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July 2021

Indonesian Nightmare Team 0 – 7 Arsenal, a nice work out

By Walter Broeckx

The First game of Arsenal in the 2013-2014 season was a game against the Indonesia Dream team. For Arsenal we had the following  starting line up:  Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Miguel, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, The Ox, Theo, Apkom and Gnabry. So a mix of some older players and a few youngsters upfront.  Arsenal wearing the new away shirts by the way.

Arsenal was rather sharp from the first minutes and was firmly in control in the opening minutes of the game.  But apart from a shot from Apkom and a distance shot from Ramsey no real clear goal chances and two corners for Arsenal.  After some 17 minutes a nice run past a few defenders from Gnabry but again the shot not what we hoped for.

Minutes later The Ox won a loose ball and ran past a few defenders. He almost ran to the goal line, dribbled his defender and laid the ball in front of the onrushing Walcott who put the ball nicely into the net with a curled shot past a defender. Good build up, good goal after 19 minutes.  And for the first time this season we could sing: 1-0 to the Arsenal.

A few minutes later Theo on a run but his low cross couldn’t be converted by Apkom and was cleared for a corner. Seconds later Theo with a header but again a defender just in front of Apkom to prevent a possible Arsenal goal.  After 28 minutes Fabianski had his first bit of work by gathering  an easy cross.

An inviting cross from Jenkinson but just to high for the central strikers from Arsenal.  And seconds later another chance but Gibbs completely missed his shot after a nice cut back.  And just later Apkom with a perfect ball to the Ox who rounded the keeper but he then missed the target from a difficult angle. Maybe a cut back to Theo in the middle would have been better.   On the other side a real shot from the Indonesian team but an easy claim for Fabianski. And then Gnabry with a curled effort that just went wide.

An amazing piece of skill from Ramsey who dribbled his way past a few defenders was the last thing worth mentioning of the first half.  Arsenal was very much superior but the finishing could have been better.

Gnabry caught the eye most of the youngsters on display.  Apkom had some trouble with being in the right place at the right moment.  Miquel looked solid; Ramsey bossed the midfield. Those are my main conclusions from the first 45 minutes.  Who would come on for the second half?

Eisfeld, Koscielny, Aneke, Olsson, Zelalem came on in the second half.  Sorry if I miss a substitution from now on but I’m only used to noting 4 subs in a game.

And again some early pressure and good work from Arsenal in the opening stages of the second half. Gnabry again with a great run and his low cross was well put in for a goal by Apkom.  2-0 to the Arsenal after 54 minutes. This looked like a U21 team for the moment.

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Apkom was then given offside but the assistant clearly not really correct.  The game was opening up a bit because the youngster maybe was a bit too eager to go forward all the time and to impress the manager.    So a little bit less defensive work leading to the Indonesian team to start some promising attacks but not leading to any real danger.  The first yellow card was given against an Indonesian player when he bundled over Zelalem who was trying to start a counter attack after a corner against Arsenal.

The youngsters produced some quality attacks but no further goals for the moment.  Then more new Arsenal players coming on: Rosicky for Ramsey and Podolski for the impressive Gnabry and I think I saw Fabianski leaving the field also. The two most impressive outfield players from the first hour were off now. Sagna also came on for Jenkinson.  Giroud also on the field suddenly.

And after some 70 minutes Sagna with a low cross and a great finish from Giroud with the outside of his foot.  3-0 to the Arsenal.

And just a few minutes later another low cross from Sagna to Giroud. With his back to the goal still having a lot to do but a nice turn on to his left foot and a smashing finish in the roof of the goal. What a great finish from Giroud to make it 4-0 after 74 minutes.

Zelalem and Olsson playing more or less in the Arteta-Ramsey role now and doing a great job. Koscielny then had to make a bit of a rash challenge after Arsenal lost the ball but the shot went wide. The first real chance for Indonesia in the game.

The game now had something of a playground atmosphere with players trying all kind of things to make it a good show.  And a really nice goal it was when Podolski came in to midfield and played a lovely ball to Rosicky who then gave it back to Podolksi who blasted in to the net from just outside the penalty area. A German rocket to make it 0-5 after 83 minutes.

