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July 2021

Wayne Rooney and Cesc to Arsenal, suggest British press after Al Jazeera interview

By Tony Attwood

During the course of the morning of 3 June several UK newspapers changed their web sites to reflect an interview with Arsène Wenger.  The Daily Telegraph piece is by Nick Pearce and runs with the headline

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger hints at shock moves for Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas

and then as a subheading

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has admitted he would not turn down the chance to sign unsettled Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney if the opportunity presented itself this summer.

According to Pearce Mr Wenger also made a “thinly-veiled offer of sanctuary” to Cesc Fabregas.

The interview was on the increasingly football-orientated  Al Jazeera news service.  But of course journalists like Pearce just can’t let a story go without putting their own anti-Arsenal spin on the tale, in the belief that most Arsenal supporters are members of the AAA.  I quote him in full…

“Long-suffering Gunners fans are desperate for Wenger to bolster the squad with world-class additions and the signings of Rooney and Fabregas would certainly satisfy their craving for big-name arrivals.”

Long-suffering?  Compared with what?  Compared with Tottenham?  Compared with Chelsea who between 1905 and the arrival of Abramovich one the title once, with an Arsenal player as manager?  Compared with the Darkness at Arsenal – the period of Swindin and Billy Wright where we not only won nothing, we couldn’t even finish anywhere near the top four?  Long suffering meaning what exacly?

As for the interview, what Mr Wenger said was not quite the commentary that the paper wanted to put onto it.

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“Rooney could be an interesting player for everybody in the world, who would turn him down? David Moyes’ first challenge is to go in to Manchester and bridge the gap between him and Rooney. If that is feasible or not depends on his personality and if Rooney bears a grudge or not, we will see.  It will be interesting to see how that will be handled.”

This refers to the fact (ignored by most papers) that after the appearance of his autobiography (I use the word lightly) Rooney was sued by Moyes.  Ultimately Rooney apologised and paid Moyes ‘substantial damages’ in 2010.

As for Fabregas, (who the newspaperman tells us, left Arsenal on bad terms) Mr Wenger said, “I think at the moment he’s [Fabregas] lacking the confidence of being a regular player,” Recently he has not been that.  Cesc is such a passionate player, a player of such quality, that it must hurt him not to play in every single game. That’s what he misses. When you come in and out you never play with full confidence.”

Other papers said much the same.  “There is talk about Arsène Wenger admitting he will be monitoring the availability of Wayne Rooney this summer and that no club would be able to turn down the chance of signing him.”

And then, “Arsenal are now understood to be considering an offer for the striker, whose future is uncertain after Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he submitted a transfer request at United in May.”

“Understood”.  So what does “understand” mean?  I understand that the universe will go on forever.  Does that mean it will?  Who knows.  Mr Wenger is famous for having TV access to virtually every channel that shows football, and he watches game after game.  He considers everyone.  He handles transfers personally so that we get the people we want.  Better to say, “Mr Wenger is monitoring all the top leagues.”  At least that is true.

So the conclusion is that “Arsene Wenger has opened the door for Arsenal to make a shock swoop for unsettled duo Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas.”
Opened the door.  Nothing else.  He’s opened the door.  I did that this morning.  Then I closed it again.

And then by the time we get to the Independent we find that “Arsenal fans would revel in such a move in light of United’s capture of their best player, Robin van Persie, last summer.”

Well yes, possibly, since we tend to enjoy all transfers.  Just don’t get too excited – it’s bad for your heart.


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46 comments to Wayne Rooney and Cesc to Arsenal, suggest British press after Al Jazeera interview

  • micro

    it looks like writing about Arsenal is always a big story to these fellows who have nothing to write. why are these people more interested in who Wenger signs than even Arsenal fans, and the number of players is ridiculous .

  • gB

    Well said. Finally an Arsenal website that doesnt believe everything they read in newspapers.

