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September 2021
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September 2021

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Thanking the fans – the Germans will sort it out.

By Walter Broeckx
At the end of the match it seemed that Mertesacker had an argument with Özil.  Apparently Özil didn’t went over to the fans to thank them for their support and this angered Mertesacker big time. No I really wouldn’t want to face an angry Mertesacker. I’m not really that much of a fighter and think that I would run as fast as I could if Mertesacker came towards me in an angry way. Call me coward… I don’t really believe in violence might be a better explanation.
Now the same evening Mesut Özil wrote this on his facebook:
Sorry I didn’t thank the fans at the end of the game! You have been brilliant to me and I know you had travelled a long way and spent your money to support us. I was upset with the result and know I should have come to you to say ‘thank you’ and I know it is a big Arsenal tradition win, lose or draw.
Now first of all I think that players should always acknowledge the fans be it at home or away who stayed to the end and who supported the team till the end.  So I think that Özil not doing this was wrong from him.
But I rather think that he really was so upset (as he said he was) about the result that he wanted to get in as soon as possible. And well I can understand his feelings (as I was also very upset with the final score).  But it also shows something that I like. It shows that he cares about our results. He is not really a very extrovert person. I don’t think you will see him dancing on the tables at the end of year parties. I think he is more of the silent enjoying persons type.
But he also is maybe one that when things go bad who wants to go away from the scene and swallow his disappointment in private.  And maybe his feelings were hurt so bad that he didn’t want to see anyone at the final whistle and just wanted to get in.
Now what this tells me is that Özil cares. And that is important. If he didn’t care he would walk around as if nothing happened. But this defeat clearly has hurt him. Yes he didn’t have the best match (but he could have had 3 or 4 assists to his name if the other players would have taken the chances a bit better) and was involved in the build up for their 3rd goal with the ball he played square that was intercepted.
I love the fact that it hurt Özil, as it has hurt all of us. We hope this never happens again and I think he will do all he can to never experience it again.
What it also shows is that Mertesacker is more and more imposing himself as the leader of the team.
And yes Mertesacker also didn’t have his best match and could have done better with certainly the 4th goal when he wasn’t marking Silva close enough. But for the rest I think he was not doing that bad, but maybe he was feeling the toll of playing too many games in a short period more than the others as he has been playing a lot.
From being the person who collects the fines he now also is wearing the captains armband on many occasions and like he said he really feels himself to not only being a Gunner but also a Gooner. He supported Arsenal when he was a kid and even had our shirt so great to have him in the team.
He will feel our pain. But he also wants the players to respect the fans. And he is not afraid to tell other players to respect them. Even if that player is the ‘superstar’ in the team.
When Wenger asked about this incident in the press conference he said: “The Germans will sort that out between themselves don’t worry.”
So Özil writing his above mentioned statement the same evening shows that Per Mertesacker is really leading the team and has a big influence on the players.
Players can be disappointed and react wrong, but when others like Mertesacker show them that they are wrong and they apologise it shows that they players have understood being wrong. For me this reaction from both Germans is a good sign.
Özil could have left it like that but he openly confessed of being wrong and I think that this is showing respect to the fans. Even more than just walk 15 meters and clap in your hands a few times. This is the reaction of a hurt footballer who made a wrong reaction at the time, acknowledged it when he was pointed at it by his team mate and then openly apologised for his lack of respect.
The Germans have sorted it out and have dealt with it. Let us get behind them and close the ranks. Certainly now. They need us now more than ever.
And just after writing this article I saw this message from Per himself on his facebook account:
Not really happy tonight.
Now we have 9 days left to relax and to prepare ourselves for the big match against CFC. We have to win!
Good night, BFG
I think this shows what I said before. He cares, our BFG.

28 comments to Thanking the fans – the Germans will sort it out.

  • jambug

    I think we will be fine with this lot.

    Although they must of known they hadn’t defended well and where clearly shooting themselves in the foot time and again they never gave up.Tired maybe, but never gave up.

    You just get the feeling the BFG, as well as the likes of Flamini, Arteta, etc. wont carry this result into the next game. They just don’t seem to me to be like a bunch of guys that are going to sit around feeling sorry for themselves.

    Lets hope the BFG emerges as real leader because in what is going to be a long, and at times difficult season, that could prove invaluable.

  • When TV5 came on, did he get the captains armband back of Per?
    because Per looks and acts more like a Captain than anyone else has for a few years.
    And yes, the last 2 who left should never have got the armband either.

