Arsenal – Everton | FA Cup Preview

An early Kick Off today between two teams in a bad pocket of form. Indeed the form table has it down as a clash between 11th and 14th.

For whatever reasons, lunchtime matches haven’t been a strong point – the results in Liverpool and Manchester springing to mind.

Last time we played Everton they seized the initiative and kept the ball for most of the 1st half. We woke up, belatedly, and created more chances in 5 minutes than they did in the previous 40. In many ways it says a lot about the team we are up against today. They are an impressive team, good enough to dominate possession, but sometimes without the incisiveness to make it count.

As disappointing as the current blip has been, it hasn’t reached the Emirates just yet. And with Everton’s away form as it is (1 win in their last 6), we have reasons to be optimistic.

Half an Eye on Munich

I’m of the opinion, that a good performance in Munich will be the best way to save our season. The FA Cup is undoubtedly our best chance of success, but it would be silly to disregard the importance of a good performance in Munich.

Bayern are the best team in Europe, but I’m convinced they were better last season. It seems that by tinkering with Heyncke’s perfect team, Guardiola has been left with an excellent team. Ball retention has improved, but perhaps to the detriment of the directness that made them successful in the first place?

In Munich we have a chance to regain our confidence, a good performance even if it doesn’t win the tie, can have a huge effect on the rest of the season. A massive part of football is mental. Bayern presents a curious opportunity for rejuvenation in a game that is widely regarded as over.

I’ll be forever frustrated by how the first leg panned out. I’ll probably recall in my old age to people with no interest, how we were robbed of an absolute classic. Call me a dreamer, but that game could have been very different.

Injury News

Aside from Wilshere, people have returned from the internationals unscathed. A slight doubt surrounds Koscielny, but he is expected to feature. Ramsey and Kallstrom should be back sometime next week.

The team?


             Jenkinson           Per              Koscielny         Monreal

                                            Arteta          Flamini

                             Ox                      Ozil                Gnabry                      


I enjoyed Ozil’s performance against Chile; the man has so much style. Not at the centre of things in that way we expect of playmakers, but everything he did was just class. Worth a watch if you can find it.







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  1. I would tip Ox to play in the centre with one or both of Cazorla and Podolski coming in wide. Dependent on how much international football they played (I haven’t checked). Probably Flamini instead of Arteta. Doubt Koscielny will start, particularly if Vermaelen is available.

  2. Lets hope Walters the lucky charm to break the lunch-time game hoodoo.
    COYG! Ahah and Amen!

  3. This will be our last “lucky” match in this season’s FA Cup i.e. a home draw before the semis.
    That is why the winning of the Cup depends so much on the luck of the draw….very much like the CL.
    No wonder the EPL is regarded by any respected manager as THE most prestigious competition to win.
    Whatever today’s result will bring, our season is far from over. We can still progress in the CL and the winning of the EPL remains within our grasp.
    Unconditional support today is vital….not just when things are going our but also when they are not. Think on.

  4. In the penultimate sentence above I missed out the word “way”. You can easily see where it should be inserted.

  5. I’m going to root for Sanogo to score his first goal for Arsenal. Well, you get it, I’m going to root for each and all – though many have already scored, and even I can’t see Arsenal scoring 11 goals;) But what do I know, maybe Fabianski will score from the penalty spot!

  6. 2 and a half hours to go!

    Need a beer . Need to relax!

    Cup matches are brilliant!

    And three cheers for early kick-offs from everyone in Sydney!

  7. Whomsoever plays , I hope we keep a clean sheet and keep our calm . A good result today will keep up the morale for Bayern.
    Up the Gunners !

  8. Arsenal are drifting on the betting markets this morning.

    Usually this type of negative market move would indicate team news. I’m guessing Kos isn’t fit to play, maybe others?


  9. Need to start like we did against napoli and Sunderland…. Anything less than that will see Everton controlling the game like last time…. All the best lads.. Make us gunners happy this Saturday lunchtime.

  10. We have to win this, if only for the confidence it gives us. Then Bayern.
    If we play like we can play, we should win even though Everton is good,
    and they will have their game plan, so we have to play our game and not get
    upset by theirs.
    Come on Arsenal.

