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August 2021

OUR SILVER LINING (an alternative view of Tottenham)

Yesterday Untold published the article “At this point in season two” which argued that by this date in Mr Wenger’s second season, things were not utterly different from the experience of Tottenham thus far in AVB’s second term.   From that point Arsenal went on to win the double in Mr Wenger’s second season, but Tottenham chose a different route and sacked their manager.

Now here’s a different perspective (although Don, I don’t understand the bit about the chicken – Tony).  


This past week has not been a glorious one for the Arsenal with two losses in as many games and the media hypocrites, AAA and pitiless pundits screaming about  us being mauled, turned over, raped, disgraced, or whatever language entertains their feeble passion.

They love using endless hyperbole to describe our current state of affairs. But we can always rely on WHL to supply depressed Gooners with a cheerful reminder why they are a poor imitation of us and why our critics are total idiots when they rail against AFC and ignore THFC’s horrendous shortcomings. The Spuds have become the silver lining behind almost every Arsenal cloud!

We love to chastise, criticize and ridicule our neighbours up Seven Sisters Road as they stumble from one purportedly promising season to another, never quite realizing their vaunted potential and inevitably finishing lower than us and all too often out of the Champion’s League.

We say they are and always will be in our shadow, as they are once again. However, I believe they have a soft place in their black hearts for the Arsenal, as we saw today when Liverpool, who we beat 2-0, absolutely demolished them 5-0 in front of the Spuds home crowd thus helping us recover all the more quickly from the City defeat by cheering us up as they fumbled out another embarrassing defeat at WHL.

The game was so one-sided that even Andres Villa-Boas had to hide his gaze from the ludicrously sloppy defending and very indifferent efforts of his team in front of their WHL supporters. It was embarrassing and one has to feel some small degree of pity for AVB because he will be blamed for their failings and maybe even sacrificed on Levy’s altar.

Here are some interesting facts and stats about THFC this season:

1) They spent a total of approximately £105million sterling, we spent less than half that…we are in first, they are 7th and headed downward.

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2) They have a -6 goal difference, we have a + 16 goal difference with 16 games played.

3) They have scored 15 goals in 16 games, we have scored 33- that is 2.01 goals per game to their .9

4) Over the last 17 years they have been in the CL twice, we have been in the CL for EVERY season.

5) They have finished below us for 17 consecutive seasons. (1995-2012)

6) They have been near the relegation zone twice in that time frame, we have never been below the Top 4.  Spuds have been in 14th place twice, 11th place three times, in 10th place 3 times, in 9th place twice, in 8th place once, and in 5th place 4 times, and in the CL (4th) twice but were knocked out both times.

7) We were able to score 3 goals against City at their stadium, something no other EP team has done.

8) They allowed 6 goals against City and 5 goals against Liverpool for a total of 11 goals against in those 2 games.

9) Spuds had no shots on goal against Liverpool (who had 10)!

10) Both teams had about equal possession as did Arsenal against City but possession means nothing apparently.

I could go on and on but it would belabouring my point that the Chicken on a basketball crowd have rarely failed to entertain us, encourage us (unintentionally) and cheer us up (equally unintended) by their delusions of grandeur, their ability to ruin a day out at WHL and to prove that even if we taste defeat, they can better us by devouring it wholeheartedly and it seems, enthusiastically. 

Now, based on our past and current history and achievements, it appears that being a Gooner is far more enriching and enjoyable, despite setbacks like last week, than being a Spud and having to watch their  heros fall at the first hurdle. I think this is the Spuds Christmas present to Arsenal….and what a thoughtful one to provide at this time: Don’t fret mates, when you are down, we will bring a smile to your Gooner faces as the Laurel and Hardy WHL comedy team slapstick their way to another defeat.


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21 comments to OUR SILVER LINING (an alternative view of Tottenham)

  • Sammy The Snake

    There is no comparison between proud Gunners and the headless chickens at WHL.

  • Ben

    Tony – The chicken part is referring to the spuds logo.

  • Ben,

    I think Tony was just being cheeky. He of all people must know the meaning of “chicken on a basketball”. I have tried really hard but I still can’t find a more ridiculous sports team logo 🙂 . That’s why some of us Gooners call them the Tottenham Chickens. It fits.

  • patrick mulundu

    AVB,s arrogancy was properly checked and haulted by Liverpool.

  • They have only been in the Champions League ONCE.

  • Mandy Dodd

    It is clear that AVB lost at least a significant part of the dressing room, wonder if a certain ex Arsenal player played a part?
    As always at such difficult times, it is a large section of the UK media I feel for, they must be devastated however they will be consoled by their love of the currently in form Liverpool, and their new found affection for City, an affection clearly shared by the PGMOL

  • Mick

    @Mandy Dodd
    ‘As always at such difficult times, it is a large section of the UK media I feel for,…..’
    And this coming on top of the loss of Sir Rednose and the demise of their beloved Manure.

  • colario

    Mandy Dodd
    December 17, 2013 at 11:29 am
    Mandy there is an article in the daily telegraph regarding AVB and worth a read. There is reference to the player you refer to.

  • colario

    I am mystified by the sacking of AVB but I didn’t see the Sunday game and my Spurs friend tells me it was awful.

    I am not gloating at the Spurs situation. I know what it is like as a fan to have nothing to brag about for 17 years and then for 18 years.(Just remembered we did have a cup win) Fortunately we were not relegated in those times and one FA Cup, is all we have for those lean years. Don Howe and Rioch were not given three years. The GG dream turned into a nightmare.

    I am not gloating at Spurs misfortune because their fans are hurting. If it were not for Arsene who knows where we would be.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Lost in translation –

    An Italian, a Scotsman and a Chinese are hired at a construction site.
    The foreman points out a huge pile of sand and says to the italian guy, “You’re in charge of sweeping.”
    To the Scotsman he says,”You’re in charge of shovelling.”
    And to the Chinese guy, “You’re in charge of supplies.”

