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  1. Matt Clarke

    Agreed…they both have a certain match-day intensity. they are focussed and determined. It is great to see.

    A headache that AW will not mind having 🙂

  2. Andrew Crawshaw


    No arguments from me with any of that. We are very blessed in that position. I would just like our contracts department to sort out a new one for Sagna.

  3. Nii

    My problem is sagna they should try as much as they can and sort out his contracts for once

  4. AL

    Agree with your sentiments Walter. It’s hard not to feel for Monreal, esp with the performances he’s put in whenever required. He’s a very good defender; his goal line clearance is testimony to that. I particularly liked the way he waited for the ball to come down to a nice level before hooking it away. Another defender would’ve bundled that ball over the line,

  5. AL

    Accidentally hit post before I finished typing. He was coolness personified. And a goal line clearance is worth as much as a goal scored at the other end.

  6. Brickfields Gunners

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the way AW plays Monreal later in games – slotting in to the LB berth or further forward in tandem with Gibbs .
    A few times we have seen Jenkinson do the same on the right. The 4 fullbacks seem very comfortable and this change in no way hindered our attack in the earlier games when our midfield injury list was long .

  7. Thai gunner

    Wow! great! But be careful of your faulty words would be nice.

  8. bjtgooner

    Arsenal has a history of quality left backs – and these two guys are certainly maintaining that history and quality.

  9. Oliver

    Yep, really like Nacho, I want to get a chant going for him “Nacho Nacho man”…
    anyhow, yeh I think Wenger can afford to rotate them a bit. Monreal does get quite a lot of sub appearances but he deserves a few more starts.

  10. nicky

    Remember also that Gibbs is a potential successor to Cole as the national side’s left back and occasional rests will be of increasing importance in order to obtain 100% performance for both Club and country.

  11. americangooner

    Gibbs has been immense but quiet. much like arteta last year. He has been quiet due to the fact that he has less penchant to go forward. Unlike sagna, he sits more towards our half. One of the reasons why in most matches we tend to attack from the right is due to Sagna. Arteta in the Soton match made more passes to Sagna than Gibbs. Gibbs has already talked about adding attacking credentials to his plays. That way we will have real attacking threat from both sides of the flanks.

  12. TJ

    Great to have fullbacks of the quality we have. It will be interesting to see how Bellerin does at Watford

  13. Gord


    The Mirror is reporting that Pat Rice has been admitted to hospital with cancer.


    Hoping for the best, Pat Rice.

  14. elkieno

    Gord: I wonder if this is why he retired and Bouldy took over?
    Anyway, my prayers and well wishes are being sent over to him as soon as I hit ‘POST’. A loyal servant of the club and will be remembered as a legend in my mind.
    COYG and Pat!

  15. Nelson Wong

    Its for certain the best left back pairing. No Question. It is also the postion that is the saftest of the whole team. Not only both players are good, they always play in the same position so things are more simple. There are plenty of player in the midfield but they keep shifting positions. We do not know what is the best combo with who in what position yet.

    Who is better between the LB? I would prefer to give Monreal a go since I usually prefer more “conservative” type of player (or matured) performance who does not lose the ball and don’t get caught out in wrong positions.

    To really see who’s better, we needa give Monreal a few starts but then I don’t think Wenger will.

    The back 5 are performing very well but if you really want to pick on someone, the left is the weaker side.

    It was the better side last year but Sagna has return to his best and opposition rarely threaten there. On the other hand, Jenkison is not up to first team level yet so if you consider first team and reserve, we have to put left side as the better one in the long run.

    As for Vermaelen, it is clear that he is not up there. He isn’t performing badly but he is just not forming up with the team. It doesn’t help his case that he played in place of per in the two most recent losses and the team lose more often when he is on. No.3 CB is just the right position for him.

    Arsene clearly show that he knows the situation because when he needs to add protection during a game, he ops for Monreal first although Vermaelen can play both CB and LB, and look more agressive.

    So I am not too happy for Monreal being stuck as no.2 LB I am perfectly OK with Vermaelen’s current position.

    Its very healthy to have this pool for the team anyway. They will need to rotate the team so Monreal will come in more often. Not sure for Vermaelen.

  16. Gord

    @ elkieno

    The Mirror article mentions contact with Arsenal. I immediately looked, and seen nothing at Arsenal.com. And looking just now, there is still no indication on the main page.

    It is certainly possible that Pat Rice retired because he was told he had cancer. That Bould stepped into his place is no slight on Bould, he seems a very competent person (on the field and at Arsenal now).

    I hope that Tony, Walter or someone starts a thread in the morning. Pat needs the good wishes of all Gunners and Gooners. Well, except the AAA, they should go support Tottenham.

  17. Damilare

    Get well soon Pat Rice.

  18. elkieno

    Gord: Finally my boss left I can post again hehe…
    Anyway, I will never forget the West Brom game at end of the where AW hugged Pat Rice like a kid hugs his toy, loved it…

    Yes Untold, please do something on Pat I would love to read his story, even if he doesn’t have Cancer. To me he was always the reliable friendly face next to Wenger always.
    God Speed Pat!

  19. bjtgooner

    I can remember Pat from his early days as a young player – and what a very fine and courageous player he was.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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