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August 2021

The Little Victories that pave the way for the great leap forwards

The Little Victories – Don McMahon

There is a book entitled ¨ Amazing things will happen¨ by C.C. Chapman which struck a chord with my Arsenal conundrum and my attempts to understand the negative mindset some of our supporters display on a consistent basis. Based on what I read,  here are my new insights into what may drive these pessimists to harp on the same perceived ¨failings¨ they maintain Arsenal suffers from:

1)      These supporters do genuinely care about AFC and its future BUT cannot celebrate ANYTHING other than total victory. There are no little victories for them, only absolute and spectacular domination of all that lays before the Club…..that is, Total Victory….represented by a trophy, a title, or something shiny.

2)      They also do not share any FAITH in our Club’s ability or potential to perform at a higher standard and in fact deny the possibility that we have improved in any way. Despite ample proof to the contrary, they refuse to contemplate that our management and players have achieved anything of note since 2005. They freely and fiercely ignore the valiant and courageous efforts put in by our Club over the last eight years, despite apparent referee bias, the most severe injury crises over many years, a perennial lack of funding since the Stadium project started and the club’s obligatory loss of some pretty important players during that time, as well.

3)      These people live under the illusion that everything at Arsenal can be controlled if we only try hard enough. Therefore if we want a new star, all Arsenal have to do is try harder and they’ll get what they want. To them, a drawn game is a tragedy of attitude and effort on AFC’s part, a victory is only sufficient when we have crushed our opponents, while a defeat is tantamount to Armageddon and the Doomsday scenario they wallow in. There is NEVER a happy medium or middle ground and all things Arsenal are in decline.

Now why would anyone want to celebrate little victories, or have faith in such an unworthy club or accept that many things at Arsenal are beyond management’s or player’s control?  Here are a few of my reasons for doing so and if some of our readers have others to share…that is welcome as well:

18 years in the top four of the hardest professional Football league in the world is quite an achievement under the circumstances. It may not have won us a trophy yet but it did bring in money to keep us in the black which is one of the more immediate needs we have as a business and a sports venture. Any rational manager cannot ignore this aspect of Football.

  • We have beaten some of the best teams in the world with what many say were second-rate, in decline and mid-table squads. This past season we beat Bayern (now CL champions) in their home stadium, and in the past beat teams that cost four times as much to create. Those were small but significant victories.
  • We have pipped our fiercest cross-town rivals to a CL place AND come ahead of them in the EPL which , according to the pundits,media and many Spuds supporters was an unlikely prospect in 2013.
  • One has faith when one believes that the object(s) of that faith will come good eventually or produce desired results based on a fundamental gut certainty that cannot be based solely on appearances.  Conversely, those without any faith in their Club cannot trust past achievements nor present efforts in any way. They live from day-to-day and see only patterns of failure or disappointment based on their downcast view of life.
  • My faith in AW and Arsenal lies in a deeply held respect for the actors in this drama and a conviction, founded in previous success, present performances and future potential, unhindered by the chains that drag some supporters down. I see the Club gradually improving over the last 8 seasons, developing a team spirit and a work ethic worthy of winners. I also note that Wenger has brought in players, at moderate cost, who have stabilized the team, brought in academy and youth players who can actually challenge our current incumbents,  and despite all the criticism directed at him and the Club, remain a rock of dignity, composure and calm in a sea of media inspired, anti-Arsenal emotions and vitriol.
  • Finally, the proof that our team isn’t in fact mid-table, lacklustre and in decline comes from a player like Ramsey, who was written off by some only a few months ago. Nobody can legitimately claim that he, or the other 10 players on AFC’s first team lack courage, commitment, superhuman effort, a collective will to win, pride in the shirt, and true appreciation for the fans. Those who moan about the team as a whole, demeaning them or any one player needed to appreciate how little help they offer to those same players by such behaviour and how ridiculous they appear to those who understand that many things are out of the Club’s control, including who can be transferred, who can play at their best when injured, who can have a bad patch but need the support of those who believe in them, regardless.

I look forward to our upcoming season, regardless of the ups and downs we will inevitably face and irrespective of the transfer window results so many Gooners are obsessing about. We will see the best of Arsenal this season….because THEY will be the best since they ARE the Arsenal.

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100 comments to The Little Victories that pave the way for the great leap forwards

  • Cracking article, mate! Scholarly and fair – enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Anders

    Fantastically well written! I agree completely!

  • Always-Arsenal!

    it brought a tear to my eye! good post! Always Arsenal!

  • Northbank Lew

    At last, a reasoned assessment of where the club is AND what it stands for.

    I for one am looking forward to a season of progress, with or without ‘marquee’ signings.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Arsenal, the cake and trophies, the cherry on the top. I would have a good cake and dont care if therz a cherry on the top or not.

  • THEO

    wow. a positive view. i am sure whilst writing this piece you no doubt were expecting some vile abuse. i understand your point of view and in some way agree. as an arsenal family we have been in this together. the stadium funding is a massive undertaking which above all else may be the factor that brings reality to some of our rivals in time. liverpool tottenham chelsea are all looking to build new stadiums which will restrict them to limited funds in the future. chelsea and man city cannot continue to spend as they do because of the ffp ruling. i fear by announcing the fact that we are cash rich will be to our dissadvantage as clubs feel our need to spend big to appease the fans. we will sign players, it just remains to be seen as who and when

  • Nakew

    Good morning/afternoon
    IMO, your five point stand lack
    • Arsenal were beaten by lower league teams repeatedly in cc final, etc
    • Is it rational to enjoy a single point superiority over spurs taking budget in to account?
    • A team can’t improve by selling its best players and bringing in leftovers from lower league or teams in Europe
    • A player can only give what he has. Average makes you average & class make you class. A balance between is perfect. 20% class will not make the team Champion.