  • WalterBroeckx

    “Long-suffering” my God people who write this know nothing about real suffering. I don’t like it that Arsenal don’t win but to call that suffering…. I have other things in mind when I think of the words suffering.

  • Gf60

    Transfer rumours (and thoughts on the assholes who publish them) don’t belong in Untold. We’ll be exposed to enough old bollox over the next three months without having to suffer them here.

    Personally I hope neither rumour is true. Do we really need Cesc whose private life is somewhat complicated at the moment? And, as Rooney’s is never uncomplicated on or off the park, do we need him either?

  • Mandy Dodd

    just sticks to beat wenger with when he does not sign em for whatever reason

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Sometimes Wenger says these things as red herrings and to mask his real targets. I for one can say with as near certainty as can be imagined that Wenger has no more than an academic interest in Rooney’s football and where he decides to play in the coming seasons…he is soooo unlike the kinds of players he buys that someone will have to hold a gun to his head to pay the fees and wages that will make him leave ManU.
    However, in respect of Fab, his return is a possibility but it will be on Wenger’s cost-effective and clearly perceived need terms. No more; no less. Plus, his agent, Mr. Dein the younger is unlikely to be Mr. Wenger’s favorite agent.

  • Cheadle

    Thank you Tony for saying it like it is, especially your deconstruction of the word “suffering”.

    Arsenal fans need to think Portsmouth, Birmingham and now Wigan to understand “suffering” (meaningless trophy wins). Something special happened this season which we did not see in RVP’s 30 goal season or Cesc’s last few years as captain. WE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD!! In the past we would just fade away in the last 7 or so games coinciding with Cesc’s usual time to fade away for the season. This time, the lads knew things had to change. They knew they had been orphaned no RVP no Cesc no Nasri, so they closed ranks and took these late games for what they were (CL qualifiers).

    The team has regained its soul which is worth several so-called world-class players. Unfortunately they did not rally early enough i.e Just take back the two 2nd leg losses to Chelsea and ManU and Voila!! we finish second with 79 pts!! I always thought we were just marginally worse off than United but that margin translates to a huge difference in points. So there is the dilemma, you need to be damn good to win the EPL and marginally less good to win nothing. What will Wenger go for? Just in!! Mourinho IS BACK FOR REAL!! Chelsea will be much much better next term, ManU don’t stand a chance and Mourinho will not tolerate those customary Chelsea losses to ManCity. We can easily get second next term plus no cup WHO CARES!! Let the “suffering” continue.

    PS why do I keep forgetting to mention Spurs??

  • Cheadle

    Sorry can’t edit the post.. I meant to write “losses to Chelsea and ManCity”

  • nicky

    I like it when you bring these so-called scoop merchants crashing back to the real world.
    Some of their offerings seem to stem directly from the AAA.
    And I liked Walter’s comment which came from the heart.

  • Stuart

    The press / general media are as much mugs as the people who buy their newspapers. To believe (especially after all these years) that Wenger would even utter the name of a transfer target before the deal is done just shows how thick some people are. If it ain’t on, it ain’t happening

  • Stuart

    And if Wenger talks about it, it ain’t happening.

  • bjtgooner

    Good article Tony.

    I never get too excited about any of these sensational headlines and don’t bother opening them. It is better to be patient and wait for an announcement from Arsenal FC.

    There has however been a subtle move at the start of this transfer window. At the end of the season the anti Wenger brigade, having anticipated a failure to qualify for the CL, were then temporarily silenced by our superb final run of games. They could not attack Wenger as anticipated and therefore after some reflection switched the plan & instead attacked Wenger on his transfer policy. It looked as if certain elements of the press started this, others, including bloggers joined in, and the expectation increasing headlines have played their part. I have noted one or two contributors to threads on this site also jumping on the bandwagon. (The usual suspects.)

    I am not sure that Rooney, with all his baggage, would be good for Arsenal just now, or that Fabergas really wants to return. I may be wrong but I suspect Wenger is looking elsewhere.

