Premier League.

Mr Wenger’s comment on the issue was, “First of all I don’t know too much about what’s been said about me. Then I’m concentrating on the next game and the next season. At the end of my contract I’ll see what I can do. I’ve always respected my contracts. I can’t see at my age why that should change.”

In which case he is not going to PSG since they need a new manager this summer.

But if he did maybe we could have  Bayern Munich’s manager Jupp Heynckes.   Or Malaga manager Manuel Pellegrini, who might want to team up with some of his ex players at Arsenal.   Everton manager David Moyes has been mentioned and so has Rafael Benitez who will also be out of a job, but that one I would find hard to take.
Jürgen Klopp is another name.  He took Borussia Dortmund to a league and cup double and to the Champions League final.
But then again Mr Wenger has always spoken out against the Man City style of finance, and that is exactly what PSG have of course.  So maybe we won’t have a managerial change at all.

But enough of this… let’s finish with another story also mentioned by Billy le chien.  My Spanish correspondent tells me that every newspaper in Spain is saying that Cesc is definitely coming back to Arsenal.  But presumably only if Mr Wenger stays.   Most Arsenal fans I talk with quite welcome the idea, and it would give us one hell of a midfield range of options.
Arteta has done well this season indeed but looks like his is slowing down.  Ramsey has stepped up about five gears.  Jack has on occasion been brilliant, and even on off days is superb, and if he can stay injury free will grow and grow.  Cazorla has moved out to the wing.  Diaby is out for a long time, and indeed may never return.  Rosicky can be brilliant, but looks as if he can only play every other game.  One more could fit us in nicely.
Cesc just has to load up his girlfriend and see off her husband, and they are back.  Or so I am told by the media that predicted that every day for several years Cesc was going to Spain.  Well, in the end they were right, I guess.  It just takes a while
So how about Mr Wenger to stay, and Cesc to join.  (Cesc has only played about half the games possible for him to play, and has realised that the DNA is not always richer in the hotter climates.)

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59 comments to Is Mr Wenger on the way out? Is Cesc on the way in?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Wenger to stay, yes, but cannot see us paying what they will ask for cesc unfortunately….but happy to be proven wrong.

  • GeorgeSydAust

    I can see Cesc coming only if AW stays….

  • Akinwumi Adeniyi E

    If Fabrigas come back to Arsenal is going be a great ideal to have Him again in our team

  • Karl

    Cant see Wenger going anywhere and would love to see Cesc Fabregas return.

  • olabode

    we don’t need cesc. wenger must stay..cesc is a not a loyalist…we don’t needs him unless he want to plays the carling cup

  • Maina

    Thank you for the pleasing write-up. I will gladly welcome cesc back and looking forward to seeing wenger at the club for a very long time, hec i am kind of getting use to a top four finish. GUNNERS FOREVER.

  • Shard

    Fabregas has been doing some reading of late, since he’s had time on his hands because of sitting on the bench so often. In reading the official history of Barcelona he eventually found that some Englishmen were prominent in setting up the football club of his childhood. Since he’d always felt confused about his true identity he consulted experts on genealogy and genomes and he realised that his DNA, although seemingly Catalan, was in actual fact, English.

    He even traced it back to an artillery soldier from Tottenham, but since he doesn’t want to be a swamp dweller, he’s determined that his DNA in fact is Arsenal’s because of the connection with cannons. This last fact has also led to Spurs claiming we’re encroaching on their territory, in a hilarious reboot from a century ago.

    Meanwhile in Qatar, they want a German speaking Frenchman from England to take over their French club because that’ll prove that Qataris in fact, have French DNA, and also because the Italian mafiosi called and said they want their boss back to head their new centre of operations in Madrid. To prove their Frenchness to their fans, the Qataris have meekly surrendered to this demand.