  11. Can someone translate this to English?


    > Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tumbles over Gareth Barry’s leg and the referee awards Arsenal a penalty. Clumsy from the referee. No choice for Mark Clattenburg.

    The part I don’t understand is Clumsy from the referee. No choice for Mark Clattenburg.


  12. Clumsy from the referee? Guess whoever is doing that feed had a Townsend moment, when he shouted ‘get in’ when he thought Marseille had scored against us. Ive seen what our penalty was ordered to be retaken for happen countless times without the penalty being retaken. Guess it’s a case of applying everything to the letter of the law where Arsenal are concerned.

  13. I don’t know what it is but has anyone also noticed how every misplaced pass by Everton bounces off one of our players perfectly into the path of another Everton player?

  14. Congratulations for reaching qtr final! Great win. We have now beaten Tots, L’pool & Everton in a row. That’s really impressive, let’s hope we can go all the way.

  15. Well done Arsenal! Was starting to fear it was going to be one of those days where you do everything right but things just don’t go for you.

    Is Walter at the ems today? He’s our lucky charm, two 4-1 wins when he’s been there to watch the team 🙂

  16. The Everton equaliser shows the importance of applying yellow cards to offending players. Flamini’s yellow is fully deserved but the Flamini that I know would never have ‘followed’ the Everton player the way he did all the way to our goal area. The Flamini that we all know would have put in a tackle to retrieve the ball but all he could do was follow the Everton player to avoid being sent off in case his tackle was poor.

    To those who argue that refs’ failure to award yellow cards don’t matter, there is the answer for you. It matters, A LOT. Especially to defensive players.

    I’m grateful that Flamini decided to not tackle and remained on the pitch because the result could have been really bad had we been reduced to 10 men.

  17. Yes, thought all Flamini could do was escort Barkley into our box, that yellow stopped him from taking man and ball out. It was a wise decision in the end.

  18. Fantastic match. Very good job.
    One goal involved Santi, Rosi and Ozi!!!! The first ever?
    Rosi: he always do things with such beauty. Love that quick pass from him to Ozi and of course the whole thing in this last goal.

  19. leany,

    The moment that ball was passed to Rosicky, I knew that a goal is very likely. The goal kind of remind me of our 3rd goal – Rosicky – in the first 5-2 drubbing of the Tinies. Rosicky loves to run at the opposition. It’s what I love best about him.

  20. With a decent ref and a fair opponent (in general),I am fine with whatever result.
    By the way: lovely celebration from Mikel!

  21. Bootoomee,

    Well said, I noticed that too, and when we here on untold argue, this is a well proof that we have got the right for asking for the laws to apply.

    We won 4-1 on sunderland, with a good ref, we lost to stoke with a bad one, and today we won against one of the best teams, with good ref, again 4-1. Any coincidense?

    Man of the match: Arteta, ozil, cazorla, ox, rosicky, giroud, Sagna, gibss….. Really cant choose.

    BTW, was i the only one who noticed Arteta wanted to show something in this game. I used to love him before this match the most, now its more.

  22. An excellent match and a very well deserved win. We played some great football – and what a move for our 4th goal! Vintage Arsenal!

    Well done the team. They all played super today – I’m sure the AAA will still find something to complain about, but after that performance they can go and “f” themselves!

    Oh..what about Gibbs? I did not see why he came off.

  23. Ozil did very well today, deserved man of the match. And that image of him praying before Arteta took the first penalty just showed the desire the man has to succeed.

  24. Although Arteta is one of the best holding mids in the world, today the key to our performance was him playing the box to box position, he killed them, he was there whenever u wanted to pass the ball. Ok am choosing him my MOTM. And for god sake, is he the best penalty taker I ve ever seen? How could he do this?

    Ozil was brilliamt today, started to understand what EPL football is and adapt. Cazorla? Man why you always waste those screamers and stunners? Brilliant pass for the 4th goal. And Rosi Rosi Rosi, come on give him the statue, give our New dennis bergkamp the statue.

  25. Gibbs is the most underrated player in the league. He never gets a mention. He us one of the best left backs in the league…..