  • Ong Bing

    Higuain is better and cheaper, his wages cheaper too.

  • I think this time around i will go with the Daily telegraph.@walter@mandy@shakabula.
    We have suffered for being in champions league each given year, i mean our neighbors are okay because they are used of not being there, I mean We have suffered of being in the top seed every other year even though we have not kicked a ball!! I mean Tony if that is not suffering then what is suffering?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha i like our suffering.

  • AL

    I was also wondering after reading the interview from the telegraph where exactly does AW say he would like to have Cesc back. Regarding Rooney I also thought the key words were ‘who would turn down…’ Turn down has a slightly different meaning to me, and suggests one is being offered something as opposed to them going all out to acquire it.
    The levels of poor journalism in England are shocking; I feel sorry for anyone who just swallows everything they say without doing a deeper analysis/investigation. Most of these rags use a scattergun approach type of reporting where they will link us with every player on the planet knowing we are bound to sign one and then they will crow you read it here first when we do. Just seen the Daily Wail has an article talking about how we were dealt a blow by David Villa who announced he’s staying in Spain. What blow, did we even want him to begin with. This inflammatory language is designed to irk the AAA in the hope it will unsettle the club, and ought to be punished in any litigious society. I feel its time some of these journos were made accountable for their irresponsible utterances.

  • Adam


    Andrew Jennings: We have world’s worst sport reporters.

    I thought you might like this.

  • Pat

    Good article, Tony.

    I’m glad you quoted Arsene Wenger’s actual words.

    Quoting them just exposes what rubbish all the media ‘interpretations’ are.

  • John

    I rather Beneke myself young strong very good 1st season in the PL its a risk but I think he would bang them in … Arsenal need to improve the shots on target to goals its not great.

    Agree with the transfer speculation I’m sick of it already

  • AL

    Thanks for the link Adam, very interesting read. If only we could have more reporters like Andrew Jennings…., couldn’t agree more with his assessments about our having the worst sports journalists in the world.

  • walter

    As usual a very interesting link Adam.

  • Goona Gal

    Just some of my musings on the Rooney thing….

    Arsene Wenger is a wiley old fox who works angles many people don’t see. So when Arsenal are linked with a player, everyone else makes an enquiry and/or puts in an offer.

    Many managers/clubs are scared of Man U/ sir fungus and therefore would be scared to make an approach in fear of being accused of unsettling their player.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Is it only me but I do wonder if wenger secretly hopes cesc is not available for now? That would put serious pressure on him, and could lead to a crowded mf .As much as most fans love cesc, we do not know the full gory detail of his departure, if he were to want to come back, would it be for the right reasons? Not saying I know just asking the question. If it were me and I had the chance, I would take him back, but should this happen, I truly wonder what wenger would make of it

  • Goona Gal

    Pt2, so other clubs can do this now with a bit of boldness.

    On the media thing, I read something, somewhere, sometime ago (if you must know) that said Arsenal & players was one the most searched for on the interweb – running Arsenal related stories is a goldmine for site wanting lucrative hits.

  • Adam

    Goona Gal, You think he’s helping along the destabilising effect a Rooney transfer saga could have?

    Walter & AL, Andrew Jennings is an inspiring read, someone I’m trying to find out as much information about as possible. He done an interview in Brazil on ESPN and the whole country erupted over his findings, but we have to search or happen across this information. Yet he works for the BBC? Go figure?

    I’m sure others have mentioned him on here before?

  • gouresh

    Off topic: The not-so-special one has signed for hell sea…looks like the circus is back in town. i read a comment on DM by a reader “the dog always returns to his vomit”. could not stop laughing.

  • Adam

    He’s interesting to the point of suggesting Blatter needed another four years, not to clean the sport up, but to hide the corruption of his predecessor (João Havelange) and himself.

    He says that the Swiss authorities are behind him but Blatter and his cronies keep filing partitions to stop information from becoming public knowledge regarding the Swiss bribes scandal.

