Munich At Home| Heynckes, Pep, Redknapp…


Apparently Harry Redknapp has allowed Bayern to use QPR’s facilities. Not an exceptional story, as apparently many teams visiting London have used Loftus Road over the years. It did strike me as amusing though. You can just imagine Harry loitering around, ready to sell a few ‘bargains’.

‘Accidentally’ he might bump-into Arjen Robben:

“Ello Arjen – fancy seeing you ere! Got some lavely ‘Beyern Munchin’ tea towels in the van – for you, err… forty quid the lot!”

 It wouldn’t stop there… Pep would be taking training; Harry would be on the sideline giving him ‘tips’. Pep would be too polite to tell him to piss of, so instead would assure him that although he liked the idea of signing Jamie Redknapp on a one month contract, he just couldn’t be sure the board would sanction the 20 million in wages.


Tonight’s game reminds me of when Barcelona visited (back in 2010/11) at the height of their power. As a by-product the debate arises as to which team was better. I’ve given it some thought and it’s tricky. Last year Bayern were like Vikings with Roman technology. But Barcelona at their pinnacle were pure coordination, the embodiment that: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Watching them in those years from 2009 to 2011 you had the feeling that a higher force was knitting it all together. As though some bored deity had taken an interest in football. Uefa I hear you say?!

Playing Barca in their prime was like being forced to ride a demoralising carousel. You knew exactly what was coming; yet somehow you were powerless to stop it. And if you tried to leave, a gang of diminutive Spaniards prodded you back into place.

Last season, Bayern’s game was beautifully simple: quick incisive attacks on the flanks, low crosses into the box and thwack! – A goal similar to Podolski’s on Sunday. The typical Bayern goal: Martinez wins possession; Schweinsteiger frees Ribery, who crosses to Muller, who connects sweetly.

Pep has changed a few things, in parts complicating this approach. Wishful thinking perhaps, but my hope, is that by clogging their game with new ideas, they might have lost some of the precision that made them so successful in the first place.

Last season Bayern were terrifying because of their power and efficiency. Barcelona in 2010 – at the other end of the spectrum – were scary because you could finish the game having not touched the ball. This season Bayern often feel like a hybrid of the two…

Tinkering with a perfect team is notoriously hard; Barcelona tried it and they were left with an excellent team. Staying still might well be moving backwards, but moving forward in a different direction can sometimes do the same. Empires crumble internally… and those sentences read as though they were written by Cantona. At any rate Bayern are still the best team in Europe, but are they really any better for diverting from the Heynckes approach? I think not, but I’m probably alone on that.

Anyway, I can’t wait for tonight, it should be a cracker. If it is going terribly, take it on its merits. Losing to a Chelsea team that have ground you to an apathetic paste is one thing, but losing to one of the best teams of the modern era is another. Whatever happens tonight, I’ll try and enjoy it.


            Sagna                 Mert                  Koz             Gibbs

                                    Flamini              Wilshere

                Rosicky                      Ozil                   Chamberlain


 Have a great day and enjoy the game,


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  1. In a strange way I feel rather relaxed about this match.

    If we would beat them and go further: great. No should be GREAT!!!!!
    But based on some numbers that you will find in another article I wouldn’t call it a disaster. But that is my point of view of course.

    I would like us to win the PL more than winning the CL. Just my personal appreciation on things for this season. The PL and the FA cup would be maybe our best chance for now. Maybe next season we could go for the 3 of them. But not yet this season I fear.

  2. What I can advise you is to not lose them out of sight for one second. Here is what I learned from them last weekend when I watched them play on Saturday against Freiburg I think.

    I went to the toilet for one minute, come back and see they have scored 1-0.
    The game went on, nothing happened.
    I had to collect my daughter on the bus station so left for a few minutes and when I returned… 2-0.
    I then had to go again to the kitchen to get something and left for not more than one minute and…yep… 3-0.
    I then stopped watching as I had to start cooking and when I looked at the final score I found out they scored again when I wasn’t watching.

    So my game plan for tonight will be: Don’t go to the toilet, don’t go outside to collect my daughter who will be at home anyway, I will not go to the kitchen at no point in the match even if it would be on fire, and finally I will not start cooking as I will have eaten by kickoff time.

    But the lesson I learned is clear: if you leave them out of your sight for even a short while they can punish you for it. So keep your eyes on the screen I tell you 😉

  3. Funny stuff about ‘Arry! Great read, thanks.

    While I wish the very best for the boys, going out of CL is only going to strengthen our chances for EPL & FA cup. It looks like Man City are already out, and they will avoid mid-week games.