And minutes later a lovely cross to the second post and Olsson was there to convert it into the net. 0-6 after 86 minutes. The Indonesian TV channel said it was Zelalem but he looked a bit pale to be Zelalem for me even on a internet stream.

And it still wasn’t finished. A cross to Giroud who gave the ball to Eisfeld and he also scored with a thunderous shot. 0-7 for me but the tv channel said 0-8. Did I miss something?  No, they did correct themselves.

A good work out from the Arsenal.  The youngsters were doing rather well and that is very positive. The finishing could have been better but this is something that will come as everyone gets back into shape.  You see when Podolski and Giroud came on we suddenly scored when we wanted and that made the big difference.

Zelalem and Olsson controlled the midfield, but not as impressive as the Arteta-Ramsey combination, in a defensive way.  But they started some good attacks. Eisfeld really is a player that can make in impact. Aneke also had a  good performance. And as said before Gnabry was impressive.

Only Sczesny, Ryo and Wilshere were unused today. The season (albeit pre-season) has started. Let’s keep it coming.

In case of something being wrong in this report do consider it was written live watching an internet stream of not that good quality.

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34 comments to Indonesian Nightmare Team 0 – 7 Arsenal, a nice work out

  • bjtgooner

    It was very nice to see Arsenal on the field again & the away strip looked excellent.

    Overall a very good and very enjoyable performance, played in a good spirit by both teams. The fans also seemed to have a great day out (or perhaps evening) and were well entertained.

    The young players showed good skills and a lot of promise. This seemed a more confident start compared to the equivalent match last year.

  • temidey

    nice,nice,nice…..beautiful performance from the youngsters,I guess arsenal need to be using them frequently

  • Lobster

    Today Indonesia XI.. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich..

  • Lobster

    Today Indonesia XI.. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich..
    But in all seriousness,a really good day for our younguns, they looked really eager to impress

  • Lobster

    Today Indonesia XI.. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich..
    But in all seriousness,a really good day for our younguns, they looked really eager to impress, and that they did

  • Lobster

    Today Indonesia XI.. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich..
    But in all seriousness, it was good seeing the good guys again and a really good day for our younguns, they looked really eager to impress, and that they did

  • sowemimo abeeb

    is a nice one but i hope it will continue in premier league

  • Lobster

    Today Indonesia XI.. Tomorrow, Bayern Munich..
    But in all seriousness, it was nice seeing the good guys again and an evening to remember for some of our younguns, they looked really eager to impress, and that they did

  • ebi

    AW wil just decide nt 2 buy another striker bcos we scored too many goals against indonesia. D strikers ar jst too good!

  • Arseniel

    Thanks for write up fella. Couldn’t get the stream properly so gave up

  • Arseniel

    Oi Lobster. A bit like the stream I tried to get earlier – lol!

  • Nakew

    Good to see gunners again.Irrespective of the opponents’ quality, this game revealed future stars. Gnabry, Eisfeld & Zelalem look to have great future.

  • Ong Bing

    I was expected Arsenal won this game, but not 7-0! Six different players, with 3 youngsters.

    This is not dream team, this national team. We played in our home, European players usually feel not comfortable with the weather, hot and humid.

    But we conceded the goals, 6 from 7 in second half, almost same situation with lost to Holland national team last month, 3 of 3 in second half.

    What a shame! As Indonesian, I am very shamed!

    Btw, as Arsenal fans I am very happy to see our youngsters looks promising.

    I can not went to Jakarta to see Arsenal, but I read in Indonesian newspapers and websites, Arsenal visit to Jakarta is very success.

    During the game, Indonesian TV commentator said, biggest Premier League fans in Indonesia is MU, second is Pool and Arsenal is 3rd. Here we have MU official magazine in Indonesian language.

    I hope Arsenal players and staffs enjoyed this visit. And I hope more success in visit to Vietnam and Japan. But I think Japan will be big success because we have Ryo and Arsene Wenger.


  • Ong Bing

    Arsenal players on Indonesian TV show:

  • Super Singh

    We was rubbish, our youngsters are crap and why couldn’t we score 17 instead of 7? Arsenal should go and buy Messi, Pele and Maradona tomorrow? GGRRR…….

