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August 2021

Wenger fights back

By Tony Attwood

“Look, we lost one game since the beginning of March.  That’s why it was a shock. But we won in the Champions League at Bayern Munich. We won at Fenerbahce. It is just like that at the moment. The media in general has brainwashed a little bit the Emirates….

“But being responsible in life means doing things in life you think are right, and not to react to things people say. If you listen always to what people say you go in five minutes one way and then, 10 minutes later, you go the other way.

“When you have responsibility you have to just focus on making the right decisions and if they are not right you say: ‘Sorry, I’m wrong.’ When we lose a game, I’m wrong. This is not a personal trip. This is about doing things well for the club I love and I am happy we are back on track.”

Thus spake Mr Wenger, and what a relief it is to hear him telling the journalists how ludicrous they have been.  Whether the journos and the AAA work together or whether the AAA are just journo camp followers remains a debatable point but the fact is that one bad result does not make a terrible season.  And the Guardian, good for them, to report Mr Wenger’s riposte.

Of course if one bad result did make a terrible season then Manchester City could now commit collective suicide, but if you read any of the (admittedly few compared with Arsenal) Man City blogs you’ll find a reasoned debate about a disappointing performance.   As “Blue Moon over Manchester” said,  “Pellegrini will have learnt from this and hopefully it will be the last time we let a nailed on three points slip away from us with such a limp performance.”

That was it.  No rant, no wild anguish.  Just a fairly cool statement and earlier a clear analysis of how Cardiff nullified Man City’s tactics – a little something they picked up from watching the Helsinki game I warrant.

But of course the press couldn’t let Mr Wenger get away with it.   The Guardian, having been decent in allowing Mr Wenger to make his point then said,

“The Frenchman [oh glad they said that – I didn’t know he was French.  That must be why he puts the adverb after the object in his sentences sometimes.  Glad that has been sorted]  has benefited from key players recovering their poise,” as if none of the good work at Fulham and in Turkey was the manager’s doing.  He benefits from others hard work, it seems, and then cocks it up himself.

We also found out that Lukas Podolski is certainly not being lined up for departure, which is great news if you actually believed he was on the way out.  Speaking of Podolski, the Guardian did add that when Podolski’s two is added to “Olivier Giroud’s third goal in three games … the first-choice lineup boasts class when confident.”

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Well, well.

On transfers Mr Wenger is insistent:

“There is no guarantee the new guy who comes in will start every game. We might buy a big player and he will not play. What is good about football is that it is just about quality. Most of the time quality is linked with price, but not always. These players enjoy playing together and this is the first year when we have not been traumatised by losing players. If we can gain one, two or even three more, we will do it, but we did not play well because they are worried about their future.”

Not all the papers though have allowed Wenger to have his say.  The Independent did a sorrowful piece ahead of the Fulham game, claiming that Wenger did not care enough – a view they boosted by running a typical Wengerian statement: “You have certainly tried to go out with a girl and find she has chosen someone else. You do not commit suicide,” with the suggestion that “this is all you get out of the Frenchman” (thanks again Guardian for pointing that out.)  Or perhaps, “he’s foreign, so he says funny things”

They also quoted another one of these lovely sayings the manager has.  “We have to get on with our lives – I don’t think we need for me to clarify that.”

The trouble is, he does have to clarify that when speaking to a journalist, because by and large they have no idea what he is talking about (perhaps because he is French).

After the thumping of Fulham the Independent spent more time talking about how well the pitch had stood up to the rain, than the game, while noting in passing that “the substitutes’ bench still looks thin”.   Oh and, “Bacary Sagna had to play in the centre of defence” they told us.  Yes well they might have said that he did that very well indeed.  But did they?  I leave it to you to guess.

I think the overall problem with the press is that they maintain the anti-Arsenal stance by avoiding any joined up thinking.  After two days of solid rant against Wenger we find this comment from Martin Jol:

“Cazorla is an amazing player and they found pockets of space on the break.”

Yes Cazorla is an amazing player, and he was signed at an astoundingly low price for a player of his ability by, oh, hang on, who was it?  Oh yes, Mr Wenger.  Best not mention that.

The paper also mentioned a fine display from the “much improved Aaron Ramsey” – who was spotted and captured by…. well, you know.  And three goals in three games from Giroud, who was signed…   They even gave credit to “a fine double save from Wojciech Szczesny” despite having gone on and on about the need for a new keeper in recent weeks.

This is not to argue that the team doesn’t need more players, but what’s missing in the press is the awareness that just buying lots and lots and lots of players doesn’t help you to win all the games you expect to win.  There’s more to it than that.  Ask Man City.   (If you can find a dozen or two Man City blogs, that is).

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112 comments to Wenger fights back

  • sabrerat

    I always enjoy your posts- constructive- and not striking at the heart of the team i love- The press does not think for me!

  • The font

    Peliigrini out

  • Jon

    Bravo Mr Wenger, bravo…

  • WalterBroeckx

    About the fact that the media seems to need to express that Wenger is French: I wonder Tony if the media also used the expression: “Dutchman Martin Jol” or “the Dutch manager” when talking about Jol.

    I didn’t read the articles you mentioned so haven’t got a clue but somehow it would surprise me if they would mention that he is Dutch.

  • Mick

    Good article Tony, the media certainly are almost to a man (or woman) very reluctant to offer any credit to anything Wenger says or does. Just a couple of minutes ago on Talksport Alan Brazil and neil Warnock saying why doesn’t Wenger try to get Mata from Chelsea. The implication in the way it was said was that Wenger should get his finger out and stop ‘dithering’ and I thought, well how do they know he hasn’t made enquiries about Mata. They had already made a comment about there being no chance of Benzema coming to Arsenal, using the sneering ‘Arsenal have been snubbed again’ type tone of voice.
    I absolutely love it when Wenger gives the media a bit back, I wish he would do it more often and more forcefully. I suppose the trouble is that if he goes too far they (the media) close ranks and turn it back onto Arsene, you know the oft used ‘Wenger loses the plot’ type headline. They get him one way or the other and of course the Sun reading sheep willingly graze and digest this force fed nonsense.
    I notice that good old ‘arry Redknapp on MOD again managed to totally dismiss the last two consecutive Arsenal results as being valueless. Both wins were against poor opposition he proclaimed, so were of no worth. He refuses to give any credit to anything Arsenal do, it’s a total disgrace having such bigoted and biased pundits on national television, and we are paying his bloody fee from our license money, it infuriates me.

