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November 2021
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November 2021

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Impossible is nothing

By Walter Broeckx

Impossible is nothing. Unless you give up. Now giving up is the easiest way of doing things of course. You can detach yourself from Arsenal right now. A heavy defeat hurts and when giving up, then it might lift the pain.

But that is not really the Untold way of doing it. Looking at the way some people who came on to the site recently react it looks as if they have given up a long time ago. And never believed in this team. I find this a bit strange. This is a team that has been top of the league for most of the season. And in fact I think no other team can match us on that front. It does say something about the quality of this team.

But as they are saying: ‘told you so’ it seems that they never had any hope at all. Living without hope… now that must be a miserable way of living. We all have our bad moments. And I can even understand up to a certain level that the first reaction after the Liverpool match is to be angry and vent your frustration.

But by saying ‘told you so’ it is saying that you never believed in this team. And when you think there is a lost cause anyway, then why the need to be angry? Why the need to show your frustration. In fact it should be us who had and still have hope for this team who should be angry and frustrated. Yet most Untolders stay calm and accept that sometimes things can go wrong. Horribly wrong. Such things can happen.

Finger pointing seems to be the favourite national sport in Goonerland after such a defeat. We all need our scapegoat at times. Giroud is the easy victim. I think this is more born out a frustration that we should have bought another striker than anything else. Giroud admitted that he had a terrible match. OK, this can happen. We will not quarter him and hang him at noon for this.

I even notice that Özil is in the fire line. Yes he didn’t have the best match, like all the other outfield players. I think Szczesny is the only one that cannot really be blamed as he was left standing on his own at times.  Blaming Özil is a bit funny. As before they claimed that Özil is the only reason we are on top. You know because they forced Wenger to spend the money.

But now when things go bad it is Özil who is to blame and should be dropped. As he wasn’t as influential as before in the last weeks.  So in a way aren’t they saying that it isn’t just down to spending the money that we have been this good all season?

Now like I said I don’t want to join the finger pointing at all. Because a team wins matches because they play as a team, and a team loses matches when they don’t play like a team. We fell apart after the bad start and that is down to all the players doing it not right. A collective off day.

In the title of this article I said impossible is nothing. And if there is one thing that this club has shown it is that everything is possible. If you believe in the cause.

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Let us go back two seasons. After a disaster start and losing two top players who could believe we would end up 3rd in the league? Certainly not those who came on here new on this site saying ‘told you so’.

Because I can imagine two seasons ago when we were 12 points behind Tottenham in 3rd place around this time of the season. They were asking the same as they do now: sack Wenger and spend the f*cking money.  We at Untold said to shut up and wait till the end of the season. No, they said the cause is lost we are doomed and will be doomed forever.

And the team showed that impossible is nothing. And they started a comeback when it seemed impossible to do. And at the end of the season it was Arsenal in 3rd place. Why? Not because of the board listening to the Wenger Out brigade. No because the manager gave the players the believe to do it.

Last season we almost had the same scenario. Losing again two of our top players. A bad start left us far behind. And again all seemed lost when we lost at White Hart Lane at the start of March.  Again the same persons came out and told us how it was nothing but doom that was coming our way. I remember as if it was yesterday how I wrote that we shouldn’t give up until it was over mathematically.

And again the manager and the players turned things around. At the start of March we were 7 points behind Tottenham. But at the end of the season we again caught them and finished in a CL place. You can ask Manchester United how high they value 4th place for the moment.

But the main point is that we could come back on the team in front of us being 12 points behind two season ago. We could come back when we were 7 points behind on the team in front of us last season.

So why the hell shouldn’t we believe that we can come back on the only team in front of us that has a lead of 1 point.  In  a way I could say that this looks the easiest task of the last 3 seasons. Not saying we will do it but surely we are in it with a chance.

If after what the team has done to come back in the last seasons, you think it’s all over now after one bad match? Then you truly are a fan of little faith.

We keep calm. We keep the faith. Just as we did two seasons ago and were ridiculed by some. Just as we did last season and were called deluded. So we will do it again this season.

There will be bad matches, good matches, surprises, set backs, defeats, draws… but remember impossible is nothing.  Keep calm and support the Arsenal!