  • Frank

    This isn’t about Ozil and his hurt feelings. Dear diddums! That’s the problem with a few of the players being mollycoddled by Wenger. They skulk off thinking of themselves and not the rest of the team and the fans. It takes Mertesacker rather than Wenger to give Ozil a bollocking. Says it all.

  • jambug

    Being a good captain is an art. To me it’s not just one thing. It’s not neccessarily about being the best player. The loudest player. The hardest player. The fittest, hardest worker.

    It’s often and indefinable trait. It’s probably someone with a bit of all the above and then something else. And I think it’s that something else that really matters.

    When I played for a good Captain I just didn’t want to let him down. I felt obliged to give him 100% for each and every minute in each and every game.

    It wasn’t fear. It certainly wasn’t love. So what was it?

    I honestly cant put my finger on it, maybe respect I don’t know, all I knew was that for some guys I would run through walls. For others I wouldn’t.

    Let’s hope the BFG becomes one of those guys. It seems he just might.

  • jambug


    So you’re privey to what Wenger says in the changeing room then.

    Well done, thats one up on me.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    There was an interesting article recently about Per, and he talked about how much he loves “being Arsenal”. Its great to see his commitment to the club and the fact he wants to get on the score sheet.
    It can only do could things when players are committed to the team spirit.Per was obviously naffed off as well about the result as much as the Ozzler was and the rest of the AFC family.
    I hope Özil enjoys being with us as much as we enjoy seeing his magic and that he stays as the club for sometime.
    There really is a great team spirit at the moment, yet somehow the whole team were under par yesterday, to me at least-they looked tired and not as creatively intelligent as normal.I personally still think to play on Sat.lunch only helped City. And they knew it.
    I think that Poldi also brings a good atmosphere off the pitch as well, I look forward to him coming back. Lets hope he can find his fire as quickly as Theo has-that second goal was a cracker yesterday!
    I read a report today that said we were “thrashed” by City, I suppose because they scored 6 and Arsenal 3 it looks worse, 3-0 and the hacks would have said “Arsenal were soundly beaten” or something like that. And of course if certain decisions hadn’t have gone against us the score would have been different, no doubt with other hack comments. If City were that great they wouldn’t have let in three, and they had their Uncle Acky and his “linesman” to help them so that there wasnt more!
    I also thought that the media sensationalism and its moral outrage at Jack raising the middle finger was pathetic. Of course I’m sure the City fans were only shouting to him ” I say Jack old boy, I think you may have miss judged that decision”.
    We all know how level headed and friendly we fans are, as I spied when City scored, they didn’t jeer as the Arsenal fans at all, swearing and making various gestures with their fingers.Perhaps they were only inviting the Gooners around for tea and biscuits later?
    Luckily the hacks themselves, are all Saints and upstanding moral figures in society, plummeting the depths of fairness and philosophical inquiry. The given that they drink too much coca-cola is pure rumour!
    Im sure this loss will fire the whole club up against the other “sweet smell of success” team…

  • jambug


    An ignorant foul mouthed street fouling Granny lover.

    Giggs. Loves his mates wives.

    Cole. Where do you start ?

    Lamps. Ditto.

    Terry. Ditto.

    And the media love all those pillars of virtue and moralality.

    Journalists. A bigger bunch of hypocritical wankers it would be very hard to meet.

  • Fran

    I have absolutely loved the BFG from the first moment he set foot on our hallowed turf. I know he would come good, you can’t be that good in the german league and playing for the german national team and not be able to adapt to play anywhere. But from the beginning of this season he has shown something which really excites me………a compete and utter love for our club, he said when he joined that he was a boyhood fan and I thought meh he’s just saying that but the guy looks like he’s found his home and is head over heels in love with the arsenal. I truly believe he is our captain fantastic and that he will be remembered as an arsenal legend. Him forcefully reminding ozil of his obligation to the fans yesterday simply proves his class and loyalty.

  • dan

    I’ve just been informed LFC will win 2 nil @ the lane, a betting syndicate.

  • Arsenal1Again

    Who told Özil it was a big tradition at Arsenal to thank the Fans. The occasional player did this, but for the team to do it, hogwash.

    As for the result, it happens, but we’ll use it as a springboard and improve.