  • rantetta

    Beautifully put.

  • Terence McGovern

    Those who ignore and dismiss the small victories in life and sport whilst waiting for absolute universal recognition of success, wake up one day as old, irrelevant and at odds with an increasingly confusing world.

  • nicky

    Para 2) summed it up for me, as well as the word “valiant”.
    If only everyone realised our achievements, against all odds.

  • Afc 2005

    If your losing at half time coming back to a goal down is not winning. Your closest rivals beating you twice in a season is not a victory. Inability to win important games on the day is not progress when they are the days that prove progress is being made or not. Stop this political campaign that keeps tickets to expensive and trophies to distant. Spurs are supposed to be buying a fantastic striker for half the money arsenal want to pay for a looney. The only thing im sure about at Arsenal these days is money talk, and the people making the money either shut up or write posts like yours.

  • Matt

    I cant believe somebody would take time out of there day to write this drivel. Prententious garbage and what’s worse it’s not even balanced.

  • Jed

    Don, I agree with 90% of what you’ve written and articles like yours are the reason I come to this site. Amid all the negativity its good to read positive views.

    I do see things a bit differently though. I’m not one of the people you talk about who expects absolute victory and crushing the enemy (well, except for Spurs ….), for me it’s about being the best we possibly can be. There are lots of positives, which I’ve enjoyed reading about, and there are areas where we could improve further, within our current resources and without sacking anyone, that would make us even more competitive.

    That’s the action I want to see from the club. AFC, please spend my ST money – that’s why I paid it to you 🙂

  • Stuart

    Any chance you could do an article on what you think the negative folk are trying to achieve through making negative and/or abusive comments on a blog or website. I mean, making the same comment (and just shuffling the words around a bit each time) for 8 years would bore me to tears, it must be similar to Chinese water torture. Why do they do it? Why do they KEEP ON doing it? and what do they feel they can achieve from it?

  • JOEL

    Arsenal have NOT improved in any way over recent years as a competitive football team.The team have not won trophies and this as you rightly point out shouldn’t be the “be-all-and-end-all” as far as supporters are concerned.I agree this is born out of unrealistic expectation.
    The problem with many supporters,and myself included,is that the Club no longer COMPETE FOR TROPHIES.I do not classify as finishing in 4th place as a trophy in any way;neither is topping our North London neighbours;nor beating Munich.Over the last few seasons the teams style of play has become slower ,more laborious and at many times has completely lacked a cutting edge-a prime example was their final match of last Season against a very mediocre Newcastle.That said there are players who have matured and improved but they need further help.The spine of the side needs supplementing-Goalkeeper (A player capable of distributing the ball to his own side and less prone to making mistakes in criucial games);Centre-Back (some-one who can dominate the penalty area and doesn’t look like he’s running in quick sand most of the time);,Central-Midfied ( with the ability to dominate both offensively and more importantly offensively whilst galvinising his midfield colleagues around him);and Centre-Forward (capable of hitting the target more often than not).
    To announce that the Club has large amounts of money to spend in the Transfer Window was either pure stupidity or a complete fraud-but I commend you for your optimism and will be interested to see how many other supporters share your views and bother to turn up for the Emirates Cup to see the same team play the same way once more!!

  • K

    Just a quick opinion that I’d like to get your view point on. You say you think the club has been improving the last 8 years, but I see nothing to suggest that. All our singings bar maybe cazorla have been cheap replacements for players who were of better quality before leaving to go on to win a trophy elsewhere and every year we seem to finish further and further behind the leaders and closer to the spuds!! I can’t call that improvement?? I would hate to make a list of wengers signi gs in the last 4 years!

  • Mr McMahon I enjoyed your post and your obviously a very positive if not a little deluded person,you really should remove the point about us getting the better of Bayern as that match was over after they had thought us a lesson in the 1st leg and were only playing us in 2nd gear.Never the less I enjoyed your article it is well written,thank you.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Thanks for this Dom .Very nice and apt . Here are some quotes from this website. Very inspirational .

    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
    Harriet Tubman

    Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them. Orison Swett Marden

    The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation than its wealth. Dwight D. Eisenhower

    The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Vince Lombardi

    Sometimes your disappointments make you a stronger person for the future. Blanka Vlasic

    Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others. Plato

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
    David Icke

  • bob

    “see only patterns of failure or disappointment based on their downcast view of life.”
    If someone were to say that you write the way you do here because of your polyannish view of life, your way of seeing no problems, would that be right? Not knowing each other and reverting to such psycho-babble as is appearing here, and gathering momentum, in this silly season is fast becoming a way to avoid principled debate.

