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July 2021

Hull City at Home, Rejoice, Rejoice – Curtis Davies is Banned!!

D-Sanchez- Cabello

There wasn’t a lot to take from the Cardiff game, aside from it being a routine win. Impressive in that we did what City and United couldn’t do. Hull at home is next and I appreciate it doesn’t make for the best reading.

News is slow so bear with me.

A reader (sorry I forget who) was kind enough to link an article, explaining how our current back five has never lost a League game. Madness I thought, till I thought about it more: Gibbs came off early in the Villa game, Per was ill for Old Trafford and wasn’t even a starter till post-Bayern, so it could be true…

We’ve also conceded 10 goals in 13 games.

As records go, it’s up there with our away form and offers a more reliable explanation for recent success than the usual fiction.

A lot was made of Rooney not being sent off, but little on what a 3-match ban might have done to United! Against Spurs he scored twice. His next two games are against Everton and Newcastle (the latter he seems to have a strange hoodoo on).

I watched bits of the Hull game. Suarez didn’t play well, so Liverpool didn’t play well, and two of the Hull games were flukes – or as close to flukes that you will ever see…

You’ll be relieved to hear that Curtis Davies is banned for tonight’s match.

Elsewhere, Guillem Balague is saying that we want to sign Morata on loan and that he wants to come. Not Balague, Morata. That would be strange, signing Guillem Balague…

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It was widely thought that Morata and Jese had the fall before January catapulted another striker into their paths. Though local favourites, they aren’t the strikers Perez craves. Benzema is playing well and the Madrid dailies are christening Gareth Bale a ‘false nine.’

Neither has played extensively, so one (at least) might need to leave Madrid to reach their potential.

I must say: how nice it is, not having to hate Bale these days – he always seemed like a nice guy and I can now appreciate his game with a free mind. You know the sort of mind that isn’t conditioned by a profound dislike of Spurs.

Hard to guess the team, but with our December schedule, I expect this game allows for rotation. Sagna is injured, so I make it as follows:




     Jenko                    Per               Vermaelen          Monreal


                                     Flamini          Wilshere


                Rosicky              Ramsey              Walcott




If you want more we now have the Wild Men Of Hull review on the History Blog.   Remember all that stuff about Cesc coming onto the field of play improperly dressed?  Yep – we’ve covered it all.  Give yourself a chuckle.

30 comments to Hull City at Home, Rejoice, Rejoice – Curtis Davies is Banned!!

  • Chippy Brady

    Cannot agree with that team amigo. l’d start one of Santi and Ozil- my choice would be Santi as he has played less football and Ozil could do with a rest ahead of what we have coming up I think. I would also be interested to see if Santi would take up the mantle again if Ozil did not play.I also think one of Jack or AR should be rested, and Giroud. Realistically Giroud will not be able to get a rest for the next fortnight. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Theo being played through the middle instead.

  • Oliver

    I’d be surprised if Vermaelen and Monreal both came in, but it might happen. I think Mertesacker more likely to be rested than Koascielny as Vermaelen has tended not to play too well with Mertesacker.
    Front six sounds right.

  • jambug

    Just a quick look at the team suggested in the article and a read of the variations suggested and it really does start to register as to the realy top options we do now have available to us. I personally would’nt worry as to what of the suggested options we field.

    This squad really is starting to look top quality.

  • ogban

    Carzola for Ramsey. Give the guy a break. If that team cannot beat Hull at home, they should turn in their transfer requests and we’d oblige them!

  • jambug


    You might, where as I would just look at it as a very dissapointing defeat and move on.

    Keep over reating like that and you’ll be on MOTD before you can say ‘Hansons an ignorant twat’ !!

  • Al

    jambug, some response lol.

  • nicky

    What is the point of we ignorant* supporters advising Arsene who to rest at any stage. Only the players themselves, coaches, physios and medics will be aware when a rest is necessary.

    *in a nice way.

  • para

    Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil, Bendtner

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud

    This seems to be the team according to If we cannot beat Hull with this team(without any ref bad decisions costing us the game), then we need to re-assess really.
    Still, maybe Bendtner will get on the score sheet tonight, give him some confidence, oh, he already has a lot of that.
    Anyway, will be sitting here watching, this time with a little apprehension tonight, until the final whistle, it’s been a little too easy up to now, so i probably need that adrenalin now.

  • jambug


    Sorry but what is it with this “If we cannot beat Hull with this team…. ” blah blah blah.