    England meanwhile are going all out to reclaim not just Spaniard Cesc Fabregas through his DNA, but also a deserter of the Spanish Armada, a Portuguese named Jose Mourinho through feelings of mutual love. The English love Mourinho, and Mourinho loves Mourinho. So nothing can go wrong there on account of shared interests. Rosie is sad that she wasn’t invited to be on the board of the newly rich Monaco. The Queen’s Rangers were found to be in fact greedy pigs, and not noble warriors as was reported earlier, since they went down smiling in the battle of the doomed. The only person to maintain his dignity in all this was the Heroic Hector Harold, who in an effort to save Rosie from depression was prepared to empty the entire treasury. “A Man of action I am. Who needs a plan ‘innit?” He said, to wide acclaim.

  • Harry

    Barca owes arsenal money in installments from deals that took fabregas,henry,song and hleb from the emirates. Paying for fabregas shouldn’t be a problem. Will take fabregas,a striker, a fourth choice cb and a dm for arsenl to win trophies next season

  • byron

    Is the waR CHEST 50MIL INCLUDING WAGES AGAIN i WONDER? That isnt all that much as one player on a five year deal at 100k a week is 26million in wages! So basically 50 mill is only one world class player

  • byron

    Arshavin will be gone though and that will free up some funds

  • Mick

    If it is true ‘the top men at PSG have been saying Arsene Wenger will definitely be coming to PSG this summer’ then why is it necessary to add the caveat ‘Failing that he will come in 2014 when his current contract at Arsenal ends.’ It’s either definite or it’s not!

  • Shard


    A few days ago, I’d done a rough calculation based on only estimates and guesswork, just to determine whether the reported warchest in in any way accurate. I concluded that it is. I think I felt that we could fairly comfortably afford to spend about 60m in transfer fees alone, and pay wages for 3 players on an average of 80k per week. If we need more than 3 players, we’ll either need to sell some existing players (not the ones already out of contract. I considered that already) or need to cut the transfer spend.

    Of course, those numbers could be, and most likely are, completely useless 🙂

  • Lanz

    @Shard. I enjoyed your post but please let sleeping Rosie lie. The owner is not in the mood at present.

  • jitty

    I’ve noticed huge coverage over Man Utd’s amazing tactical discipline!

    per FIF:

    #Arsenal need to find someone like Sir Alex Ferguson – 554 days without a penalty or sending off against them #ManUtd

  • A. Stewart

    “Jack has on occasion been brilliant, and even on off days is superb, and if he can stay injury free will grow and grow”

    To be honest he’s been pretty ordinary. On his “off days” he hasn’t been superb but ineffective, His very few “brilliant” games have had little by way of end product. And yes there’s a big if about him and injuries and how he will grow if he a avoids them, personally however, even if he avoids injuries, I’m not convinced that he will grow into the world beater people seem to think is a certainty. I think if he avoids injuries he will grow into a very solid energetic PL midfielder, if all goes well maybe like an in his prime Gerrard.

    He lacks natural invention and creativity in comparison to the top emerging young midfielders around Europe (yes he has more technique than the average English MF), and I’m not sure that he will gain these qualities with experience..I believe these are qualities that are either there or not, and rather than a matter of learning them, it’s a matter of refining them when they naturally exist in young players. Imo. I recognize that may be considered blasphemous to many a gooner.

    Fabregas? Would welcome him back in a heartbeat, quality player, would improve our squad no end. And with the addition of a clinical striker, we could be well on our way back to winning.

    Wenger leaving? Media rumour stuff, not buying it for a minute.

  • A. Stewart

    “we don’t need cesc. wenger must stay..cesc is a not a loyalist…we don’t needs him unless he want to plays the carling cup

    He’s a top quality player, accustomed to the team and the league. Could care less about “loyalists”. He’s a professional footballer, they come they go, just do the job to the best of your abilities and professionalism that you are paid to do. If he returns I wouldn’t worry about him leaving, not as a result of any emotional loyalty stuff, but rather for practical reasons, realizing that AFC provided and provides him arguably his best platform to grow as a professional, especially if they strengthen the team as is rumoured.

  • A. Stewart

    “Will take fabregas,a striker, a fourth choice cb and a dm for arsenl to win trophies next season

    Agree with some of this.