  • Andrew

    Well said, Tony. Glad there are still bloggers out there that writes sane and reasonable pieces. Part of the problem is the high standard we Arsenal fans have set up for ourselves. Not that that’s bad. It’s just that we hold ourselves up above and beyond the mediocre. Because Arsenal FC is truly a great club. But instead of bashing Le Prof (and I use this nickname affectionately), we should be rallying behind the squad. Up Gooners!

  • Kevin

    Excuse me but is this site the official Arsenal mouthpiece. Brainwashed no we judge this squad by sitting in the stand and watching them. We just scrapped fourth last season. Every time we play the better teams we get exposed. The boards mouthpiece then declares we have available funds to help us compete with the biggest and best clubs hence the reason given for our move to the Emirates and yet here we are with a paper thin squad and one that lacks top quality in certain very important positions. All totally unacceptable. Man city lost a game yes but their fans know their club is doing all that is possible to make them as competitive as possible our fans know Arsenal are not doing this. Any one with any knowledge of football can see the flaws in our squad and to have available funds and not use them is criminal. I once was so in awe of Wenger I dreaded the day we lost him but some where his power has corrupted him and he has lost touch he builds the club profits at the expense of the team. You judge your team honestly and if there is any brainwashing going on its you guys that are victims.

  • soglorious

    Wenger, I love you! Knows the right time to respond back. To all brainwashed faithless fans who are being tossed by the press, don’t show up at the Emirates again if you wouldn’t support the team through thick and thin. Its becoming obvious to the whole world that we perform better away from home because of you lot. I actually expect two signings before the derby. But watch this space, they’ll find something to say in the line of ” the signing is not a world class”, ” its a panic buy” and their usual. Nobody has ever remembered that for all the spending of tottenham, they’ve only managed to win by “dubious” penalties. Next Sunday will be a lesson day. Let’s all be positive though sincere enough to highlight our frailties. But as Wenger said, don’t over flog it . It doesn’t worth it . COYG

  • soglorious

    Kevin, please apply for his job and let’s see you bring in Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery.

  • The font

    You forgot to tell us these very important positions. And the players you would will arsene know what to do ?

  • Shard

    There was another comment Wenger made in his post match interview, which even the media decided not to run with because Wenger was clearly making fun. Of the media, and of himself, in terms of the image they portray of his.

    When asked for about what was going to happen with transfers, the reporter asked for a clue. Wenger said he would love to give it to him, but he couldn’t give him what he didn’t have. What he hasn’t got. Wenger can be really funny when he wants to be.

    As for the brainwashing. Some people are bound to get up in arms about it. I’ve suggested it before, as have others, and always the cry is of ‘disrespect’. Besides, Wenger even says that perhaps they media reporting is justified because of no trophies (which actually is the entire context of every single debate to do with Arsenal)

    Good point about every media outlet always saying ‘French’ whenever they can.

    Is the media making out that ManCity are in crisis? What about if we were in Spurs’ position, even if we’d bought players worth whatever they’ve spent? So much money ‘wasted’ as Arsenal can’t even get a goal from open play!! Is it that far fetched to imagine a headline like that?

    As long as the referee plays fair, we should beat the Spuds. Their ‘striker’ had one shot on goal against a very average Swansea side yesterday. Which was the penalty. (From a dive, although they perhaps should have a had a penalty in the first half)

  • dan

    Nice one, Tony.

  • chris

    The Press does NOT have an anti Arsenal mission. They express the same complaints as very many disgruntled supporters – about faults which have been / are totally obvious. And …. here is some joined up thinking for you. We have won nothing since Wenger broke up the 2nd great team (too early) and embarked upon his obsession for beautiful attacking football at all costs. We have won nothing since he no longer enjoyed the great back 5 which he was fortunate to inherit. He has not bothered with a genuine dmf since Gilberto (and Flamini) left. He has backed a succession of inferior keepers since Lehmann left. On Saturday – when we played well in beating a rather ordinary Fulham – we had just 2 good experienced players in reserve. Where various EPL teams (eg. Spurs) have steadily improved their squad – ours has deteriorated. There were only 2 to 3 years when Wenger really did not have money to spend. Now he has a major war chest …. his dithering in the transfer market is pathetic.

  • Philbet

    Why does someone not make the point to these self serving journo;s that the printed media is in huge decline,they are not important in life and point out to them, if there circulation figures were in a league table, they would all be relegation material and ought to be sacked by now.
    If they cant make a newspaper successful what gives them the right to suggest they know how to run a football club?
    Still its desperate times for them and most are looking for new options outside of the media.

  • adam

    Nice one Kevin. Absolutely spot on. If you listen to this lot you wonder if they would be happy going another 8 years without a trophy. Would 16 years be the tipping point for you guys? or would you still be saying the same tripe as you are here?
    The fact we have not improved the squad with some signings is beyond a joke. Without Arteta we do not have a defensive minded midfielder at the club!!!!!!!!! Just let that sink in. Ponder it for a moment. Forget about only having 1 established striker, or a worrying lack of Center backs instead just consider the alarming fact we have no defensive midfielders..
    There is only one man to blame for such absolute inexcusable negligence and it is your messiah mr Wenger.

  • Kevin

    Is this not the usual pathetic responses to a view not agreeable to yours. What I would do! Wenger is the manager is he not?we have money do we not? How about a defensive midfielder to protect our exposed back four do I have to name them as well? We require a quality striker and I would have taken higuain Rooney Suarez or Bentike. But it’s like wenger is responding to me by mentioning messi whose brainwashed!!!!! Surely you people can see what your watching,the very best we can hope for is fourth and while the club was lacking in funds that was an achievement but now we have them we should be getting closer to the teams above not further away. And yes we hear it,the usual dictator response don’t agree don’t turn up well chaps if that was the case spurs will have more fans than us on Sunday. I support Arsenal through thick and thin but that does not mean I am a robot that agrees with the road it’s taken we have funds let’s use them to build a better squad to compete after all is that not what football is all about? Perhaps you boys prefer a profitable balance sheet to a top quality football team!

  • WalterBroeckx

    look up the defence of the invincibles and find out how many players Wenger ‘inherited” of that back 5.