  • AL

    I must admit I had not really heard about Andrew Jennings before. But just a quick Google search throws up lots of interesting articles on or written by him. He deserves to get more recognition for the great work he’s doing fighting corruption in sport. Just hope he has done a few or is planning to do a few stories about corruption within these shores.

  • blacksheep63

    the media have been talking about Arsenal fans ‘suffering’ for some time. This is because the media, like much of society today, is short termist. Our governments and politicians can’t think beyond the next by election, the papers look to the next headline, football chairman (and some fans) call for the heads of managers after a few bad results. Our school children are taught to pass tests and exams, not taught to learn, pop stars and fashion come and go like changing winds and all of this is driven by our own obsession with ‘news’. There is very little news out there and tons of speculation. Relax people, and stop believing ANYTHING you read in the papers

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think in your comment you have summarized what is wrong with our society and of course with football and media. Who are part of that short sighted society.

  • bob

    “– running Arsenal related stories is a goldmine for site wanting lucrative hits”
    Goona Gal,
    Do you know specifically how a click gets monetized? A formula, perhaps? How rates get set? Does it raise advertiser money directly/indirectly? Would appreciate the knowledge.

  • FunGunner

    @ Goona Gal
    I wish I could go along with your theory, but unfortunately, I believe AW does actually want Rooney – how much remains to be seen, but he was asked at a recent Q&A who his favourite player was and he said he’d always liked the potato-faced, beer-swilling, pie-munching, diving Arsenal-hater.

    I can totally believe what you say about searches involving the word Arsenal. There seem to be more blogs about Arsenal than about any other English club.

    @ bob
    Clicks themselves do not have to be monetized. These sites are free to the user, and paid for by advertisements. The advertisers pay more for sites which have a lot of traffic and the traffic is counted as clicks. More Arsenal stories = more clicks = more traffic = higher income from advertisers.

  • Mandy Dodd
    Our old friend is at it again, this journalist, rumoured to support Spurs, or Liverpool depending on who you believe with the huge anti Arsenal agenda. Yes, we really are going to sell kos for a measly five million profit, surely even a low level parasitic hack can do better than this?

  • Goona Gal

    @ Adam – I think AW is saying I have no fear or intimidation. The press seemed to be briefed that Wayne Rooney was on the slide, not the player he was, It was’nt Fungus being spiteful or bitter but WR not being good enough. Media seemed to be going along with that, commentators and what not saying Rooney’s struggling a bit – blah, blah, blah.

    With Rooney threatening to leave, stuff coming out in the press was supposed to put off potential bidders, limit the players options. AW comes out and asserts Rooney is a great player – Rooney being crap stories die down.

    Personally, I thought pressure should of been put on Sir Fungus for dropping England’s main striker when there are qualifiers coming up a long time ago. Man U aren’t used to having public opinion against the hierarchy.

  • Goona Gal

    @ FunGunner – I have seen the Al Jeeza interview, but Wayne Rooney isn’t an Arsenal or AW type player, though I do think the manager appreciate’s the players qualities. AW has waxed lyrical about Frank Lampard, but he was never going to bring him to the club. I think a question was asked, answered and now being blown out of the water.

    Personally I never ever want to see Wayne Rooney play for Arsenal, he is not the kind of signing I want to see us make this transfer window. Rooney is a Maureen type player and would strengthen Chelsea a lot – hope he doesn’t go there. I would take the much maligned Hernandez though, he is the kind of finisher in the mould of David Villa that would improve our squad.

  • Goona Gal

    @ bob – c’mon man, I’m back but you know better than to ask me your rather excitable questions that you can put in a search engine. Same rules apply as before.

  • bjtgooner

    @Goona Gal

    I don’t think we should sell Rooney short, he is still the second best diver in the EPL – after Bale!

  • bob

    Goona Gal,
    yep, rather excitably, you’re back awright. 🙂

  • bob

    Thanks. There’s some kind of algorithm at work, no, that translates traffic into dosh? Is there an industry standard to this, or more like whatever each site charges or each advertiser offers, etc?

