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November 2021
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November 2021

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Per and Tomas sign new deals and memories of past games

By Walter Broeckx

With the spring in the air it was time for some good news must have been the thought of Arsenal.

Well it is an early spring where I live and already the first flowers are making themselves visible. This really is early.  Temperatures rising to even 15°C in the weekend is the forecast. Add to that some sunshine and we might have our first day out on the outside terrace or patio. If you ever visit Belgium in the summer just look at the pubs and their outside tables. This is where we like to sit with a lovely beer brewed in Belgium in hand or in my case a light soft drink.

After this brief holiday advice I will however return to the reason I started writing this article: Per and Tomas.  The news appeared on the Arsenal website on Tuesday and really made my day.   I have been a big fan of Per and have written a dozen articles about our big German defender.  This really is for me all that I want in a player. Of course we all would like the Messi, Ronaldo player but you cannot have 11 of them in one team. You might score 10 goals each match but the chance you concede as many is rather big.

So you need defenders. And if possible big is an extra. You don’t really need them all that big as Per as that also might be not what you need. But one such giant defender is great. And certainly when he not only has the legs but also has the brains. We have seen enough big defenders who don’t use their head. But with Per you know that you have one that will use this in his advantage.

Reading the pass before the striker even realises what pass he is going to make is something that he does rather often. Of course this goes unnoticed as it isn’t fancy at all. But I remember sitting in the North Bank the other day and seeing him make a tackle to block a pass that I still wonder how on earth he saw that pass coming.  And by blocking that pass he stopped what might have turned in to a dangerous attack for Sunderland. In fact there was a big sheer from the Gooners in the stadium when he made that block tackle. We may have a few idiots as fans but the vast majority does seem to know a good player when they see one.

What also is  nice about Per is that he has been a fan since he was a kid.  And that he is very proud to wear the shirt. As he said and I copy this from the Arsenal website: “On my first visit to England as a boy I brought an Arsenal jersey as a souvenir and was so proud wearing it when playing football with my friends. Many years later, I have become a real Gunner, being even more proud to wear the Arsenal jersey. I am truly thankful to the Club and all the supporters for the time I have had here so far. And today I am deeply proud to have extended my contract with Arsenal. I’m proud to be a Gunner.”

I know what you mean Per, I completely know what you mean. I’ve been there myself although all I could afford myself at the time was an Arsenal scarf.  But I wore it with pride at the time. Still do of course. Not that one as it got lost when moving house later on but now I have my official Arsenal scarf I got when I renewed my membership.  And the others I bought myself in the Armoury.  But I must admit that I never really got to the playing myself part that Per did got in to. Oh well, can’t have it all….

The fact that Tomas Rosicky also signed an extension to his contract is also something that makes me happy. I have known him from his days at Borrusia Dortmund.  Didn’t he also score a penalty against us one day? I hated him on that moment but I knew that he was a fine player and one that I would love to see in the Arsenal shirt.

I got my wish. And Rosicky is one of those players that will always have a special place in my heart.  As I have said before my first ever trip to the Emirates was a bit of a heroic battle (ok a bit exaggerated) against the bad forces. My car broke down, had to rent a car in Maidstone to continue the trip, my phone suddenly didn’t work in England,  had booked tickets not via the official ways (I know I have sinned will never do it again)  but it was for a good cause. It was to make sure that my children would have the same experience I once had when I saw Arsenal play for the first time.

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But we got our tickets and we all were amazed by the sensational sight of the Emirates and Arsenal playing Bolton. But still having a bit of a bad feeling about the trip and how to get back home when the game started. And to make things worse after 11 minutes Anelka opened the score for Bolton.  Knowing that as I started my Arsenal supporting career with a home defeat all those years ago I hoped and prayed that my children would not have to undergo this. Can you imagine having to get back home with a half a decent car after a defeat….

And who came to my rescue at that moment? Yes Tomas Rosicky. I still can see it when I close my eyes how Tomas anticipated that cross coming in from the right flank and he got first on to the ball and scored my first ever Arsenal goal at the Emirates.  The delight I felt at that moment will always be linked with Tomas. He literally started to save my day at that moment.  Later on Cesc Fabregas made sure of the win at the start of the second half.  The reason why also Cesc always had a very very special place in my heart. They both saved my day and turned the nightmare in to a sweet memory.