    The most consistent player at Arsenal these days.

  26. Arsenal 13,
    Agree, he is the best left back in the whole league, had he been with another team, our fans would start the buy him and spend some money om him screams. He is magical, the way he works all over the pitch, he doesnt stop running. Today he deserved that shot to be a goal.

    Now waiting for the result of the london c**ts derby.

  27. We should start to raise money here on untold to pay money so Walter can watch every Arsenal match. Man what do u do before the match to have that 4-1? Are u going to Bayern away game? Please go.

  28. I didn’t watch the match. 4 -1? Everton must have been so ‘poor’ on the day that Arsenal scored 4.

    Dodgy penalty too…maybe Riley is trying to ‘even it out’ for Arsenal.

    Giroud must be shit for not scoring an hatrick against a ‘poor’ Everton side.

    Ozil should have scored 2. Why did he allow Arteta take the PK? You see, Ozil lacks confidence.

    It is a fluke win because we are suppose to be ‘crumbling’ from now on till the end of the season.

    …er, what else can I complain about? Sorry I need to do this because ‘our friends’ who should won’t be around until…


  29. Damilare,

    You have done a great service. We are all in your debt 😉 You covered every ground that the famous ‘non-existent’ wing of our fans would especially as they will be away for a while.

  30. Fantastic result, great performance from the whole team and well done Ozil to shut up the moaners, pure class. When is Walters next match, I want to get a bet on early for another 4-1.
    I would like to thank ITV for informing us not once but a thousand times that it is 100 years since we won a trophy. I saw a few minutes of the pre match bullshit and it seemed to be all about our trophy drought rather than the forthcoming match, not to mention the constant harping on during the match commentary itself.

  31. Damilare – but you missed “The FA Cup is unimportant compared to the Champions League and Premier League”… 😉

  32. Also lets add in..

    Lucky Arsenal… 4 home draws… had they played away they’d have lost… 6-3 city.. rofl .. ur hvng a larf… delooded guoenrz. lol

  33. Bootoome 12.48

    Wife insisted on having a listen. I said, you know what there like it’ll be 9 years this 9 years that.

    She said it’s Dixon, Keane and Reade, their alright.

    Ok I said, but I’m telling you…..

    We lasted up until they presented Flamini with a cake with 9 candles on it representing…well you know!!!!!!

    Honestly, would they do that to any other Club i.e. Spurs: years since title? Liverpool: years since title.

    I mean why don’t they present city with a cake containing a candle for every Million quid spent !!!!!!!

    Bootoomee 2.49

    RE: Flamini staying on his feet/cards

    Very good point. Said very same thing to the wife at the time.

    Really does show the importance of yellows.

    Great decision by Flamini. OK costly at the time but very much vindicated in the long run.

    Yassin 3.04

    Very good point about what a difference it makes having a good ref. Apart from making Arteta re take the pen (As you say we see the same thing at every pen but it seems it’s only us that have to stick to the letter of the law) I thought he had a good game.

    On the game, I don’t know what you all think, but un like the ITV lot, I don’t think 4-1 flattered us at all.

    Great to see Ozil play well. Best of a good bunch in a good display.

    Should keep the AAA’s quite until…….well, at leas untilt 5 o’clock !!!!


  34. Mick & jambug,

    Here is how I know a moronic commentator: they tell me – an Arsenal fan watching an Arsenal game – the last time Arsenal won a trophy like I am a SEN student who needs repeated hammering of basic information.

    They are fucking idiots who think that they are mocking the club with reminder. ITV went a step even further today. By golly was I mad at them? I ended up watching the game on mute while listening to my favourite music playlist.

  35. Hard to choose MoM. Ozil brilliant, Cazorla, Arteta, Ox and Flamini very good, Sagna and Gibbs excellent. Centre backs both good and Sanogo played his part.

    Only Fabianski did not stand out, because he had so little to do.

    Whilst most of the hard work had been done by others, Rosicky and Giroud were outstanding when they came on.

  36. Well, I looked around the news sources a bit, and I don’t see any signs of injuries. Which is good news. Another brace for Giroud, he must like that number 2.


