Maybe it was Bischoff all the time

I am firmly of the opinion that Lord Wenger has not lost it, and knows what he is doing.  Thus I am unworried about the centre of midfield.  The Great Manager has something up his sleeve.

The only problem is: what?

Trying to solve the problem is made all the harder because I have no idea what insight the editor of has in all this.  I mean, if has a direct line to on high then I think it might be safe to say that Wenger thinks that Bischoff is the man – given that Bishcoff has just had the front page of more or less to himself.

The problem is I’ve never seen Mr Bischoff play football, and I don’t know anyone who has. He has played for Portugal Under 21, and has been injured.  That’s more or less it.

But supposing.  I mean, just supposing, he really is the answer to the dreams of a central midfielder, to play next to Cesc.

That would be one in the eye for all the doubters, and everyone who stayed up until 3am on the morning after the transfers closed, just in case.

Of course I’ve got no real insight into any of this, but its always nice to dream.  And if it does turn out that Bischoff really is the new regular at the centre of midfield, I can always say you heard it here first.  Well, second.

Or third.

Disclaimer: not everything on Untold Arsenal should be taken seriously