    He then says, “Now, I have to leave for a little while.
    “I expect you guys to make a dent in that there pile before I get back.”

    So the foreman goes away for a couple hours and when he returns, the pile of sand is untouched. He asks the Italian,
    “Why didn’t you sweep any of it?”
    The Italian replies, “I no hava broom. You saida to the
    Chinese a fella that he a wasa in acharge of supplies,
    but he hasa disappeared and I no coulda fine him nowhere.”

    Then the foreman turns to the Scotsman and says, “And you, I thought I told you to shovel this pile of sand.
    “The Scotsman replies, “Aye, ye did lad, boot ah couldnay get meself a shoovel.
    Ye left th’ Chinese lad in chairge of supplies, boot ah couldnay fin’ him either.”

    The foreman is really angry now and storms off toward
    the pile of sand to look for the Chinese guy. Just then,
    the Chinese guy leaps out from behind the pile of sand
    and yells… “SUPPLIES!!”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Basketball Chicken

    Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?

    He heard the ref was blowing fowls.

  • Brickfields Gunners


    If I had one cricket ball in one hand, and another cricket ball in the other hand, what would I have?

    A bloody big cricket.

  • Lief

    Last week I was lauding the Arsenal defense and, since the column is about lies, I will admit that I had reservations saying that Arsenal turned the corner defensively. I do feel strongly that there has been a change in Arsenal’s defensive nature but what remains unanswered is how much Arsenal’s ability to get off to a good start in these matches is helping their defense.In the 25 games Arsenal played between Champions League and Premier League this season, they have jumped out to an early lead 20 times and their record in those games is 17-2-1 — the one loss being to Villa on opening day. In the 5 matches Arsenal have gone behind, the record is 0-1-4 — with the one draw to West Brom.It’s possible that Arsenal just slipped against City. That a combination of fatigue and chasing the game meant they reverted back to some ugly form from a few years ago. But if I have to be brutally honest I worry about Arsenal’s ability to get back into games when they go behind.

  • colario wrote:

    “I am not gloating at Spurs misfortune because their fans are hurting. If it were not for Arsene who knows where we would be.”

    This is what we have been telling the Wenger out brigade. We are fortunate to have the man. Yes, things haven’t worked out for us trophy-wise for the last 8 years but if anyone needs a sense of perspective and the benefit of having our great manager, they need not look further than up Seven Sisters.

  • Lief,

    If you were lauding the team’s defence after about 16 to 20 matches, I think you need to give them more than 2 to 3 matches before casting doubts on them. Don’t you think? I also think that our defensive performance against city was probably our worst in over a year but in cognizance of the other factors that played a big part in that game (fatigue and diabolical officiating), I’m still giving the team the benefit of the doubt.

  • elkieno

    It is fitting that Untold puts out this article!
    They came here in droves to try rub it in about how they spent heaps of money and are gonna smash us when seasons starts etc.., in went on all the way until we beat them at home. Now they are quite just their Arsenal alter egos to spread negativity…

  • OMGArsenal

    Duncan….as far as I know they made the top 4 twice, but were kicked out of the CL place by Chelsea winning the CL. In my mind that counts as them winning a CL place, even if EUFA refused to allow 3 British teams in that year. However technically they were actually only competing in the CL once.
    I wrote this article before hearing about AVB’s dismissal. Whoever takes the poison chalice at THFC, he had better be ready to face tremendous challenges. Thank God Wenger isn’t considering leaving, as he could take them quite far with his managerial skill and intelligence….that would really shut up the anti-Wenger crowd, but maybe not!!!

  • ARSENAL 13


    Have some honesty and give credit to the actual writer. Cut copy paste …jerk.

  • Valentin

    I think that the problem with Spurs is the Chairman. Spurs may have lost two games by a high score, but as far as I remember AFC did not sack Arsene Wenger after the 8-2 humiliation at Old Trafford. Bad result happens. As a chairman, you have to accept that and move on.

    Having your best player (Bale) sold against your better judgement, 2 out of 4 first team defenders out, a new to the league defensive midfielder as centre half, your main defensive midfielder (Sandro) injured or coming back from injury, a striker who take time to adjust to the faster, quicker more intense hurly burly is a recipe for trouble.

    I am convinced that given time AVB would have got them into the top 4. I may be proven wrong, but I doubt that Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand will. I cannot see any top managers immediately available. More importantly I cannot see any good young progressive manager interested in the summer. Taking an older hand with no vision for the future may result in short term gin that would not be sustainable. Taking an old head is also not a guarantee of success. If Capello takes the job after the World Cup, he will be a disaster. He will fall out with half the players (like he did in England and at Real Madrid).
    Glen Hoddle may be able to survive short term, but as soon as result dip the press will have a field day. Levy will then respond to journalistic pressure. That will leave them in exactly the same situation.

  • OMGArsenal

    Valentin…I agree that AVB’s fate should have been postponed until at least the run-in, where everyone would have seen whether AVB could ressurect them. Wenger could lose 10 games in a row by 20-0 (I exaggerate) and I doubt anyone would scream for him to be fired….he’d have resigned before that. But one loss like at United was turned into a stepping stone by him to reach a CL place and the top 4 once again.
    you are absolutely right about the THFC Board and management who seem to be to be a bit daft and short-sighted….too much money and not enough brainpower as far as I can see. I also agree that Capello wouldn’t make it past Easter and the only coaches I can see turning the Spuds fortunes around quickly and permanently are someone with the pedigrees of Mikael Laudrup,Jurgen Klopp or Gus Hiddink. Not likely any of these will take the poisoned chalice.