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September 2021
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September 2021

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FA cup Arsenal – Tottenham: That’s the way I like it but not all…

By Walter Broeckx

Let us start with the thing I didn’t like at all. That was only one thing in fact. But a moment that could haunt us for a few week if not months. I mean the injury from Theo with some 10 minutes to go. What is the matter with our central strikers for the moment? In one week time we first lost Giroud, then Bendtner and now Theo. This is surely a world record in losing strikers. Even for Arsenal. I fear an Oxlade-Chamberlain kind of injury to be honest. His foot was stuck in the ground and then he slipped and his knee made a strange movement.

I keep my fingers crossed that nothing is ruptured but I fear the worst.  And maybe England may start to fear also for losing their fastest player for the world cup. 6 months is the normal length to recover and even then it takes a bit more to get completely fit. So this is the bad thing for us tonight.

But for the rest….OH MY GOD! Did we outplay them or did we outplay them for 80 minutes? I don’t count the last 10 minutes of course. As we then were playing with 10 men. But even then they didn’t have any clear cut chances.  According to my match commentator the spuds only could get to one real chance in the whole 90 minutes. And who am I to disagree with him.  That chance came early in the game when a clearance from Koscielny hit Eriksen who had could run towards Fabianski. But he spread himself well and could turn the ball in corner. A great and important save! Well done Lukas! I thought Fabianski had a great game and he sure looks ready to fill in if required.  Not that he had to do much but what he had to do it was done in a calm way.

Let us go back to Theo upfront. Well that wasn’t bad if you ask me. Ok the only thing missing was a couple of goals. And he should have scored a few. But his creating space, his running in to space was excellent. He had a few shots from distance that were just saved…I thought we had another good backup for Giroud and Bendtner. Till 10 minutes from the end.

Let us move on to the player that more and more looks to be getting another world class player: Serge Gnabry. The way the young German accelerated in front of the Tottenham defense drawing them to him and then releasing a perfect pass to Cazorla was excellent.  Earlier this week the headline on was an interview from Koscielny who said that this year would be the year for Gnabry to come good. If this young man keeps on doing what he did today I think Kos is right.  The way he played and worked was amazing to see. Another well done from my part, Serge! (Koscielny – Gnabry will have a big 2014)

And then that old warrior.  Our oldest player on the pitch but as one of the (female) people who was watching the game at our home said: oh what a babyface. She could hardly believe that he was already 32 years old. Or young. Because the way he runs around the pitch for 90 minutes is amazing. By being so badly injured for so long he missed almost 2-3 seasons as a footballer. And each time you see him play it is as if he wants to make up for the lost time.

The way he took the ball from Rose on experience and then ran in to space towards Lorris are sometimes the most difficult runs. You have the time to start thinking about what you are going to do. And as his springing speed is not that one of Theo’s class he knew a defender could get on his tail. He looked behind him to see from where he was coming, positioned his body between the ball and the defender so he would make a foul and get a red card if he would tackle him.

And just on the right moment as he waited for Lorris to make the first move he clipped the ball over the keeper who went to the floor. My fist pumped up and down for a while after that in celebration.  He sure likes the derby matches against Tottenham our Rosicky. But not just for his goal he was great all round in working hard both offensive and defensive.

Going back to being unlucky I must mention my compatriot captain Vermaelen. He was having a great game but I think he injured himself also in the first half when he made a great tackle on Soldado. I just hope it is just a flesh wound that he suffered, because I did think I saw some blood and an open wound after that. But he pulled up his socks over the wound and kept on going for the rest of the first half.

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With Per coming on for TV we got back to the old familiar defence in the second half and I felt very assured that they would not let the spuds score. And then when Arteta going off I sure hope this was just a precaution and not an injury because it sure was enough for one match.

This was a great performance from a team that missed several of their best players and lost a few players with injury and even went down to 10 men and had to play the final 15 minutes with one outfield player less on the field. We then sat back and showed that by now we know how to defend when we are in the defending mood.