58 comments to Impossible is nothing

  • joe

    Wait we should all know Man Ure will beat us 6-1 Pool will beat us again 7-1 B.M. will thrash us 10-0. spurs will make the top four along with the Pool Chelsea and Man city; Everton 5th Man ure 6th Newcastle 7th etc we will just finish 11th. Our season is all over Arsene will leave the Arsenal Krone will sell jack Ox Theo to Man city Gibbs to Chelsea etc. Sorry its all doom doom doom. That should shut u p all the prats that keep I say again keep knocking our club. For crying out loud if you don’t love our team P..s off get lost .

  • Florian

    I’m all the more looking forward to the next match, and the match after, and the rest of the season. If anyone can make an incredible turnaround, it’s Arsenal. COYG!

  • Walter,

    Preach on brother, preach on.

  • Now that Chelsea are top, Mourhino is getting down and dirty with Pellegrini and Man City. I gotta admit that I’m loving it.

    Love or hate the prat but he will give the refs hell for favouring the City from now on and he has already started. He can do it but AW can’t because the former has the media on his side. Maybe we’ll get some fairness finally. We can always hope.

  • Florian


    Funny Mou never claimed anything like that about Arsenal. Makes you wonder indeed.

  • Kenneth Widmperool

    I agree Walter, in the pre-Wenger years everyone would have been really happy so far this season. Makes me feel a bit sad that you even have to write this.
    COYG! Aha and Amen.

  • Pete

    I’ve avoided the Comments since Saturday since no interest in reading the pathetic rantings of the doom and gloomers. But, for those who don’t like the manager, I have noticed that the clubs in the PL this season who have changed their manager haven’t done particularly well:

    5. Spurs. Slight improvement. But after £100mm of rebuilding will likely start again this summer…

    10. Swansea. TBC. But are they doing that badly given significant injuries and the distraction of the Europea League? Why fire their most successful manager ever?

    14. Crystal Palace. Significant improvement. Perhaps because they hired an experienced manager with many years experience at the wrong end of the PL (much as I dislike him).

    17. Sunderland. Significant improvement. Perhaps because the previous manager was a complete nutter. The replacement is experienced in English football albeit in the Championship.

    18. West Brom. Significant decline. This is the most bizarre of the lot in my opinion – this season WBA have won at Old Trafford and should have won at Stamford Bridge. But, notwithstanding, manager fired after 4 defeats despite a great 2012/13. New manager no experience in England. They really deserve to go down.

    19. Cardiff. Significant decline. Almost as bizarre as WBA. New manager no experience managing in England. Deserve to go down too.

    20. Fulham. Decline, albeit from a weak starting point. Again, manager has no experience managing. At all. Likely to go down.

    By contrast, Hull, Villa, Stoke, West Ham and Norwich have stuck by their managers and are seeing their loyalty rewarded, to an extent at least.

  • Pete,

    Sorry but patience is no longer a virtue. Everybody wants their glory and they want it right now. If you preach patience, you are called ‘deluded’.

  • Florian,

    Trust me, when the time comes, Mourhino will have something to whinge about Arsenal but I’m certain that it would not be about us being favoured by the officials.

    I’m enjoying the grief that he is giving City at the moment. Long may it continue.

  • Alex

    In reality wether is 5 to 1 or 1 nil loss is just three points dropped.The manner we lost the game Coupled with the not to add someone on JTW has left a bad taste i guess.

  • Damilare

    Im sorry but colleagues brought that spelling to my desk yesterday at work. I felt amused because I had braced myself for what was coming after anfield defeat. Afterall I enjoy seeing 5pur2 too.

    My point is try and see the bright side of every situation. Not necessarily because it may turn the situation around but it surely turns you on. So as usual Mr Broeckx, thanks for another good article.

    Imho, every Arsenal fan’s reactions to the team reflect their reactions to life itself. E.g. On my way to work this morning, a woman walked pass me complaining that the crowd should have filed up on a line so that she could walk freely. Imagine such thinking in Lagos early in the morning! She immediately reminded me of our friends who seems to know what is right everytime something goes wrong in Arsenal and knows what is wrong everytime things go right.

    According to some of them, they are realist. So it means impossibility is more real to them than possibility.

    To Mr. Attwood, Broeckx or any untolder who knows, are there AMUMU, AMCMC, ACC etc like our friends AAA (they dont like the acronym though)? I mean fans that support a team with a ‘unique’ outlook of/on negativities.