    I can give you the answer right away: Wenger brought all 5 of them to Arsenal or in the first team. The famous back 5 was already completely replaced in the invincible year.

  • soglorious

    Chris, thank you. I like it when people like you voice out your opinion in a sensible manner. Fine, you do NOT believe that the media is against us? Please next time you read any report about Arsenal, read between the lines.
    To your “good” points about why U think what they report is obvious, let’s check it out.

    1. We have won nothing: agreed. Confirmed cos its obvious. But is it Arsenal that hasn’t won anything for the past “….” years? Why are the press not saying something like “its been almost half a century before “so and so club” won the league” why always when they talk about US? And a quick reminder, if you can put 2 and 2 together to make 4 and not 22, U will reise that these trophy drought began when we moved to a new stadium.

    2. Fulham, an ordinary team?????? Sir, be reminded that you can only play whatever team is brought before you. And for you to say they are ordinary is an insult to them. But that also gives a clue as to why the media is biased against us. When we defeat teams, they becomes “ordinary” but when other teams wins they are grinding out a win.

    3. Tottenham are recruiting. Good point, how many goals have they scored from open play? U will be embarrassed by the way we will defeat them come Sunday. Remember, QPR bought a whole squad last season and I think last weekend, they played a match in the championship. Buying does not guarantee success. Ask Man City last season.

    Man City lost yesterday, did you see the media castigate them as they did to us last weekend, look for media bias no further.


  • WalterBroeckx

    we had an agreement with Madrid for Higuain and they broke it up by suddenly asking almost the double price. What should we have done? Give in to their blackmail?

    We offered £40M+1 to Liverpool for Suarez and they refuse to sell him. What should we have done? Go to Anfield with a cannon and threaten to shoot the whole place down if they don’t sell him to us?

    Rooney… why don’t we wait and see? Do you know what happens or what doesn’t happen?

    Bentike never heard of him to be honest. 😉

    You know, the transfer window is still open, do you?

  • Kevin

    Walter that’s correct but that’s the point how does wenger go from watching that great team to watching a squad so poor in relation and if you start listing the players he has bought, brought through and supported it’s very scary. When wenger first came he got rid of the second rate players we had and it was a great sign but over the last 5 – 8 years he has shown blind belief in players that clearly were never good enough and players he eventually got rid of it comes across that he is very stubborn and does not admit his mistakes. I can’t explain why wenger had two great defensive players in our best years but now refuses to play a midfielder that is a natural tackler and thinks defence first after all we have enough players that think attack it’s the balance that’s wrong we are great with the ball but so exposed when we don’t have it. The best teams always score against us and usually they do not have to work that hard to do it, while this is the case we will never be able to compete with them.

  • Kevin

    Walter do you know the transfer is open before the last week of August and all the top clubs bar utd have utilised it. Sure we can excuse a certain position has not been filled but we have not bought anyone surely you must agree that is not good planning!

  • Armin

    Btw, after being “surprised” with Wenger “inactivity”, now I see they are surprised with Wenger “activity” as his efforts to sign Cabaye, as they are without any sense taking in account current Ramsey form.

  • WalterBroeckx


    How? Why? What you would call “poor” team :

    E M I R A T E S S T A D I U M

    And still kept us in the top 4 and were in 3 finals, a few semi finals, and should/could have won 2 league titles in those years.

    So I really cannot say that we have a poor team. We have had a team in transition, not helped by some mercenaries and injury hit players. But if this is a poor team… I do think many other teams would swap their players for our poor team faster than you can say yes.

  • finsbury

    Good Morning Untold,

    I heard a plug for the Referee Decisions site by a co-presenter or guest on talksport by the guest/co-presenter on the Jonny Vaughan show, just after 12.30 before kickoff on Saturday. They even called for more volunteer refs to help, which made me listen twice! I took the bizarre and bewildering incident be a good omen for the Fulham game and so it proved.

    A plug on Talksport:It’s hard to understand how such a thing could have happened! : )

    I thought this was just a site for conspiracy theorists ; )

  • colario

    When Arsene came to Arsenal the famous ‘back five’ were on their way out. In came Arsene who with his philosophy of foot ball rejuvenated their playing careers. But for Arsene Tony Adams would not have played for 19 seasons.

    @Walter. I wish every Arsene detractor would remember that.

    I also wish every Arsene detractor would get into their ‘mantra mind set’ that it was Arsene when at Monaco persuaded the most skill full player of his generation and yet unwanted in the England team one Glen Hoddle to leave his beloved spuds and play for him at Monaco.

    Arsene prefers skill full players to ‘hoofing thugs’

    The anti Arsene ‘mind set’ went on and on about Arsene’s policy of choosing non English players and thus destroying England’s chances in the World Cup.

    I have in my head a video clip that I hate. The ball is flying across the the Arsenal goal and it collides with the head of that ‘nice man’ Trevor Brooking. – It hurts.

    This morning I was reading the wiki page on Arsene and I read this: ‘a lack of English players in “one of England’s most successful clubs” was more of a reflection on England’s limited talent pool rather than on Wenger,’

    Who said that? Here is the full quote:

    ‘Other pundits including Trevor Brooking, the director of football development at The Football Association, have defended Wenger. Brooking has stated that a lack of English players in “one of England’s most successful clubs” was more of a reflection on England’s limited talent pool rather than on Wenger,’

    Here is another fact about Arsene for the AAA and other anti mind sets who know everything about football.

    In January 2011, it was announced that Wenger was voted “World Coach of the Decade” by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.[209] The organisation aggregated the results from each year of the decade, and Wenger had narrowly beaten Ferguson and Mourinho for the honour.[210].

    Both quotes are from this link:

  • nicky

    Your 10.17 needed saying. Arsenal has no divine right to the signing of players it is interested in.
    All transfers need the agreement of two clubs, a player, his family and a greedy agent. It’s a wonder ANY transfers ever take place.
    We supporters have no knowledge of the negotiations going on behind the scenes for probably a host of would-be signings. Yet the blame for any failings will automatically fall on Arsene. A week still to go in the transfer Window and already the vultures are gathering, presumably in the hope that there will be no additions to the squad.
    It is these so-called fans we can well do without.