A complete performance from Arsenal. I don’t demand that we win the FA cup (would be great of course). I will not be calling any ones head if we go out at some stage.  But going out against the spuds would be a painful affair. But this performance against a team that had just come back with a win from Old Trafford and full of good vibrations was amazing. Completely dominated the proceedings for 80 minutes is my take on the match. One little bit of criticism is that we could have finished them off much earlier.

Oh, by the way a big thank you for the fans in the stadium. We could hear you. Loud and clear! Well done.


55 comments to FA cup Arsenal – Tottenham: That’s the way I like it but not all…

  • Vikrant Dogra

    The injuires could have been nipped in the bud had Mark Clattenburg actually had the guts to yellow card Spurs players, I counted at least 6 fouls that should have been bookings..

  • WalterBroeckx

    For those who have facebook look at what Vermaelen did before the match….


    or another link for who isn’t on facebook

  • I want to know who woolwich will lose to in the fifth round (presuming of course,you get an 4th round draw)? Will it be Chelsea or Man city or even liverpool? £500 to the winner:)

  • big stu

    I thought Arsenal were poor and will be lucky to be in 4th place at the end of the season.

    All huff and puff in midfield—thats about all they have!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    A classic response from Wenger:

    on being short up front…
    We are short because Theo is not very tall!….

    Only Wenger can come up with something like that 🙂

  • madcap

    Ok Arsenal did deserve to win tonight as they played much better than Spurs for most of the game. However as a Spurs fan I need to point out that Spurs have 9 of their squad out injured including Paulinho, Ventoghen and Sandro. I think it was more like Arsene Wenger showing his brilliance and Tim Sherwood showing his inexperience rather than anything else. There is not many Arsenal players that I prefer above the Spurs team, but it is how you utilise your resources and Arsenal were immense and Spurs were truely dismal. But Arsenal had 3 or 4 players injured, whereas Spurs had 9, players injured and that was enough.

  • Tom

    Theo getting injured was god’s way of telling Wenger he needs another striker 🙂

    As for Gnabry , I’ve been wondering why he sees so little action. All his recent appearances were pretty impressive except the Man City one , where his turnover led to a goal.
    Has he been injured? and if not , why not play him more often?

    Tim Sherwood should thank his lucky star that Arsenal weren’t more clinical, otherwise he could found himself on a wrong and of a AVB type of a score line . It easily could’ve been 5-1.

    It was a total dominance in the middle of the park for about 75 minutes by Arsenal but the thing that impressed the most was how little Tottenham were allowed to create from their right wing.
    Lennon did nothing for 90 minutes . Cazorla was the man of the match for playing the whole length of the pitch for the entire game.

  • SouthernGunner

    Great performance & a brilliant result. Very pleased for Gnabry to have come in & done so well in such a big game. Credit to the boss for giving him such a big oppertunity.


  • Gord

    Wenger said that fans were throwing coins at Walcott before he made the 2-0 gesture.

    Wenger didn’t see the stamp on Monreal, and he doesn’t think the referee seen it either. The BBC did see it, it is in their report.
    > 1907: Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham

    > Naughty. Nabil Bentaleb aims a stamp at the hand of the prone Nacho Monreal. But misses, which kind of sums Spurs’ afternoon up.

    Bendtner is out for a month.

    Vermaelen was kicked.

  • Persian gunner

    That was such an aswer to all who were complaining about our depth!
    Simply outplayed Totts and if we were a little more clinical this game could turn to a humilation!
    I love the way Rosicky celebrated his goal, I think I am going to keep this sence in my football memory forever!

  • Persian gunner

    Theo, please be good
    Finger crossed

  • kizzi

    Great performance from the boys. Gnabry was very impressive. Arsenal looked good in attack with Gnabry and Walcott. I feel like with those two playing together, goals won’t be hard to come by. Hope Theo will recover in time for the Villa game. Oh and it was great for Rosicky to get on the score sheet as well. Now, for some luck in the fourth round draw…COYGS!!!!