    The idea that debate is a charade because no one can change anyone else’s mind is also becoming a standard of belief amongst some of the commentariat here. When there is debate, at minimum, people can learn from each other and develop a fuller view. Yes, learn from each other. The justification for debate need not be whether it will or can change someone’s mind – that is change the mindset of the self-selecting people, like myself, who choose to comment here (or anywhere), but that we can come out better informed and possibly change or deepen our views sometime later on. People do change over time and surely can learn if they are open to the new information, or fresh ways of seeing that they hadn’t yet considered. And there are many who may be reading these pages – in fact most are readers, rather than commentators, going by the ratings numbers – who, in the so-called court of public opinion may well be wrestling with some of these complex issues (not oversimplified and some would pressure) and will, over time, change or form their views, or not.

    There are those in society who wish to close down debate and mutual interchange in the name of their idea of purity, in and outside of sports. (I haven’t seen that from your sports writings as yet, Don, so I don’t dare generalize; and I have loved many of your postings, though not this one.) To do so is to throw away a long-cherished principle of behavior since the Magna Carta (for one example), that applies anywhere. May this long be a free speech zone. (And Walter, I do not ask you to revoke my access.)

  • Tom

    There are many important points raised in this article that can’t be ignored oven by the most negative and unhappy Arsenal fan. Unfortunately there are some assumptions made as well that skew the conversation and make it difficult to get past . For one, I don’t know of any Arsenal fan Who expects a total domination from their club, as such expectation would be unrealistic even for fans of Real Madrid or Barca. Further more, no one is expecting Arsenal to win all their games by huge goal difference and not every defeat is tragic . Every Arsenal fan I know celebrated our 2006 CL final even though we lost to Barca ,so it’s untrue that fans deny there’s been achievements since 2005. It’s unfortunate that you feel the need to create a straw man to validate your critique of a large group of fan base who acknowledge financial restrains imposed by building the new stadium, but also think that many mistakes were made by the board and Wenger himself. By not acknowledging those mistakes you are likely to repeat them again.

  • Mica

    I keep wondering how those negative folks will react when Arsenal wins the premier league. “But we used to win the cups too” “Still not won the champions league”?

  • lari03

    Well Ramsey was a good reason we stayed consistent last season. Cazorla and Theo helped supply the goals and we got there. This season is about building on their success and run of form, but they could suffer burn and out and that is why reasonable people are clamoring for additions, surely this is not too much to ask for, no?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Dedicated to Tony , Walter et al who preserve our sanity on this blog by keeping out vermin ! Awesome !

  • ema

    inspiring…lookin forward 2 d start of d season…COYG

  • Giddy

    For whatever the reasons that you want to give for our failings, whether construction of Stadia, operating on a tiny budget, players who have not played together and so on, i wont care so long as wenger can bring in quality players. I remember that we nearly eliminated AC MILAN from the champions league save for poor bench. Our success can’t only be limited to teams that we beat but should also be measured on how we perform on average including teams that are supposedly inferior. Barcelona are known for producing talent but have gone ahead and bought Neymer and will strengthen their defense. Baryern Munich have gone a head and bought Gonze and Thiago having lifted UEFA Champions league. 8 yrs is not a short time for waiting so regardless of which category u would want to place me, just remind wenger to buy us players who can enable the current team to challenge. What is the purpose of accumulating the reserves in the bank while the prospect of finishing outside the top is very real? Its very easy; 1 or 2 injuries for a long period and we are out of top 4. For whatever the reason, Wenger & Gazidis kindly get out now and buy players!

  • Andy Mack

    I well remember coming back from places like Citeh, The tractor boys and the canaries in the 70s and 80s, being happy (OK… not unhappy) with a draw and knowing a win against them back at highbury was the important bit. But we’ve moved up a couple of grades to the level where a home win is pretty much obligatory and an away win is likely. Too few remember. Of those that were there, many now wear rose tinted glasses.

  • Stuart

    Andy Mack,
    I remember a pal of mine during the invincible season saying how spoilt we are but few realise, he went on to say it’s going to end and come crashing down, people won’t know what’s hit them. He’s actually a positive bloke but was just being realistic, he never imagined it would be this long but he still stands by the team of course.

  • bjtgooner

    A good article Don and very relevant to the barrage of nasty and negative comments that we have been subjected to most of the summer.

    While the points you make are relevant to the more genuine of the negative fans – who may feel concerned about transfers – my view is that the really nasty complainers are part of an organized campaign designed initially to undermine the manager – with a further objective to follow.

    The scum who waved black scarfs last season (e.g. the half witted Doublegooner) have been plotting a transfer protest at the Emirates Cup. Some of those involved are the same people who post negatively and abusively on this site, hence my plea to have the culprits banned.

    The negative campaign oranised by the AAA around AW’s transfer policy had its origin in our victory over Newcastle – the AAA hoped we would lose, hoped we would miss out on the Champions League with the result that AW could be pressurized into leaving. The victory prevented the “no CL Wenger out protest”, consequently the AAA moved to the next opportunity – try to undermine AW on transfers. It is interesting that the media and the AAA are as one in this campaign.

    The really nasty AAA negative types probably reside in a world somewhere outside the limitations of normal logic and morals.

  • Doublegooner


    If you can prove I waved a black scarf, then please do so.

    I do not own a black scarf nor am I registered as a member of that organisation.

    For someone who likes to uphold grown up debate, you often use the word scum to describe any fan who holds tyhe opposite view to you or has any criticism or questions the manager, Gazidas & Kroenke. You almost view it as treason !

  • Stevie E

    Cracking article, you forgot to mention though we did all that during one of the worst global recession in 30 years.