    Fabregas – yes

    Striker – yes, but rather than a hybrid Jovetic playmaking type, an out and out #9, the now available Higuain would do perfectly imo. 25, very experienced, good goal scoring record for club and country, very good size that would suit England.

    DM – yes, some upgrade on Arteta would be welcome, maybe one that can get about the pitch more, and is a little more forward thinking with the ball.

    4th Choice CB? – I agree we need a CB, but a first choice edition, someone that has the quality to sit any of Verm, Mert and Kos.

    One thing I would add, is a top keeper. We’ve needed one since Jens and still do.

  • ARSENAL 13

    AM I the only one…..I would hardly object resigning Cesc. If that objection will be of any importance ie.

    Yes he is a good player, he carried Arsenal for over 7 years all alone, and stuff…..BUT his fickleness was very costly for us. Now we have very strong characters in the team. And it shows when going gets tuff.

    Having said that, If ARSENAL go on to sign him, I will support him every bit. Just like I do, to every other Gunner.

  • Shard

    A. Stewart

    I agree with much of what you say, including about Wilshere, though you are perhaps a touch too harsh on him. Wilshere has it all to prove and do. His injuries have hampered him, but of course it is still clear that he has some real talent. What is not clear, in my opinion, is what position he ends up at.

    I also agree on taking Fabregas back if he is available. My feelings for him don’t enter into it. He’s a quality player, and would definitely improve us, and help us be more creative. Especially with another DM behind him. But, I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon.

    I also agree with your logic regarding the strikers. Jovetic or Higuain. I see the logic, and it’s probably right. But I just have this feeling that Jovetic is on the cusp of being something special. He’s not a brilliant finisher, but that can improve. I also have always had this feeling about Higuain not quite being up to it. He’s a good finisher, but scoring goals in La Liga doesn’t really mean as much.

    Of the strikers we’ve been linked with David Villa, Jovetic, higuain, Remy (and I add) Lisandro Lopez, if we’re only getting one, I think I’d opt for Jovetic (although it would be close with Higuain). David Villa, I don’t want at all. If we’re looking at an older striker, I would say Lopez.

    If however, we’re not getting Fabregas (as I think we won’t), and we’re looking to buy two strikers (since Jovetic can play the false 9 too), I’d be ok with these combinations, Jovetic-Lopez, Higuain-Remy, Jovetic-Remy (I leave out Higuain – Jovetic because that would be unreasonable 🙂 )

    As to the CB, if we get a DM who can play CB too, we may not need one. Miquel should be Mertesacker’s understudy, since Per is the one who seems to work well with the more mobile Koz and TV. The Dm can provide cover.

    Agree on GK too.

    So that’s probably something like 3-5 signings depending on how things pan out. 5 seems unlikely, but you never know.

  • Shard


    Owner? Rosie is no slave my friend. She is a high flying socialite who has enough money, know-how and influence to have secret offshore accounts. She could hardly be a pet of some working class hero who doesn’t read, write, send mails, or file tax returns too well (by his own admission) No no, it is not possible. There must be some mistake.

  • A. Stewart

    Thanks for the response Shard:

    “but of course it is still clear that he has some real talent. What is not clear, in my opinion, is what position he ends up at. ”

    Perhaps it came across harsh, but I think we’re actually not that far apart in opinion. I think he has real talent too, but I don’t think it’s the type of talent suited for the role and status that most gooners have already earmarked him for as a certainty. In other words, most gooners seem to think that Wilshere is the central creative playmaking force upon which to focus our team and build around for the future. To me his talents are not that game, I’m no expert, but I just don’t see that natural (often unrefined) invention and creativity, that is evident in such players from even younger ages. Fabregas at 17 showed that he naturally possessed that,

    Other comparable in age young midfielders around Europe today show this too in a way Wilshere simply doesn’t, players like Thiago, Goetze, Ericksen, Draxler, Hazard even Coutinho amongst others have (and have shown from young ages) a natural inventiveness, creativty, flair and in some cases scoring ability that Wilshere arguably doesn’t.

