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April 2021

This is why you have to be careful when you abuse your own players

By Walter Broeckx

As I follow Per Mertesacker on the social media a bit I had the pleasure of reading this post (below) on his time line.  Now I must say that following the German players on the social media is rather interesting.

They talk about the charity work and are rather active in general saying nice things in general about the club and their team mates. Having some fun and sharing some funny pictures. I do like them and like to read what they have to say.

So Per Mertesacker said this on Thursday:

Hi Arseblog guys. My team just made me aware of your article. I had fun just reading it at the airport on my way back to London. And I have to say I like the British humor every day more … the marriage idea and puppy comparison are good ones ! Keep up the good work and the spirit! Cheers, Per / BFG
This was because of an article that was written on the arseblog website and for once I will make a link to another blog in an article as it really is worth reading and I really enjoyed it and could agree with the overall sentiment of the article.
Now the thing is that this was an article full of love. It seems that the guy who wrote this is as much a Per fan as I am. And as Per said that his team pointed at the article and that he read it. Now I think reading this will have been a big boost for Per. Well it would have been a big boost for me if I would be Per.
And in a way this shines a new light on the fact that for some of our non-existing fan base it is a widespread and normal attitude to abuse our own players. Remember Ramsey? I do and I will never forget the abuse directly aimed at him on twitter and on blogs that love to abuse our players.
Ramsey overcame the abuse and showed them what tossers they really are. By now they will never admit they wished him another broken leg or die of cancer of course. A short memory usually goes together with a bad functioning brain.
Remember Gervinho? Ah yes we do. The player that they were waiting to misdirect his first pass so they could get on his back in the stadium and then continue abuse him on twitter. The fact that he now is showing that he really was a good player after all in Italy might open a few eyes but I really doubt it because they are the sort of people who always need a scape goat.
But is clear to see that players do know what is being said about them on the internet. So abusing Özil is really not a smart thing to do. A player wants to feel the love of the supporters. And these are examples of it. Per, Ramsey, Gervinho. Just imagine that our own supporters drive Özil in the ground with the mindless repeating the ‘failure’ tag that the media is trying to stamp on him?
These are professionals and they should be above such things is what we were said when we complained about the abuse before. Well if you think that then you probably are a robot. And robots as far as we know have no feelings. So you probably cannot know that even professional football players are human and do have feelings.
So for any human being it must be hard to see people wishing you bad things. And certainly when those people are supposed to support you!  I think most football players can handle such things from fans from other teams. They know that it just is because they play for another team. But from your own people…. then I can imagine that it not only hurts but it might influence your confidence.
Once again this is a fine example that the Untold way of supporting our manager and players is the way that it should be done. The mean and filthy way and abusing our own players will not help them at all. Ramsey only came good because he felt the support of his manager and his team mates once RVPrick left. Maybe part of the reason that Ramsey didn’t came good in the period that the Dutch traitor was at Arsenal was because of the fact that the Dutch traitor openly criticised his team mate.
A criticism that was of course swiftly followed by the you know who. Just imagine a young player like Ramsey. Just came back from an injury that might have finished your promising career, having the “vedette” of the team having a go at you when you are fighting to get fit again (and of all people the Dutch traitor should have known how difficult that is) and then getting all the abuse from our fans.
I really think that if it hadn’t been for Wenger and the big loyal supporters that know the real meaning of support he would have called it a day and would have gone elsewhere. If the word on the street can be believed he even agreed a pay cut in 2012 when struggling. A pay cut that is being undone if we can believe the other words on the street right now. Rightfully so.
A professional football player without  support is lost. So why don’t we all stick to that when it comes to our players. And just think about how sad it is that we even have to remind this to that non-existing part of our supporters…. Sad, very sad.

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54 comments to This is why you have to be careful when you abuse your own players

  • Stevens

    Great piece, people abuse some professionals when they are under-performing, I get it, it’s emotional, but those need to know when to stop and lend words of comfort, sometimes I wonder how koscielny and Szcz coped after the carling Cup mess that year, criticism is good no doubt, it inspires, makes one want to prove doubters wrong, but too much of it is unhealthy.

  • John

    Also, think of the abuse of Per when he arrived (media nonsense that he’s too slow), criticism of Kos in his first season, years of criticism of every keeper since Lehmann, including our 2 current Polish internationals. (Arsenal “need” a new keeper in every TW)

    All of these players have proved their quality, despite the critics.

    How much more successful might players such as Gervinho, Santos etc have been, if they had been better supported?

  • HenryB

    An excellent Post, and I wish there were more like it. 🙂

    You made a typing error in the final paragraph, and may want to adjust it for later readers :-

    –“A professional football player with support is lost” I think that should read ‘without’ support is lost.