  • Bootoomee

    Alan Lawless,

    Are you kidding? Of course, after that second goal by Koscielny, the Bayern players were just strolling lackadaisically all over the pitch!


  • para

    Every time i start to get disheartened, i watch
    and then the pride and realisation comes back.
    Arsenal the BEST football club in the Universe.

  • Bootoomee


    Cracking post man!

    All that those who feel slighted by your article (but who will fight you to the death that they are negative AAA) have left is to whine about where you placed your comma and full stop. I hope you realise that means that you have done a great job.

    The negative nellies and their apologists can always get support from the countless negative Arsenal sites on the web.

    Bring on 2013/14 season!

  • bjtgooner


    So you have never tried to run/organize/join/verbally support an anti Wenger protest?

  • Dennis Brady

    Nothing wrong with little victories, just we were promised so much more when we moved…..little victories like dominating Europe. There came a point last season before our assistant manager backed by the players stepped in where we could not dominate Blackburn or Bradford let alone Europe

  • Florian

    Of course there were promises, what would you have expected? The Club couldn’t have possibly come out and say “look, we’re not going to challenge for trophies for the next 8 years, but don’t worry, just support us”. During this time, any trophy would have been nothing short of fantastic. Come to think about it, it almost happened in 2008 – and there are good reasons why it didn’t, reasons that lie outside Arsenal’s control. It is the same reasons for which we lost to Blackburn or Bradford. Walter can explain them better than me, but for now just look at the name of the ref that officiated both those matches.

    As for dominating Europe, I don’t know what kind of car are you driving, but surely your hard-earned Ford cannot compete with the Ferrari of the money-ready kids from across town (or the money-loaded bullies from the other town). Only recently we gathered enough cash to buy a Ferrari, and even then there is a problem of cost of ownership. So, you can hopefully understand why we’re keeping schtum about buying a Mercedes:) Football has become so polarized that only the very top few can reach those trophies – which are by now the most overpriced thing I can think of. But don’t worry, the day when we’ll be able to afford a Ferrari and keep it too is nearing. Until then, enjoy the ride, many people here seem to have forgotten about this concept.

  • Marvin

    @florian, disgusting isn’t it?There is no way Wengazidis can come out of this without looking like complete muppets and far, far worse – making our club a laughing stock. They’ve bumbled their way through this transfer window from the start. Seriously, it’s like this is the first time either of them have tried to buy a player – incompetent and unprofessional from start to finish. It would almost make it palatable if, after everything,, we actually had a couple of big signings to shout about but it’s looking more and more like Sanago is going to be it. If Stan could ever do anything to score some points with us, it would be to kick these two out now before it gets any worse. I can’t think of any other area of business (or even another football club) where they would still have their jobs.

  • joe

    When we signed Wenger as manager…other candidates were people like O’Leary, Venables, and Graham again. I think we had Dein to thank for bringing Wenger in instead. I might feel a bit better if I trusted the Board to bring in the right manager to replace Wenger. The thing is, I don’t. Who would it be…Adams? Redknapp? All the noise of bringing in your Guardiola’s and Klopp’s, etc ring a little hollow. It will happen one day that he goes…all we can do is wait and see what happens afterwards.

  • Florian


    I take it you’re a seasoned professional in the art of negotiation, with insider knowledge as to what happens inside the Club.

  • Marvin

    Found myself reminiscing. The year is 1995…Arsenal have sacked George Graham (who in 1989 won our first title since 1971 – 18yrs!) and finished 12th in the Premier League, a mere 6 points above a relegated Crystal Palace and 38 points behind the Champions. We have lost 17 games. We barely manage a goal a game and concede almost a goal a game. We are knocked out of the FA Cup in the first round by Millwall. It was also the season when Nayim destroyed any hope of a European success (R Zaragoza). The team included players like Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould, Davis, Merson, Parlour,Schwarz, Jensen, Hartson, Wright, Smith, and a host of distinctly average players…who we’d rather forget (or have!). It was also a season when we beat Norwich 5-1, a game that for some reason will always stand out for me. Utd still beat us, as did Chelsea and LFC, and we only managed one pt against Spurs…though we did get 6 pts against City! Funny times…still, the next season brought Rioch and the new signings of Platt and Bergkamp. With that statement of intent came some improvement…the year after Wenger arrived and with him came Viera and Anelka. Signings, intent, change…success. Come on Arsenal let’s not stand still again!!

  • Dennis Brady

    But Florian, yes, you need a Ferrari to compete now, and our CEO tells us we can afford one, but we have a manager in place who is never ever going to buy one, he believes he can fashion one from a much cheaper raw product but he will i repeat never buy one. I have heard people on here crowing about how our new sponsorship deals and wealth will now propel the team back into the big time, but what’s the point of having it with a manager who will not spend it. All will be revealed this summer, if Cesc goes to Utd, Wenger had better have something major up his sleeve or it is his final year.

  • Marvin

    I am in that profession actually

  • joe

    There are some real twisters on here who think we can a cup and the title with this squad hahahhah I thought it was april fools today

  • Dec

    Better not identify yourself then Marvin, nobody would do business with such a simplistic viewpoint.
    The Club’s a serious business. It’s being run (successfully) by serious business men.
    Leave it to them to get on with it.

  • Mick

    I am rapidly losing the will to bother with Untold any more. I love the site but it is being taken over by the pessimistic moaners and groaners to such an extent that I am thinking of jumping ship. I really cannot be arsed to read through a load of UK, sperez, Dennis Brady, Joe, Marvin and a host of others. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
    Please give us our Untold back!!!