    Mertesacker did right to tell off Özil, but personally I would not be happy if a team-mate did this in front of the fans. It seems a bit self-serving. However, it could be wisdom since an altercation in the small confines of the dressing room behind closed doors is a sure fire way to create ill feeling and factions.

    Gallas kicking hoardings has comparisons with Mertesacker wanting to be seen as angry and I think in both cases the players were angry with themselves and used a hoarding and team-mate to express it.

    We’ll bounce back from this. We didn’t put away our chances to score and this is the reason we lost, despite the tiredness from travel and disappointing ref decisions.

  • OlegYch

    Great spirit from both Ozil and Mert. Love those guys.

  • Frank

    Jamburg, Wenger is quoted as saying “the Germans will sort it out” rather than “i’ve given Mezut a good talking to”. So I guess that means he’s abdicating responsibility once again.

  • The font

    Everyone has there own interpretation of where we are are in world football for me under the circumstances we are near the very. Top and over performing for our limited resources I don’t know if we are good enough to win the premier league
    But I know one thing on another day that could. Have been. 6-3. To us. Are we better than chelsea only time will tell are we going to beat chelsea IMHO we will win comfortably. Look at the fixtures in march that’s the defining month for arsenal. We are a team others are not so that gives us an edge
    Let’s hope that’s enough to take us all the way to the title .COYG

  • jambug


    Once again?

    Enlighten me as to all the other times you know for a fact Wenger has ‘abdicated’ responsibility as opposed to just guessing he hasn’t actually said anything like you are on this occasion.

    Not a Wenger hater by any chance are you?

  • jambug


    I know what you mean. They hurt. like we all did. Different players dealt with it in different ways. Between them they will sort it out. I think thats how best to deal with it. Obviously so does Wenger.

    Yet you still get the likes of Frank who can somehow turn the smallest thing into an anti Wenger rant.

    Some people are so wrapped up in there hatred they just come over as rather sad !!

  • nicky

    One of the problems we supporters have in following our chosen top division football club, is the total lack of understanding the degree of physical and mental toll the modern professional game levies on a player.
    Because of this ignorance, it is easy to imagine that only a few days following a competitive match, is needed in order to return to full fitness.
    Arsenal played Napoli in mild weather on Wednesday evening and arrived home early on Thursday, probably by chartered aircraft. They had the rest of the day off, then had all day Friday for light training before coaching up to Manchester on Saturday morning for the match.
    Nothing over strenuous there you would think, for those who had played in Italy. Yet as the Manchester game progressed, fatigue became alarmingly apparent, legs couldn’t do their job and the team’s “shape” started to fall apart.
    Those of us who played a bit of football in our youth, used to enjoy a game on a Saturday and after a good night’s sleep, would be happy to play again on the Sunday and it’s so easy to wonder why the modern professional appears to need so much recovery time between games.
    I think that the many sports played at the highest world professional level are so highly stressful, mentally and physically, that the participants live in a different world to those who support them (witness the return home of England batsman Trott from the Ashes series in Australia).
    All we can do is accept that the medical staff at the Emirates are there for a purpose, to deal with the physical and mental problems of the playing staff. Problems of which we continue to know little.

  • jambug


    I totally agree. It’s not being tired that is the problem, it is the relative tiredness in comparison to your opponent.

    Thats why players are taken off in a game and rotated over a season. If you don’t, come the business end of the season the difference in players inherent fitness and therefore performance would be pronounced.

    You get these people going on about the ‘old days’ and what the players did, which is true. But it was the same for EVERY team, for every player. They all had players that had played every game and where all therefore in the same condition.

    In this day and age if you have a big squad and can rotate you will. If you do, you will keep some vital players fresh for the final push. If you dont, or cant, you will suffer.

    And to those who say that is rubbish may I point out that elite athletes in other fields scientificly manage there work load to peak perhaps once or twice a year, in some instances just once every 4 years. Some people seem to expect footballers to be at there peak every game no matter what. This expectation is just ridiculous. Elite athletes just CANNOT compete at there peak week in week out.

    My wife points out how hard the top tennis players work, not only in a match but through a season. But again I point out, yes I know but again they all play pretty much the same amount of games in a season and are all at pretty much at the same condition as the season progresses. The same applies within a match, both players are tireing equally as the game progresses.

    I think it is extremely ignorant to dismiss the effects of fatigue, for whatever reason, within any one game, one week or especially over a full season.