  37. Bootoomee, you can see that Im not there yet as Pete pointed out. Im just as poor as AW or worse. No tactical nous, no winning (but whinning) mentality etc.

    FA cup? Shouldn’t that be the sole reserved right of the prodigal teams like manure, manshitty, chelski and lately liverpoo who ‘always enters a compitition to win it’.

    Let see how far Arsenal would go. Remember in 1808 just like 2008, we ‘crashed out’ of 4 competitions in 14 days. So ‘we’ the expert ‘pun-ducts’ know better than ‘Le senile’.

    The real, REAL, I mean original real test of our season is Bayern on Tue. They will tear us into pieces…

  38. @ Bootoomee

    Yes, 9 years since we won a trophy and the commentators before and during on ITV were really hoping for us to lose and miss out on our last hope of a trophy, as our season implodes.

    On the other hand, Everton are having a great season and Martinez has built on the great foundations laid by Moyes “on a limited budget” and they were always threatening to beat us, until it became 3-1, at which point the score had to be described as “not a fair reflection of the game” etc. etc.

    By the way, how many years since Everton won a trophy? .. I cannot remember and the commentators never mentioned it

  39. @jambug…

    9 candles. Its easy to place 9 candles on cake isn’t it……

    off topic: the refs have a microphone and an earpiece. So the recording of the conversation between the refs should be available. Do they use it to sort out issues like in the case of Adams???…..

  40. John

    To be fair they did mention that Everton hadn’t won a trophy for xx years (cant remember how long but it was longer than us. Possibly about 20 years or so but never took much notice)

    The thing is John, as you allude to, as did I earlier, it’s the disproportionate way they rub our faces in it EVERY SINGLE TIME WE ARE ON THE BOX.

    They hardly ever mention Spurs or Liverpools, lets face it, embarrassing Trophy drought, and this despite the fact both have spent far more money on transfers than us and are both still yet to commit to there new stadiums.

  41. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well played the boys ! This win ought to piss off a few gits !
    Very few difficult decisions for the referee to screw up.
    For the most part Everton were in it till the 3rd goal knocked them out !
    Hope all the players are fit for the Bayern game.

  42. Walters presence broke the bad luck of lunch time games!Send him to all games from now on!! Well done all the lads! Great display from Arteta today, not just the second cool pen finish,but all his hard work. Gibbs also excellent.Now for the Bayern game…
    Calling Paul Vassen calling Paul Vassen…
    COYG! Aha and Amen.

  43. Correction.

    To be fair to Liverpool I didn’t mean trophy drought, I meant ‘Title’ drought.

    Can hardly ignore CL win, no matter how fortunate.

    To be fair to Spurs………. They are an embarrassment no matter how many Littlewoods, Milk, carling, C1C, Cups they win, so I’m not apologising to them !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  46. Football Joke: “Heaven and Hell”

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  47. Kenneth Widmerpool..

    Mentioning young Paul Vassen is a very sad reminder of the heights of glory and the depths of despair this game can send you to.

    From that late, glorious goal, to a very sad lonely death at the end of a depressing descent into the hell that is heroin addiction. A descent I believe was instigated by a terrible struggle with chronic injuries.

    lest we ever forget our forgotten (footballing) heroes !!

  48. Are we allowed to hope for a tie in Chelsea-Tottenham? I suppose Chelsea will park the bus again.


    Ryan Huddart (U-18) signs first professional contract.


    @Brickfields, I answered yes 221 times on your test.

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  50. Gibbs was holding /pointing to either his knee or thigh immediately before he came off so I suspect some form of ‘Nack’.

  51. jambug,

    Don’t be fooled by the ITV crowd mentioning that Everton last won a trophy since 1995. They only did because they’ve mentioned ours so much they’d look like fools not to mention that of Everton in the same match.


    They were indeed hoping for us to lose. I guess so that they can update their talking point to “in the last 10 years since…blah..blah”. Fucking idiots.

  52. @Bootoomee
    The pathetic, sarcastic, moronic Adrian Durham on talksport came out with …. ‘Arsenal won 4-1 to get to Wembley, by the way there is no trophy for that’.