  • Florian


    You must really know what’s going on inside Arsene’s head. Thank Good Lord you actually don’t – otherwise Arsene might end up like John Malkovich🙂

    Mick, that’s exactly the charm of it – having fun at their stupidity:)

  • Stuart

    Was thinking the same Mick,

    These people are so boring.

  • Marvin

    I wonder what´s really going on inside the club. I do understand that kroenke doesn´t lose anything with this situation – he may even get something out of it. but I don´t understand AW and IG. both get a lot of stick in the mediaa because of their incapability of signing players. I mean, I know AW is unbelievable arrogant and he may well like this stick he gets but IG? what´s his point in acting – or better said – not acting properly?To me it looks like there´s a lot of trouble within the club. IG may well want to sign some players but he is yet to make a real statement of intent from his side. I don´t read any comments of him really urging AW to buy players – he´s only saying WE DO HAVE MONEY. on the other side AW says the same in more or less every interview. I start to believe there´s a very important information all arsenal fans (or more or less all) missing in this whole story. you know what I mean?AW loses his good reputation, IG looks like a fool. if they are not financially compensating for not acting properly – which I´m pretty sure they aren´t because other shareholders wouldn´t accept that – why are they acting like they do? what´s the plan? why talking about escalation for our financial power and 70m + transfer kitty every year without doing anything of note?I feel there´s something going on. and although I know many of you may call me AKB I don´t think it´s down to AW or IG. I just can´t see any profit for them by acting like they do.

  • joe

    he club have had all summer to secure two integral players. If they were not close to concluding deals for whoever they have (hopefully) been trying to sign, there are very serious questions to ask. The reality is that Arsenal have £100 million to spend on transfers and the first year’s wages of new buys. So they can afford £50 million for Suarez and pick up serious quality for at least two other positions. As it stands we have Yaya Sanogo. If Arsene Wenger cannot get it right in this window, with so much cash to splash, there really need to be questions at boardroom level asked about the wisdom of offering him another four years in the job.

  • Gunz

    @ Untold Towers

    Joe is CutNPaster

    July 31, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    Taken from


  • Goona Gal

    @ Mick – I agree, it’s getting really tedious having rats craw all over the articles. They are repetitive as they simply cut and paste senseless comments.

    Joe, uk & Rupert Cook can all scurry along to a more befitting environment.

  • Mick

    @Goona Gal
    Ever since I started to enjoy this site several years ago we have always had the odd ‘joe’ but they rarely lasted more than a few days. Now we have a whole team of them and they seem intent on causing permanent disruption. Free speech is one thing but constant ‘treason’ is another. I say get rid of them, red cards all round.
    Give us our Untold back.

  • Bootoomee

    Mick & Stuart,

    Please don’t go. You are needed here. Just do what I do: mock or ignore them.

  • Pat

    Mick, Goona Gal, Stuart,

    Don’t read them! We all know their names by now. I just skip what they say and go on to the people I know I will enjoy reading and find interesting.

    And there are still plenty of those.

    Another great, balanced article. We’ve had a whole series of them now. Go on, Untold!

    If you leave the site, you’ll miss the articles!

  • Pat

    By the way, if we all did ignore them, they’d soon go away.

    The only reason they write is to annoy and destroy.

    Or to feel important because we argue with them.

  • Marvin

    Ignore what you idiot? The fact that you don’t have the brains to engage in a decent debate…. You bloody fool deluded like the insane manager get a quote with reality

  • Marvin

    Yes people are starting to realise what a con this management is and no matter what you do you will see an influx of fans raging against these tyrants. Can you seriously not see that.

  • Goona Gal

    I agree that we have always had them, but as it’s the school holidays it seems this site has become their place to hang out.

    The thing is there is something quite suspect about these people leaving their dumb comments. They don’t seem very interested in actually engaging with one another, just attacking the posted article or other comments who are far too upbeat or simply sensible and coherent.

    I do ignore them normally, but these past few days has seen quite a number appear and it’s annoying that I may accidentally skip over a few decent comments because I am avoiding the pointless ones.

    They are commenting early in the hope that their comments receive attention and someone will respond to them and not the original published article.

  • Goona Gal

    @ Walter – surely Marvin’s comment at 11:37pm has earned him a time out? He lowers the overall vibe of this blog.

  • Pat

    Goona Gal,

    I think you are right, they do try to get their comments in early.

    It is also true that there is the risk of missing a good contribution, so I sympathise.

    By the way, I think Marvin’s comment just proves what I said – the thing they hate most is to be ignored.

  • Goona Gal

    @ Pat – I think we can agree that this not a person or people simply voicing a different take on the article, but some systematic attempt to stop us discussing Arsenal and the like in a reasonable fashion.

  • Doublegooner

    bjtgooner @ 7.25pm

    The answer to your question is yes. I have tried to arrange a meeting that would lead to a demo protest.

    So you or friends obviously frequent Le Grove.

    However, I repeat. I do not own or wear a black scarf nor am I a member of the organisation.

  • Goona Gal

    @ Doublegooner – you are really are the definition of a loser.

  • Goona Gal

    My spelling & grammer is all over the place, has Rupert Cook been banned?