  4. Good article sir.

    @Walter, I feel relaxed about tonight’s match too but unlike you, I would not want to think of us going out of CL yet. We deserve every trophy we can get this season. It’s 50-50 though. Bayern may as well be the best team in Europe today but they need to prove that tonight.

    If we do not concede avoidable goals…our excitement this season would be many.


  5. No matter what happens tonight, I will still be a happy man. Bayern players never praise or wary of any teams they played or did not play this season. Except Arsenal. The way they respect this club, its culture, its manager and its players even before they due to play is the biggest compliment anyone can give us. Take a lesson you morons in media and Chelsea. Especially so called Arsenal fans!

  6. About Champions League, but not Arsenal.

    Everybody knows about the rioting in Kyiv, Ukraine. How does UEFA arrive at rescheduling their game (against Valencia) in Nicossia, Cyprus? In terms of halfway between Kyiv and Valencia, is nominally the Balkans, and I think they are all a little on the unstable side. But two cities which are close to the halfway point, are Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. It seems likely that Nicossia is close to being equi-distant from Kyiv and Valencia, but it really isn’t close to either. Heck, for that matter some place like Athens, Greece might work too.

  7. While they are good , I believe that we on our day are a match when we play to our strengths .While I’m prepared for any eventuality , I do hope we get a good result tonight.
    A prerequisite would be a clean sheet which will aid us in the second and more difficult leg.Any more positives(goals!)would be a bonus !
    Walter , I’ve done my ‘part’ in preparation for this CL fixture ,as is my wont ,and it was swell !
    Up the Gunners !

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  9. Come on Arsenal. Will be watching and hope for a good match(win). As many said, it’s ok to go out to Bayern, but i think our players are not thinking that, and i hope they play like that tonight. A good performance and lose is no disgrace as most fans will tell you. Don’t worry about fixture congestion if we go win tonight, (don’t think we can write off Manc just yet), but don’t forget it is 180 mins, but a win tonight will boost the players, even a loss with a good performance will too.
    So, bring on Bayern now.
    Glad to hear that AW said we DO watch videos of opposition teams, although a given, sometimes it looked as if we did not.
    Defend well and play our own game, not forgetting the Refs in CL are somewhat different to PL, so be careful there.
    Forward Arsenal.

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  11. I think we should all chip in to assist Walter to stay on his seat and with eyes glued on his TV. I offer to supply the sailor’s ropes and coffee beans.

  12. . Men are very confident people. My husband is so confident that when he watches sports on television, he thinks that if he concentrates he can help his team. If the team is in trouble, he coaches the players from our living room, and if they’re really in trouble, I have to get off the phone in case they call him.

    Most women are introspective: “Am I in love? Am I emotionally and creatively fulfilled?” Most men are outrospective: “Did my team win? How’s my car?”

  13. Post Scriptum

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  14. Gord – Guessing because there is some kind of expat Ukrainian community in Cyprus (there is certainly a Russian one)? As it is their “home” leg I guess they want to chisel out whatever meagre advantage they can get?!

  15. Walter,
    I fear you may have created a new trend in watching Arsenal progress in the CL.
    Thousands throughout our land not daring
    to leave the comfort of the TV. In contorted shapes in order to forget full bladders. Not daring to answer the ‘phone,
    door, wife upstairs or calls of nature.
    All for the sake of supporting our great Club in yet another CL campaign.
    I’m already worried about the second leg!

  16. Tonight we play the most efficient club team in world football. Not as easy on the eye as the great Barca team but just as ruthless given the chance.

    Trying to knock-out the current holders looks mission impossible but “football’s a funny old game”, as someone once said.


  17. How could you be so pessimistic toward our team???
    They beat us once and we beat them once.

    I do believe as well that we are going to attack them. Why ?
    Because that is how we won last time at their turf.

    2-1 to us .

  18. Some defeatist words almost from Walter. You don’t think we can win all three competitions? Traitorous talk.

    Of course I understand your stance but if I’d have said this I’d meet all sort of invective. I want a win though I doubt we’ll win the tie but I don’t want us hammered at home by Bayern, we don’t need the players losing any confidence at this stage of the season.

    We’ve got a good chance of a domestic trophy this season and an extended presence in the CL could derail that. Though if Ramsey returns soon and Sanogo delivers maybe the team can deal with all three challenges.