    Most people say its a given Wilshere will develop end product, goals, creativity…merely with time. And no doubt these things will improve in some measure as he develops as a player, but all I’m saying is that there’s a ceiling in that development, compared to players who are just more naturally gifted in a cretive sense.

    I for one think Wilshere may go on to be a damn good player, I don’t think it’s the certainty as many do however. But for me rather than thinking he is the next Fabregas, it’s more apt to think of him as the next Gerrard, Lampard sort of, maybe with a bit more technique but less end product and goal scoring than those two.

  • A. Stewart

    Regarding Higuain vs Jovetic, fair enough, perhaps Jovetic is on the verge of something special. But I just think we have a plethora of those attacking midfielder/winger/forward link hybrids…and just not enough out and out goal scoring. I really think Higuain would score bucket loads of goals. Regarding his record in La Liga, I hear you, but consider he has a very very good goals per game ratio, while never really having suffered serious injury layoffs, and never really been given and out and out consistent role over the years. He’s never really been appreciated at Madrid.

    But, he’s also he’s scored well at the international level included the World Cup (even a hattrick in the last one iirc) I think with his pace, nose for goal, and size and physicality he would be a great fit for the prem. He’s available, thus I think he will be affordable, especially because most of the other elite clubs are sorted at striker, he’s technically French! what’s not to like?

    That being said if Jovetic arrives, (assuming there are none of our better players leaving to make way) then the addition of quality will be very welcome.

  • Super Singh

    OK people! Answer me this question? How many Arsenal players that you know have returned back to the club? And if they was successful on their return?
    I can only remember Martin Keown and Liam Brady, but Brady’s return was in coaching.

  • A. Stewart

    that should read “while having suffered serious injury layoffs”..

  • A. Stewart

    @ Super Singh, I agree it’s very very unlikely Fabregas will return..just saying if discussing hypthetically, then I would be all for it, just because of his hseer quality and familiarity, and our obvious need for more invention.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think Fabregas and Wilshere are two totally different players. Fabregas is the man with the eye for the opening that nobody sees. The brillant pass, the run from a team mate that nobody saw except Fabregas.
    Wilshere is more a dribbler who creates opening with running at people and try to go past them.
    And Santi is something in between those two.

    About the possibility of Cesc returning. I thought(if the media reports were correct at the time) that Arsenal has the first right to buy him back if Barcelona wants to sell him. If another team buys him we get 50% of the transfer fee.

    So I wonder if Barcelona sell him for 30M and we buy him do we only have to pay 15M then? Would be the buy of the season I think.

  • Super Singh

    @ A. Stewart
    I would love Fabregas to return, but would love it if he continued where he left off. But with expectations, chances are he might not?

  • ian

    Super Singh

    Thierry Henry returned as did Sol Campbell and Jens Lehmann. Prior to that Martin Keown and you are right that Brady returned as a Coach.

    Thierry was on loan, Sol and Jens were all on short term contracts. If Cesc returned he would probably come in on a long term deal. Not sure what it means for Jack Wilshere if we do bring Cesc back

  • Super Singh

    @ Ian
    Totally forgot about the loan and short term contract players. Would you deem them to have a successful second spell?
    As for Jack? He’s still young and could wait for his chance playing second fiddle to Fabregas, because of him getting injured frequently at a young age could protect him until he’s ready?

  • Adam

    I cannot see Wenger leaving, he has put too much into the club.

    Have to agree with some on here, that we don’t need Cesc, but it would be bloody nice to have him back.

  • Shard

    Just saw the press conference. When asked whether not finishing in the top 4 would impact on getting the players we want Wenger said that it can impact whether the player wants to join or not, but it won’t make a difference from our side. Interesting that.

  • A. Stewart

    “I think Fabregas and Wilshere are two totally different players. Fabregas is the man with the eye for the opening that nobody sees. The brillant pass, the run from a team mate that nobody saw except Fabregas.
    Wilshere is more a dribbler who creates opening with running at people and try to go past them.”

