Everton Away Preview


I’ll begin with the good news. Ramsey is back, with a chance of featuring today. It would seem slightly premature to start him, but you never know.

Ramsey’s importance is hard to overstate. To my mind we haven’t had a more complete midfielder since Vieira. His early season form was magnificent and as a result he still holds up statistically despite having been injured since December. How different our season might have been had he been available…

In recent memory trips to Goodison Park have held happy memories. The last time we lost to Everton was back in 07 – since then we have won 9 and drawn 5, our last 3 league meetings accounting for 3 of those draws if you wanted to know.

Perhaps something to do with having a young team, but Everton have a tendency to fall out of games. Against Fulham they started positively, looked as though they were going to dominate, only for the game to breakdown mysteriously. Fulham took the initiative, but as if often the case lacked the quality to do anything good.

Everton’s recent form has been good, but it hasn’t been as good as the scoreboard journalists might tell you. A 3-0 win at St James Park is always impressive, but it becomes less impressive when you remember Newcastle’s season has descended into a highly competitive battle for 8th place.

A draw wouldn’t be terrible, even a loss wouldn’t be the end of the world. Everton’s remaining fixtures are much trickier then ours, so I’d still be confident of finishing above them.

The team?!


              Sagna                 Mert             Vermaelen     Gibbs

                                      Flamini               Arteta

                    Rosicky              Cazorla      Ox/Podolski         


 Recent results have been demoralising, but it would be foolish to dismiss this season outright. It hasn’t panned out exactly how we would have liked, but it feels different to me. Almost as though we have turned a corner and arrived at a place where we don’t have to fearfully refresh NewsNow assessing the summer damage. A few years ago Ramsey’s form might have aroused mixed feelings, with Spanish Giants inevitably scouring his genealogy. The shabby commercial deals agreed when scraping funds to build a stadium have been renegotiated. We can now spend 40 million on a single player. Perhaps the striker we’re looking for will become available? Perhaps injuries will be kinder…

We may even win a trophy, our first in 86 years.




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  1. How’s the game guys?
    It looks like another slow start
    (Reading live blog)

  2. 2.0. Well we are playing too one-dimensional, and unless that changes, Everton has the upper hand. We have not even troubled Everton’s goal yet. Hope this one-dimensionality is sorted for the new season. We seem to go about it exactly the same way every game, unless we have had 2 or 3 defeats, then the real Arsenal comes out.
    So regroup now lads, we have to win this, and we should all know that.
    We need FIRE.

  3. We are scared shit. No pace. OG is not in the game. They need to get their collective fingers out if they what to get a point here.

  4. I was thinking, before the game, that 6 more of what we did at Emirates last week can even win us the title! Hard working, competitive attitude and deciplined game play for all the game long
    How we are so inconsistent, I don’t know

  5. When the media keeps overhyping Everton, and putting all the pressure on Arsenal, and when Arsenal fans are over pressuring the players, we get such games.

    And really luck plays a part, a two chances for Arsenal turned into 2 goals to Everton.

    And cam I ask how Naismith got out of first half uncarded.

  6. Look at the second goal, we cant do that, cause everytime we go for a counter, all the other team has to do is foul the player, and they are not afraid of a yellow. We shoulf start those kick them tactics and see what the ref will do about it!

  7. Wow, the last 4 years the team at the top at new year has won the league, now 4th is looking dodgy for us……..

    That has to say something to wenger about how he equips his squad over a full season, its almost an unprecedented collapse, again….

    I want wenger to stay but seriously what did he expect going into it with just giroud for a whole season?

    what did he expect when he refused to rotate his squad for the first half of the season?

    our problem is, and i know this has been said a million times, but we only have one way to play

    and that is a fragile concept, and losing reinforces doubt, when arsenal has doubt in their game, they panic, teams technically inferior can maul us, easily

    the doubt wouldnt be there if the team was fresher, if we had more options (that wenger is actually prepared to play) upfront and on the wing, to take the pressure off certain players and stop the perennial fatigue injuries that take us every march

  8. Yassin
    You are right team is under huge pressure, and this is really destroying our game
    I watched Everton’s game last week and thought they are vulnerable at defence, and can be easily damaged at the counters, while their full backs attacking
    But we can’t use these against them

  9. I just left the TV set to sit down in front of my com to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway. The team been through hell lately. I just dont have the heart to watch Arsene’s face again. Crazy game as always from the players. They just turn on and shut down alternately.