    Given the defeats so far this season to City, Chelsea, Utd, Spurs, Liverpool et el should’nt they ‘re-assess really’ !!

    What is it with some Gooners. Alright we all hope and expect us to not lose tonight but why do some of you seem to think it’s the onset of Armagedon if we do !!!!

    Get some perspective Para !

  • jambug

    1-0…I always said he was World class. Get in there Nic.

  • para

    @ jambug
    Not meant that seriously, just mean should be no problem at all.
    And Bendtner scored. Hurray.

  • bjtgooner

    Another fine win, some great football, two good goals and three valuable points. Well done the team and also the manager for picking a team to win despite some rotation.

  • para

    @ jambug
    I see my relationship with Arsenal(albeit one sided)is like that with my friends, i can comment on them and even piss take without ruining a friendship.

  • Va Cong

    Rrh poor united lost there fear fact ahem… I mean ref factor lol

  • Al

    Brilliant result! Didn’t watch but sounds like the team played very well with over 70% possession. If only Sunderland had had more belief, ah well 🙂

  • TommieGun

    So anybody reckon old trkuffles hosting some europa league matches next season?


  • Yassin

    If somebody was saying luck doesnt exist in football, he should watch Chelsea, I cant believe what does Morinheo do to have this luck….
    Boring Chelsea, thanks am a gooner to watch this brilliant team, and a big thank you to Mr.Wenger for not falling into the stupid media pressure and keeping believe in Ramsey, this year up until now, he is the best player in the World. What a game, what a two goals, and what a bench, oh come on podolski come back, and how I am now missing Diaby.

    Is Arteta underrated? Maybe the most in the world, how could the Spanish coach not take him ( thanks God )

  • WalterBroeckx

    At times we look like a machine. Hell yeah, the Arsenal machine. This is how articles and titles are born 😉 Read all about it in a short while 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    Suuuuuppeerrrr Suuuuuuppeeerrr Nick, suuuuuuuper Nicklas Bendtner. I still hear the chants of the Danish Gooners in Liège when we played there in the CL a few seasons ago. It was he who put us back in the match when we were 2-0 down after a disastrous start.

    Today he did what he needed to do and the fact that he did it in the first minutes makes it even sweeter. I can imagine that he will feel fine this evening. No don’t go out and do anything stupid tonight will you 😉

    The great thing is we could give Giroud a rest and Theo got some more minutes. Now let us get Podolski back in the mix… OMG….what another thing to look forward too

  • Mandy Dodd

    Well done Nick, and a nice, some would even say routine win. Some hard games to come but we look in great shape. And poor Utd….where is Riley when needed. Wenger hinted RVP joined Utd partly to work with the Dutch coach there whose name I will not try and spell. If widely circulated rumours are true that he is sulking at Utd, maybe he should go to Fulham?

  • Va Cong

    They were lucky they beat us united but great win today cruise control!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Whisper it quietly and don’t speak too soon…..but we have let in less goals than anyone else in the EPL…..let’s just let them carry on believing Wenger teams cannot defend!

  • Chippy Brady

    I just got home at 23.00, and have turned on a recording of snatch of the day (who tonight happens to be Shearer). We have not been on yet, and my prediction is we will be on last, based on Arsenes comments this week about snatch of the day pundits giving opinions without any foundation- they are saving us for last when Shearer will go into ‘great’ analysis on why we cannot win the PL. A mate of mine also told me earlier that Rooney got merely booked for a disgusting elbow on jagielka in the manure game. I have watched the manure game and no mention if it. They should just recall this programme MUFC/ LFC TV. if we win the title this year it will make it all the sweeter looking at these worms squirming

  • Va Cong

    Chippy we are last, I’m waiting too. Was reading commentary earlier. Rooney thing is getting out of hand with the refs does he have to drop kick someone in the head to be sent off? Shearer is such an annoying pundit…

  • Va Cong

    Robbie fowler says we can Lol

  • Chippy Brady

    well i have just been proved wrong..yet again.Spud lineker managed to get his dig at Arsene in, Shearer still could not give any justification. Fairplay to Robbie Fowler though

  • Brickfields Gunners

    In praise of St. Nick ?

    The 4 stages of life:
    1. You believe in Santa Claus
    2. You don’t believe in Santa Claus
    3. You dress up as Santa Claus
    4. You look like Santa Claus

  • jambug


    My apologies sir. My inherent tetchyness saw that go straight over my head.