  • Kevin

    Walter I agree while we made the move and had no funds the achievement of top four was impressive but we sold players and never replaced them even though wenger said he did not want to lose them ie RVP fab etc if he did not have to sell why we’re the monies not utilised add the song money as well. Wenger has done great great things and we owe him an awful lot and he has given me my greatest moments as an Arsenal supporter but it appears power has corrupted him his lack of respect for the fans is obvious. I hope he becomes what he was but he appears a man of the board rather than a man of the club

  • soglorious

    Kelvin, call him anything you wish to: Hitler v.2, dictator, Idi Amin, etc but know this for sure, Arsene Wenger loves Arsenal Football Club far more than you do.

  • Frank

    This is all very well, but where are the trophies? When was the last time this cub went a decade without winning any silverware whatsoever?

  • Frank

    The brainwashed cult of Wenger is alive and well on this site.

  • Stevo


    You are right. Some people, on here, need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    It is obvious the team totally lacks investment. For the club to boast about financial firepower then spend nothing when the transfer window is about to close appears stupid to say the least!

  • colario

    When reading or hearing the words of former great player and now ‘All things Arsenal’ expert, we should note this:

    On learning of the appointment of Arsene to Arsenl, Tony Adams said this:

    “At first, I thought: What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like a schoolteacher. He’s not going to be as good as George [Graham]. Does he even speak English properly?”
    Arsenal captain Tony Adams.[47]

    As if speaking English has ever been a determiner for being a good footballer! The mind boggles at such level of thinking. If English was a determiner on a player’s ability to play football, we wonder what level Tony would have aspired to.

  • Magneto

    Good article Tony.

    It has been clear for many years that – for whatever reason – sections of the Arsenal fanbase provide perfect fodder for Fleet Street and their broadcasting counterparts.

    Perhaps, now that he has retired, Arsenal should consider hiring Sir Alex F as a consultant on how best to deal with the scumbag media.

  • Frank, not sure why you have gone up to a decade, but to answer your question more generally, we went between 1971 and 1979 without a trophy, and before that the much longer spell of 1953 and 1971. Indeed if you read this site regularly you would know we have even covered the longest period each club has gone without a trophy – ours was 1893 to 1930.

  • Adam, the making of points with lots of exclamation marks and without any evidence or analysis to back up your claims rather undermines them.

  • Gooner S

    The press? They’re doing their jobs. Trying to sell newspapers or get you to listen to the advertisements on their radio stations. It’s a backhanded compliment in a way that Arsenal are news worthy. You have to take a lot of what you hear with a pinch of salt, read between the lines and form your own views.

    There are also a lot of people getting a little too worked up about whatever Arsene Wenger says in press conferences these days; on both sides of the camp. He is not going to come out and say what positions he needs to strenghthen or name players he is interested in or comment on the personal performance of his own players. Similarly he will talk the squad up in public because that builds confidence and belief. In private, at times, I’m sure its different; say after Aston Villa have beaten you 1- 3.

    I like the good humour that almost invariably goes into what he says and the twinkle in his eye. I enjoy his spikey press conferences too.

    I do think the club could have done better, so far, in the transfer window but we have a week to go. Lets see what happens.

  • Gooner S


    “Power has corrupted him”, “Lack of respect for the fans is obvious”!!!! I’m sure that you genuinely hold these views but I struggle to see where they come from.

    We are both Arsenal fans. I don’t feel that there is a lack of respect for the fans at all, not from from Wenger. I don’t agree with everything the club or Arsene Wenger says/does but I just don’t get the lack of respect angle.

    And whilst we talk about a lack of respect what about the insults that can be found in the comments sections of blogs and of course the abuse hurled at him last Saturday. It is no wonder that he responded as he did last week. Personally I would have told the abusers to “f**K off”. What evidence is there that “power has corrupted him”? I think a lot of this is nonesense.

    All that that said I can quite easily give my view that the squad is light on numbers and quality in places and that we need to do something about it.And I do think the club has been slow (for whatever reason) to do something about it.

  • Kevin

    So glorious at least I get your name correct! This site has lots of views I do not agree with but I can respect them if they have a constructive point. Your statements are totally unfounded I supported Arsenal long before wenger turned up and do not get paid by the club I just want them to be as good as they can possibly be. Buddy try and remember we are all allowed an opinion and keep the debate constructive.

  • AL

    Brilliant from the manager again, even though most papers will not mention this. It seems to them the only stuff worth reporting on as far as Arsenal is concerned is the bad stuff. And there is very little on City’s loss too to the premiership newcomers despite spending an additional £100 to the £1 billion spent by Mancini.

  • Kevin

    Gooner s – when wenger first arrived he had pressure to succeed hence he bought and utilised the funds available and carried on in this vain. Once he achieved total power he has become very arrogant and his responses to us ie when you have managed etc are aggressive and defensive. I do not agree with insults at him or believe that there is only one side to a story my ultimate wish is for him to utilise what he has build a squad that is competitive with the funds available. Does anyone think this squad can compete for the title wenger says we are light but can compete I do not believe this and find it frustrating that he does not seem to have a plan or know who he really wants if he does why on earth leave it this late.

  • Matt Clarke

    Thanks Tony for another interesting article.

    I do agree with Gooner S, where he reminds what we ought to expect from the press. They are no longer (if they ever were) voices ‘speaking truth to power’ they are commercial enterprises looking to make a buck.

    I do welcome Wenger’s answer-back to them and do wish he would do it more often and with more bite. Let us welcome the press’s snide hatred and turn it against them.

    We do not need them. Stuff ’em all.

  • para

    If you heard what Shearer said about “too many french players at Newcastle” that explains it all.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Why do the journos believe that AW must divulge all pre-transaction events to them? To further allow them to denigrate everything he is trying to do? As to signings, he kind of waited for Juve to make fools of themselves playing Thierry Henry in the Italian Catenaccio boredom, and he signed him for a pittance, knowing what he was buying as he had already coached him at Monaco. His transfer dealings are at the opposite of Man City, who payed premium money early in the window to secure expensive clearly overpriced players, only to lose at Cardiff.
    So Spuds had two choices with the Bale lottery money: Build a proper stadium, or buy players; guess who will be playing in old stadium for the foreseeable future?
    As to us, we can only say “merci” (or is it “mercy?”) to the AAA for being so instrumental in building the new stadium.

  • Gooner S


    I agree about the squad.

    “Once he achieved total power”…..You make him sound like something from Lord of The Rings. Where are you getting this from?