    Agree 100% but that doesn’t seem to prevent many/most gooners as seeing Wilshere as an ultimate Fabregas replacement in purely creative terms. So the question needs to be asked is it wise to build a team around essentially a CM that fits Wilshere’s description? My concerns are, that even when his dribbling/running past players is working, when the time comes for the critical decision (killer pass, shot etc) after running pass a few he doesn’t excel the the final ball, or the key pass/play that unlocks a defense. Sure it can be improved in time, but my point is they’re players at a young age, that you simply don’t have to teach them those attributes, they just have that knack.

    Second concern is that when his dribbling/running is not working, as we have seen recently he can be pretty ineffective, and tries to force things and loses the ball, and especially being very one-footed, it may just become easier to read him and players become familiar, and especially if he doesn’t develop a credible goal scoring threat to keep markers a bit more honest. Lastly as you described his style based largely on running/dribbling, being small and seemingly a little prone to injury (hopefully that will change) means the style of play that he excels at will result in (fair and unfair) physical punishment, especially in the premier league.

    Again not pretending to be an expert, or there at training etc. But I really have concerns building a future midfield around Wilshere for te above reasons. Unless his goal threat, passing (especially range), and one-footedness significantly improves.

  • AL

    Adam @4.55pm
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • A. Stewart

    An example of a player that is just naturally creative is Coutinho. Consider he is younger and less experienced than Wilshere, new to the league, obviously not physically prepared yet and plays in a worse team..the sheer level of inventiveness, creativity, vision and awareness and the tangible effects of his creative play has been pretty impressive.

    Playing in the same league against the same players he’s showed a level of natural creativity and trickery that Wilshere/Ramsey etc have in my view yet to display. Not saying he is and will be a better player than our boys, but in terms of natural creativity and invention on a football pitch he just has something that some players do and others don’t, that can’t be taught.

    I think we need to find more of these truly creative players for our midfield, especially if we continue to be undersized in almost all areas of the pitch.

    I have no problem with the less creative/inventive players especially central midfielders, providing they are of the bigger, powerful variety of the players we used to have like Vieira, Petit, Gilberto, Edu etc…

  • sperez

    Wenger has overstayed his welcome. Most fans want change and this is impossible under Wenger, a manager so full of complacency and unable to change his outdated views.
    ‘I’d like to stay at Arsenal’ too if I had gotten paid £7.5m for doing next to nothing.
    It’s time to give another manager a chance instead of persisting with a serial loser.
    But there are some ‘fans’ who really want Wenger to stay for obvious reasons… They’re Chelsea, ManU, City and Tottenham supporters.

  • Pat

    Two of the interesting things Arsene Wenger said in his press conference today were:

    Asked about the improvement in German football he said that in Germany five million people regularly play football and in England it is 350,000. He said it will take some time to improve this situation.

    Asked whether Arsenal had improved this season he pointed out that Bayern had just thrashed Barcelona 7 – 0, and that Arsenal went out against Bayern Munich only on the away goals rule.

    In all the press eulogy about Bayern Munich, this fact has barely been mentioned. I wonder why?

  • Adam

    Sperez, do tell us what it feels like, to overstay ones welcome?

  • was thinking arsenal and wengers system was quite similar to that of the oakland As,turns out Billy Bean and Wenger know each other through Stan Kroenke and both are admirers of each other,what kroenke wants wenger to do is what Bean did with the Oakland As get a winning team on the cheap,by getting a team that is more than the sum of its parts to succeed.

  • was thinking arsenal and wengers system was quite similar to that of the oakland As,turns out Billy Bean and Wenger know each other through Stan Kroenke and both are admirers of each other,what kroenke wants wenger to do is what Bean did with the Oakland As get a winning team on the cheap,by getting a team that is more than the sum of its parts to succeed.

  • sperez

    I know if you don’t worship Wenger, turning a blind eye for all his mismanagement, you are not welcome here…
    Adam, if I get paid £7.5m I can probably tell you all about overstaying one’s welcome.

  • Adam

    Is that it? is that all you can come up with?

    Prove mismanagement. Prove people on here turn a blind eye.