  • Arsenal1Again

    Is it not easier to just point out Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have nothing in the bag that can surprise us the rest of the season. Look at their results and against who.

    When Flamini is back and Rosicky is used and Podolski and Gibbs too, all of whom are the best players we have in their positions, there is NOTHING to be wary about or worried about. I can’t think of anything … plus when Ramsey returns it will likely be even easier for us.

    It’s all ours, we just need to take one game at a time. I have no worries about Bayern or United or Liverpool in the coming games because at this level the frequencey we play and the order we play games in is irrelevant. Arsenal pay the weekly wages they do to make this irrelevant.

  • para

    All i want is that the team PERFORMS, win or lose. It is when we lose and the team has not performed that really sucks, for when we play well but lose, this is then not the fault of the team.
    I hope they are fired up and willing to take “scalps”.
    Arsenal forever.

  • Antique Gunmen

    Spot on Walter. You aren’t alone mate, and certainly far from being deluded. I my self, refuse to accept that our long run of consistency can be banish and turned down in one or two bad (even poor) performances. We’ve proven this after 3-6 Ettihad defeated, get back on top, until this awful 1-5 scored line.
    We were against all odds along the season, but able to sit on top for a long periods, now even with the Anfield trash we still 1 point only from the top. You are right it’s not impossible to do compare from last two seasons before. I even believe that our Arsenal are in the making of their mental winner this year. Champions are used to be stand up right after fallen, no matter how hard it is. That’s they DNA of character. Win over ManUre will separate this “new Arsenal” than the old one. Impossible is nothing for us.

  • Va Cong

    I got the piss taken out of me all weekend with numerous texts. I was like get over it guys who was number 1 most of the season? 1 point a drift it would seem like Manchester United now have a chance for the league!! Chelsea to draw today and arsenal to rip manuare a new one!

  • Va Cong

    You’re right Walter is nothing we’ll make it look easy! 😉

  • Va Cong

    I mean…
    You’re right Walter impossible is nothing we’ll make it look easy!

  • Armin

    Cant wait tomorrow and Sunday, I know this team have spin and stomach and cant wait it to show.
    If we win tomorrow, and I see no reason why shouldn’t, some will say “yes but its only Manure”. Manure wont come weak, apart from their form, apart from bad results, they are coming tomorrow to play derby.
    And I dream of sweet revenge on Sunday, because that will make more harm to Liverpool than what happened at Saturday should hurt us.
    Believe !!!

  • jambug

    Great piece Walter.

    The bit I particularly liked.

    “Blaming Ozil is a bit funny. As before they where claimed that Ozil is the only reason we are top. You know because they forced Wenger to spend the money”

    Brilliant. And doesn’t that show in one sentence the absolute hypocrisy and double talk of these doom mongers.

    The truth is it’s been certain posters on here, Me, Boo and a few others that have actually been saying that his impact on the field has actually been perhaps a little below that of which we might of hoped, and in fact, our rise to the top of the pile has been more down to returning players, bedding in of players, and better organisation (blips accepted of course). We would almost certainly be pretty much where we are now with or without him. I believe so anyway.

    But you’re right. Since we’ve been top they’ve been telling anyone who’d listen how “We told you what would happen if you spent the fucking money”

    The second it goes wrong (in there eyes) they turn on the very thing they’ve been claiming credit for.

    What a bunch of prats.


    “City can do it but Wenger cant…..”

    Spot on.

    It was the same with Fergie.

    Never whinging, always playing ‘mind games’.

    Never biting, always just ‘responding’.

    Never ranting, always full of ‘passion’.

    The Ferghie, Mourhino scenario brings to mind a very famous line:

    “The King is dead, long live the King”

  • @Damilare on point bro,living in lagos nd expecting people nt 2 rush bus is like wishing santa nt 2 put on Red robe.
    @walter I told u so that people will point fingers coz that’s d easiest thing to do in life supporting a club like Arsenal need people wit a very big heart people who see things differently.
    Soory off post did anyone notice the latest news about why Mario Baloteli breakdown I tear @ the weekend. There u can see Lazy journalist nd Media outlet publishing rubbish nd fake news bt I love the way Napoli deal with the story pointing out hw media has been the fall of football by claiming Mario was crying bcoz he was abuse by the Fans when actually notting of such happened on the field. Bring that down 2 the english press who see who see the buying of Ozil has a way to calm the fans while Mata to propel Man utd to top 4. Kind of loving this nd can’t wait to have this season has my Hollywood Box-Office collection.
    Sorry for the long post

  • jambug,

    Hear, hear!