  • John

    Spurs fans should be delighted that it was only 2-0

  • tshirt

    it would be unfair to see walcott get a ban for his friendly gesture he showed to the spuds,he was smiling and no harm intended

  • Mandy Dodd

    Apparently theo may just have a kick or possibly stretched ligament not sure the likely worst case prognosis on that. Hope tv starts getting a few games our defenders will need a rest and frankly tv deserves his chance. Have always liked him but he seems more tactically disciplined a bit like the whole team really. This team really are a bit special and great to see the wenger bould combo clearly working so well. The fans in the ground clearly backing wenger. Another great result another evening without our visitors who appear only when they perceive things have gone wrong a very bad last twelve months for such types.

  • The font

    We played the last 10 minutes effectively with 9, gnarby asked to come off and was told he had to stay on becouse arteta needed to come off . theo swapped with serge who was dead on his feet and rosicky covered the rest. Amazing atmosphere the best the fans have been for a long time a very small. ( 1 arsen wenger ) which surprises me with how well we are doing People seemed. Frightened to join in with the wenger chant that needs to change after the season we are having wenger could walk into any managers job in the world . And may just do so unless we get behind him

  • John

    Knowing the FA it would not be a great surprise if Theo gets a ban for his “gesture”, whilst the head-butt and stamping by Spurs players will be ignored.

  • tshirt

    good to see the cleansheets rolling in,all hail the best defense in the league.
    wenger’s comments on a new striker looks cunning,it seems he’s expecting one but he keeps taking the media on a ride,truth be told arsenal now needs a top striker cos we are 1 striker injury from a ‘media crisis’

  • WalterBroeckx

    By the way two excellent finishes for both goals

  • Stuart

    None of our new signings started today. Goes to show you what the AAA know.

  • WalterBroeckx

    If the FA would go after Theo then why didn’t they ban Bale last season. Or why didn’t the media make a fuss of it?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Indeed Stuart and another example on how good a team we already had last season in the second half of the season

  • Mandy Dodd

    If they ban theo surely they have to ban our score board as well?

  • Persian gunner

    What about stamp then!?
    I saw the face of that idiot, and that was complete version of hatred and aggression!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Have a feeling a few spud fans will be getting bans…..and arrests they really have some idiots within their numbers

  • bjtgooner

    A most enjoyable performance by the whole team. The spuds were totally outclassed and we could easily have scored more.

    Our defense and esp Kos kept the much vaunted (in the recent press) Adebarndoor quiet and ineffective. The fans were great the way they let Ade know they were there!

    On the downside we picked up injuries, lets hope they were not too bad & Theo, Arteta & Verminator make a quick recovery.

    Clattenburg seemed to let the spuds away with a number of fouls, especially on Wilshere, but yet had no hesitation in booking the Verminator. I had hoped that Clattenburg would be more even handed than that.

    But…a super victory over the spuds….I think a wee dram is called for tonight!

  • nicky

    Rosicky is still far too good for the US soccer scene.
    Arsene must persuade him to sign a contract extension.
    He never stops running, his tackling is ferocious and he is a shining example of perpetual fitness to every aspiring young professional footballer.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Agree Nicky Rosicky and for that matter Bac should be kept along with of course the great man himself

  • Tom

    Isn’t it amazing what being in the final year of a contract does to one ‘s fitness level 🙂
    I don’t think the issue with Rosicky’s contract is a question wether Wenger wants to keep him but rather how many years for .

    It may come down to whether he can get a multi-year deal from another club that exceeds that what Arsenal can offer.Much like with another Arsenal thirty something – Robert Pires, who went to Vilareal because they gave him a longer contract.

  • Al the Gooner

    here we go again.
    “why wenger didnt do that why wenger didnt do this”….
    just trust the manager!!!

  • Al the Gooner

    Walter what do you think about
    “Well didn’t play well enough but when your against the ref too what do you expect. 2 stonewall pens denied” spurs fun whining

  • GoingGoingGooner

    I remember watching Rosicky (with Dortmund) when I lived in Germany and how happy I was when Wenger signed him. Despite his numerous injuries he is still the Little Mozart. His energy and verve always envigorate the team. There are others who score more but few who have a larger heart. He is one of my all time fave players.

