The Arsenal midfield

    • Diaby (central midfield – can play wide)
    • Denílson (central midfield)
    • Song (central midfield)
    • Theo (wide)
    • Fàbregas (central midfield)
    • Ramsey (central midfield)
    • Eboué (normally wide, but can play central if needs be)
    • Rosický (plays central midfield for his country)
    • Nasri  (can play anywhere across the back)
    • Bischoff  (central midfield)
    • Wilshere (wide – total absolute genius)

Is that so awful really?  If we returned to a normal injury situation of maybe 1 or 2 midfielders injured, surely there is enough there to choose from?

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  1. I think you can add Touré to that list, particularly if Arsène feels the need for a heavyweight in the middle. With Sylvestre, Djourou and Song available for central defence there’s real scope for Touré to impose himself and give the team even more options.

  2. Thank you. Finally, someone being sensible. People shouldn’t expect managers to keep buying and buying. Wenger has stated that the reason he buys young is so that they develop into the Arsenal mould. Furthermore, his background is, more predominantly than anything else, in economics, and it is this that we’re better off than any other of the big 4. Man Utd had to struggle to pay the 30+ million for Berba, Chelsea stopped making returns many years ago, and the less said about Liverpool, the better.

    Face it, if Wenger bought someone 25-27, already set in their ways, then how will they adapt? Wenger is all about players achieving their peak AT the club, not when they get there. If Wenger is confident in the squad, then we should be too. Can any of the naysayers claim to know the Arsenal squad inside and out to the extent of Wenger? This guy thrives off being meticulous and it’s precisely this that’s been paramount to our success. So to all naysayers, shut up, pull your finger out, and for goodness sake’s, stop claiming to know exactly what to do just because you’re awesome at Football Manager.

  3. SOmehow cant picture Nasri playing – anywhere across the back 😉

    Actually on second thought – he is so good he probably could!

  4. it’s absolute nonsense. of course you can have them play in different positions, but, the thing is if they are competent? we all know what the result was when we fielded them on to the pitch last season. i don’t think there will be any better this season, thus, we can not count on them all.

  5. There’s no doubt we have a decent number of midfield players in the squad, but don’t forget that six of this eleven are massively inexperienced. Plus, I personally think that Eboue just hasn’t developed enough, or will ever be an Arsenal midfield option. He’s too clumsy and gives the ball away a hell of a lot more than when his passes connect. He should just be used as cover for defensive back up… This only leaves four quality full strength options as far as I’m concerned.

    If Arsenal are seriously going to compete this year in the Premiership, the F.A Cup, the Carling cup and the Champions League….. then they desperately needed to have bought at least another rock solid center back, AND a reliable and proven holding midfielder with experience and ability to compete with the likes of Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool…

    The kids we currently have might have flare and some ‘potential’ to be fantastic players in the future, but to rely on them now as our only options to compete this year is a poor decision, in my opinion. Especially considering there was meant to be money in the pot….?

    And as for players being set in their ways between 25-27…. Well, a top quality manager like Wenger shouldn’t have an issue with that really should he?

    I love Arsenal but am very worried that this year it will be a struggle to keep fourth place. I don’t care about big names, I just think that come the last third of the season we’ll be missing that vital experienced body Wenger should have bought in by yesterday. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. What a breath of fresh air this site is! Everywhere else today seems overrun with loons who obviously have some anger management issues!

  7. The window is closed now, so we have no choice but to get behind the players we have. Arsene would have liked another body in there and I’m sure he even tried to get one, but he also said that if he didn’t find the right player he was happy with what he has already. Unless he can find somebody as good or better than what we already have at the right price, why spend money just for the sake of it? I know it will make some people feel better, but this is still the team that has played 4 games this season scored 10 conceded 1 and lost only once. We have qualified for the CL group games and are within a point of the early season PL pace-setters, so why not give the team a chance before we start writing them off? Some clairvoyants can already see us finishing 5th behind Man C as if money alone guarantees you anything

  8. I’m sorry mate but don’t patronise us, please allow me to make the following revisions:

    Diaby (central midfield – can play wide) – The wind only has to change direction and his thigh goes…again.
    Denílson (central midfield) – Wouldn’t offer Cescy enough protection against a physical side.
    Song (central midfield) – A possibility but can we afford to take such a risk.
    Theo (wide) – Not a central midfielder where our most dire problems are.
    Fàbregas (central midfield) – Well I personally think it’s unfair Cescy has to carry our team and that he should have a warrior in the middle of the park with him.
    Ramsey (central midfield) – Too inexperienced and not a realistic option to play week in week out.
    Eboué (normally wide, but can play central if needs be) – A “pass master” according to Wenger, shame he can’t make goals (two assists last season) and he looks out of his depth in central midfield.
    Rosický (plays central midfield for his country) – If he plays ten games this season, I’ll be amazed.
    Nasri (can play anywhere across the back) – Why play an excellent playmaker like him in any other position.
    Bischoff (central midfield) – Don’t make me laugh…this has to be the worst signing Wenger has ever made…one senior appearance for Werder Bremen in three seasons. I heard that it was his legs that were filmed in the Mr Glass falling down the subway stairs in the film Unbreakable.

    Stephen Appiah is available on a free…yes he’s a sicknote too but as shown above, we aren’t in good shape in the middle of the park.

    Come on Arsenal, prove me wrong…please!!!
    Wilshere (wide – total absolute genius)

  9. That’s embarrassing I didn’t offer a critique of Jacky Wilshire…this dude could do it…in two seasons. I think he’ll play on either flank as he doesn’t have the physicality to do anything of note in the middle of the park.

  10. I think we have the number just like many other sides. But of them all, who is the rock!? who can replace Flamini or Gilberto? If we lack those qualities, which were vital in last seasons’ achievements, what guarantee do we have to take us even higher?. 30m in bag could afford someone good enough.
    Diaby is a good player but if good enough why was he not in the starting lineup last season, same to Denilson,. The fact is the rest are not cover-the-defense quality of midfielders apart from Song and Ramsey who are yet to be proven. So we are left with no one good enough to cover our defense.
    Lets not console ourselves with the numbers, there are other ways of keeping the spirits high. Lets pray we keep high on the table till January window.
    usually an early loss in the league is not good but we hope it was the last.

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