  • bjtgooner


    So you tried to organise a meeting, let’s see what you said on the 11 Nov: –

    “Doublegooner November 11, 2012 02:00:47

    60 Grovers have emailed me wanting a meeting.
    Add you name & lets get something planned.
    We can even join the BSM Protest on sat 1st Dec.

    I take it BSM stands for Black Scarf Movement?

    And while we are at it, let’s just show everyone what a nice person you really are and view some of your recent past utterances: –

    ” Doublegooner January 21, 2013 10:44:29

    I can’t take much more of this lying useless fraud of a ‘manager’.
    Lose or draw on wednesday & what is everyone going to do ??
    They won’t let us demonstrate inside the ground.
    They cant stop us rallying outside …

    Doublegooner January 21, 2013 10:54:54


    The Spuds are improving under a new young manager
    Liverpool are fast improving under a new young manager.
    Everton are improving & outperforming their annual wage constraint with a good manager.
    Arsenal FC are sliding downhill so fast that it’ll take 2/3 years to get us ready to challenge for the top 4 again let alone challenge for a title.

    Doublegooner January 20, 2013 21:40:54

    Dein is history & should stay there.

    Doublegooner January 20, 2013 22:21:24


    I fuckin pray our conman signs no one.
    I hope RVP cunts him off one day.
    RVP would have to be mentally deranged to stay & listen to Wenger talking that shower of shit Diaby.
    A bigger cunt in an Arsenal shirt now Song has gone, I’ve yet to see.

    Doublegooner January 20, 2013 22:22:53
    talking about that shower

    Doublegooner January 21, 2013 09:13:00

    We share many opinions.
    I’ve said for a while he must not spend this month. None of his buys over the last 2 years have performed to a high standard.
    We need a new man with new ideas.
    The players actually need a man with new ideas & new disciplines.
    It drives me mad when people say who do you replace him with.
    There are many managers worth trying.
    I am so impressed with Laudrup. I’d bring him in & give him a 5 year plan.
    Problem is, Gazidas, (via Stan) will offer Wenger a new contract as it’s their safe bet.
    After going annually for 46 years, for many, home & away, I’ve said if Wenger is here next year, then thats it for me until he’s gone.”

    This is only a selection – there are many more posts of this type. DG comes on this site and pretends to be a caring but concerned fan, but his true character comes out on another site. My apologies to everyone for the filthy language, but the posts are those of DG unsanitized.• •

  • Dec

    Game, set and match to bjtgooner methinks!
    Good work. Now let’s get rid of these muppets.

  • Gooner Murphy

    Get rid of the lot them they’re just time waster’s nutgall dragging primates; I believe most of them are not genuine Arsenal Supporters .no one is objecting to debate however it should be based on the method of the team tactics selection ec. not personal abuse of players or Management

  • weedonald

    Thank you to those who complimented or positively critiqued my article….it is all taken in good heart. Now to respond to some of the less positive or more curious comments:

    Nakew: left-0vers? So Podolski,Cazorla, Monreal, Per, Giroud, are 2nd class? Time to see your optometrist mate!

    Afc and Matt…please honour us with an article of your own but be ready to be shorn and sheared like the lambs you are, since you try to demean anyone whose viewpoint is open-minded. Please put your money where your mouths are.. or return to your burrows.

    Stuart….It is not worth the effort frankly. I have written a few reviews of their mindset and I am sure thet are archived on UA.

    K…you are wrong….since 2005 we have remained in the top 4, coming 2nd in 2008 after Eduardo was destroyed. Even Phil Neville recognized this achievement! Cheap replacements….not really, but affordable ones that have produced some superb Football: Arteta, Cazorla, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Wilshere, Ramsey, Per, Rosicky, are true talents and deserve the credit for overcoming enormous odds to help AFC maintain their CL place and challenge for a title or silverware. I am convinced that given today’s difficulties, even the Invincibles would have had a very hard time achieving what they did.

    Tom….no straw men needed to validate my arguments but to correct your misunderstanding of my article’s intent, I am not saying that a large number of fans behaved as I wrote, simply a small minority who, as you rightly point out, run the spectrum of beliefs and concerns (as I do) about AFC. In essence, I am trying to understand the extremes here…on one side the blind believers who cannot acknowledge that the Club has its failings versus the die-hard pessimists for whom nothing is commendable about the Arsenal.

    Dennis Brady….who promised that? I know Wenger NEVER said such a thing and I doubt Gazidis did since such a statement is so un-Arsenal like. Maybe you are confused with the promise of better Football in a better stadium? By the way, are you Wenger’s employer…you had better be if you intend to end his career but since I know you are totally impotent, time to return to your burrow!

  • Gooner Murphy

    ps The above is not abuse just a matter of fact.

  • B T Smyth

    like it. won’t get the same exposure as the “i want it all and i want it now brigade” as you recgnise but will look good in a few weeks when we have assembled our squad and even better as the season progresses. Gunners stay strong

  • Sam

    You realize that you’re pretty good when they start noticing you, and that you’re great when they imitate you. But you know you’ve really made it when they hate you.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Guys and gals , why all this negativity – the inbreeders will all come to an unnatural demise .Laugh away your blues!

    Laughter is the best medicine from the medical division of UA .

    Advertisement In Shop:
    Guitar, for sale…….. Cheap……..
    ……no strings attached.

    Ad. In Hospital Waiting Room:
    Smoking Helps You Lose Weight….
    One Lung At A Time!