So Tomas Rosicky possibly leaving was something I didn’t want to happen and now I can be relaxed about it.

Great to have both these top players at our club for the future. Long may they stay, long may they be part of our great club. Thank you for signing.

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8 comments to Per and Tomas sign new deals and memories of past games

  • Jax

    Yes, good to see these two re-sign and Aaron get a deserved pay increase, but to quote Dennis Bergkamp (from many years ago when there was speculation over him renewing his contract) “the main signature is the Boss’s”. Will Arsene re-sign or resign?

  • WalterBroeckx

    OFF TOPIC: For an unknown reason (yet) to us the site this morning did strange things. The main page loaded but when you tried to read an article it suddenly went wrong and you got redirected to another website.

    It seems to have been fixed now but accept our apologies for this annoying situation. Well it certainly was annoying for us.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Great news ,hope Sagna also extends his contract as his experience is still needed.

  • Pat

    You’re right, Walter, it definitely was the news to raise the spirits and make us feel positive. Two great players who make a fantastic contribution to the team.

    I was glad Arsene Wenger also reminded everybody the other day that, in spite of what the media keeps saying, Arsenal always has a strong run in to the end of the season. Looking forward to it!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Rosicky video scoring against Arsenal for a change… and this one

    imagine what could have been without the injury…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A Chelsea fan no doubt ! From I-resign website .

    Money Talks to Business Development Director from London

    Why did you resign?
    I was offered another job with a better car than my boss’s

    What are you going to do next?
    Going to work for a competitor who is going to double my salary

    Dear J.

    Thanks so much for meeting me this morning. I know your time is precious so just a quick note to clarify my position. Sadly (and I think you know what’s coming), I’ve decided not to take up your offer of more money and a new Peugeot. Actually, I’d rather like to spit on your offer of more money and a new Peugeot. You’ve got balls; I’ll give you that. But what’s the point of having big balls if you’ve only got a weenie bat (Janet told the whole office). What sort of idiot do you think I am to even consider accepting your trifling gesture, this pittance, this worst of kind of tokenism?

    Anyway, take this as written notice. I’m off; outta here, following my yellow brick road (in a Mercedes Convertible) to pastures new and greener. I’m going to a bigger agency (don’t ask me where – I don’t need a reference) who are paying me even more money and who are kindly providing me with a whopper of an expenses account. Job satisfaction? Who needs it? Haven’t you read The Bonfire of the Vanities? They’re giving me a clothes allowance, a season ticket for Stamford Bridge and free corporate gym membership. Salubrious stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

    And so, at last, I must bid you a fond adieu. I’ll miss your long-winded internal memos intensely although I’ll never forgive you for sending me so few of them. Finally, I would certainly recommend a deodorant to you but I don’t care enough. I wish you all the best for the future.

    Kind Regards

  • Mandy Dodd

    Great news on these two brilliant and hugely popular players, will be even better when Ramsey signs. This side is still a work in progress, but despite the odd bump along the way, we are fast getting there, and keeping such players is a huge part of where this club are going. Also hear Santi up for an extension?
    Assuming it is true about Ramsey signing another deal, his reward for what he has been through should serve as a motivating factor for others.
    Just hope Rambo really will be back fot and firing for the rest of the season, some recent games have shown we have missed him.

  • Gord

    I’m jealous of your spring Walter. We were just told this week, that we aren’t likely to get rid of the hold winter has on us any time soon. We had another night of -28C last night, forecast is for tonight to also be near -30C.

    It was nice to read about Mertesacker and Rosicky re-signing.

    Next Monday, Arsenal youth play at the Emirates:
    > Arsenal will play Everton in the quarter-finals of the FA Youth Cup at Emirates Stadium on Monday, March 10, kick-off 7pm.

    Yesterday, we had:
    > Arsenal Football Club held its annual Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference at Emirates Stadium on Tuesday