    I have absolutely no problem with Ozil. My problem is with those who ascribe our achievements to him when the going is good. But whenever he under-performs (as is possible with every human), they start blaming his team mates, particularly Giroud, for not responding to his genius.

    They are all hypocrites who only ‘love’ the guy because of how much he costs and the team he used to play for. I’m okay with that as long as they don’t blame others for his inadequacies.

  • Tom

    Do you honestly believe there are people who actually “love” Ozil because of his price tag ?. If anything , I would argue, his price tag is what works against him. People conveniently ignore what Ozil’s game has ALWAYS been at club or country level and demand that he becomes a player he’s never been because Arsenal paid what they did to get him.

    They want him to score more goals , win more 50/50 balls, track back and become more physical.

    Funny how none of his “inadequacies” have never been much of a problem for Real or Germany.

    Since Walcott’s season ending injury and Arsenal’s lack of pace up front , Ozil was destined to struggle and will continue to do so .

    There are certain players who thrive when challenged to adjust their game to new circumstances , I’m just not sure Ozil is one of them.

  • Tom,

    Are you calling Ozil perfect? If not, then he has inadequacies like all other humans. We all take the good with the bad in our relationships and employments. I am certain that his Real and German managers will have their criticism of his game. The fact that you don’t know them does not mean that they don’t exist.

    Talking about the price tag, if Ozil had cost £5m from a mid table French club, he would be getting more stick than he is currently getting. Maybe not from you but definitely from the media and our own “buy brigade”. Ironically, it is people like me who would be defending him against his detractors, you know, like I’ve always defended Giroud and other players less beloved of the media.

    I treat all Arsenal players the same irrespective of their cost or reputation. That is why I have always objected when the great efforts of all our players are undermined by the nonsensical “Ozil lifted Arsenal” line. Bullshit; all our players are lifting Arsenal! It is also the reason why, even though I wouldn’t criticise Ozil, I will not allow other players to be blamed for his faults. All our players deserve to be treated fairly.

  • Tom,

    About that Walcott line, please go and check how many games they play together before blaming Theo’s absence for whatever Ozil is going through. They played few matches together because Theo had his operation shortly after Ozil’s arrival and only played a few matches after recuperation before getting injured. I’ll grant the fact that they compliment each other’s styles but unless you want to tell me that Ozil was STRICTLY bought to play with Walcott then that talking point is invalid. We never heard that the absence of any player ever affected Cazorla now did we?

  • jambug


    Are you honestly saying that people DON’T just ‘love’ things because they cost a lot of money ?

    Life is full of instances where objects, ambitions, and yes even people, are instantly more ‘desirable’ simply because they cost a lot of money.

    It’s a ‘designer’ World in which we live. A World in which anything, from a pair of shoes, to a House, from a holiday cruise to space flight, and yes, to a professional footballer, are instantly more desirable simply because they are so expensive.

    If you cannot see that that is in fact the kind of shallow, money worshipping World we live in, then you must of been asleep for the past 25 years !!!

    So to answer your question, to whoever it might be aimed, yes of course some people ‘love’ Ozil because of his price tag.

  • jambug,

    There you go again using logical thinking, my ‘thick’ friend 🙂

  • Rupert Cook

    There has been plenty of criticism of Ozil in the media and rightly so for his performance on saturday. It doesn’t matter whether he cost a diamond the size of the Koh-i-Noor, if he performs like that again he should be dropped. He has had some very good displays this season but he has had a few too many when he’s been lazy or looked disinterested. Unfortunately he appears to be a player that prefers to be motivated by a team rather than one who motivates it. We’ll see what he can offer tomorrow.

  • Prof. Oyeboh.Razaq

    Enough of the comments of rubbish on Arsenal dismal performance against Livepool. It’s unfair to a team that controlled the top of the table for almost five months. Liverpool were there for only three days; thanks to goal difference. Man City were there for only five days despite their referee-support. Just how long can Chelsea with their big mouth-coach stay there? That defeat was what Arsenal needed to win the league. Believe.