    The power at Arsenal is with Kronke, The Board, The Chief Exec and Wenger in that order. Of course that’s in my view and based upon my own commercial experience. Sure Wenger will be influential and will have ‘power’ from a playing (technical) point of view if that’s what you want to call it. I just don’t get that Wenger is this all powerful dictator in the club and if he was that would be the failing of Kronke, the Board and the Chief Exec.

  • adam

    Why are we so fixated with when Wenger arrived and the ‘Invincibles?’. This is 2013. What are we arguing about? Everyone knows what Wenger did back then, and yes we loved him, he was brilliant. But we are here now! With a team that consistently fails to win anything, with a coach that sells our best players and fails to replace them with quality. Wenger has told us fans numerous times that he does not care for our opinions, because according to him he doesn’t listen to anyone who has not spent a day in football. This is why he mugs us off. Well the fans know about football, we watch it everyday, we spend our wages on it, we talk about it endlessly, we love our team and we do know football…Even as dire as things were before with spells under Graham (and they were real bad at times) we never got shafted 8-2 at Old Trafford this obsession he has with squeezing every penny out of the transfer market by waiting for last minute deals humiliated us that day..thing is, he did not learn from it. That is what is so sad and frustrating. Hopefully this year we will get away with it and he can save face with another trolley dash but really his squad should be in place before the start of the season. I just don’t get Arsenal or Wenger the fans were buzzing after the end to last season, a couple of top signings and the enthusiasm and excitement of the fans would have been incredible and so positive, instead they sapped our spirit again and created a frustrated, angry energy around the club. When will they learn?

  • GoonerInTheUS

    Tony, seriously, how do you sleep at night? The press is only reporting what most Arsenal fans are thinking. Winning two games does not mean that girls process was correct. The fact that he thinks we’re brainwashed is just crazy. Is it not true that he went into the game on Saturday with absolutely no backups as defenders? Or a striker? the squad is criminally then, that is all down to the stubbornness of Mr Wenger. Nobody denies that the top eleven players are better than the top 11 at Fulham at Fener. Wenger’s negligence is that not only does the club not have what it needs to compete with the top teams, meaning their top 11 is better than ours, but even more importantly, with such a thin squad Arsenal cannot compete on multiple fronts. look at house tomorrow we will have to run out so many players playing their fourth game in only 9 days.

    To say that the press is biased or that the supporters are brainwashed is just a smokescreen to distract from the fact that the utter negligence of Arsenal this offseason is indefensible. I was a huge supporter of the manager for a long, long time, but his incompetence has just grown to the point that it is impossible to sit back and continue to defend his actions. Well, it is impossible for me, but apparently not impossible for you.

    seriously, does Arsenal pay you to write this nonsense? Because it seems impossible to any person would actually believe it.

  • colario

    We were shafted at home 6-2 by manure. Our manager George Graham. They scored in the 2nd minute!

  • GoonerInTheUS

    Sorry for the typos. Stupid voice recognition software.

  • GoonerInTheUS

    Adam’s comment is dead on. What do you say to that, Tony?


    Why do people keep mentioning that Arsene has sold many players and not replaced them? I find that confounding as as far as I remember we put out 11 players every time we play. Last year we bought the Pod, Giroud and Cazorla, so we have spent and on quality players as well. Those transfers were done early because we had Champions League already guaranteed. Our first team is strong enough to win any game on their day. Therefore we have a team capable of winning the league/cups. When we lose its more a case of “shit happens” than that the team is shite. I for one am happy with the way the club is run and would have it no other way.


    Our bench was “weak” because of injuries. We have, Vermaelen, Kos, Arteta, Diaby unavailable and they would have made the 18. We have heard a lot about Fellaini and how good he would be for us, but who would you drop from the eleven for him to play? I advocate no signings or 2 at the most, a defender and striker to sit on the bench most games.

  • AL

    Dont think I have heard Jol referred to as the Dutchman too. Yes, references to one’s nationality will always be at some point , but in AW’s case this seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

  • Mick

    @Kevin 11.40am
    ‘So glorious at least I get your name correct!’
    Err, no you don’t.
    Actually it is ‘soglorious’
    Sorry to nit pick.

  • Stuart

    Tell us about the ‘great back 5’ Wenger inherited.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Thy kingdom come …… God’s Problem Now!
    His wife’s graveside service was just barely finished, when there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance.
    The little, old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, “Well, she’s there.”

  • Kevin

    Goober s – wenger interviewed his chief executive wenger at present is Arsenal, kronke is no football expert and relies on wenger and while he delivers top four and profit all is happy in the Arsenal board room – hence power. No pressure and it’s not healthy, leads to arrogance and a loss of perspective. Sadly for fans the target for the club is top four to enter a competition we can not win, it’s made worse because we moved stadium to generate funds to compete, so we generate them and don’t spend them. We enter the last week of the transfer market and have not spent a penny how can anyone defend this? although I don’t aim that at yourself.

  • Mick

    ‘wenger interviewed his chief executive wenger at present is Arsenal, kronke is no football expert and relies on wenger and while he delivers top four and profit all is happy in the Arsenal board room – hence power.’
    Could you decipher this so it makes sense please.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Some fine advice that the younger generation can heed .


    Part of a speech by P.P. Ramachandran
    (Post graduate in Economics from the Bombay University. After serving in the Reserve Bank for forty long years, retired at the age of 60)

    Believe in yourself and your values.

    Don’t sell out when things go wrong.

    Don’t let anything get you down. Always bounce back.

    Set goals for your future and never settle for anything less.

    Realise that there are others in this world with bigger problems than you.

    Appreciate the good things of Life. Sunrise, Sunset, Flowers, Birds

    Be thankful for the good times you have with your loved ones.

    Spend more time with your family and friends.

    Appreciate the simple things of Life and don’t get caught up in the material things of life.

    Be an Optimist and see the Cup as being Half Full.
    Before long your attitude will rub of on others.

    You can make the world a better place to live by simply making yourself a happier person.

  • Stuart

    Can you explain you 2.25pm comment. You go on to claim that Wenger interviewed Gazidis for his job.

    Can you a) prove this and if so, can you put it into context? (ie, are you claiming only Wenger interviewed him?)

    I was under the impression and of the thinking that Kroenke introduced Gazidis as they were connected through Major League Soccer.