  • bob

    nicky, Mandy,
    Yes, absolutely adore Bac and Rosciky. They’re young beyond their years with such attitude and nous. Both won’t decline if we sign them for 3. And if one did decline, two top-top years from that one or even both would be well worth it. Consummate pros both of them.

  • Al the Gooner

    and by the way…Vermaelen did exactly opposite with spurs flag in kids hand….

  • OMGArsenal

    From what I could see of Gnabry, he appears to be a real jewel. His movement, ball handling skill and short passing are as good as Ozil’s and better than most EPL ¨stars¨ and he is only 19! I got excited about Wilshere and Ramsey at that age but I am really pumped about Gnabry, as he seems to be entering his prime already….what a star we’ll have as he matures and hopefully avoids injury.
    We also have Zelalem, who is another cocoon about to produce a Monarch butterfly! Then there is Eisfeld and Akpom, etc. Imagine what a team we will field when ALL our walking wounded return and we have a bench with the above players eager to get a game!
    It is all about timing in Football and I seriously am beginning to feel that this and the next few seasons ARE our time!

  • Mandy Dodd

    How good is kos? Top ten top three or the best modern defender in the world? Just throwing it out there but I think our much derided at the time unknown french signing would now walk into any team in the world. Good signing mr wenger

  • Nelson Wong

    A few things that is very good.

    1) beating you know… Spxx…
    2) Both goals from our excellent mid fielders. They haven’t got their goals although they tried numerous times. They took it calmly and skifully. These Goals come at the right moment as the team is short of strkers and Ramsey is down.

    3) Vermaelen starts to put up better games when he pairs up with Kos. Wenger can rest Per now and rotate the back without any concern.

    4) Garnaby joining the first team smoothly meaning a good and inexpensive “new signing”. Just when the team gets a bit short, reinforcement arrives!!!

    5) Every player seems to play good games regardless of who plays next to him. It provides flexibilty and the chance to rest players without worries of weakness.

    6) Players getting to peak performance seem to match previous pattern that Arsenal play better in second half of the season. More hard games are coming as the team advance in FA and CL. This will come in handy.

    7) There is one more good news of the week although not directly related to Arsenal. EPL close rival Man City are still awful at away games. A draw means they will waste more energy.

    Only bad thing of the week: injury of Walcott

    Hope it is not very bad. He finally lives up to expectations.

    As for the team, it is not very bad. Giroud and Ozil are both coming back. There are plenty of mid-fielders. There are covers for LB in Monreal, Flamini and Vermaelen so no worries. Only the lone striker position can be considered short.

  • elkieno

    Nelson Wong: My reply to your last sentence is what AW said, ‘we are only short cos theo is not very tall’.

  • bob

    And, until further reports, not-very-tall theo (the third backup at lone striker) is horizontal.

  • Digvijay

    Walter you mention rosicky, but I think another senior player had an amazing game. That was arteta.Apart from that, I think Steve Bould has done wonders to the defense. For the first time today I noticed how the defense was organized, and my word they were fantastic. When Per came on, and totenham lobbed a ball in front, the way the worked, Per came back, kos came in front to attack, the full backs immediately took up markers! Amazing!
    And that mid field. Spurs were defending against a mid field which was oozing class, from the slick passing to the high pressing. Brilliant.
    And about the Walcott injury. I have had my ACL torn, and when it was only a minor tear, it hurt like mad! There is sooo much unbearable pain. If Walcott had something of that level he would be writhing in pain, so I believe it was minor.

  • Digvijay

    Edit: , the full backs immediately took up players*

  • Persian gunner

    Spot on man!
    Arteta was fantastic!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO , HOO ! Sweet ! Just about the perfect game from us.
    Other than the injuries , a very good day at the office ,
    My best moment at home would have been around the 75th minute,
    when my Chelski lovin’ son who was watching the whole game asked ,” Fabianski ? When did he come on ?”
    My reply ? ” Oh , AW just brought him along for some much needed goalkeeping catching practice ! And the Spuds disappointed him too !”