  19. Rupert Cook,

    I call it more realistic. Tomorrow you will understand my point of view better when one of my next articles will be up.

  20. @Walter, I was teasing you. I agree with you and I’ll be interested in your take on it in your article.

  21. @Mick,
    Holy **** Wenger is brave, man that is why I love this man, nobody can tell him what to do if he see it right. Hope it works and Sanogo gets a hat-trick (Ok I know am exagerating, but dreams have no logic) COYG…..
    Hope the players have no pressure on them as we are here, will most of us.

  22. Good luck Sanogo get in there and give us a couple of goals mate!
    Aha and Amen!

  23. Putting Sanogo out in the place of Giroud is a big big warning for the Frenchman to not mess around too much. I wonder if Giroud has written fin de cariere at Arsenal with his private messing around? I think Wenger will not have been amused a lot.
    But as we know Wenger he will always forgive his players when they make mistakes and are ready to make up for it. So Giroud still might have a chance but I think he will have to perform at the top top level and behave in a responsible way.

  24. Sonogo in, Giroud on bench. Is Arsene letting go of CL to concentrate on EPL?
    He probably/certainly knows what he’s doing, certainly better than me!

  25. On the other hand Bayern defenders having prepared whole week for Giroud suddenly facing an unknown player that nobody really knows. Can he profit from this? The answer can be seen in the next 2 hours

  26. Sammy,
    I don’t want to speculate on speculations. After all someone might have hacked his twitter account….

  27. @Sammy, counter attack, Sanogo run wide which help deploying this tactic better than Giroud.

    Will Yaya be the magic of this game, the winning player, MOTM by the end. Hope so, ok, am over reacting but come on am in love with Arsenal. COYG come on, destroy those bavarians…

    Ok need to calm down a bit :s

  28. Interesting. Is he thinking that Sanogo is the better striker? Or is he saving Giroud for league games and possibly sacrificing the CL? One thing for certain, Bayern wouldn’t have expected it.

  29. Ok Arsene, that’s another audacity of hope. Sanogo CL debut against bayern. Behind the coach and the boys all the way. Good luck Yaya…he just might do what toure couldn’t do yesterday.

    @Walter, you are spot on about Giroud. AW does not like excesses very much.

    Hopefully this would have the same effect on him as did Czsny last year when Fabiansky took his place.


  30. Right chaps, coffee made, brandy to follow, peanuts and crisps on the coffee table, can’t wait for kick off, lets go. Good luck to Arsene and the team.

  31. Uefa, fair play my a**

    If football authority cant ban divers, really this game os going to become really s**t. Suarez, young and this c*nt should be banned for 10 matches for dives like these. So obvious..!!! Video replays should get in this game.

  32. @Rupert cook, please calm down. Im not watching the match but I want somebody who is confirm that we are not doing badly at all as arseblog live commentary suggests. Yeah penalty missed by both teams, we are down to 10 men. That won’t be news again. Anybody?

  33. @Bootoomee
    Well at least Rupert is watching the game this time, that’s a step in the right direction.

  34. Robben had already missed the goal so it was not a goal scroing opportunity. Contact was minimal and instigated by Robben himself.

    Let’s hope for an heroic second – half for the ten against the twelve.

  35. @Damilare, Arsenal is actually playing really well. The first 10 minutes or so, I would go as far as to say Arsenal were dominating the game. Then it evened out. Sanogo has been doing great tracking back a lot and helping the defense.

  36. Damilare,
    We are playing one of the best halfes this season, if Ozil didnt miss the penalty, we could have been 2 goals up by now, still our form dropped a little after the penalty, giving possession to bayern, then we came back, could have scored again, Neuer saving them. The penalty was harsh and a dive by the Robben c*nt. I dont blame the ref, I blame Uefa for not putting video replays and not banning the divers or punishing them.
    Monreal has played well until now, although Gibss was on fire, Sanogo was amazing, better than Liverpool game.
    We were so good until the damn Red card. This must be stopped.

  37. imo this is a game for Poldi not Giroud, …..
    I love the way that Sanogo chases and closes players down…still reckon he might get one,keep gonig mate!
    Any news on Gibbs?
    Aha and Amen COYG!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Damilare,

    Trust me, we are not doing badly.

    It’s now tougher since we are a player short but the team has already exceeded the critics expectations. We defending VERY well but our attack is now very blunt. I’ll very satisfied with a 0-0 result.