  • Ian

    Sorry I didn’t think I was brainwashed, I have seen my team lose the first game of the season to a team that nearly escaped relegation and I feel angry.

  • Georgaki-Pyrovolitis


    I bet that that Kevin consults ANR. Myles Palmer frequently claims that Wenger .’interviewed’ and ‘appointed’ Gazides. I fully expect no reference to a reliable source for that claim.

  • Shard

    I love the way you know all the internal workings at Arsenal, Kevin. How do you know this? There’s no qualifying basis, of this MIGHT be the case, or I think that this is a possibility, or any of that sort. You say it like it is a known fact. Wenger interviewed Gazidis before his appointment. I’ve heard this so many times, but I don’t recall seeing any evidence of this.

    Let’s say Wenger and Gazidis had a meeting before his appointment was announced, or even finalised. Have you heard of a concept called a 360 degree review? I know the Australian civil service implemented it a while ago, where juniors submit reports/performance appraisals on their immediate bosses. I know some universities have done it as well where students give their views on the teachers, including substitutes, before they are appointed full time. So, if Wenger was asked for his appraisal of Gazidis by Kroenke, it doesn’t make Wenger Gazidis’ boss. It simply makes Arsenal a place where everyone’s views are taken on board before a decision is made.

    I seriously don’t get this need to believe that Arsenal, despite all that they so obviously get right, is a completely inefficient, mismanaged organisation, where Wenger is some kind of dictator. If he’s given importance even in the hard nosed corporate structure, it’s because he’s earned it. Not as a sop, and not because everyone else is stupid.

  • Gooner S


    You weren’t exactly clear there but I can guess what you meant. The decision to hire Gazidis would have been Kronke’s and the AFC board. For a senior leadership position it would not be unusual, in a business, for other senior leaders to be asked to participate and interview as well, especially if there needs to be a close working relationship built. This is perfectly normal and it’s quite understandable that Wenger might have been involved. The decision would not have been Wenger`s though.

    Its a bit like these stories of late that try to imply that Wenger is a dithering old fool. Or Wenger doesnt do tactics! Pretty soon they get picked up and repeated as ‘fact’by fans who want to believe this. Wenger deserves more respect than this.

  • HenryB

    I do not understand why some of these baseless comments get made.

    In all large football organisations it is normal for;
    The Finance Director, the Commercial Director, the Football Manager etc, etc, to all report to the (CEO) the Chief executive Officer;
    The CEO reports to the Chairman;
    The Chairman has responsibility for and reports to the Shareholders.

    Arsenal’s line management structure complies with the norm expected.

    Why do people like Kevin get their wires crossed so badly?

  • Adam

    Nice read, but some really stupid comments especially from my names-sake. So according to adam (lower case is somewhat telling), because you view or use something daily that gives you an experts opinion.

    So adam, you use electricity everyday, can I suggest you try and fix a high-voltage line (only joking, just in case you are that way inclined).

    Just because you use something or view it everyday, it does not give you the right to question the experts in that chosen field. Would you tell a gas engineer how to fix your boiler, or a doctor what is wrong with you. You hand out symptoms and have no clue as to the remedy.

    You are interesting though, for all the wrong reasons.

  • Stuart

    Can you back it up or are you full of sh@t??

    I’m along the line of thinking of Gooner S that he did play a part in the selection process but I refuse to believe he is THE selection process.

    It’s (so called) fans like you that this club doesn’t need. Fabricating ammo for the critics and just generally embarrassing the club on the whole.

    I’ve often read / heard the line that in any other business, Wenger would have been sacked for mis-management however, I’d contradict this with the fact that any other business would cut it’s losses with customers who give their business a bad name.

  • Edu

    Wenger should tell us if AFC is a Savings And Credit Co-operative Organisation thats why his saving all of Arsenals money

  • Stuart


    I heard recent speculation that the cash piles at Arsenal are security for Stank Kroenkes other ventures. It’s hardly Wengers place (as an employee) to know and advise us of this – he is the manager of the playing staff.

  • MoW

    Another embarrassing interview from Wenger. He fails to acknowledge the reason why he’s being criticised and instead puts up a feeble smokescreen in an attempt to divert attention away from the real issues, and naturally the apologists on this site lap up his every word. Wenger: when and if you improve the squad and improve our competitivness on the pitch then, and only then, can you bask in self satisfaction and stand up against the critics. If these things don’t happen then the pressure from ordinary fans will just get worse and worse and eventually you’ll be kicked out. My advice: until this happens shut the hell up, knuckle down, stop blaming those regular Gooners who refuse to blow smoke up your backside and sort out the issues.

  • Mick

    It is very kind of you to offer Arsene the benefit of your advice, I am sure he will appreciate it but totally ignore it, as he should.
    Here is some advice for you. FUCK OFF.

  • MoW


  • GoingGoingGooner

    Some points:

    We have never had the depth of squad of ManU; In the invincible season we were fortunate to not have a great deal of injuries. In my mind we have punched over our weight in the past and are being told that that is the standard – to aspire to, yes. But to expect year over year…not so much

    Wenger doesn’t do tactics – This seems to be a case of speculation based on a couple of tangental comments made in the past by Henry?. The issue is whether your team is strong enough to dictate to the other team or vice versa. Typically, we try to impose our football on others. We have done the reverse,(reacted to others) of course – V. Barcelona and on occasion against ManU (FA Cup 2005). Teams like Villa the other day or Stoke et al. pretty much are reactive. It doesn’t take a genius to line up 10 men in 2 lines and drill them on defence and then sprinting up the field to try to nick a goal. Trying to break down the 10 men takes a level of ability, and creativity that most teams don’t have. IMO, that was a weakness of the 2000-2004 team. We were fantastic and thrilling to watch on the break but against European teams who parked the bus we very rarely were able to dominate or penetrate. Hence, our lack of success.

    Verbal abuse:
    AW is a dictator – evidence please

    AW is disrespectful – from what I have seen, he has not done what a number of fans would like (e.g. buy a big name player this year, or win a cup in the last 8 years) but I do not see that as disrespectful. His comment about brainwashing was aimed at the media…I do not know what he meant by that but I would speculate that he means that the media is saying negative things about Arsenal over and over again (hence brainwashing). Compared to the rampages that SAF used to go on, which included banning the BBC, AW has been a model of decorum. Yet the press fawn all over the Scotsman. (nationality included purposefully)

    Calling AW names – is disrespectful and at this level, the person doing it should be warned and then banned on the second offence. Note: Saying that he is incompetent is not calling him names but some of the vitriol directed his way and the names he has been called reminds me of our WHL visits.