  • Tom

    Jambug and Bootoome tag- team
    According to your logic , football players ( I’ll leave all the other stuff alone as this is a football blog) become more desirable when you slap an outrageously high price tag on them, really? That’s just brilliant 🙂

    I guess we can do away with all scouting networks and stats keeping and just follow asking prices and release clauses when interested in acquiring a player.

    Let me clue you in why high priced players are in fact undesirable by vast majority of clubs , Arsenal included .

    Number one – they demand high salaries which in turn raises club’s wage bill

    Number two – when they don’t outperform other players , those other players begin to look around and say to themselves ‘wait a sec !, I play more minutes ,score more goals and put my body on the line every game but make only half what Ozil ( for example) makes . I want a salary hike and if I don’t get it I’ll pack up and go where I can get it’

    And three- the resale value of expensively bought players is not always kept high. As a matter of fact most players bough at the height of their powers and at high prices loose in value .


    Yes I believe Wenger was thinking Ozil/ Walcott link-up when he brought him from Real , it’s such an obvious paring. A brilliant passer of the ball in the final third, to a fantasticly gifted runner with a nose for goal. Who wouldn’t think that?( don’t answer that 🙂 )

    An example for what might’ve been is the game against Sunderland when Walcott could’ve scored three goals from Ozil’s through balls.
    No other Arsenal player complements Ozil’s vision and passing abilities quite the same.

    And finally , I see you are having a problem letting go , again. Yes I called your friend ‘thick’ , which is something I rarely do ( name calling that is) .
    I only did that because he got his facts wrong and he called me names first , which I guess is the sign of exceptional intelligence according to you but if he is so highly intelligent , as you say , I wonder why he didn’t figure out that my original question about Ozil price tag was directed to you . Is there another Bootoomee perhaps? 🙂

  • Rupert Cook

    Apparently even good old Paddy Barclay, Wenger’s biggest media cheerleader, doesn’t think we have a hope of winning the league and claims that our policy for buying players is massively flawed. We must be doomed!

  • bjtgooner

    It is interesting that the more sinister elements within the AAA, those who plan through discrediting propaganda to undermine Wenger, to have him removed as the first step in replacing the main shareholder, have redirected their present tactics to undermine Ozil. The sinister AAA are assisted in this approach by the brain dead opportunistic AAA, including our resident sewer rat, who will jump at any opportunity to have a go at the club.

    I remember when Ozil was first signed – there was a sense of shock throughout the EPL. There was almost a suggestion that the signing of a major player by Arsenal should not be allowed. We then had all sorts of silly stories regarding his leaving RM – all designed to pretend our purchase was not as valuable as Ozil’s reputation would suggest.

    Now the guy is firmly in the sights of those who destroyed the confidence of a number of our players in the recent past. Such is despicable behavior and must not be allowed to succeed. It is important that tomorrow night our fans get behind all the team, cheer them on loudly and give them all possible support and confidence.

  • Rupert Cook,

    You need to frame and display that Patrick Barclay article in your living room. A hearty congratulations on finally having your anti-Wenger agenda validated by a sane journalist. I am so happy for you!

  • Tom,

    Stop arguing emotionally. You’ve been beaten on logic. Let it go.

  • Tom


    Such a weak reply . I must admit I was expecting better from you.
    Oh well , maybe next time after you regroup.
    See ya.

  • Wengerson

    “Since Walcott’s season ending injury and Arsenal’s lack of pace up front , Ozil was destined to struggle and will continue to do so .”

    As in: he might as well sit on the bench until Theo comes back? Wow!

    Also, I wonder how Theo scored all those goals last season without Mesut.

  • Persian Gunner

    I remember the time that I was praying for Arsenal to sign Ozil, while no one wuss hundred percent sure about the transfer!
    I remember the day when all arsenal fans found Man untd is linked with Ozil and felt the anger and anxiety of losing him and the joy of having him!
    I shouted on Ozil in front of my tv several times, as I should on Arsene Wenger! But I always remember my place: in front of TV!
    In Wenger We Trust!
    Let him do the job to prepare Ozil for the next games
    I enjoyed his comments on Ozil and how hard he is working on his weakness

  • Wengerson @7.15pm,

    Thanks for that logical retort.