  • HenryB

    What gets lost in this new technology era is the ability to communicate verbally and with facial and body gestures.

    To be told by a friend, or a colleague, “you really fcuked that one up’ said with an accompanying grin, is rather better than being told ‘you are a useless w*nker who fcuks up everything’ on an anonymous blog.

    Let’s be honest, the people with the foulest language and the smallest brains are probably the ones who themselves know fcuk all, and have probably only been good players in their own minds.

  • Shard

    A fine example of how a positive message is more likely to lead to a positive outcome, rather than a negative message repeated over and over until it becomes established as a ‘fact’.

    The trouble is, people with their own agendas will fight tooth and nail for their ‘right to abuse’. They’ll say Ramsey is a better player, Szczesny is a better player, Per and Kos are better players not despite the abuse, but BECAUSE of it. And good riddance to everyone they abused and villified and ended up destroying (in terms of their Arsenal career)

    Just see that Podolski was forced to put up a facebook comment in support of Mesut Ozil… Mesut fucking Ozil..A world class player. Being abused and labelled a ‘flop’ 6 months into his Arsenal career, despite playing well for the most part. Insane as that allegation is, Podolski felt the need to counter that insanity. Obviously it affects the players. More so now as a lot of the players are very active on social media. But will that stop the moaners? Not at all. They love the attention I guess. Love to feel that they affected someone is some way, even if it is negative. Maybe especially if it is negative, since that just provides them more fodder for their next assault.

  • I hate it when rival fans abuse our players but I understand where they are coming from and I can live it. I also think that players are not that bothered by the taunts and jeers of the opposition crowd. Abuse against our players from our own fans is what I consider to be abominable and the one that affect the players.

    I confess that I was never really a fan of Gervhino. I just find his control and composure in the opponents’ penalty area unacceptable for a player at his level. But what I never did was write abusive comments about him on any forum. I have kept my criticism to myself while hoping that AW will work out this inadequacy with him. When he left, I wasn’t sad and I’d be lying to pretend I care. But I NEVER abused or openly criticised him.

    On the other hand, I love Eboue like he is my own brother. I love him because of his commitment and loyalty to the team, plus he is a good player. But of all Arsenal players in the last decade, none has been more unfairly attacked than Eboue. I know of others who unfairly abused but Eboue’s treatment is unforgivable and borderline criminal.

    As pointed out above, nothing could be blamed for this phenomenon than the narcissism of some of our fans. If only we’d just do the only thing that we are responsible for i.e. support our players. If only.

  • John

    I have no time or sympathy to expend on anybody connected with Man Utd. In particular, I have always felt that Cleverley, like many of their players (ie the ones that AW failed to sign, or was “snubbed” by) has always been over-rated and certainly not international quality.

    However, I believe that the recent campaigns and on-line petitions against him are unjustified and unacceptable. He is a young man trying to make an honest living and, for all his faults, is likely to be a hundred times more skilled at football than the many cowardly people who have joined in the abuse.

  • rantetta

    Well said Walter

    And Shard and John.

  • John,

    I cannot agree with your comment on Cleverly more. Now, it isn’t enough to boo players, we must now treat them like political office holders.

    It is nonsense and those responsible for the petition should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Eshwar Naidu

    I totally agree with u Walter.

  • Emmanuel Ongiertho

    On Saturday after the game with Everton, I called a friend who “hates” Giroud and Ozil and asked his opinion about the game. He was elusive in his answer, typical of people who do not want to admit something good about the players. I have ever told such people that Giroud is abused for not taking the chances he gets but such people do not appreciate the fact that he puts himself in positions where he could score. It means he is a victim of his success. I wish the players could be reading more from the positive looking people than the negative ones.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Indeed Henry B, I missed out on the out…. I corrected it. Thanks for noting it. At least someone reads till the end 😉 🙂

  • bjtgooner

    Good article Walter & I fully agree with it. I don’t have any time for so called fans who backstab our own players.

    We have seen far too many such attacks over the last few years, mostly from relatively mindless individuals, but some attack patterns would suggest a degree of planning and co-ordination.

    On a lighter note – if Per likes some aspects of humor – has he followed any of Brickfields comments?

  • HenryB

    It’s a pleasure, Walter, as your Posts are, and I always read them to the end, even on days when I do not comment. 🙂

  • nicky

    My Gran (who cleans at the Emirates) reminded me of the story of the Dutch mother watching an Army parade in Amsterdam and saying to her neighbour… “Just look at that, my Robin is the only one in step”.

  • HenryB


    A very good comment, and you are always consistent in your annoyance at the stupidity of these vile anti-player comments, which even to the dimmest of bloggers should scream out – ‘these are counter productive rants’ which not only offend the player(s) concerned, but hurt the ambitions of the club.