  10. @Persian Gunner,
    Here where the fans should get to raise the team. Going into details, we arr so good at home and bad away, this is due to our home fans giving believe to our players, while when they are away, all they know is what the media says. We need a hell of a psychiatric in this team, those players should read this blog and other similar ones.

  11. ok ok monreal marking Lukaku??? Lets get serious here we need to look forward, just switched on the tele but we can do it.
    Bring on the ox and ramsey straight away.

  12. Lukaku using his arm to control a ball, and almost scoring from that. Atkinson and his fellow assistants are a joke. Expecting more controversy in this match

  13. This is disheartening boys n gals…Wenger’s era is coming to sad demise.

  14. Exciting!! Who would have thought we will fight for fourth at the beginning of 2014!

  15. Guys, we’re not playing particularly well but we shouldn’t fail to see the “incompetence” from the officials; that denied penalty could’ve made it 2-1. Sagna was fouled by an Everton player which led to the third goal, an own goal by Arteta. They certainly don’t want us in the top four this year, especially if we win the FA cup. I expect Everton will get a few decisions going for them between now and the end of the season. While we will keep getting shafted.

  16. Ok,this is first fir me. I am a huge fan of AW and think that he has done a world class job in getting us a new training ground and keeping us in the top four whilst the new stadium being built. Sensible fans know that the finances have been tight. However it is time for a change. Not because of the dreadful performance against Everton but for continuing to stick with players who are tired and clearly dispirited. What is the point if having players like Eisfeld sitting in the reserves? Going into the season with one recognised striker was worrying, but failing to sign another in January catastrophic.
    Too many weaknesses in the squad which could, and should have been reinforced. Young players need to come into the side, after all they cannot do worse than those currently on the pitch. Oh and recall Chucks Aneke from his loan… A free scoring midfielder is what we need right now!

  17. AL

    We talk all we want but this performance is not good, our injuries always cost us, we point fingers. Every season we get shafted, we the fans can see it why can’t our board and manager?

  18. Yet again another unimaginative performance from Arsenal. The buck has to stop with Wenger. So far we’ve conceeded 12 goals in the last 4 games. Not only is the CL looking like slipping out of our grasp (remember 2 weeks ago we were still kidding ourselves we could win the league) but we might just end up with a negative goal difference!

    Most romances don’t survive this. How standing by Wenger is a positive thing no matter how we perform is beyond me. This is a 9 year dip after all!

    yer we’re in the FA cup semi final but we haven’t overcome Wigan yet and from our current performances well…

  19. Can we stop blaming the officials, it’s getting a little pathetic don’t you think?

  20. How is that not a card, Barckley just shoved our player, this is a fucking joke.

  21. I wana bet with sewer rats who say we wont be in the champions league? Any sewer rat out there 300 pounds. we send it to tony?lets put our mouth in our hands.

  22. 5th gooner
    Sanogos goal disallowed, he was on side as replays showed. Arteta shoved to the ground, he gets yellow carded. Carzola denied a clear penalty. Do you guys have eyes??? Stop blaming refs when they do this??? Are you for real???what’s wrong with you lot, stop moaning at Wenger for fuck’s sake and open your fucking eyes.

  23. Guys we were never in the game, if we have to resort to highlighting vague official errors which still would have not gotten us in the game it speaks volumes of how desperate we’ve become.

  24. We played below par by our standards but that shouldn’t excuse such a shambolic performance by the refs. I counted at least 3 key game changing decisions, and all went against us.

  25. @AL and if Sanogo had scored would we have gone on to win the game? What will it take for you to see what’s going on the pitch?

  26. No luck again. Not sure how we can blame the officials here… We are down with key players injured. But this is just shocking. Not sure what we can do from here.

  27. Is there a game we’ve lost or drwan when someone blames the ref? Seriously!!!

  28. Lukakus second, goal Naysmith is clearly blocking Szczesny. We have seen them canceled fuck the FA what do they want with us?

  29. We lost 6-0 to Chelski, if all the errors against us by the officials were reversed would we have won? Do you think there were not some decisions that went our way during this season which were not correct that we capitalised on?

  30. 5th gooner
    Is a legitimate goal ruled out for offside vague to you? Here are the decisions I saw that should have been called correctly

    1. Carzola shot clearly blocked by an arm, should have been a penalty

    2. Arteta shoved to the ground in an off the ball incident, should have been red

    3. The Ox shoved to ground in the box by Barry I think, we saw united penalised at OT for similar fouls resulting in penalties

    4. Sanogo received ball and scored in an onside position, goal ruled out when it should have stood.

    Are these all vague errors to you??
    Don’t you think had we got 3 of them we could’ve been even? Why do people fail to acknowledge an uneven playing field, and just choose to blame the team??

