If it had been Arsenal v Croatia this is what they would have said

You’ll know how fanatical and over-the-top the English media has been today about England’s performance.  And of course we are all delighted beyond belief at the way Theo has come on since suddenly waking up in the game against Liverpool Insolvency in the Euro£££ Cup.

But just pause for a moment, in order to get a sense of reality.  Supposing, just supposing Theo Walcott had been playing for Arsenal, and Arsenal had beaten Croatia 4-1.  What would the media have said about Theo’s goals.

First goal: Took two rebounds on the way in, goalkeeper unlucky

Second goal: Hint of off-side

Third goal: Clearly off-side

That’s not to say there was anything wrong with Theo or his goals, and I’m dancing like everyone else to the Theo tune.   But it just shows you how the media plays with football.  The story is, “knock Arsenal and all they do.”  And the story is, “if England win well, they will win everything, this is the moment, prepare for take off.”

There’s that thing about Arsenal “wanting to walk it into the net” when year after year they are the top scoring team or the second top team.   And then of course there would be, “what a pity Arsene Wenger hates English players.”

I’m really pleased for Theo – but the way the papers have written it just prepares me for next weekend and the fact they will be back to the usual stories.

  • Arsenal are broke
  • Everyone wants to leave
  • Wenger is going to leave
  • Theo is going to leave
  • Silvestre is so injured he’ll never play again

As always you read it here first, unless of course, you didn’t.

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  1. You’ll get no argument from me! I’m still waiting for the acknowledgement of how much Arsene has developed Theo’s game. Now Theo has more than speed to his game, he is showing what a valuable player he can be for club and Country. It might be taking time, but he would never have gained all those additional aspects to his game without the patience and foresight of the great Arsene Wenger.

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