    Incidentally, your friend RA wishes to apologise for his own unfortunate and unnecessary comments, elsewhere.

  • bob mac

    Wonder what the RVP ‘lovers’ are thinking about the superb piece of business done in selling him to utd for £24 million.

    Maybe, just maybe, someone actually knew what they were doing!!!!!

  • Maverick

    Arsenal fans are hypocrits,am a chelsea fan and i know f.torres is a flop but hw MANY times hv u seen a blues fan abuse torres,get behind ur players u fucktads!! Dats wat determines success.

  • Maverick – I don’t think any of us would say all the fans of Chelsea, Arsenal, or Man City are all solid supporters nor are they all hypocrits – but all three clubs are currently suffering from having some fans who demand the winning of every single match in style – and any failure to achieve that is considered to be a disaster. It’s unrealistic – but that is how they are.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ bjtgooner – It would be a real hoot if the BFG were to repost or tweet a joke of mine .Und it would be grate and wunderbar if he kud repeat it in German !
    Here’s a start –

    The Olympic Stadium .
    A Man walking past the olympic stadium carrying a long case is collarred by a guard. “Are you a pole-volter?” the guard asks.
    The man replies “No, I’m German actually; but how did you know my name was Walter ? ”

    The Cop.
    A German is driving his car in Britain. A British cop pulls him over to the side of the road.
    Cop: “Sir, do you realize that there are two poisonous snakes on your windshield?”
    The German: “Off course! Zey are my vinscreen vipers!”

    The Capital.
    Fred was saying his prayers as his father passed by his bedroom door. “God bless Mommy, and God bless Daddy, and please make Hamburg the capital of Germany.”
    “Fred,” said his father, “Why do you want Hamburg to be the capital of Germany?”
    “Because that’s what I wrote in my geography test!”



  • Hissy Fitt

    The ironic twist in your tale (sic) Walter is that, we as supporters love the Arsenal; but some feel (rightly or wrongly) that when a PROFESSIONAL is being paid more than ‘greedy bankers’ to kick a ball around, then, when they make mistakes the GREEN EYES of jealousy or envy fire up in the hole and then, and only then, the groans and moans start reverberating.

    What do you think Walter?

    PS: Anybody want to take a bet that in Lord Wenger’s 1000th game that Jozay Sourinho’s amazing home record is finally broken?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    For the older crowd !

    The Soviets and Americans sent rockets to the moon at the same time (this was during the 60s).
    The scientists on board rush out, the groups meet, embrace, thump each other on the back and exclaim, “At last, ve can shpeek Djermen agin!”

  • Gooner S

    This is a lovely post. Check out ‘Positevly Arsenal’ is a good blog too. It’s all in the name 🙂

  • Gooner S

    It would help if I could spell 🙂

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A young English couple who are unable to have a child end up adopting a German infant.
    They call him Dieter.

    One year goes by and all is well.
    Two years go by and all is well apart from the fact that the child has not uttered one word.
    Three , four, five, six years go by and still no word. The parents have visited doctors and
    speech therapists, sill not a word and no medical problem could be found.

    The parents give up and accept that their lovely Dieter will never speak.
    One day when he was 10 his mother after making him some soup, sits down to watch TV.
    There standing in the doorway is Dieter, with the bowl of soup in his hands.
    “Zis zoup is a little cold, muther” he exclaims.
    She jumps for joy, hugs her dear boy and asks him why he has never before spoke.
    He replies: “Up until now everyzing has been zatisfaktory”

  • Hissy Fitt

    @ Brickfields Gunners

    for ficks sake..fuck off with the jokes…
    get your own blog and joke all you like.



  • bjtgooner


    We like Brickfields, we like his jokes, we like his more serious comments – we don’t need your ill conceived comment.

  • bjtgooner,

    It appears Hissy Fitt is new here. Give her time and like the rest of us, she’d soon be looking forward to Brickfields Gunners’ hilarious comments and jokes.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Thanks guys ,was just about to say goodnight and retire for the night ,but noooo ….”they just had to pull me back in again !”
    So here is to hissy pussy !

    How do cats end a fight? They hiss and make up.

    How do you spell mousetrap in just three letters? C-A-T!
    What did the mouse say when the cat bit his tail? That’s the end of me!

    What is a cat’s favorite song? Three Blind Mice.

    What’s a cat’s favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse!

    What do cats like best on a hot day? Mice cream!

    What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice Krispies.

    When the cat’s away….? The house smells better!

    Why is the cat so grouchy? Because he’s in a bad mewd.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Cat Scan: to look for a new cat.