  31. @5th gen gooner was it counted??so you so that also good the only bad thing is that some sewer rats use their butts to see.

  32. @Al,
    Naishmith foul on Arteta, red card he scores later.

    Penalty on chamberlain after foul on Rosicky, none given.

    Come on, fck this league, am sick of what I watch

    Why cant we attack like they do? Easy, we have to go into fights with shirt pulling, and semi tackles nd hard hits on our legs, while looking at lukaku Goal, our players are scared of yellow red or penalty to put their foot in front of lukaku. They go attack on with 6 to 7 players, great but on the counter that could kill them. Solution, foul us and no yellow will be issued.
    Another tactic go on full force on Arteta, u either take the ball and score the goal, or make a foul, and dont be scared, no yellows will be issued. This is not only Everton game, its chelsea, liverpool, stoke,…. When we play with teams who knows only football, we play much better, look at city, other than milner and toure, they dont go all out and kick the Arsenal team, and we always play better, even in the 6-3 we were better than this? Come on we cant hold the ball for a second and raise ou heads to look and you will see people sliding on us.

    Congrats Mike Riley, mission accomplished.

    And instead of talking of stop blaming the ref, why wont u start being an Arsenal Fan and support your team instead of putting over pressure on them, and how about starting asking for a fair field before blaming our players, see this is how justice is served.

  33. AL

    your are incorrect on the 1st point, but regardless of that this ref is a cunt!!!

  34. 5th gooner,
    You’re coming across as a dense individual or someone with their own agenda. Sanogo’s goal should have stood. And why are you taking that in isolation only, without taking the other “errors” as you call them into account? As someone said, their second goal could’ve been chalked off too. All this shouldn’t matter?

    Why you choose to bring the Chelsea match (where again we played 75min with 10 men after the biggest reffing error in recent memory) just tells me you are not objective in your assessment, rather,you have an agenda to peddle. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will not engage you any further if you refuse to acknowledge obvious things like these.

  35. Look people, we are making ourselves ridiculous with the ongoing criticism of the refs etc(even though they are justified), but we have to accept that Arsenal are sorely lacking.

    Everton outplayed us completely today, a masterful use of tactics and preparation by Martinez.
    Everton has learned since the last time they played us, Arsenal has not learned.

    It is sad to see our great team reduced to this hapless lot, running around like headless chickens, AW sitting on the bench looking so lost, with no idea how to change things.

    It must be clear to even the blindest Arsenal supporters, that something(probable multiple things)is wrong with Arsenal’s today.

    I would like to list a few things i hear on this forum:

    e only have one way to play.

    we just turn on and shut down alternately.

    we do not have enough players in the box when needed.
    we do not have enough players in the box when needed.
    we do not have enough players in the box when needed.

    players do not create movement in any way throughout the game,
    they seem to stick to their positions like statues.

    we do not have enough shots on goal, sometimes to just test the goalie.

    we give the ball away far too much by silly silly silly mistakes.

    we have not got any tactical leadership.

    we usually do not have a game plan.

    our back four is solid one week, and like a sieve the next.

    no one makes runs when another player is on the ball to
    allow him more options.

    I think someone mentioned “flogging a dead horse” some time ago, and sadly, it looks like that is what Arsenal is doing at this moment.

    Anyway, with all that, i still support Arsenal, whatever happens, but no one can take away the disappointment of having to watch so many POOR performances, and i sympathise with ALL of the Arsenal supporters who are feeling the same.

    To me, it is not the losing that bothers me, IT IS HOW WE LOSE that does.

  36. Notice the sky sports silence of the shove, sanogo disallowed goal. Notice the commentary going quiet when replaying the foul on the Ox.

  37. Dan
    That’s your opinion, but I don’t see why you say I’m incorrect. The player made himself bigger by opening his arms wide, they were definitely not by the side of the body nor did he attempt to put them behind his back. The distance was also enough not to be considered a ball to hand situation imo.

  38. Firstly well played Everton you were the better team today.

    Secondly we were desperately unlucky for the first and third goals, as in our last two games Szcz made the initial saves well but the ball landed in exactly the wrong place on the pitch from our point of view. A few inches either side and no goals.

    Thirdly, if the handball had been against an Arsenal player I’m sure it would have been given.