    But, my brother, please ignore the gloom and doom merchants who never see anything good in our team.

  39. @Damilare

    Don’t listen to the troll – he is in negative overdrive.

    We played well until the red card for Szcz, then we hung in well. It will be difficult in the second half, but let’s hope.

    The troll slimed his way onto this thread earlier in the hope he could make a negative commentary.

  40. Szeszeny very rash.

    @Damilare, I’m so sorry. In short we started brilliantly and then lost a little impetus possibly owing to the penalty miss. Slowly ceded control of the game to Bayern but we’re defending well though they’ve breached us once or twice a little too easily. Could hold out for a nil nil draw.

  41. BTW, redaction ( i guess ) and our home fans did great, they saved us the penalty by Booing. If those fans can start games like that, Rupert, and other teams dont foul us everytime we have the ball ( just like Bayern today, playing mostly clean) them the team can play as good as u wanted. See but your type of (monreal isnt good enough ) of fans destroy our team moral

  42. One of the commentators said that ‘Boateng could not be booked because he was booked earlier’ or words to that effect… but then quickly ‘corrected’ himself by claiming he did not understand that rule!

    What rule is he talking about?

  43. Whatever you do though don’t respond to the fascist little turd who cowardly insults people from behind his computer. You know who you are, you piece of shit so if you want to meet me and sort out your fucking problems you can. Got that asswipe?

  44. @Kenneth Widmerpool

    So far, the BBC hasn’t taken any time out from bashing Arsenal to say anything about Gibbs. I don’t know about other “news sources”.

  45. @Yassin. Monreal has made a few key mistakes in recent games so he’s a worry. Still think we can snatch a draw because we’ll focus on scrambling a point.

  46. @Jerry, Yassin, bjtgonner and Bootoomee thanks for the update.

    I won’t mind if our tactics for 2nd half is just containment and counter. At this point, I will applaud a goaless draw as I would a win.

    I also have confidence in all our boys especially those who would come on in the 2nd half. Now they all know what is at stake…bayern is stoppable and of course beatable.


  47. @Kenneth Widmerpool

    Nothing official, but there were a couple of twits on twitter that think it is a hamstring injury.

  48. Our fans were brilliant today, its a shame this c**t robben ruined their day, this could have been a good game to tale a push for the league, but that a***ole dived, again. Still UEFA doesnt care about fans wanting to watch fair play…

  49. Sorry but I can’t stop blaming Ozil for this result
    I mean yes! We could have this penalty and the red card later in the game, but scoring that early goal would win us the game
    I’m so sad, crushed maybe

  50. Beware the troll;

    “If an unfortunate person falls into their trap, trolling intensifies for further, merciless amusement. This is why novice Internet users are routinely admonished, ‘Do not feed the trolls!’,” the study warned.

    Goodnight fellow gunners.

  51. Cheers Gord, thats really bad news if it is his hamstring…

    Lets all give a big cheer to Robben, for destroying a good game of football and creating a second half that was horrible/boring to watch.Cheers Robben, youre a real sportsman.

    Shame the lads couldnt hang on to just one goal. Well done to the Flam for trying to fight as much as possible and keep the lads rallied.

    Fuck it, its not over yet, its still on for the second leg.

    Chins up Untolders, even if the blood pressures up a bit.

    Aha and Amen!

  52. Anyway, am proud of this team for what they put in this game, 1st goal was a Master shot from outside, noway Fab could save. Second was after the team got tired, playing with 10 players, after the hell of a run of games we had before. We deserved more from this game. Still again,how can the ref not see that robben after hitting Sczez, stood on his leg, then jumped and turned around in air and to the ground, I dont know.

  53. Unfortunate result, but the team worked their b***s off trying to keep the tie alive – they were great – one could not praise their efforts enough. The fans were also great – trying to lift the team – in contrast to a certain negative troll.

  54. One of the most painful losses ever
    It was like sensing the victory and raising hand to grab it, it was soooooo close, suddenly, bam! Every thing destroyed!

  55. Very good performance considering the situation. A brave display. The CL is where we lose all our luck.

  56. All the german pundits say it should have been a yellow as the foul was not aggressive and he did pull away from robben.
    Anyway well done lads, i cannot fault you, except Ozil, who should have been taken off instead of Carzola. He really needs a rest, he looks so weak atm.
    So now hope we can recover in time after that grueling session.

  57. @bjtgooner come on you little coward, you want to creep out from behind your computer and say something to my face. Come on you fucking bully.

