Sir Alex speaks with Mr Wenger

It is perhaps not surprising that in recent month Sir Alex F-Word’s relationship with the Lord Wenger seems to have changed, and we have witnessed the two in conversation.  Reports from international conferences suggest that this is happening more and more and that they are spending time huddled together in corners…. chatting.

The reason is almost certainly that having decided not to talk to anyone else Sir F-Word is getting lonely.

Sir F has in the past said that he won’t speak to the BBC because they once had the temerity to talk about his son.  On other occasions he has refused to speak to Sky TV, which balanced it up a bit, although he’s never stopped speaking to ITV for some reason.

Most of the daily newspapers have had to live without him at one time or another – in fact I think the Guardian, Times and Independent are the only ones he has not removed himself from before now (probably because the words used are too long for him to read.)

In addition he has issued self-censoring bans on the entire Press Association, Manchester Evening News, Century FM, and the Manchester United TV Channel.

But of course such silence can never hold a good man down – UEFA, who know a thing or three about idiots and the press then chose him to speak on how managers should handle the wider world.

And now it seems Sir F-Word is selling mortgages.  With the club unable to pay the interest on its debts, season ticket sales in such decline that the waiting list has melted, and a sponsor that has just been given 85 billion dollars by the American taxpayer, the  club has now put out an advert which says,  “Ask for a Manchester United mortgage quote and you could win £5,000 to put towards your household bills!”

I wonder what the Lord Wenger (complete with degree in economics) has to say about that next time the two have a cosy chat.