    Again another person in a Wenger bashing spiral. Do yourself a favour and give up on expressing your negative opinions on this site. Most of us find it boring.

    All the best fella.

  • Why would you bring back a player who stabbed us in the back? Bring back Fabregas? Would you bring back van Persie? Would you bring back Cole? Would you bring back Adebayor? Would Tottenham bring back Sol Campbell? Would Barcelona bring back Luis Figo?

    If I were the Arsenal manager, I’d have sent Fabregas — and the others — out on a boat like Fredo Corleone.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Uncle Mike, an interesting lots of names you mention.
    If they would improve the team: why not?
    Us fans can be sentimental about players, managers only have to look at the fact if a player can improve the team.
    The first two would improve the team so…yes.

    By the way I’m always ready to forgive people who made a mistake. Who am I to not allow another person to make a wrong choice in live 😉

  • sperez

    Prove mismanagement…Sigh!!!
    I suppose 8 years without a single trophy (even the Mickey Mouse Cup) is not enough for you…

    Wenger’s one dimensional tactics ?
    Poor motivation skills. Who is that player jogging ?
    Poor coaching.Can the control freak coach properly? Hmmm some players keep repeating the same mistakes.
    Poor buyings – sign duds to replace quality players.
    Oh, important resources wasted on Santos, Chamakh, Squillaci,Bendtner,Park, Diaby, Denilson, Djourou…
    No accountability. Let’s blame the pitch, fatigue and the referee again.
    Poor record against top sides…Even some modest clubs have a better record.
    Someone couldn’t change and adapt and was left behind…
    But, the mother of all f*ck ups is THE SOCIALIST WAGE STRUCTURE created by Wenger himself.
    Does he really have an economics degree?
    I suppose it’s great to reward top, unproven players and the dead wood with similar wages. Yes, the top players will leave but we can have a team full of Djourous and Diabys. All ‘LOYAL’ players who won’t leave Arsenal for trophies and more money. Why bother with trophies anyway, they’re being overpaid for doing nothing.
    Many young players rewarded with inflated wages will become complacent. But then Wenger’s policy is more about complacency anyway…that’s why he ‘earns’ £7.5m for doing next to nothing.
    Negative opinions? It’s time to face reality.

  • Adam

    God your boring. Same old, self opinionated drivel. You truly are a boring individual with no self control or the ability to analyze a situation for what it is.

    You give your opinion as if it is fact.

    Yet, you are also aware that most people who visit this site disagree with you. Yet you keep on coming back.

    Weird little creation, aren’t you.

    And just so you know, whenever I see your name, I SIGH, and think, what is he, some sort of f*cking idiot, why does he keep this shit up.

    As I stated earlier, Mind how you grow fella.

  • sperez

    Yes, I’d rather be boring than deluded but I guess you must think the same old ‘in quest for the 4th spot trophy Arsenal season’ exciting.
    You must jump with joy everytime your hear the same old tired bollocks about ‘mental strength’, ‘quality’, ‘spirit’ and ‘belief’ or the same lame excuses.
    You also must revel in happiness when you watch the likes of Ferguson beat Arsenal using the same game plan because Wenger won’t change his predictable tactics.
    Players with ‘a don’t give a f*ck’ attitude are truly ‘motivated’ while they are jogging around against teams like Swansea, Fulham or West Brom.
    Opinion as fact…
    Even Fabregas (speaking to the BBC) made clear that Wenger didn’t care about the opposition. If you disregard the opposition how can you understand tactics?
    Norwich, Sunderland, Everton, Swansea and Spuds have a better record against the likes of City, Chelsea and ManU than Arsenal, but I guess this is subjective although the numbers say otherwise.
    Socialist wage structure is not an aberration. It’s wonderful! That’s why the top clubs choose the same logic regarding their players’ wages.
    If I run Barcelona I’d put Messi and Pedro on similar wages. 60k/week. Real Madrid, Ronaldo and Arbeloa would be put on the same wage bracket. Bayern, Ribéry wouldn’t mind earning less in order to give fringe player wage parity. That would prevent other clubs to poach Messi, Ronaldo and Ribéry under my nose.
    To put it nicely I would punish talent and reward failure. But I know Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery wouldn’t leave the club, they would be loyal earning much less than they deserve. That’s the only way the Djourous, Chamakhs and Diabys of the world could be grossly overpaid.
    But, I’d demand to be the top earner at the club, off course. I wouldn’t accept to be subjected to the same rules I created for others to follow. I’M NOT A HYPOCRIT. I JUST LOVE MONEY.
    And to think we are not far behind ManU’s wage bill…Money down the toilet. Mismanagement of the club’s resources…There’s nothing subjective here.