    On a bulletin board:
    Success Is Relative.
    The more The Success,
    The more The Relatives.

    When I Read About The Evils Of Drinking…
    I Gave Up Reading

    My Grandfather Is Eighty
    And Still Doesn’t Need Glasses….
    He Drinks Straight Out Of The Bottle.

    Sign In A Bar:
    ‘Those Of You Who Are Drinking To Forget,
    Please do Pay In Advance.’

    Sign In Driving School:
    If Your Wife Wants To Learn To Drive,
    Don’t Stand In Her Way….

    Behind Every Great Man,
    There Is A Surprised Woman.

    The Reason Men Lie Is Because
    Women Ask too Many Questions.

    Getting Caught
    Is The Mother Of Invention.

    Laugh And The World Laughs With You,
    Snore And You sleep Alone

    The Surest Sign
    That Intelligent Life Exists
    Elsewhere In The Universe
    Is The Fact That It Has Never Tried To Contact Us.

    Sign At A Barber’s Shop :
    We Need Your Heads To Run Our Business..

    Sign In A Restaurant:
    All Drinking Water In This Establishment
    Has Been Personally Passed By The Manager

  • Brickfields Gunners

    C’est la vie – And that’s when the fight started…

    · My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have Sex?’ ‘No,’ she answered.
    I then …said, ‘Is that your final answer?’
    … She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, ‘Yes..’
    So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.”

    And that’s when the fight started…


    I took my wife to a restaurant.

    The waiter, for some reason, took my order first.

    “I’ll have the rump steak, rare, please.”
    He said, “Aren’t you worried about the mad cow?”
    “Nah, she can order for herself.”

    And that’s when the fight started…..


    My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high school
    reunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging his
    drink as he sat alone at a nearby table.

    I asked her, “Do you know him?”
    “Yes”, she sighed,
    “He’s my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinking
    right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear he
    hasn’t been sober since.”

    “My God!” I said, “Who would think a person could go on
    celebrating that long?”

    And then the fight started…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    For oldies – lets have a laugh at ourselves. Dating Ads for Seniors found in a Florida Newspaper You can say what you want about Florida , but you never hear of anyone retiring and moving north. These are actual ads seen in ”The Villages” Florida newspaper. (Who says seniors don’t have a sense of humor?)

    —————————————————- FOXY LADY : Sexy, fashion-conscious blue-haired beauty,
    80’s, slim, 5’4′ (used to be 5’6′), Searching for sharp-looking, sharp-dressing companion. Matching white shoes and belt a plus.

    LONG-TERM COMMITMENT : Recent widow who has just buried fourth husband, Looking for someone to round out a six-unit plot. Dizziness, Fainting, shortness of breath not a problem.


    SERENITY NOW : I am into solitude, long walks, sunrises, the ocean, yoga and Meditation. If you are the silent type, let’s get together, Take our hearing aids out and enjoy quiet times.

    WINNING SMILE : Active grandmother with original teeth seeking a dedicated flossier To share rare steaks, corn on the cob and caramel candy.

    BEATLES OR STONES ? I still like to rock, still like to cruise in my Camaro on Saturday nights and still like to play the guitar. If you were a groovy chick, or are now a groovy hen, let’s get together and listen to my eight-track tapes.

    MEMORIES : I can usually remember Monday through Thursday. If you can remember Friday, Saturday and Sunday, let’s put our two heads Together.

    —————————————————-My favorite…


    Male, 1932 model , high mileage, good condition, some hair, Many new parts including hip, knee, cornea, valves. Isn’t in running condition, but walks well.

    May you always have love to share, health to spare, and friends that care.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Gooner Gal, it’s grammar, not grammer. No offence intended.

    Don’t lump me in with Joe and UK, though I find it amusing that people get so riled up with those who have differing viewpoints. I know some would love to live in a fascist environment where dissenting opinions are outlawed but fortunately we don’t reside in North Korea.

    Every club has its faults. Wenger isn’t perfect. No manager is. I can understand the frustration of some supporters over our lack of improvement over the last five years but unlike them I think next season things will change if we are as cash rich as Gazidis claims.

    I strongly believe that Wenger wants Suarez and Cesc and is willing to spend big sums for the best players. Now I’m not sure I want Suarez near our club but it appears Wenger has no qualms over signing him as he believes his enormous talent outweighs his obvious personality problems.

    People conveniently forget how difficult it is to secure the services of the world’s best players especially when you have a budget which has limits. That’s why patience is called for.

    The trouble with Joe and his ilk is that they think they are right but they have no proof to support their claims. Also their vitriol is damaging to what little argument they have. This is also true of those that stand on the opposing side who let their vehemence at Joe and co. get the better of them. Very few of us, if any, know what goes on at the club. Perhaps we should all keep this in mind.

    There are some very literate posters on here with alternative views such as bob and A.Stewart who do use intelligent reasoning to back up their views. And there are many staunch Wenger supporters who do the same.

    To paraphrase Weedonald, from a post a few days ago, debate is fine as long as we respect each other, there’s no need for fellow fans to insult each other.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Advice for an old guy….
    I was working out at the gym when I spotted a sweet young thing walking in ….
    I asked the trainer standing next to me, “What machine should I use to impress that young lady over there?”
    The trainer looked me over and said, “I would recommend the ATM in the lobby.”