  58. Arsene was really upset, he was there to win it and we could win this game, we could

  59. Sorry that was a penalty. Robben made a great move and the gk made an error. He had to go.

  60. Weak penalty? Yes, however, Ozil created the chance by sheer magic. Go easy on the lad, we wanted a recognised World Class player and we have one, he’ll only get better!!!

  61. Persian Gunner,

    I hate to apportion blame on days like this but I agree with you. I think that someone else should be taking our penalties. Ozil is just too laid back and banking on flair to score. I prefer a player who just smash it in as close to the post as possible. Alaba’s penalty is a mile better; that’s how I like penalties taken. Alaba’s was unlucky while Ozil’s was just lackadaisical.

    I know I’m sounding like a hypocrite but Ozil should not be taking our penalties.

    Anyway, let’s focus on the PL (and the FA cup) now.

  62. Why are you always talking bad and aggressive about Rupert?
    If I were in his shoes I would never came back here, but he comes and talks about things, I am not always agree with him but he is a fair person
    Stop that please

  63. @negative troll

    I am happy that you have identified yourself. Your use of foul language shows your utter lack of class. Attack me at any time – I prefer you to do that rather than your normal underhand backstabbing of the team, manager and club.

  64. @bjtgooner, come on asshole you want a response, you’ve got one. Meet me face to face you cowardly little bully. You’re a revolting little nothing. Fuck off.

  65. Rupert Cook,

    You need to make your mind. You wrote that Szcz has to go only to then say that it should have been a yellow a few minutes later. And you have the gut to call me a liar? At least I am not hot and cold at the same time.

    Could you please provide the evidence of my lie(s)?

    It’s your lucky day today; we lost. Please don’t hurt yourself with excessive celebration.

  66. @negative troll

    Be careful what you wish for!!

    Continued use of foul language impresses no one; ah well… I suppose we cannot expect much better from you.

  67. There are some people on here that are just fascist little shits. They detest any debate and sink to insults. Well right now I’m tired of cowardly little bullies who really should be warned to lay off others. Anyway I now these sorts, they’re all mouth behind a computer but they’re basically cowards.

    Bjtgooner, you’re a despicable little troll and WUM. Time to piss off.

  68. Bootoome
    Yes , and the worst part was he lost all of his confidence just after that shot
    At the start of the game we were fantastic, we found empty spaices in their defence and had just the same amount of goal attempts, but after that Ozil lost his spirit and played nervous
    I can’t blame “luck” here, we had luck, we just throw it away

  69. Cowards or lion hearts , we are all upset about the loss
    So please stop bullying each other, here is the last place I have to talk about Arsenal, we are football fans and it is all about taking the pain

  70. @Bootoomee

    Thanks, I am amused by the antics of the (suddenly macho) troll – calling him out has hit a nerve! The idiot is trying to be a bully and claim he is being bullied at the same time!

  71. @bootoome, I don’t want Arsenal to lose. Don’t talk rubbish. According to the rules of the game it’s a red but in the spirit of the game I’d have given a yellow as the red ruined the whole spectacle.

  72. dan,

    No one doubts Ozil’s ability as a player but he sucks at taking penalties. It’s not automatic that a player will be both great at getting penalties and scoring them, you know? Nwankwo Kanu, not unlike Ozil, got penalties regularly in his prime but he rarely ever scored them.

    I hope that Arsene Wenger gives somebody else that responsibility.

  73. Rupert Cook
    February 19, 2014 at 9:48 pm
    Very good performance considering the situation. A brave display. The CL is where we lose all our luck.

    Common! How can you call this a negative comment!

  74. @Bootoome,
    Agree with u on that Ozil shouldnt take the penalty. And I was expecting u to be the first to call for a win in the second leg.

    Anyway still as Dan said, Ozil got the penalty in the first place. The game was all ours, we could have won it until that Robben. Anyway, I wish we could have a bit more luck someday, please.

  75. Persian Gunner,

    Don’t worry about our little tango with Rupert Cook. I think the guy enjoys it.

    I like it when he acts all macho while hiding behind his computer and then accuse others of hiding behind theirs 🙂 He is a funny guy who couldn’t remember what he said 2 minutes ago.

  76. If you ask me, I believe it was right. the penalty and the red card
    I even think that Ozil took a very professional penalty, and I say he was suspicious for offside
    But who cares, the game is over, he lost that oppertunity and we lost a game that we could win

  77. I saw the last 20mins of the game. Was going to be difficult with 10 men.

    And before our friends roll out their drums, blaming ozil and everybody, I will say this result does not finalise our season. We can draw inspiration from our performance at munich last year.