    Catatonic: a feline medicinal drink.

    Purrverse: a poem about a wicked kitty.

    Yawn: a cat’s honest opinion openly expressed.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    This four ,sorry for Per….

    Three cats are competing in a race. There’s an american cat named “one two three”, a german cat named “ein zwei drei”, and a french cat named “un deux trois”. The cats all swim across a lake. The American cat finishes first, the German cat finishes second, but the French cat is nowhere to be found.


    Because the un deux trois quatre cinq !

  • bjtgooner

    Good response Brickfields!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ bjtgooner – you do know that some of that was for you too ,don’t you ?

  • rantetta

    I don’t look up jokes on the ‘net, so I’m glad to see them here.

    Thanks, Brickfields.

  • AL

    Per is a very likeable guy, just glad we have him at Arsenal.

  • bjtgooner


    I did and enjoyed them! Hope you don’t get too savaged by Hissy, otherwise I shall feel responsible!:)

  • bob

    One form of player abuse is taking for granted loyalty, week to week excellence, generous celebrations on behalf of teammates’ goals and assists, cool headedness under fire, frequent beautiful crossings, articulate interviewing with truth-telling mixed in, and nous aplenty including that to share for the youngsters that aren’t near ready to replace him, and, how many broken legs later and still a Gooner? C’mon peeps, isn’t it time for making known that he’s beloved and deserves his raise? And, in truth!, many African taxi drivers in my town follow him and sing his praises when we talk football or do Arse-talk. Multiply that by several million and c’mon, it’s foolish to even think of letting him go over his ask. How many broken legs does a bloke got to give. It’s a bit tiresome to contemplate the chorus of his being “a loyal servant to the club” once he’s seen off into the sunset. Bac rocks! a keeper!

  • bob

    p.s. and did I forget his funky hair-do or what!

  • bob

    p.p.s., and (last one), he plays multiple positions very well (for rotation sake, for injury to others sake, and ffs!)

  • Hissy Fitt

    @ bjtgooner
    Get off your mighty rocking horse and eat some dick. No need to unilaterally give it large. I bet your right hand is better developed than any other part of your body.

    @Brickfields Gunners
    Seems that you are a folk hero here… the greater good prevails, no worries. Keep it UP.

    @Bootoomee and @Pierce Holt
    I still think your posts are the funniest…especially the serious ones 😉 Also waiting, just waiting, to read the next pile of drivel from doomster Rupert ‘I CANT’ Cook.


    Hissy ::)0

  • bjtgooner


    Bad hair day?

  • Robl

    @ Hissy, we’re all missing Delia at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll be back.

  • Arsenal1Again

    I think Players get it when fans shout abuse during a game. They’ve done it themselves when their supported team underperform. They know it is heat of the moment stuff, knee jerk reactions, not personal.

    I doubt they will understand abuse written online. This is not reaction, this is premeditated crap and it is personal.

  • Tasos

    Mike Dean has been summoned for the Spurs match.

  • John

    Expect Atkinson for Chelsea. Dean again at Wembley?

  • Sav from Australia

    I think Hissy Fit should tone down the foul language. This is a family blog.

  • Pat

    Everybody needs love and support. I think Arsenal players know that. Look how they ALL congratulated Ozil on his goal on Saturday. Flamini was even beckoning the few who weren’t already there to come and join in. We supporters should follow their lead. (Not saying they don’t get grumpy with each other from time to time – but that’s not the same as debilitating abuse.)

  • Micheal Ram


    Got any jokes about angry young woman? Perhaps a introduction for our new blog mate, pussy fatt… oh sory, hissy fitt… hehe

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Micheal Ram – Try this .Zena was really ‘hot ‘in the old days by the way .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    While I try to stay cool and not to get too ‘involved’ in the arguments that often rages here ,there is a little imp within me which often instigates me to retaliate the with command ,” Sic him , boy !”
    Most of the jokes I put up here for the most part has some connection with the article or to the comments posted .I don’t directly mention nor engage the poster responsible , but I ‘m confident that most of the regulars ‘get’ me.
    To those how don’t , just have a laugh and move on .
    Occassionally I get an e-mail that may be inspiring or just too funny not to share ,so I post it here so that others may be likewise entertained .
    Please don’t expect me to teach/educate you on too many things football related as , like Arsene Wenger , I don’t do tactics !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Having said all that , don’t you sometimes feel that those whose protests are rather overzealous ,are not really the right ones to be doing so ?

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” …….

  • bob

    Micheal Ram,
    We don’t actually know the gender of anyone who posts here, including you and me; so perhaps you’d consider that before your turning the offensive Hissy Fit into your own offensive and not so “punny fun”….?