  • andy bishop

    Well said Brickfields and Rupert..far too much personal abuse and hypocrisy on what could be an excellent site if only some would accept that Arsenal fans have differing views. Not all are sewer rats..not all belong to the infamous AAA..or indeed attempt to undermine the sites ethos.

  • Rupert Cook

    To be fair to Dennis Brady Wenger did say that he thought his squad would dominate Europe and England but that was in 2009 and contingent on the squad staying together which didn’t happen.

  • elkieno

    I don’t like or read the usual punks that come here and dirty the water with copied and pasted comments or the same thing repeated from another moaner, but I always thought Rupert Cook was not rude, didn’t result to copy/pasting etc. he gives his comments and explains why, i dont agree with them, but I don’t put him in the aaa or worse basket unlike ‘oh theo’ et al.
    I always think why he uses that name when he was probably a big member if the ‘sell theo, he has no football brain’ crew.
    Our current team can beat any team on its day do we need good squad players to pick up the slack when injuries etc show up. Do keep the first team fresh and happy and we will enjoy the season. I love watching us play every time we do even when 4am kick offs are on, we haven’t won a trophy for how long but I still love the Arsenal and enjoy the little victories while patiently waiting for the big one!

  • joe

    so afc asked its fans who they most like to see on Saturday,and the voted for higuain.what a kick in their teeth that is.yes,this is a player we could have got but decided we were not going to pay as the boxes of players we could get,gets ticked off by the week,both wenger and gazidis will say they done their best just like jeff-fulham said.if we get a beating before the window ends we will panic buy just like we did when we got hammered 8-2 by utd.when you look at facts and evidence there is only one verdict.WENGER OUT NOW.

  • Dec

    Brickfields, maith an buchaill!
    You brighten up every article with your humorous approach, reminds me that supporting Arsenal is supposed to be fun.
    Keep it up, we need more like you.

  • Stevie E

    @Rupert Cook
    *To be fair to Dennis Brady, Wenger… Lack of punctuation. No offence intended.

  • Mick

    When you go back to school after the summer holidays please resolve to pay more attention in your English classes and try to learn the rudiments of grammar, the correct use of capital letters and how to construct a proper sentence.

  • uk

    hilarious. i’m doing an abuse survey, so i go through the comments
    rats, lunatics,nasty complainers, scum,half-wit…all used by the “positive/AKB” folks. all unreplied until ..idiot,bloody fool,deluded,insane by one “anti-wenger gponer.
    see the AKB rxn…
    “@walter- surely M’s 11:37 has earned him a time out….” others: get rid, get rid
    …oh the hypocrisy

  • Edda

    Posts like this by
    @nakew is so typical of the negative Arsenal fans, just making up Things as facts! Like this comment :

    *Arsenal were beaten by lower league teams repeatedly in cc final, etc

    How many times have AW lost to a LOWER LEAGUE TEAM ???

    Check Your facts and check them against the same fact for the godly Sir Alex Red Nose and you will be shocked !!!

  • uk

    now im off to find out if the much villified joe, actually did insult anybody in this post

  • uk

    ummm, nope. i dont think the said joe insulted anyone. though i dont know what a twister is, it dont sound like an insult to me

  • Edda

    Just to clarify the myth :

    *Arsenal have been beaten by lower league teams repeatedly

    I have collected info from League Cup and FA-Cup from 2001 (didnt find the earlier data)

    I have compared us to last years Champions but it could have been almost any other “top-team”

    Man utd

    2004 LC Beaten by W.B.A
    2007 LC Beaten by Southend
    2008 LC Beaten by Coventry
    2010 FAC Beaten by Leeds Utd
    2012 LC Beaten by Crystal Palace


    2013 LC Beaten by Bradford C
    2013 FAC Beaten by Blackburn

    So because it happened twice last season it is not something that have happened very often under Arsene Wengers time at Arsenal, actually when it happened last year it was the FIRST TIME Arsenal were beaten by a lower League side since AW came to the Club. So please stop spreading these sort of Things on posts over the internett, maybe it will be picked up by SKY or BBC and they will broadcast it as truth on MOTD and SUPER SUNDAY!

  • Rupert Cook

    Stevie E. point taken, er no, comma taken.

  • Rupert Cook

    Stevie E. no need for a capital L for “lack”. No offence intended.

  • Stevie E

    Lol. Or should that be LOL..? 🙂

  • Bootoomee


    Thanks for using fact to counter bs.

  • Gooner S

    Nice post. I like the sentiments behind the content and things certainly aren’t that bad but Arsenal are in a position now to push on. Let’s take the opportunity we have, especially if we look at our rivals. City and Chelsea have not stood still! Neither have Spurs.

    We are undoubtedly in need of a few players to improve the squad and give it more depth and quality: A centre forward, a mid field player, a defender and a goal keeper. Just my view. Do I think we’ll sign all of those? No! I would prioritise them in that order. Perhaps two out of those four will arrive. Let’s see. I like the players we have including Ramsey, Kozzer and Per M. I’ve loads of patience and can certainly wait until September 1st. Any judgements made until then are being hasty and yes I know its been 8 years but thats where my view diverges from the so called anti Arsenal brigade.

    It’s interesting times; There’s a lot of pressure on Wenger. Gazidis didn’t say what he said a few weeks just to appease the fans. There is ‘coprorate politics’ at play within the club. Again, just my view based on my own work experience.

    @Mick stick with it

    @Marvin. You wont win any arguments by insulting people.