    The red card on Czszsny should have been yellow. The ball was going wide, not goal bound at all.

    It’s only half time this time. Onward, forward, upward to the next match.


  78. We are not unlucky, we are not mature yet
    I mean upfront, in defencive manners we are fantastic, simply the best
    But losing opportunities like that! It is really childish in this level
    I really like Sonogo he has the vision and the spirit
    I love Ox, but we are not there yet, we can’t kill the game

  79. @Persian

    I know you are trying to be helpful, bur you are prolonging this part of the debate. My first comment was made after: –

    “Rupert Cook
    February 19, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Ozil’s nerves got the better of him. Dreadful penalty.

    Rupert Cook
    February 19, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Monreal really is not good enough. So unlucky that Gibbs got injured.”

    Hardly positive comments.

  80. @Persian

    Totally agree, if the Ozil pen went in the crowd and public would of been screaming “Class”

  81. Yassin,

    Of course, I am rooting for Arsenal in the return leg and hoping for a 3-0 win. However, since we are doing so well domestically, I am not that crazy about the ECL; at least not this season. I just want that EPL title so badly that I won’t be so sad to see us out of ECL if it will help us focus better domestically.

    On Ozil, we cannot continue to excuse everything he does wrong by how great he is. I am not knocking him but I think we need another 3rd penalty taker. There is unlucky penalty and poor penalty. His is the latter. Let somebody else try.

  82. Ok Rupert, by the law of the game, for the last defender to be red carded for a professional foul, the attacker should have:
    1- control the ball, which Robben didnt.
    2- have a goal threat, which after the ball was going out, he threw himself, cause he couldnt grt to it.

  83. dan,

    And they would only have been blowing smoke up his ass. Maybe it’s because I am a big fan of smashing it as far away from the keeper as possible but I have never hailed anyone for taking cheeky penalties talkless of calling them ‘class’.

  84. Bad piece of luck, and some inevitable liabilites haunted Arsenal today.
    Monreal is weak in covering runs like the one of Robben. Gibbs is superior in that. What a bad luck with his injury today.
    Wilshere can be brillinat going forward, but is so weak in defensive positioning.
    Bayern attacked mostly from our left side. Both goals and penalty came from that side.

    What a brave decision by Arsene to give Yaya Sanoga a debiut in CL in such a tie! Our manager has big balls!

  85. Can people show a little more respect to Rupert?! Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, remember his posts are courteous and sincere. More importantly still… they are worth reading. Can you really ask for more on a blog that is built by different people debating via a forum?

    It pisses me off – things are nuanced and the blog is a better place with Rupert.

  86. Yes Bootoome am with u on the Ozil penalty taking issue, and I was responding to other commenters when I said it was he who got it. Sorry didnt make it obvious.

    Persian Gunner,
    On the replay, Ozil was on line with last defenders, which by law, he is not offside.
    Penalty, maybe, still not a red, he didnt control the ball, and he wasnt going to score of Scezney didnt hit him, plus Scezney didnt try to foul him, he was only on his way, so didnt intend to make a foul.

  87. Dominic Sanchez Cabello,

    Thanks for the reconciliation effort but naaaaah 🙂

    Look, I really think that Rupert Cook enjoys it.

    Anyway, I’ll try to behave but no promises.

  88. People trying to justify what Szczesny did… 100% red card. Robben had brought the ball under his control but then Szczesny made the stupidity.