    Blaming the absence of any player on the performance (or lack of) of another player is just lame. Besides, Ozil haven’t even played that many matches with Walcott to warrant that sort of reasoning. Players change clubs all the time, so the “X is under-performing because of the absence of Y” line is ludicrous.

  • Persian Gunner,

    I’m in agreement with you about Ozil. I like the guy and wish him well. My disagreement is with those who credit him with Arsenal’s successes but blame his team mates when he under-performs. Or those who want us to believe that he cannot perform without Theo.

  • Pierce Holt

    Someone give us a hand please……WHERE IS MESUT OZIL

    Where’s Mesut Ozil? Arsenal playmaker has made only one assist in his last nine matches…and scored no goals.
    Hodvanishing act is really hurting our title aspirations….

    I hope someone finds him for the ManUre game.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Rupert, you mean today’s view from Paddy Barclay….quite possibly edited and spun for today’s Le Grove?
    He mentions nobody ever comes in for our back room staff…does he mean coaches or medics….or who exactly……ok our injury record ….and recovery record is not the best, and in my opinion, and in the opinion of many, seriously needs looking at. If I could question the club on on aspect, injuries would be right up there.
    Flawed buying of players? Things are changing….and who are they referring to. A bit vague
    He also allegedly mentioned fear of arsenal collapsing if wenger left due to a load of what le grove refers to job creation dross downing tools as their protecter leaves…..just who are these players he supposedly refers to?

  • TJ


    Chelsea drop points against WBA…and lucky to get one point.

    This season is mental anything can happen….

  • TJ,

    Talking about mental, that was how I got when I saw the result. Any kind of win tomorrow and we lead the league again till 22nd.

    It’s a crazy season indeed!

  • TJ

    I watched it. WBA were well worth the point and perhaps got all three. They were at least equal to Chelsea in the second half. I think that guy Berahino is going to be a star of the future if he continues to improve and keeps the attitude he plays with now.

    I don’t want to even think about us dropping pooints tomorrow night, but even if everything goes against us, which lets face it has happened often in the past, worst off we can be is two points off the top going into home games against Sunderland and Swansea, and an away tie against the orcs.

    But a win tomorrow night would put us in a very nice position.

  • Dominic Sanchez Cabello

    Barclay has a book to sell, Mandy. And Le Grove isn’t a bad place to sell it. The writer also rattles on about integrity.

    “The lady doth protest too much…” perhaps? 😀

  • Mandy Dodd

    Very good point DSC. Got to maximise your selling potential amongst the various shades of Gooners fan base I guess.
    Explains why LGs interpretation said very little….and just did not add up.
    Maybe someone will come in for our back room staff after his alleged comments.

    On another note… Roy keane becoming Utds Stewart Robson…..much as I admire him for doing so of course!

  • AL

    The Independent, with Chelsea throwing everything at WBA in the dying minutes to save the game, “There was a late corner for Chelsea that should never have been given when replays showed that Ben Foster had managed to keep the ball in play.”

    Hmm, seems the linos are making too many mistakes this season, mistakes that appear designed to help certain teams. For example, we’re seeing far too many incorrect offside decisions.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Offside decisions…..yes, we were a victim of another clear one against us with liverpools first goal at the weekend, not that motd or anyone else mentioned that
    And no, I am not defending our performance, or the result, just the umpteenth offside decision against us.
    Wonder what Jose’s my little pony bunch will say about this result, after all, he is supposed to be tactically perfect, with an extremely expensive squad…..yet they could only replicate our humble result at west brom?

  • Micheal Ram

    I think some people are just plain ignorant or just stupid. Everybody will have a bad game especially new players. You can only learn from mistakes in football. Pro players know this. If you try too hard or just run like a headless chicken, you either get injured or lose the plot completely. Humility and respect is also important because we gotta accept opponents are better when they are. Liverpool is certainly a top classic team with top class players backed by top class supporters. The win at Anfield was more Liverpool show than Arsenal no-show. And EPL is getting more competitive. What do you expect? Teams to lay down the red carpet whenever they play Arsenal? If a character like Mourinho is glorified, then the whole EPL will do hooks or crooks to win. By rules, form and ethics, we are the only one been consistent through the years. Not in a disneyland anymore but in the wild raw jungle. Arsenal has been in this situation before and they dealt with it admirably since Wenger came in. For f***s sake, we have been on top for most of the season and now a chance to be on top after Chelsea draw. Try to be an example to younger fans by being strong and loyal.

