Will Newcastle owner be arrested and banned from Arsenal?

Mike Ashley is the top man at Newcastle United – a northern football team.

This weekend he was filmed committing a criminal offence under the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985 which prohibits the consumption of alcohol within sight of the pitch.

The normal punishment for such a crime would be to arrest, charge and then ban the individual.

I’ve written to Arsenal to ask if they are following up this action, and to ask why the stewards fail to detect and stop this action.  I’ve also asked if I can therefore have a pint in the sight of the pitch at the next game.

You might well think I am being petty and stupid (and that’s fine – everyone has an opinion).  But if you too think that it is a bit much that an away supporter can drink in sight of the pitch, but home supporters can’t you might care to take this up with Arsenal.  Especially as the whole thing was seen on live TV, and (I am told) is now being repeated on Sky Sports News.

One Reply to “Will Newcastle owner be arrested and banned from Arsenal?”

  1. I saw this (on the highlights, as I was at the game), and it really pissed me off. I thought he must have had special dispensation as he was the owner (and could have been in the directors box), but that’s not the point. You were right to complain to Arsenal about this.

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