    Fourthly Sanogo’s goal was not offside, Arteta’s card was a joke he was pushed. Awful challenge in the first half by Everton player not punished by a card. Arsenal player fouled leading to the first goal, Sagna fouled leading to the third. Phantom fouls given against us when we were gaining a bit of momentum. As I said in the preview Atkinson is a disgrace of a referee and quite prepared to be blatant in not awarding decisions to Arsenal.

    We now have to regroup before next Saturday


  39. Ok I ll go with your assessment 5th gen gooner,.
    3rd goal is a foul, still the score 2-0
    Penalty for chamberlain, 2-1
    The sanogo goal ruled for offside, 2-2

    Is that your logic, i dont see it as logic, cause I know what football is, and pulling and kicking is not allowed, and by that no team could score those goals, go back and watch replays, and look at how we defend, and how other teams from everton to chelsea to stoke defend, its the new tactics to stop us, and its against the law.

    Now what should we do? There is nothing except defend like they do, and start kicking them, but looking at the Arteta yellow card incident, rules apply to one team and not to the other.

  40. Dan 3:42
    Yes, noticed that and it’s telling. You could also see the commentators went silent after the replay on the Carzola penalty incident. Initially they went what could the defender have done there, couldn’t move out of the way. But after the replay there was silence. That alone says it all.

  41. Guys I’m a Gooner through and through and have been going to games since before most of you were born. I feel privileged to support the Gunners and have certainly enjoyed the good times but they were long ago and nothing has changed in all that time to bring those times back. Yes we can continue to keep the faith but Le Prof has been lacking in tactics for years and it’s time we take a deep breath and look to change things at the club.

    Gosh I wish Dein was still on the board!

  42. AL

    I watched the replay, come off his chest, other than that the officials wouldn’t give us shit.

  43. Honestly, people, no matter how much research into poor refereeing you do (all very good, thank you Walter), no matter how many times you cry about decisions that have gone against us in a particular match, nothing will change unless the clubs themselves make a stand for fairness. Arsenal and Tottenham have recently had players wrongly sent off which cost them any chance of winning the game but they sit back and do nothing. Why should the FA, PGMOL etc change their ways. Has anyone explained how they saw AOL’s handball? I don’t see Arsenal bothering about it.

  44. @Yassin Assuming we score the penalty etc., etc., Every game we have the same old discussions. Time to maybe think that it’s us with a problem relying on Referees to award us ‘gifts’ to turn a game when we should be big enough to do the talking on the pitch?

  45. Really why don’t people see !!does it need rocket science to make someone believe that what he or she uses to see are their own eyes? Not their butts??

  46. Andrew Cranshaw
    Well said. I did concede we were below par, but that shouldn’t be used to mask an inept reffing performance. I had forgotten to include the foul on Sagna leading to their third goal, and foul on first goal. In all the refs got no less than 6 key decisions wrong, and we’re just supposed to listen to people saying we should not blame the refs, blah blah blah. Why people find it easy to defend the refs but never the team under such obvious bias is beyond me.

    I also remember fouls on Giroud and later on Sanogo that the ref waved play on. Perhaps we could have lost this match, but when you throw in 6 key decisions all going against you then that changes the whole picture.

  47. We have conceded 37 goals this season, how many of those do you think were due to poor official decisions? We have to start manning up and taking it on the chin. For the last 9 years we simply have not been good enough!

  48. I wonder which ref the corrupt will deploy for our visit to wembley? May be Adrian Durham’s mother!

  49. Dan 3:48
    I’ll have to see that again. It looked like he blocked with his left arm though, but yes I’ll see if I can find a GIF out there…

  50. There seems to be two sets of football rules, the approved rules and modified rules when Arsenal are playing. Unfortunately Everton know this and played like thugs at times.

    Atkinson must be on a par with Taylor to be voted worst/ most biased anti Arsenal ref of the season.

    In any other situation the off the ball shove in the back by Barkley on Arteta, which should have been a straight red but ended up a yellow for Arteta, would have been comical – as it was it showed the bias or total incompetence of Atkinson and the other officials.

    While we lost and I don’t like losing, especially unfairly, I was impressed the way the team kept fighting right to the end. On a positive note, it was good to see Ramsey back on the field.

    No doubt the weak minded sewer rats will be delighted, but I still support this team and manager, if the rats don’t like that, too bad.