  • OMGArsenal

    Frank…we know you are a Wenger-Hater and love to find fault with his imaginary failings that you have created out of your fervent dislike for him BUT here are a few facts you are clearly ignorant of (among other things):

    1)Wenger has always stated that his captain rules the roost on the field and in the dressingroom. He lets him do his job.
    2)Unlike you,Wenger is experienced and capable of judging when he needs to intervene and when he can let a tempest in a teapot fizz out….the Ozil non-event was clearly the latter.
    3)What you term ¨abdicating¨, most others call respecting the authority of his captain. He, again unlike you, knows that these two German teammates will eventually smooth over the waters….afterall they are both passionate Gunners and play together for Germany, they have to get along.
    4)I can sympathize, like Wenger did, with Ozil’s feelings and both Ozil and Per showed the same anger and distress at losing….which is a great sign of caring and the winning spirit we’ll need to get silverware. Wenger, again unlike you, knows that both care and he let them work it out without any heavy-handed interference from him. That is class and savoir-faire, neither of which you seem to be able to comprehend!
    In my humble opinion, Wilshere’s gesture to the City fans was far more serious,disrespectful AND not at all like Arsenal players’ usual behaviour.

  • nicky

    You make a very valid point. I watched most of my professional football during WW2 when the “unfitness” of ALL the players was apparent (i.e. no training and food rationing).
    I would like some enterprising TV type to make a series centred around a football club, its playing staff, medicos and backroom people. It would be fascinating, I’m sure.

  • jambug


    Well put sir.

    I also have to agree with you on Jack. Again it has to be kept in perspective, but as much as I like Jacks fire, no matter what the intimidation I would like him to be above that sort of thing.

    Frustrated as he must of been with the result, his lack of protection (again) from the ref, as well as a slightly sub standard performance he only makes things worse for himself.

    But as I say a bit of perspective.

    Frank, if you are still there,

    please can you tell me if Wenger has said anything to him?

    I’d love to know, and somehow you seem to know everything Wenger thinks, says, and does. Enlighten me please.

  • jambug


    I watched most of mine in the seventies when lots of players where regularly patched up and sent out on large pain killing injections.

    A lot of the time back in the ‘good old days’ the players well being was the last thing on a football clubs mind.

    I for one think it is only right that at least it now seems that the players health is taken a bit more seriously, certain referees excepted of course !!!

  • Pat

    In the recent programme (with Roy Keane) Patrick Vieira said Arsene Wenger does not tell his players what to do but encourages them so that they reach their own conclusions. That’s education, isn’t it?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry off topic for the thread, but not the day, but a very unfortunate name for a twitter account for this unfortunate person

  • Mandy Dodd

    Above explains the nature of the twitter account a bit better

    This is on a par with spud fans having a go at cyclist Chris hoy as opposed to ref Chris foy!

  • GoingGoingGooner


    Giving an on the field bollocking to a teammate is very much in the German tradition. This was something I had to get used to when I played there. It would happen if you missed an assignment or if you missed a sitter however, they would still buy you a drink after the match. It was just how the guys dealt with things…done and over with.

  • Damilare

    Good article for good Germans. Thanks Walter. Please what is the difference between a gunner and a gooner? Pardon my ignorance.

  • WalterBroeckx

    A Gunner is the player
    A Gooner is a supporter

    and copyright Untold Arsenal a Gooner-Gunner is an Arsenal player who also is a real supporter. Like Jack Wilshere, Carl Jenkinson, Per Mertesacker. Players who have supported Arsenal long before they became actual players in the first team.

  • TommieGun

    Comparative Happiness

    3 friends – Jim, an Arsenal fan, Bob, a Chelsea fan and Bill, a Spurs fan, go on vacation in Istanbul.

    Their wallets are stolen and they are starving, so they decide to go to the bazzar, steal some food and meet later to eat it.

    They all get caught and are brought before the judge who decides on an educational punishment – each of the thieves will have the stolen goods shoved up their assholes.

    First is Bob, the Chelsea fan who stole olives. The olives are being shoved up his ass one by one, and he screames and cries in pain.

    Next is Jim, the Arsenal fan who stole dates. As the dates are shoved up his ass, he is laughing his head off. The judge orders to stop the procedure and asks Jim – “do you find it pleasant?” to which Jim replies: “No! it hurts!” and continues laughing.

    “So why are you laughing?” asks the judge.

    “Because Bill went for watermelons!”.