  • Asif

    I am going through a time when for some reason or the other…I am not getting to see the matches…last match too I could only watch last 20 mins or so…!!! For as long as the team wins…it really doesn’t matter whether I get to see the game or not…a win against (an Arsenal supporting Manager’s) Spuds is priceless!

    Well done boys…COYG

  • Rupert Cook

    Whoever is coaching our defence, Bould or Wenger, deserves much credit. I thought we’d have trouble with a resurgent Spurs now that their main problem, AVB, was eradicated but obviously not. I only saw the ITV highlights but I did record the whole game so I’ll watch it all tomorrow.

    Let’s hope any injuries are negligible and can we have an easy tie in the next round, Stevenage or Rochdale please, not that Spurs proved too difficult to dispatch.

  • nicky

    @Tom 12am,
    I hope you’re not implying that Rosicky’s fine form is related only to the final year of his contract.
    From Day One he has been one of Arsene’s magical signings.

  • how many combinations did we play just in yesterdays match,

    it was kos and verm to start , then per and kos in defence
    it was zorro and Wilshire to start and then zorro and flame them flame and rosicky to finish.

    Come on if that isn’t flexibility in a team in don’t know what is. Amazing work from every one in the team , starting 11 and the bench yesterday.

    One tackle missed by previous commenters, chiriches on Walcott, theo was trying to get the ball to feet by extending himself since the ball was abt a foot away from him, at this point the defender was already a foot behind theo and stuck out his leg on to Theo’s standing leg and caught him on the heel. commentators were saying its never good when a player goes down with no one around him until the replay showed the disgusting attempt by the defender, the SPUDS did not even play the all out at that point as the ref did not give a foul for it. And dembele , I know he thinks he is stronger upper body than jack but just trying to man handle him is a bit too much and none of his antics even resulted in a foul. the ref did allow a lot to go on . I loved the way nacho barged walker off the ball and then pointed to what walker did to him at the other end .hilarious. like school boy football, u pushed me , I pushed you. love it.

  • John

    Let us not overlook the assured performance of our keeper, who was competent and confident throughout and is a more than capable deputy.

  • gouresh

    As a sooner, I was thrilled that we did not have to come out of 2nd gear but as a football fan I was disappointed that the duds didn’t show up. they seemed to be petrified, no urgency, no sprit no nothing. unlike past matches. we should have finished them off in the 1st half. some of our play was simply superb and as for the little Mozart, he is showing what a player he really is. he still has the legs of a 25 yr, so AW should give him the contract.

  • gouresh

    sorry, should actually read as gonner. need to disable the spell check

  • para

    WOW, the way we played is the way that puts smiles on my face from the first minute. Wish we could have that same rivalry with ALL teams like with spuds.
    Nothing else to say except let’s treat Villa as if they are Spuds.

  • Stuart

    Gouresh, hahahaha, I love the irony of your second comment.

    Yes Walter, the fans at the ground were fantastic yesterday, I was thinking how it is a shame that ours are the only fans who sing up for the team only if we’re winning and boo if we don’t. We made it very nerving for Spurs yesterday, it’s a shame we can’t be doing this every game from before the ball is even kicked. That’s support IMO

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    I thought you were an Oklahoma fan.
    No shame in that, they have just stunned the Crimson Tide Alabama powerhouse last week.
    Other than that, Clattenburg shied from using his whistle, thus appearing lenient with the Sp*ds, but the game stayed more fluid, which worked in our favor. As to penalties, we were denied the most obvious one as Kyle Walker used his hands to push Nacho.
    This was a whole team performance, but Gnabry, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, and the defense were particularly amazing.
    This year, I feel we can easily beat the Sp*ds at Shite Fart Lame.

  • LRV

    Tony et al, pls indulge me. This is from the BBC report….

    Phil McNulty, BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Emirates Stadium ~~~ Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham ~~~~~~~~~~

    “If anything this was more emphatic than the 2-0 scoreline suggests. Arsenal were vastly superior in all departments to Spurs, who never got anywhere near the level that saw them win at Manchester United on New Year’s Day.”