    Questioning someone’s loyalty to the club: Not useful dialogue. I don’t mind someone saying that AW should be sacked – I don’t agree but… whatever. He is a servant – a paid employee of the club and as a stakeholder, we fans have the right to ask for his dismissal. Saying that he is shit…that is abusive. That is the type of stuff that Ramsay has had to put up with – not on. Calling someone deadwood…not on. A player may not be as skillful as we would want but they do what they can. Now, if they weren’t trying, that would be another thing.

    Just saying.

  • andy bishop

    Classy site all round!!!. Some fans have an unrealistic expectation as Wenger was so successful at first. Football has changed with massive amounts of money being chucked around. Wenger’s way is to develop..this squad is in its second year and things are looking better with Ramsey and Giroud seemingly stepping up. Cazorla is a joy and any team would want him. Even Walcott continues to improve as does Gibbs so things are not all that bad.

  • Mick (@1.47pm),

    This is one of the most common phenomena on the Internet: everytime someone nitpicks or arrogantly corrects another person’s grammar or spelling, the accuser will usually commit a similar offence in the same post. It happens so often that I think it must be Internet gods at work 🙂

    Soglorious mistake was indeed a mistake and not an intention to mock or be rude. Writing Kevin as Kelvin is an innocent mistake. But scroll down to 2.25pm and see Kevin, the cry baby, refer to Gooner S as goober s. That was with clear intent to insult.

    It’s what I’ve always said about the AAA. They can throw abuse and insults around but they start whining when called out or paid back in kind.

  • Matt

    You got to love the keyboard warriors on this site stick to there point like they did there mummy’s apron strings.Called out? don’t make laugh!!

    They are still in the infatuation stage with the club fans for about 10 years probably and still not quite capable of listening to another point of view in case it deminishes there love for the club.

    Do you agree with everything your wife or kids do? No. Does this mean you love the less or don’t care about them.

  • fabregas

    i am always amused when people list Diaby as part of arsenal players. Till when will you stop counting on Diaby. Last season Diaby wil be like new signing and he proved us wrong. Am not wishing him any ill but stop counting on him. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

  • Shard


    Great comment

  • Shard


    So it’s beyond the pale to suggest that Wenger gets exaggerated criticism due to the media’s coverage? Presumably you find this demeaning. Yet, you have no qualms saying that anybody who agrees with Wenger (ie disagrees with you) is only an ‘apologist’ or who ‘blows smoke up his backside’. And then you have a problem being asked to fuck off?

    Do people like you and Matt crave attention so much that you court abuse? Why else would you come onto a site which openly proclaims its line of thought and then instead of debating, use insulting language to start off with? I mean, you’ve seemed reasonable in the past. Do you have split personality?

  • Sam

    We lose at home 3-1 and the moaners moan. We win 3-1 away and the moaners moan. They are asking for trophies, but we could win the league and some of you will still be saying ‘Wenger should have signed player X or player Y’. If you are unhappy with a team and its manager after a performance like that on Saturday then why be a fan?

  • adam

    @ Adam

    You’re quite the little prick aren’t you? We have the same name, it is no big deal, no need to get all queeny and bitchy on me.

    I certainly feel that we as supporters have a right to our opinions on football and have a right to have our feelings respected by our club. don’t you?
    Are you really such a passive little wimp that you feel that you don’t deserve to be heard by your club because you are not an expert?

  • sperez

    He fights back with the same old tired lies he constantly spouts. He has no respect for the fans. He is egotistical selfish and manipulative. Only cares for himself and the money in his pockets.
    If he has to sacrifice the team just to prove his pathetic point he will (as this has been the case for over the years).
    I really can’t see how he can command any respect. A laughing stock through and through.
    The Villa result is just one more to add in this season. People have already forgotten about Bradford and Blackburn or what has happened over the years.
    He really should quit and ask the toupee wearing guy for a job as an accountant at Walmart. A job way more suited for Wenger’s abilities. A washed-up manager hanging on to past glories. Pathetic!

  • Adam

    As stated, you are interesting, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Why are you so important that your opinion has to be heard?

    In national terms, you only get one vote. That’s youe time to be heard. But as a follower of Arsenal you expect to be heard at every occasion.

    As I said, you are interesting.

    And, if you keep on using insulting language, I will insist we meet.

  • adam


    People like you just don’t get it do you? You don’t sound remotely tough issuing threats across the internet, just juvenile and pathetic. Is that insulting? Then insist away…perhaps you can become more aggressive still, even post a fake address of where you will be at 22:00pm tonight..cos you are so hard innit?

    My point was a simple one, how you failed to grasp it reflects more upon you than me. We as fans have a right to be heard by our club, not as each individual (that would be a lengthy affair)but in our thousands. Time and again we are not shown due respect, listing each occasion would take too long but it is pretty obvious that Arsenal rides roughshod over its fans time and time again.

    And don’t try and make out like I am the bad guy here and disrespectful, you showed your lack of class by your attack on me in your first post. Now deal with it sweetheart.

  • Adam

    Is it insulting to call someone a prick, or quenie & bitchy.
    You can either take it or you can’t.

  • Adam

    So you speak for thousands, and there was me telling you about the system of voting within the UK, silly me.

  • Adam

    See you stopped using the insulting language sweetheart.

  • Stuart

    Rather funny how (some) fans believe being a fan gives them more right to say how the club should be run than those who own it or work for it. Bit like going to an Italian restaurant and demanding they include curry on their menu.

  • Matt

    “I will insist we meet” What the fuck! Careful Adam he will probably bring his girlfriends from this blog and they will beat you to death with there handbags.

  • The font

    Wenger needs the sack . He has blatantly turned Ramsey into a top quality player theo jack kos carzorla giroud Gibbs ox chesney gnarby Akpom zelelam and several others are starting to look phenomenal . I think he did this with the full intention of upsetting the AAA. He should be immiadiatly
    Dismissed packed off to a small club. Like. Madrid barca or bayern where they will force him to take 10 million in wages . And arsenal can then be managed by le grove. And we will. Get that wembley
    Appearance they have vigorously moaned for and if we win the playoff we could be back in the premiership .