    ‘we never get the rub of the green in Champions League.’ And who is to blame? The referee ???
    As long as Wenger is the Arsenal manager the team won’t win sod all in the UCL.
    UCL is a big stage and you need high caliber managers to achieve success. Something Wenger isn’t. And the proof is there for all to see when Arsenal faces a top team…
    In this level you need to be good motivating players and have tactical knowledge. Wenger has been exposed time and time again as a tactical clown and become complacent. So what did you expect today ?
    After the fist minutes, when Arsenal performed well, Bayern were dominating the game (before the sending off). Arsenal under massive pressure and just defending, inviting more pressure.
    Even with 11 men on the pitch, Wenger was outclassed again. If you paid attention you could see Lahm had plenty of time and space to cross the ball easily into the danger area.
    People always criticise Mourinho for being negative in big games but Wenger does the same. The difference is that the Portuguese manager has a more discipline team with good counter attack tactics to make the difference while Wenger doesn’t have the players and tactics to counter attack. Oh, and he unlike Mourinho is a complacent loser. A ‘specialist in failure’ if you prefer.
    The second goal was a joke. Koscielny going forward and then doing nothing, allowing Müller to score. Flamini, more of the same when Kroos had all the time and space in the world to shoot.
    And people still blaming the referee instead of placing the blame where it belongs…Pathetic stuff, really.
    I guess nobody noticed Ozil was in an offside position when the penalty was awarded…
    Finally, Wenger was a complete idiot for playing Sanogo in this game. What did he expect ? Sanogo to score against a top team? I know Giroud is bang average and he rarely scores against top sides but c’mon…
    Anyway, Wenger had all the summer to find a good striker and he chose to sit on his hands. Nothing new really. He always refuses to address the glaring problems in the team. Then, another opportunity came in January but Wenger f*cked up again. You can’t really take Wenger seriously.
    Podolski will definitely leave…

  89. @Dominic

    Does the rupert show respect to the manager & team?
    Did he call AW a “French Elephant”?

    Are his reports courteous?
    Have you counted the number of foul words he used tonight?

    Did you reprimand him when he implied Walter was a liar? – or did you acquiesce?

    I understand all of us want a site without conflict – but who is that has consistently made snide remarks about the team over the last 18 months or two years?

    Why do you single out only those who defend the team, for criticism?

  90. Bitgooner
    You know, I ‘m just trying to help myself mate
    Cause for me, “untold” is therapy
    And if you ask me, I said the same at home when Gibbs got injured
    I know Nacho is a fantastic player, hard worker and deciplined, but he lacks the pace and offensiveness of Gibbs
    Nacho did his job with no mistakes, but it was what I said when he came in

  91. Gassing I watched it from channel plus and they showed the sence just once, I’m not sure, I can be wrong
    Red card was harsh, but if the ref called a penalty he should give the red card as it was the keeper and there was no other person between the gaol and striker
    And I’ m just trying to be realistic here, I would be more than happy if Arsenal had won this game by an offside goal and wrong penalty
    I am an Arsenal fan

  92. Yassin
    Sorry my tablet has this auto correcting keyboard things!
    It changed your name 🙂

  93. The team is strong enough to take criticism Bjt and unfortunately not everyone is positive… also when does ‘defending the team’ become attacking the person who disagrees? For me that’s where the problems arise. It is perfectly acceptable to pick Rupert’s arguments apart, but to approach them with no interest in reaching an agreement that’s what annoys me.

    It’s his choice to call AW a ‘French Elephant’… and it’s so ridiculous it needn’t really be answered. Regretfully it is also his choice to call Walter a liar – something Walter has proved he isn’t

    And about the ‘foul words’, we’ve heard them all before mate – rather I was called a ‘twat’ than something more relevant to my character (careful! :p). I also wouldn’t lose any sleep over someone losing their rag and challenging me to a virtual duel.

    Anyway, I write for this blog because I think it is the most enlightened/tolerant.

  94. @Dominic

    So just to clarify – you write for the blog because you you think it is the most enlightened/tolerant – OK fine.

    But part of that tolerance is accepting criticism of the team. I could agree with that if the criticism is constructive – when it is deliberately destructive, snide and repeatedly so then I lose all respect for the perpetrator, especially when he has shown that he will not listen to reason or logic and further, slurred Walter’s character rather than accept his data – and as you write for the site you should be aware of that.

    Your level of tolerance is such that you can accept the rupert calling AW a “French Elephant” – that doesn’t need to be answered? Similarly it is OK that it is the rupert’s choice to call Walter a liar – but everyone must be nice to the rupert? What a load of nonsense.

    Further; the rupert using foul words – by you that is OK because we have heard them all before? but everyone must be nice to the rupert? (I am pleased that you now admit that the rupert used such language – thus you would now have to agree that your initial comment that the rupert was courteous is bunkum.)

    Dominic, I have enjoyed your articles and look forward to reading some more of them, but your reasoning tonight is total bollocks.

