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August 2021

13 Arsenal Anniversaries on one day!

The Arsenal Anniversary site has been growing and growing for nearly two years now, recording interesting events that happened on each day of the year as we pass by.

The whole file of events day by day is available here   You will find that for a few days we have nothing recorded – simply because we haven’t got around to that day yet.

But for other days we have a multitude of dates – and I suspect there is no more interesting day in Arsenal’s year in terms of anniversaries than 9 May where we seem to have 13 anniversaries to celebrate in one day.

Here is the list of them as they currently stand.  Six of the events have articles associated with them, the rest will get articles – but probably there won’t be much more added to this date until 9 May next year.

However if you would like to add something to our Anniversary site, please do feel free to.  Just choose an event that we either don’t have listed or for which there is no article, and then just write it up and send it to as a Word file attached to an email.

Here’s the list for May 9

9 May 1891: Royal Arsenal FC vote to become a professional side, making them the first professional team in the south of England.

9 May 1891: Dr James Paterson born

9 May 1922: Andrew Kennedy joins Arsenal from Crystal Palace

9 May 1931: Dan Lewis transferred to Gillingham

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9 May 1935: Reg Lewis joins from Margate

9 May 1936: Bernard Joy is last amateur player to play for England in full international

9 May 1954: Derek Tapscott plays first international for Wales

9 May 1965: Peter Storey first senior game

9 May 1973: League debut for David Price

9 May 1978: Last appearance for Alan Hudson

9 May 1978: Last appearance for John Matthews

9 May 1981: Last game for Frank Stapleton

9 May 1987: Last game for Viv Anderson

2 comments to 13 Arsenal Anniversaries on one day!

  • Gonnerjoe

    Head over to highbury house and claim your due your post has been copied .

  • nicky

    Slightly Off Topic (but irresistible).
    May 9th 1945. Liberation of the Channel Islands after 5 years of German Occupation.
    Many Arsenal fans were free at last.