  53. Wow, its been about more than two hours, and what a piecful plave untold is today !
    Wow how much a great performance and score can make?

    Really what a brave and honest types of fans those non existong ones are? Bad days for them.

    Walter and tony are at the game, so the next artucle is gonna take a while to come out.

    @Arvind, I will wait for your tactical Analysis of this game, if u have the time that is.

  54. Bootoomee

    You, above all, know me better then that. It’s a certainty that if they possibly could of got away without mentioning it, they would of, but even they realised what idiots they would of looked if they hadn’t.

    I suppose there wasn’t enough room to stick 20 candles on an Everton cake !!!

  55. @ Gord – I heard you the first time ! Just didn’t know how to respond to that ! Wow ? Stunned ? Well done ? Congratulations ?
    As not all of the worldwide replies are in ,and as we are busy( yeah right !) tabulating the final results ,you’ll be informed if you’ve won anything at half time at the FA cup final (Provided Arsenal are there !).

  56. The pleasure of having a dream is that it is a fantasy.
    If it happens, it was never really a dream, it was destiny.

  57. Youre right about Paul Vaessen Jambug, ( my spelling mistake too),I just can never get that second leg out of my mind, when really we werent supposed to win in Turin(as we arent supposed to against Bayern) and threw away the script.And the strange silence on the radio after Paul scored. Somewhere in the cellar I have a great photo of him with Terry Neill hugging him after the game. Anyway lets hope hes with us in spirit against Bayern…its certainly by no means over in Munich. And today was a great confidence booster.
    COYG! Aha and Amen

  58. Hoping for a draw between chelski and the spuds. Eto dives after only 30 seconds…

  59. There were times when we didn’t have enough players going forward because we didn’t want to be caught on a counterattack;some moves petered out in the corners. Still, even with the game at 1-1, I was happy with our effort and short of a collapse at the end I was going to be satisfied with the result. Glad the result was the way we wanted. Sonogo is still a work in progress…wasn’t it great to see the effect of Giroud up front?

    MOM… in my mind it was Oxlade-Chamberlain. He drove forward everytime he had the ball. Sure he lost it a number of times BUT did you see him tracking back to get the ball? A couple of times he regained the ball inside of 5 seconds after losing it. One of his, lose it get it back efforts was back in our box. He doesn’t have the finish of Theo up front, yet (imagine us saying that a few years ago?) but I love the direction he is headed. Having a guy like The Ox or Rosicky is crucial as their direct running opens up so many channels for the passers.

  60. Great win, couldn’t understand the half time coverage claiming Everton deserved to be level.

    Enjoying the day with a great big smile.

  61. On Giroud’s first goal. Did he knee into the goal? That was my first impression and I haven’t seen a better angle to convince me otherwise…

  62. AL

    Yep, draw best for us. Cant see anything other than a Chelsea win though. 3-1 I reckon.


    Said the same. Could of been 2 or 3-1 at HT. 4-1 FT no more than we deserved.

    Everton where not bad but we played very well.

  63. After a while, a person realizes they aren’t quite the same as everyone else.

    I just went looking again, and nobody in the news is verifying that Gibbs picked up a knock. Hopefully if it is a knock, it is just slight.

    What a crazy table. 11 points separate 9 and 10. 10th place is only 10 points above 20th.

  64. Chelsea Spurs. 0-0 HT. doesn’t really look like ending like anything else.

    My 3-1 prediction looks way off. Disappointing game.

  65. Fantastic result. Bit nervous at 11 but I th ought we rallied excellently, just shows how important players like sagna are to this team. Well done Wenger for making the subs at the right time…

  66. @Mick

    Actually our 2nd goal, once the OX ran at the Everton defenders it was a different game.
    I’m trying to smile at the mo but this 19th century is a hard sit!

  67. A great win !
    What a difference a full on 90 minutes commitment makes.

    Al and Jambug
    Chelsea v Spurs draw is best for us?!
    You guys have to explain to me how Chelsea gaining any points against anybody other than Man City or Liverpool is the best option for Arsenal ,unless of course finishing ahead of the Spurs in the league is your main ambition for Arsenal FC.