  95. My reasoning is just about in tact, granted I’m typing on a phone after a few beers so my delivery has suffered.

    And yes RE the “French Elephant” – my level of tolerance is exactly that, that I can flatly ignore such a statement. Besides take solace in it being such a inapt metaphor… Wenger is the picture of slimness. And if he meant it literally, just remember: Wenger isn’t an Elephant. (

    And no, not exactly BJT: I’m not asking people to ‘be nice to Rupert’, just to respectfully let him voice his opinions. If you think they are nonsense… disagree, disprove, ignore. Your call. Just try not to be purposefully confrontational with your delivery (dare I say as you might have been to me?). If both sides of the debate are sincerely searching for an agreement, then more often than not they’ll come to one.

    Rupert is normally courteous, from the comments I have read… courtesy erodes if it isn’t returned.

    And thanks. Anyway this isn’t worth arguing over so I’m off to have nightmares over Arjen Robben’s terrible smile. Good night Sir.

  96. @Dominic

    Well if the rupert was respectful to AW and the team, then it would be easier for other contributors to take him seriously, after all – courtesy erodes if is isn’t returned – or if it isn’t given in the first place!

    Just to recap – the rupert has a long history of negative snide comments, so we are not at the start of a new relationship, there is an established negative aspect to his character and reputation – perhaps you could persuade him to change. I think everyone would welcome that.

    Interestingly, the rupert was challenged a few weeks ago to do just that – did he? – hell no! Perhaps you can be more persuasive!

    I am fairly convinced that the rupert’s “opinions” are designed to provoke, to distract from the subject under debate and to undermine the manager – almost like an accidental or intentional offshoot of the anti-Arsenal media campaign. To be persuaded otherwise I would like to see the rupert change the tone of his comments considerably and for an extended period – for at least as long as his ongoing negative mode!

    What indeed will you dream about – the Robben smile on the rupert grin?

  97. Dominic Sanchez Cabello,

    I think that everybody on Untold come here by there own volition. Let people sort out their arguments how they see fit without taking sides, especially as a peacemaker.

    Rupert Cook can give as much as he get and I really think that he enjoys it (no joke). But I have issues with peacemakers who ignore the remarks of one side while trying to muzzle those of the other.

    Rupert Cook’s first comment that I responded to on this thread was:

    “Monreal really is not good enough. So unlucky that Gibbs got injured.”

    You could say he has the right to express his opinion but I also have the right to tell him to stop running our players down on a website that is pro-Arsenal players. Now, how come it’s only those who disagree with him that are always chastised by the peacemakers? I understand general appeal for calm but I object to making some here (who actually act in line with what Untold Arsenal is all about) to look like the bad guys and the troublemakers.

    Oh BTW, some of us don’t care about politeness; we care about the contents of the comments and not the tone.

  98. Take it easy on CL. To be honest, the team isn’t ready. The quality is there. Quality-wise, the team might be slightly weaker than the giants. That gap is managable.

    But there are many young players and they haven’t won anything yet. Look at Man City getting beaten (and Man U last year), you can see the gap between a top team in EPL and the really top team in the world.

    The team might have enough resrve to fight for all 3 competitions if there are no injuries and players being out of form. Reality however, is that we have injured players (ie Ramsey + Walcott) and then a few guys not performing Ozil, Giroud. So it is time to be practical. Concentrate on FA cup and EPL. The team does not have enough experience and reserve to handle all three.

  99. Saw the last few minutes of the game ,so not really able to comment .Broke my own rule of not watching CL games as I seem to jinxed it ! Damn !
    But I suppose we’ll go over there and win the ‘dead rubber” !

    With so much mention of dirt , shit , animals , unbathed masses and smoke up arses , this should fit right in here !


  100. Dominic,

    I have been reading untold for years and there are those who are blatant trolls like sperez and those who ate equally insidious but more…I think the word is subtle…and that’s Rupert. Subtlely trying to divert the debate. Change the debate. Define the debate under his own definitions of events to obscure tthe truth LD the actual events.

    He lies. He obscures. Why he doesn’t just hang out at le grove with his ilk I do not know. He and the other trolls are less able to hijack debates these days because so many excellent posters have now become regular posters and as such the topic tends to stay on topic.

  101. @Sav from Australia – exactly my sentiments! These trolls only appear when we do badly…

    People who believe that Rupert’s comments are fair don’t know the spiteful character he is! Some of the old timers on Untold can vouch for the fact that he is malicious and there is enough evidence on Untold to prove that…he is a double talking hypocrite and his colours are most visible when the team is doing really badly…that’s when Rupert talks…if you don’t believe me look at most articles around the start of the season and you will see him spewing venom on the manager not buying players and our loss to Aston Villa!

    @Rupert – everyone here is a fascist…go get a life son!

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