  • adam

    “I see you stopped using the insulting language”

    No cunt I didn’t.

  • sperez

    Ramsey top quality? He has improved but top quality? C’mon…If he becomes top quality Wenger won’t hesitate to sell him for a nice profit.

    And Wilshere, a fans favourite, who did nothing of note. Can’t score, can’t assist, can’t create, just runs and even those runs are not as good as before and his attitude on the pitch stinks. Will he keep regressing under Wenger or will he play under a manager who can really make him into top quality? And I mean quality not kwalideee.
    All I have been hearing is the hype from some Arsenal fans. Where are all those incredible youngsters at Arsenal? As I said Wenger’s record in developing player is pathetic. He just loans them and expects them to make it.

  • Adam

    you showed your lack of class by your attack on me in your first post.

    Some can take it, others like you cannot.

    So you want to meet? or are you going to circumvent that by whinging some more and using insults?

  • Adam

    People like you, don’t like being called out, they hide behind anonymity. You come onto a pro Arsenal site, spouting your nonsense. You insult the custodians of Arsenal, who are people who deserve respect. And, when someone like me is disrespectful towards you, you throw your dummy out ya pram.

    If you don’t like me challenging you in this way, don’t turn in here with your nonsense.

    Step up of fuck off.

  • adam

    At present I am in Thailand and have no plans to return yet just to meet you. besides we all know on this site that you won’t turn up anyway. You dont impress anyone.

    and what are you nattering on about anyway claiming that I am the one not able to take the insults? The reverse is opposite, read our exchanges again.

    To avoid you getting confused you post with ‘Adam’ (Capital A)
    I post with ‘adam’

  • adam

    ask Mr Atwood or someone from admin to check my ip address I am in bangkok Thailand..

    I don’t have any problem otherwise meeting and beating the crap out of you. I train Muay Thai for 5 years. You are probably just a spotty little teen.

    Now stop threatening to call people out over the internet, because maybe one day you will have nowhere to hide.

  • Adam

    Yes people on here are very much aware of who I am. Enjoy the lady boys fella.

  • Adam

    Just talking about the differences between muay thai and kickboxing with a few pals, Me personally, my chosen two are wing chun & Ju jitsu, never chose a third as advised.

    Interesting you have become, for one reason alone now. The rest is still boring.

    Works two ways fella, you never know who your talking to.

  • adam

    well I’m not going to get all pally with you but maybe you aren’t quite such a tit if you have trained Ju its 3.45am here now..Chelsea and Man unt are crapping out a 0-0 and I’m going bed.

  • Adam

    Sleep well sweetheart.

  • Pete

    Sperez, whatever Wenger can be criticised for, failure to develop players is about the last reason. He also gets players to fulfil their potential better than practically anyone. Evidence: the number of players who have left for the “big time” – but then became a shadow of their former selves.

    The most significant happening, if that is the right word, of this summer was not losing any core players – for the first time in a very long time. A direct result of the prudent financial policy operated. If we can bring in some more all well and good – but am very confident that the existing squad will do better than last time as most of the players will improve. Both collectively and individually. Our rivals may have spent a lot of money – but the arrivals will need time to assimilate and are they really significantly better, or indeed better at all, than our existing players in the equivalent positions?

    I am very happy with the direction of the club over the past few years and am confident that the future is bright. The main areas requiring some improvement are: injury prevention/treatment (last season was a positive step – but the start of this not so good) and a more supportive home support.

  • Kevin

    Gooners just for the record it was simply a typing error. As for this site it’s like a kids bullying site just tell anyone that does not agree to stop supporting how pathetic. Wenger has been great for us but right now questions should be asked, are you all so arrogant to think nearly all pundits the majority of fans x players and even fans of other clubs are all wrong and you are all right?

  • Pete

    Plenty of fans of other clubs find it difficult to comprehend the attitude of a vocal segment of our “support” slagging off the club at every opportunity.

  • Stuart

    Can you clarify what you meant by Wenger interviewing Gazidis. Was he part of the selection process or was he the entire selection process?

  • Stroller

    If we win then it’s down to the players, if we lose it’s down to Wenger – that’s the agenda now. Losing will always be down to his bad coaching, bad tactics, bad substitutions, bad signings, lack of signings, etc.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    @Adam and @adam

    Not going to take sides on this one.

    Could I, as a third party, be so bold as to ask you to dial back the rheotoric? I enjoy this website and do not wish to have it bathed further in vitriol and even worse real bloodshed. I have read somewhere that an argument on the internet is over once some invokes Hitler (Godwin’s Law).

    I will surmise that we have reached our ‘Hitler’ point on this discussion.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Just me thinking aloud .

    This is perhaps the most profound philosophy I have heard in recent times:

    “Life is like a penis – simple, relaxed and hanging free…

    It’s women who make it hard.”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Did someone mention bullshit ?

    A guy is driving around the back streets of Melbourne and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: ‘Talking Dog For Sale . ‘ He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard.

    The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting there.

    ‘You talk?’ he asks.

    ‘Yep,’ the Lab replies.

    After the guy recovers from the shock of hearing a dog talk, he says ‘So, what’s your story?’

    The Lab looks up and says, ‘Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so… I joined the CIA.

    In no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.’

    ‘I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running…

    But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in.
    I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals.’

    ‘I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I’m just retired, in Australia ‘.

    The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

    ‘Ten dollars,’ the guy says.

    ‘Ten dollars? This dog is amazing! Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?’

    ‘Because he’s a Bullshitter. He’s never been out of the yard, the lying little shit’

  • sukebe

    Ah well, haters gonna hate… 🙂

  • Pat

    Have to admit I quite enjoyed adam and Adam slugging it out. Especially how they kind of made friends in the end.

    Just to report that the Telegraph also had a long report of what Arsene Wenger said. Without much negative comment for once.

  • Matt

    Especially the bit where they said “I do origami” yes but “I do better origami. Pretty scary stuff.

  • fabregas

    Saying that the media has brainwashed arsenal fans is not the nicest thing to say. Some of these fans are doctors, engineers, and highly skilled personnel and not just any how individuals who cannot differentiate their left from their right

  • Stuart

    Brainwashing can happen regardless of occupation, that includes doctors, engineers, and highly skilled personnel. College degrees don’t teach you common sense.