  • bob

    Cheers. It’s a really good complex journey there, your link. One of my favorite gems:
    “[A]s humans, we’re sort of put off by the idea of owning people — human rights, self-determination, and all the rest. It’s a view held by UEFA and its president, Michel Platini, as he said late last year, “I don’t think it’s very good if players from several teams belong to a financial company or belong to people. I think ethically, morally, it is not good.” UEFA has’t banned it though, obviously. In fact, it simply asked FIFA to deal with it. And, as we all know, FIFA’s record of taking on corruption and ethically questionable practices is pristine.”

  • sperez

    Can you imagine how Rooney would be shocked with the complacent/defeatist mentality at Arsenal?
    That guy is used to winning real trophies not imaginary 4th place trophies.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Mandy Dodd: greetings!
    For the first time in a while, AW is enjoying himself with the upcoming transfer market.
    I think that he would not mind getting Cesc back, though it is unlikely Barcelona will sell. We may see a new formation next year, such as a flexible 4-4-2, with a need for more midfielders, to cover for injury AND the possibility that we may have to fight in several competitions.
    On Wazza, the joke is on the press; these guys are extremely clueless, and have no idea what AW-speak is; luckily, we know better.
    I think AW would take Wazza for free and sell him to PSG very promptly; while this is a joke, the amusing reality is that Moyes and Manure are stuck with a talented and expensive footballer who is unsettled and unsettling; congrats!!!

  • Jhgooner

    I really hope neither of these RUMOURS are true. We are arsenal and we are bigger then both these boys together.. Firstly fabregas, wenger brought him from barcelona and gave him his chance, gave him the captaincy of our great club, made him a spain international, ie, got him a world cup and european championship medal and as soon as the big boys came sniffin he jumped ship. A good player, a tony adams he will never be. Ever. Now he is unhappy so he wants to return?? Never. He broke his contract to leave arsenal. He is at the deep end, sink or… Sink.. And as for rooney, moyes gave him his chance the big boys came sniffing, he jumped ship.. Ferguson showed him so much loyalty through the granny gate and threatening to leave once.. now he has threateaned to leave again and arsenal are considering signing him??? And just for good measure he slates the man who gave him his chance, moyes. Arsenal have been around 100 years before these mercenaries and will be for years after. Turn the page.. like the flamini fallacy… players thinking theyre better then they truely are. Petit overmars anelka toure cole adebayor nasri clichy vieira flamini hleb song van persie fabregas.. oh and rooney only a differant jersey.. once a blue always a blue.. ha!!

  • colario

    You are a serious Arsenal supporter if:

    If you do not believe what the media says about Arsenal.

    If you do not trust media quoting Arsene or any other club rep.

    If you don’t believe what the ‘pundits’ / ‘experts’ say about Arsenal.

    If you believe that playing skillful attacking football is better than thug football.

    If you believe that the knew Arsenal stadium is a trophy in itself and staying in the top four plus reaching cup finals whilst paying for it is a tremendous achievement.

    If you believe that being in ‘the black and white’ in the bank and red and white on the pitch is the right way to run a football club and not the other way round.

    If you believe in supporting a player who is having a bad game or even going through a bad patch and not ridiculing him.
    Then you are an Arsenal supporter and proud to be one.

  • R1dultimate

    I think Rooney would flourish in Arsenal. He would have almost all Arsenal fans behind him, if he comes. We all know that Rooney is an experienced striker who can play upfront,and as a support for the midfield. He would definitely improve and get his career back on track, under PROF ARSENE WENGER .

  • Jambug

    This site is like an oasis of love and devotion of all things Arsenal amid an ocean of anti Arsenal bile and vitrial from media and fans alike. Bliss! And then up pops that prick SPEREZ !!! Oh well I’m not gonna let one turd in a field of roses ruin my day !!!