  51. Yes 5th gen gooner, that is why I said, i dont believe in that logic, but its a possibity.

    Man please watch the chelsea, stoke, and this game again, loom at how other team defends, and how we do it. Now if u want to blame Wenger for not telling their players to defend that way, am with u on this one, although its not under the football rules.

    We play good football against great teams, manchester city, and bayern as an example, but struggle to what media call, physical teams.
    Remember what nzonzi said after the stoke game, that was the tactics for all teams since then.

    Come on, who can stop the cazorla dribble, or the chamberlain run, or tge arteta pass if it wasnt in an unlegal way.

    BTW, did anyone notice how Everton players went diving, yes the ref gave nothing, but I could see they knew that its more possible to get the penalty than not, it was an instruction from their manager i felt.


    Am with u, what are we waiting for? Its more than enough.

  52. Hahahahahaha you guys are blaming the refs. I knew it. Absolutely pathetic.


  53. @5th Gen Gooner what do you call not good enough?Playing against Bayern or against Liverfall tell us more elaborate what you call good enough.Good enough is being in the champions league every season or bad is having the stadium we have?What is good enough??

  54. Is this season any different to the last 9 years? Oh other than it was game over in February! Come on guys things need to change and we need to encourage the team to make that change. Wenger has been great for the club but his time has passed and now we need to move forward.

    The referees are not the problem FFS!

  55. @5th Gen Gooner,

    Ok ok, we were not good enough, then why do we always have to go with this refshite since ages? If we are not good enough, why the other teams need help from refs and why is it always there?

  56. @5th Gen Gooner

    We may not be champions elect, how much of a helping did the likes Man utd need?

  57. @Kampalagun – Not good enough is for Arsenal football club not winning a trophy in almost a decade and losing by the biggest scorelines in the clubs history!

  58. So in summary if the officials were to be perfect we would have a stack of trophies to our name?

  59. I know one thing, no matter how bad we look or how bad we arw playing, we still have the right for a non tilted field. Until we are given that, no one can balme our players for whatever happens, even if they lost 20-0 to a 4th div team.

    After that, we can assess how our players are, and our manager and bla bla bla. And if that is hard, please PGMOL and FA, a new book of your own rules so we can know how to play our game, please evem of there is a set of rules only for Arsenal, just right it so we could get prepared.

  60. How in God’s name can you blame the ref for another atrocious performance like this? Come on admit it the dictator has run his time

  61. @5th Gen Gooner

    Maybe, yes, in a fair league. How titels would the Man have in such a setup?

  62. 5th Gen Gooner,

    Ok ok your last comment shows you havent been an Arsenal fan for too long, or havent watched their games. Thanks for that comment. 😉

  63. Check the other PL blogs they complain of the same injustices. We seriously need to grow a pair!

  64. @ok 5th Gen Gooner so its not only The Arsenal which is not good enough in that case ,so you prefer The arsenal to win the FA cup and does not qualify for the champions league. Will that be good enough for you??

  65. @Yassin – 5th Gen Gooner should give you a clue and I went to my first game in 1978! Get your facts right mate!

  66. Yes, the ref was poor today, but so were we. In fact, I would go as far to say we were shocking. I have backed Wenger, and still do, but why does he persist in playing a high line against the better teams away from home when we are lacking up front? This is the fourth time this has happened this season, why doesn’t he set us up with a bit more caution, certainly for the first half hour or so?
    We just did not seem prepared…..or do the players actually believe in the way they were prepared?
    With the way we were earlier in the season, and with our resources, these performances happening so often are not acceptable.
    We have five league games left, and the cup. Some of the more mischievous AAA sites are saying wenger has already signed, but they are keeping it quiet. I do not believe this, I cannot think of one reason they would keep quiet. A cliche, but The season starts from today. We can win these games. We have to be up for it, we have to show more discipline, we have to stop giving the ball away, and we have to get our only trusted striker scoring again. It we fail in the FA Cup, top four, or both, wenger will face some very difficult questions, as we will have been beaten by those with far less resources. We all know we get a poor deal from the refs, but should things go wrong, that will not stop valid questions on fitness management, team selection and preparation, recruitment, and that dreadful word, tactics. Gambling on one striker may become a very expensive gamble. Fail, and wenger will have nowhere to hide. If wenger stays, and I hope he does, I hope there are stipulations in his contract to put some certain things right, whether he wants to or not. Let’s get behind the team, and help them finish strongly, and hope the club get to work on various issues in the summer, because quite frankly, after some…events this season, they need to. The next few games are vital, the manager and some of the players have to seriously up their game, failure to do so will be unthinkable.