  • AL

    I too felt that first goal we conceded to pool with just a few seconds on the clock was the catalyst to our collapse. Because after that the team is trying to hit back and that leads to more errors. So while the performance was below par, the importance(to Liverpool’s win) of that first goal should not be underestimated. It’s hard to swallow given that it came from a very soft free kick & scored by a player seemingly in an offside position.

    On the subject of Mourinho, I noticed he had a rant at the fact Yaya was let off (he’s not happy his side will now face him in the FA cup this weekend) but just wondering what the media might have made of that had it been Wenger saying the same.

  • Gord


    After the loss, I couldn’t stand to read the endless bad stuff as those we loath come out. And people have written about this on Untold.

    I don’t imagine too many of you read TheRegister, but they are running an article which references a paper. The article title is Trolls Just Want to Have Fun. A comment from TheRegister:

    > “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun … and the Internet is their playground!” write Erin Buckels, Paul Trapnell, and Delroy Paulhus of the Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg, and British Columbia, respectively, in a paper to be published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

    In any event, it seems to describe many of our visitors after losses or bad ties.

  • zuer

    Nice link Gord. ;D

  • Gord

    Thank you zuer. Hopefully when the masses wake up in a few tens of minutes (I think it is 5:30 am in the UK), a few of them might find it interesting as well.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Mandy Dodd, having not been at the meeting I’m not sure in what context these comments should be taken. It’s odd though that a staunch supporter of Wenger would be so unsure of this team’s potential. Isn’t he meant to be a pretty good journalist? Not prone to sudden switches of opinion based on the odd bad performance so I believe.

    Worryingly he also suggests that much of the Arsenal edifice will come crashing down if Wenger leaves because we have a lot of dross on huge wages likening us to a job scheme and if Wenger left they’d see the gravy train depart and down tools.

    This I find extremely hard to believe. We surely can’t be that badly run that if one man leaves, even if it is Wenger, the club will be in free fall. I’d certainly like Mr.Barclay to elaborate on his comments.

  • Persian Gunner

    I find you a fair critic any time you argue with others
    And what you say is right, I mean a little too right! You are trying to get a real justice here which is hard to achive 🙂
    But if you ask me I say again: yes I am still angry of that freaky back pass of Mesut against Crystal Palace, it could cost us the game!
    However sometimes it may be better to support a player, let’s say a Hero player to find his best form, as we always did for some one like Ramsey, Szczezney

  • Persian Gunner,

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I seldom, if ever, criticise our players and as you have noticed I am not against Ozil. I actually think that he has acquitted himself very well in his first season in a new team and a new tougher league. I also believe that he will improve on his weak points but this will take time. I’m always backing ALL our players and that’s why I’ve been persistent in rebutting the blaming of other players for Ozil’s mistakes. Thanks for the reminder of that one against Crystal Palace.

  • Ugandan Goon

    @Bootoomee, Jambug,
    Please calm down , neither Tom or i would dream of slinging mud at our players, we are just thinking aloud on the Ozil and Arsenal question, i don’t think any of us has written anything remotely unjust or wildly spectacular. We are here because we love talking about Arsenal and football.
    Thank you for protecting the players, truly, but they were never the issue, left to our own devices we would probably, have moved on to discussing internal solutions, Gnabry for instance is an interesting solution, the left wingbacks or something, Please give us the credit of some intelligence.
    P.s I think Tom wiped the floor with you, Sorry!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    There used to be a popular saying on t-shirts back in the 70s which aptly stated ,”Nothing is impossible – if you don’t have to do it yourself !”

    While looking for it I found this –

    “Nothing Is Impossible”

    Through You,
    I can do anything,
    I can do all things,
    For it’s You who give me strength,
    Nothing is impossible
    Through You,
    Blind eyes are opened,
    Strongholds are broken,
    I am living by faith,
    Nothing is impossible!

    I’m not gonna live by what I see,
    I’m not gonna live by what I feel

    Deep down I,
    Know that You’re here with me
    I know that, You can do anything

    I believe, I believe,
    I believe, I believe in You