  68. jambug,

    My man, I do not for a second think you were taken in by the ITV stunt. Rereading my comment, however, I see why you think I did.

    I’m glad we both agree that they only mentioned Everton’s 2 decade wait for a trophy because all they did was drone on about “9 years”.

  69. @ jambug.

    0-0 good for us. Pathetic game going in there. Both teams set for counter attack. Wait a minute. Who is attacking?

  70. Tom,

    Gotta agree with you from a strict mathematical point of view. But as a Gooner, I understand where the rest of the gang are coming from.

    I never want Spurs to win ANY game but in this case, I cheer on the bottlers from Middlesex.

  71. Tom

    Hello mate.

    Because I hate to see spurs win at any cost.

    I thought all Arsenal fans felt like that.

    Perhaps that’s why you would like to see spurs win and I wouldn’t.

    Is that a good enough explanation for you !!!!

  72. Superb win, congratulations to all the boys, and yes, wenger can make substitutions!
    A quality opponent, but a ruthless spell saw us through
    Wonder who we will get in the semis?

  73. Mandy, I am going to guess Sunderland. And Man City will play Sheffield United in the other one.

    Come on spuds, tie it up.

  74. Chelsea is diving their way into the title
    F**k the refs, no way that was other than a dive, and how can that be a red card, even if it was a foul?

    Now people call us deluded and whiners, we lost points because of ref mistakes, and chelsea are becoming the new man united. This is totl disgrace to EPL.

    I pray to God all this will be dealt with soon, and those criminals fixing these up are put to jail.

    Was it not for Arsenal, I wouldnt watch an EPL game anymore.

  75. weak decision for a Chelsea penalty…atrocious to send Kaboul off. I don’t think he actually touched Et’o…who tumbled like a drunk gymnast.

  76. Tom

    As Boo says, to be fair I know what you mean. Chelsea are now 2 nil up and I’m gutted.

    Thing is I just cant WANT Spurs to win, even if|I know it’s best for us.

    But I concede you do have a point.

  77. Perhaps it’s just me being removed thousands of miles from the ‘ground zero ‘ of Arsenal v Spurs rivalry. Just out of curiosity , would you take Spurs win over Chelsea if it meant the title for Arsenal ?:)

    Either way it’s all academic now . Vertonghen has pressed the self district button and Eto dove to win another Chelsea penalty.

  78. I can’t want Spurs to win, but I believe in fairness. Chelsea’s cheating is disgraceful. The ref has either been conned or he is bent. Neither scenario is acceptable.

  79. Last time chelsea won on Everton after scoring from a free kick won through a dive, today after there luck helped them score the first, they dived to score the second, and get other player send off. We were at least 1 pt down from the ref against stoke. We all remember the WBA chelsea match and penalty, we all remeber our match against Aston villa and wba, and we cant forget the game against chelsea, the Refs and PGMOL have already chose the title winner. This damn league is fixed. And am too furious to see what I just saw. Chelsea will win all the remaining games, if the refs wil help them through those hard matches.

  80. @Bootoome,

    I ve got a damn brain and two eyes, and no body can fool me out we are having this EPL title stolen from us and given to Chelsea.
    But how can people believe that and come and argue is beyond my imagination, and when they are Arsenal fans, its unbelievable.
    We thought when Ferguson is gone, everything is gonna be better but no, we got this as****le, cheating his way to the title, under the eyes of all people watching this. Its so obvious, I just cant understand how some people cant see it?
    That is too much and a step too far.

  81. I’m sure the pgmol are just showing their appreciation for the kind donations made available by R. Abrahamovic.

  82. Am sure we will get city’s unfortunately gord, but guess we will have to beat them to win it anyway.
    Yet another ref assisted Chelsea win by the look of things. At the start of the season, predicted the refs and their bosses would help Chelsea, City certainly got a favourable run and may yet continue to do so, but Chelsea seem to be getting everything their own way. Strange as they falsely accused a ref of using racist language, would assume his colleagues may be a bit upset about that, but guess corruption and pressure from above out ranks loyalty to harmed colleagues for some,of,this bunch.
    As with everything in life, just follow the money!

