Arsenal draw as capitalism comes to an end

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or just giggle a bit and wander off into the night.

The approach of the opposition in the Ukraine last night was aggressive in all its senses, and clearly Wenger was right to complain and be angry at the end.

But the key point surely is that two years ago we would have lost that game, and complained.  This time we got a draw, because we can stand up to it.  That is progress and a half, and all the rubbish spouted on TV about the opposition not having won a game for 2000 years ignored the fact that they had had 23 managers in 6.5 weeks, until they finally found one guy who has utterly turned them around.   You can pick and choose your silly stats, Sky TV, but it doesn’t change reality.

Meanwhile as Halifax Bank of Scotland have gone the way of AIG and Lehman Bros, this really does look the end of capitalism as we know it – the bigggest crisis since, oh, I don’t know, dot com at the turn of the century.

Problem is the only alternatives we have are either laughter or a retreat into the sort of state that Saudi Arabia is where women have no rights and they cut off your arm for adultery.

I think I’ll take humour: and so it is with great joy that I repeat the words of the Daily Express.   Bleary O’Leary, the man who played more for Arsenal than the rest of the universe put together, and who then fulfilled his sacred mission by utterly wrecking Leeds Utd and paving the way for them to enter the Beazer Homes Northern League (Division 3)  is tipped to be the next manager of Newcastle Zebras.

Oh joy.

So there is a God after all.