Does humour have a place in football?

Having just picked myself off the ground over the last post on this site (which of course I didn’t write – I just reprinted the press conference), I finally made it to the Guardian where there is the result of their on-line poll.

Question: Can the Tiny Totts make it into the top 6 by the end of the season?

Answer: 35% of readers said YES

Instant collapse of ancient jouranlist onto the floor, lots of rolling around, call for an ambulance as writer found gasping for air, eventually taken away by man in white coat.

But to return for a moment to the issue of the Newcastle press conference, there is a telling piece on the Arsenal official site today, in which the Lord Wenger is asked about the abuse he gets from supporters of other teams – especially Manchester Bankrupt.  He says,

“I have been confronted with that many times; it is difficult.    I have ignored it because I am old enough to know who I am and who I am not so it didn’t affect me at all.   If you respond to it you have no chance to win, you become mad and upset. So when you are the victim you can only ignore it.”

Oh Mr Newcastle – why didn’t you ask the Lord Wenger first?

Anyway, Song’s back for tomorrow, which now leaves Eduardo, Bischoff, Diaby and Rosicky out.   The only worry is that next weekend is the dreadful dreaded awful terrible internationals, and Robin van Persie is playing for Holland, one year on from the disaster day.   I normally take no notice of internationals, but this time I’ll be waiting and hoping that he’s ok.

Now, in the meanwhile, where did I put my pills?   35%!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Replies to “Does humour have a place in football?”

  1. Humour, sure. but it gotta come with respect too! truthfully, i was disgusted with your eboue post the other day.

  2. Nice one, squirrel (or should I say “Cyril” – do you go that far back?)Amusing and worrying. Internationals plus RVP = VERY worrying. Even more worrying is that fact that I had forgotten all about Bischoff.
    Gimme some pills after you´ve had your fill!

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