  83. Tom

    The truth is I know a Spurs win was much better for us than a Chelsea win.

    I just cant bring my self to actually WANT it.

  84. Bootoomee

    I wont even watch the highlights because as you say, somehow they will find that Chelsea actually ‘deserved’ that penalty for the simple fact that they….well, they are Chelsea.

    In exactly the same way they found we deserved our kick-in and penalty conceit at Stoke because….well, we are Arsenal.

    It’s funny what you can reconcile given enough money !!!!

  85. Mandy

    Not once did I hear it called a dive or cheating.

    Apparently he ‘WON’ a penalty.

    I like Neville but even he has lost the balls to call it as it is.

    Even he has started to tow the line !!

  86. I’ve said it before that the joy in seeing fergie leaving was soured by the re appointment of this divisive prat called mou. Our refs are weak-willed and cowardly individuals who aren’t bold enough to make decisions that might be reported negatively in the media. They just go with what they know those in the media like, make maureen happy and nothing else matters.

    Even though I’d hate for a cheque book club to win the title, of the two, if we’re not to win it, I’d rather it’s City simply because Pellegrini is a decent human being.

  87. In my defence, as nobody is talking to me, I’d just like to say that I’m not as sad as I might seem, typing away here to myself.

    No, honestly.

    I’m sat here listening to Bowie, Floyd, ferry etc. on my i.pod, whilst the wife watches ‘The Voice’ with the full expectation of a good……wait for it…….Film later on !!!!!

    In case you where wondering !!!

  88. AL,

    And that is why I staunchly believe that the media are mostly responsible for poor officiating and totally responsible for perpetuating it.

  89. jambug,

    You are beginning to scare me. Mrs Bootoomee is doing precisely that while I am still listening to my very long playlist that I put on during the match.

    Other than the choice of music, you were almost describing my household 🙂

  90. Bootoomee

    Me Al and you too Boo. It’s even poetic !!!

    One of my favourite Albums……..and then there were three.

  91. @jambug

    They’ve already started. Mr Redknapp Jnr. justifying the penalty, mind-boggling how the case of contact and not enough contact changes to suit their agenda.

  92. I’m a bit of an old school, middle of the road kinda guy.

    Beatles, Bowie, Floyd, genesis, Alice, T.Rex, Depeche mode, Flamming lips, U2, Arcade fire, cold play, Muse…just a few that have run through my ears this last hour !!!

  93. dan

    Against United Geruid was shoved to the ground from behind… a blatant Pen, even more so on replay.

    Owen…”No, not enough for me”

    As you say. Whet ever suits there agenda!!!

  94. sleepless night for M.Riley, tossing and turning unable to comprehend our penalty.

  95. Hear van pursey’s toys are well and truly out of the pram, after being subbed at the hawthorns.

  96. I’ve been given ’til 9 o’clock !!!

    It’s just like when I was a boy and my dad let me stay up late to watch a ‘Western’ on a Saturday !!

    Can things get any better !!!

  97. HaHa.. no problem Bootoomee : ). Yassin… I’ll try .. but I think it’s sadly very few people who seem to like that type of article…so I kind of lost interest. But since you ask I will try and take the time out next week : ).

  98. Talking about music. I went to London with my car all the way from Antwerp. And I had my ‘lucky stick'(usb stick just to make sure) with me. And the play list if one with nothing but classical songs. Dire Straits, Status Quo, Led Zeppelin, Beatles (hah), Stones, Pink Floyd, Clapton, The Doors, Queen, ….the list goes on and is endless….

    I not only got compliments from my 4 passengers about the safe driving both left and right but also about the music choice.

    We never lost when driving to a game with the music from my usb stick on. Schalke, Dortmund, London….

  99. Arvind,

    I think it was mostly down to the (logical) fact that the reviews came weeks after a match. That is a problem I also faced at times with the referee reviews when time was short and we ran behind.

  100. Walter keep on playing “that funky music white boy!” until we do the double! Just like Sanogo reaching double figures. He won’t let me down! Red Army!

  101. Yes that’s a fair comment Walter. Unfortunately I was not able to do them on time much as I would have liked to. Maybe next season.

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