How’s it going Mr Flamini? Mr Hleb?

Early season league tables can be misleading – but they can also be fun.   You know the joke – “Let’s read the league table – first Tottenham Hotspur… oh sorry I’m holding it upside down.”

But even allowing for early season what-nots there must surely be a twinge of concern in the faces of Mr Flamini and Mr Hleb.

Flamini today finds himself playing for a club that is one from bottom of the Italian League.  Without the chance of being in the Champions League this season, and with two defeats out of two in the league, plus an incredibly embarrassing defeat by  2-0 defeat to second-division Swiss side Lugano in a friendly on Wednesday, it is not looking so wonderful working in Milan.

There are already rumblings about the manager… who knows where it will end?

Among the other old-boys life isn’t looking too smart for that awfully nice Mr Hleb who plays alongside Thierry.

Having lost the season opener 1-0 at Numancia they then drew with Racing.   And, oh no, would you believe it, ex-Arsenal dribbler and Belarus midfielder Aleksandr Hleb went down with damaged ankle ligaments just before half time.  He’ll be out for quite a while apparently.

Barca have played two, won zero, drawn one, lost one.

So there we have it.  A warning, if one were needed, to all the others.  Better stay where you have a chance of winning things.

7 Replies to “How’s it going Mr Flamini? Mr Hleb?”

  1. Way to support the team Orangooner – we have played 6 competitive games and won 5 of them without conceding and we are 1 point behind the early pace setters. You must have some ridiculously sky-high expectations.

    The Arsenal curse does seem to be in full effect at the moment FunGunner

  2. this how it is gona work flamini flops at milan, end of season, flamini says i want to return home to arsenal, my home.

    wenger re-signs him and says the following:-

    i knew he would want to come back to arsenal so that is why i did not sign a replacement.

    thank you


  3. It seems the only players whose careers weren’t totally destroyed by leaving Arsenal seem to be the ones who left without much if any controversy, i.e. Campbell, Van Bronckhorst, etc. And all the best to these ones.

    To the rest; this is what you get for desertion! lol

    This is also a warning to players who may think they’re better off elsewhere. No one else will give you the time of day like Wenger, should you decide to leave.

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