  • sperez

    I meant ‘that would prevent other clubs from poaching Messi, Roanldo…’

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Campbell is another example of a player who came back to Arsenal. Regarding Fabregas: if he becomes available, Wenger knows best if he needs him back; my gut feeling is yes.
    Danielle Semaan is divorced from Elie Taktouk; so, he is now the ex-husband according to UK law.
    According to Lebanese law, it is different: the Lebanese state transfers many civilian issues like marriage and divorces to the religions and rites (not sects) as this “consocional” land has inherited the “millet” system from the Ottoman era; the Lebanese Christians marry in their own churches / communities and there are at least eleven non-protestant Christian denominations in the Middle East; many do not grant divorces, or would only grant if the couple is childless; one trick that is used is to change denomination as the denominations are split between Orthodox (six) and Eastern-rite Catholic (seven). Crossing from a Catholic rite to an Orthodox rite can do the trick as, oddly, the two sides ignore each other, and the marriage contracted on the other side is not “in the books” allowing for a defacto divorce and the ability to remarry; I apologize for this lengthy explanation, but here is the crunch line: I would recommend to Cesc to avoid going to Lebanon, unless he is interested in some kind of menage a trois, which is unlikely; after all, he is no John Terry.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    I made a mistake:
    5 + 6 = 11
    I had said:
    6 + 7 = 11,
    which was incorrect.

  • Shard, ur 9.57 piece is great.

  • Stuart

    You are so boring.

    I can’t be bothered to go into how narrow minded you are. You’re just a parrot repeating the same small minded drivel and getting no further in life.

  • Adam

    I stand by my earlier comments,

    You are a boring twunt.

    In case you don’t know what a twunt is, its a cross between a tw*t and a c*nt, take ya pick prick and go f*ck yourself.

    Sorry Untold, I’ve run out of patience with some on here.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think someone is feeling unlucky and is on a mission to convert the whole (Untold) world into feeling unlucky.

  • Yassin

    would you do us all a favor and never come back, you are not welcomed man, go to other sites and do the record u have memorized they well love u there….

    Stuart, u don’t need to put a link for boring, just point at his last comments well do…… Annoying, what don’t you do a professional fan and turn into united just like the professional player the AAA give excuse for…and save us and the team your moaning.

  • Amit

    Hello my fellow Gunners

    i would be very happy if Cesc returns to Arsenal but would not it send a wrong message to other players that they can leave and return to the Club as they wish that puts our club in a bad Position.

    Cesc is a wonderfull player would love to see him back but i think this would set a wrong example

  • Steve


    I see Ronaldo is talking about going back to Manchester United would that put them in a bad position. I also see Abramovich is talking to JM about returning to Chelsea again would that out them in the wrong position?

  • Stuart

    It definitely sends out the wrong message that players are ok to leave because they can come back if they wish which definitely puts us in a bad position. You can quote two examples of skilled peoplewho may be returning however this highlights the bad position as they left in the first place.

  • Steve

    Henry, Campbell & Keown were Arsenal in this bad position when they came back to the club and what is this bad position. Is it because they wanted to leave in the first place, everybody makes errors of judgement in all walks of life should footballers be exempt from this. If Wenger, Arsenal or the next manager think that somebody like Cesc can do a job for Arsenal then why should he not come back. Would Wenger of taken back Hleb, Flamini or Barndoor nope I don’t think so, of all the players who have left over the past 5 years I can’t think of many that Wenger would welcome back.