Untold injuries: those hurt in action

Untold Absences updated 14th March

  • Cesc Fabregas: hamstring injury, exacerbated by playing for Spain.  Waiting for news re West Ham
  • Tomas Rosicky: minor groin problem caused by playing for his country within a hectic Arsenal schedule.  Probably ok for WHU
  • Alex Song: has now served his two match ban and will play against WHU
  • Sol Campbell:  With no midweek game and performing ok against Hull Spit should be ok for WHU.
  • William Gallas:  Has a calf injury that simply won’t heal.  There’s no telling how long he is out for – certainly not available for WHU.
  • Aaron Ramsey: Victim of an horrific assault by Shawcross of Stoke, who was then rewarded by a place in the England team.  Expected return to first team: October 2010
  • Robin Van Persie: Injured playing for his country in November last year, sustaining ankle  ligament damage.  May be fit to play in the later part of April
  • Kieran Gibbs.  Has had two operations for a broken metatarsal he suffered during the game against Standard Liege on November 24.  He may be fit before the end of the season, but is unlikely to be in a first team squad until the match against Barnet.
  • Johan Djourou suffered a knee injury playing for his country last August, and is expected to be fit in April, but will of course have had no match practice.  Expect to play against Barnet

Untold Summary

  • Total players out: 7
  • Caused or aggravated by international games: 3
  • Short term: 3
  • Long term: 4
  • Card absences: 0
  • Probably won’t be seen again in the first team squad this season: 3
  • Career threatening: 1

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27 Replies to “Untold injuries: those hurt in action”

  1. Crikey, we just need a keeper injured and we got a whole team! And a pretty bloody good one at that! (not while theyre injured obviously, that would be useless)

    Sagna Gallas Campbell Gibbs

    Song Djourou

    Ramsey Rosicky

    Van Persie

    Its amazing how Pundits always go to the ” Arsenal dont have strength in depth”. I think that has been the most apparent thing this season, we have always been able to replace player who are getting injured, i cant even remember when we have had a full squad, let alone what our strongest team is anymore!

  2. I love the current format… I wonder if you could highlight the current article?

  3. Injured and Abscences:

    Sagna Gallas Djourou(Campbell) Gibbs

    Cesc Ramsey
    Van Persie

    It looks like another first squad ruled out!

  4. I think other teams can only dream of fielding our absent players. Apart from Campbell and Gibbs all of them are full internationals for their country. Really amazing in fact.

  5. Yeah so much for having “no strength in depth” really… The nonsense they talk about in the media. As Geezer highlighted, it’s almost a first XI if you add a keeper.

    And of course Campbell was a full international in his previous spell at Arsenal before wasting away at Pompey and Notts, while Gibbs has represented England at U19, U20 and U21 levels.

  6. This is exactly why I fear the Hull game _ Injuries; I just don’t want any more of it this season.

  7. Am listening to the game. Sounds like Dawson and Boateng are trying to emulate Shawcross…….

    where is this shit going to end?

    I wrote to one newspaper telling them they needed to say something about all this shit in the EPL.

    A mass letter campaign to a National Paper?

    Any takers?

  8. OMG what a bore! Hull should be relegated today…Cause they can’t get any worse… I felt like this was a shooting campaign!

  9. I could write an article about this game. So many talking points and wrong decisions from the ref…..

    I start tonight.

    Great result

  10. For the good of football, Hull needs to be relegated. A garbage game, but a great result, indeed.

  11. And that fucking “pitch”? It’s a joke that teams like Hull can get away with an atrocity like that. We’re lucky nobody got seriously hurt from it.

    I mean, it looked like a cabbage patch, even from my awful, grainy internet feed.

  12. WE need as a supporters’ collective, to draft up a letter about the systematic violence used against Arsenal, and then bombard a major National newspaper.

    It doesn’t only happen to us, but every frikkin match you get some complete knob try to break one of our player’s legs. It is obscene.

    We all know it is a snide form of racism, but that is neither here nor there. Its just got to STOP.

  13. Well can anyone explain the yellow card to Bendtner.. forget about penalty..

    For the rest.. great attack and we just needed someone who could finish things for us…

    hope every1 is safe..

  14. The on pitch violence will not stop, I can assure you.

    As long as no-one admits there is a problem, then we haven’t a hope in hell of tackling the problem.

    Now I haven’t seen the match, but all I heard was that Dawson did a leg-breaker on Denilson, who managed to jump out of it, and Boateng tried a leg breaker on Sagna, and narrowly failed.

    Even last week Fox won the ball in a challenge with Walcott that raised a few eyebrows. I’d like to know how Walter saw that one. The Englsih press declared it unanimously fine, because he took the ball.


    But nothing will happen until the EPL has to confront itself in the mirror and realize there is a problem. Just like it took about three millenia to realize that throwing bananas at Cyril Regis had nothing to do with his appetite.

    At least in Italy everyone is corrupt and everyone knows it is corrupt, and nobody pretends otherwise.

    The EPL is a combustible mix of traditional English brawn/thuggery,
    traditional English hypocrisy, and loads of corruption all in one mix.

    Its really fucking me off, we need a campaign to stop this shit.

  15. I see Arnie reads the guardian min by min to get his tactics from our very own Tony!!

  16. Theo put a ball across the box that was every strikers dream. Now I like Nik but he has got be getting into those 6 yard positions more often. Diaby had a big game today. I so hope this team stays together regrdless of what happens this season, we could rule the world, or is that just my heart speaking.

  17. I wrote an article and just send it up to Tony about some of your questions and the one I didn’t mention I will talk about in the comment section. That is if Tony puts it on the site….

    Just one thing, in fact I hate writing about the refs as we mostly are on the wrong end of those decisions and I rather would like it not to write about them and have good refs and correct decisions.

  18. Mark, that is a great idea. If you circulate something, I’m sure people will contribute (at least I will).

  19. Ok Tim, I will draft up a letter in the next day or two, which will be to a large newspaper. If Walter wants, he could draft up a study of the refereeing in this match, and then that could form the backbone of another letter to the FA.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but if you SUPPORT Arsenal, I think we should literally support them.

  20. The campaign will be called :

    “Kick the shit out of football, not Arsenal”

    (Joking)(A bit)

  21. Cheers, Mark. Maybe Tony could post it, we can then comment on it, edit it, and then take copies of the letter and bombard them individually. We should also distribute to other blogs for circulation.

    They can ignore a couple of emails, but not 3-400…

    Especially after seeing that Boateng tackle, I don’t know how anyone can still say there’s no systemic fouling of Arsenal
    (the thing is, I think AW is purposefully not bringing this up cause he doesn’t want to distract the troops!).

    We need to believe!

  22. Walter, I want your opinion on my interpretation of the Hull penalty, and for the same money, the Champions League Liverpool penalty.

    In the first case, the opponent moved into the defenders path, and in the second case, the defender was chasing the attacker and the attacker stopped (slowed down substantially).

    If the contact happens due to an action of the attacker, is it a foul?

  23. I like the letter idea and if needed I would love to help if you need some input on quoting and interpretation of rules.

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