Tottenham hackers hijack Goonernews

Some hilarity on the excellent Goonernews site today (21 September) when at 1205 the official blurb on the right side of the home page read

Welcome to providing the latest Tottenham Hotspur News 24 hours a day from hundreds of football news sources. Every Tottenham Hotspur FC news story, all on one page. We link to the latest Tottenham Hotspur transfer news, player news and other Spurs news stories, from a range of well known sites.

Yes, well, up to a point.  It probably helps detract from the league table and the fact that Ramos is reported in that normally accurate (note – sarcasm) publication The People, that he wants to go home to Spain because he doesn’t like it in Tottenham.

None of us like it much in Tottenham matey – but nice bit of hacking.

2 Replies to “Tottenham hackers hijack Goonernews”

  1. haha
    spurs fans are such twats
    look all the way up the league from the bottom….u might see us somewhere like 19 places above u 🙂

  2. Hahaha, how I love the Spds story so far. Its absolutely fine with me.
    Watching them has as much entertainmet as watching paint dry for their members. No wonder they are booed. Ramos is wondering what he has got himself into. samo samo like all other managers who tried. Look at Martin Jol, he is going places with Hamburg.

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