  • Rufusstan

    It was interesting how structured the side was, especially in the first half (as the changes mounted it was hard to keep up).

    Defense was 2 starters–Gibbs and Per, alongside 2 second tier — Jenks and Fabianski. That let him slot Miquel in and get a decent test.

    Similarly the use of Arteta, Theo and Ramsey mixed with Apkom, Gnabry and the OX trying out a central role.

    I’m not sure what to get from that game, except it was fun, but to try:

    I think Wenger is going to promote Miquel– he’s the only one to play 90 mins, and depending on how long Vermaelen is predicted to be out, may well spend the first month or so on the bench.

    Apkom is a beast. No matter the opposition, breaking your first team duck in under an hour says something, and he’s not 18 until Oct. (good goal as well).

    While there were always few first teamers on the pitch at any one time, the substitutions ended up almost unfair. The Indonesians must have got to 70 minutes knackered, then realized our attacking 4some was a fresh Eisfeld, Poldi, Rosicky and Giroud. 5 goals in 20 mins….It didn’t help that Bac was seriously up for it.

    Just checking: did Bac actually manage assists with his first 2 touches, and Giroud goals with his first and 3rd?

    The only thing I couldn’t place, was Chuks playing alongside Kos in the second half?

  • Digvijay

    Walter, Eisfeld? Yes, his goal was good but Zelalam was the star in my eyes. The thing I liked better than any goal, was that one pass he slipped in, going through 4 Indonesian players, on to an Arsenal player.

  • Mickey Finn

    Zelalem’s passes were great. And it’s Akpom.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Now look guys I do all I can to not get too excited about Zelalem and do my best to not mention him too much so that we don’t get too high hopes for this boy who is only 16 years old. But actually he didn’t play badly 😉

  • WalterBroeckx

    OFF TOPIC: If you haven nothing better to do could you please click on the link and then vote for “Berchem”.

    This is some kind of popularity contest and “Berchem” my local team is in the final as a 3rd division team after beating some top division teams (or their fans). So if you want to help me (it is just for my own pride nothing else) would be appreciated

  • dan

    @Walter, Done, as pr request.

  • Ong Bing

    After game, Arsenal players show banner to Indonesian fans: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

    Ah, so sweet!

  • tinalex


    I was surprised when I saw the Kos, Chuks partnering but then recalled that that is how Song was brought up as well. I think its a sign that Chuks has arrived as a box to box midfielder!

  • Stuart

    Yes Super Singh,
    I say firstly we should spend some f*cking money and second of all we should stop wasting time with these ridiculous tours that raise money for us to spend. I want it both ways and my dummy is well and truly spat out!

  • iniez

    They have the full match on for free. Think I might watch it again. Absolutely fantastic game from our young guns. For future reference, wiziwig has good streams and are reliable

  • Mick

    I have voted for Berchamn as you wished but I am afraid they are only on 23%. Maybe I will stay up all night voting for them to help them out!

  • AL

    Some promising talent coming through.

  • Rufusstan

    @Tinalex — yep, I asked because he is known best as a midfielder, plus I expected that Wenger was going to try out Miquel with Kos.

    In fact I think Miquel is the only one who plays left back out there other than Gibbs (Vermaelen injured, Nacho still on holiday).

  • gouresh

    could not watch the game with 2 insane kids………will try to watch it at lunch time and i hope the match is still on, on arsenal player……..Zelalem, u said????/ will watch out for him.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Akpom… sorry for spelling his name wrong btw. Akpom.. the kp is a more difficult thing to type than the pk combination. But I was consistent in spelling it wrong….. 😉

  • para

    Enjoyed the match and the youth were good. Love the away strip but those SOCKS, OMG.

  • JohnW

    That’s what I want in the season, mix youth (reserves) with experience. Gnabry, Eisfedl, Cuba Akpom, Yennalis can all play against midtable and relegation -material teams. The way we play is such that we can score any time, so give the established players some competition, while the young ones develop more love for The Arsenal.

  • LRV

    Zelalem was unbelievable. I hope he fulfils his potential. His positioning and touch is masterful. And that at 16?

  • Adam

    I know it’s only preseason, But, we already have a group of players who can compete. Let the little fella’s grow together.

    Proud to be a Gooner.