  67. @KampalaGun – And you won’t be celebrating if we win the FA cup – The oldest team competition in history? Just making up the numbers in the CL is not what Arsenal FC should be striving for!

  68. Financial accounts, dissected by people with qualifications in that area, have reported that there is over 100m sitting in a bank account that is there to be used – this figures have been gathered from the mandatory published club set of accounts and have been supported by other financial experts.Never said that he was a shit manager – honestly don’t think that the word “shit” sums up how shit a manager he really is  The striker (or lack thereof) is an issue that is impossible for him to emerge unscathed. There are 2 trains of thought over the ozil signing – (1) is that he wasn’t the person who bought ozil (personally I believe this) or (2) that he was in fact the one that wanted ozil and pushed for his signing. Scenario 1 would demonstrate yet again that he does not like spending money and would emerge from the transfer window having spent almost nothing  Scenario 2 would suggest that he is a man who continually buys the same type of players (lightweight ball players) and is unable to recognise the need for a top quality striker, a powerful DM (haven’t had one in years  ) and at least 1 proven defender and for me not spending is bad enough but an inability to recognise the obvious would be beyond the point of salvation imoThe injuries excuse always pisses me off – yes we always have injuries but are we not a big club that should have a squad in place to meet the demands placed on us ? I agree that it is folly to expect us to have a squad with the depth that citeeh have for example, but every season we are only 1 key injury away from a collapse and that has never been addressed. I know that we have injuries (the mooted reasons for which I will not go into now) but how do other teams survive with smaller squads than ours ? Both scouse teams have smaller squads than ours and 1 has left us trailing in their wake whilst the other one is within touching distance and neither has our financial resourcesI love the way everybody points to our league campaign as a source of improvement – had we have had a more level fixture list (not a chunk of easy fixtures followed by a chunk of tough fixtures) then I doubt if fans would view it as positively. Some fans point to the fact that no team has held top spot more than us but the reality is that this has been due to an early to mid season fixture list that was the envy of every manager in the league. However we have found that when reality hits and the tougher fixtures come around, we have been absolutely walloped in ways that hasn’t happened in decades so how that can be termed as progress I do not know

  69. I know we are all pissed off guys, but this hopefully is the beginning of the end for ODL.
    Finishing outside of the top 4, maybe the top 5, could be the best thing to happen for a few years.
    We don’t even attempt to win the CL if we are in it anyway, and not being in Europe has hardly hurt the victims has it?

    Ah shit, i’m trying my best to get a positive out of this nine year nightmare. 😥

  70. No denying that it was a below-par performance.

    This does not alter the fact that 6 key decisions went against us. This latter point is what decided the result.

    Naismith foul should have been red, never mind yellow card. Flamini commits one foul, exaggerated by Everton player, gets a yellow and a 2 match suspension. Arteta gets a yellow for complaining after being assaulted. Barkley, who committed the assault and Baines, who joined in in shouting in the ref’s face get nothing.

    Would not be surprised if Arteta and Cazorla have been injured by the repeated fouling today. Even Ramsey was cut down after releasing the ball, right in front of the ref as well.

    I have no doubt that this league is fixed against us.

  71. @Mandy Dodd thanks for that comment, Giroud is a very good striker but if we need to win our next 5 games and the FA cup he needs some rest and comes on in the second half.We need a punch upfront with either the Ox or Podolski to keep defenders on the opposite side on pressure Giroud can not do that as of now.
    I also need Fabiaski to do the FA and the last 5 games as our no 1 keeper needs breather.

  72. @Richard – Have to agree mate, we seem to make up the numbers every year and perhaps we need to purge the system and start with a new foundation.

  73. I do think Wenger has fallen in love the Barca setup, small player and moving the ball super fast. In the EPL with whole seup against you, it wont work.

  74. I’ve never been in the Wenger out crowd, but I’m sure being pushed in the direction with each passing match. So much being said about be careful what you wish for, but as long as he isn’t appointing the next manager and the club do a thorough search, I’m good. There are quite a few good replacements out there; however, as many have recently signed new contracts or moved clubs, if we can get the FA cup and 4th, I could deal with a short extension. That said, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him walk away- that’s the only way he’ll leave. The board are too comfy with him running the show.

  75. Again it doesn’t take a genius to point the finger at the tactical set up of our team as one of the biggest factors in this display 😡 No width, no pace, no power, isolated full backs and a lone striker who is actually getting shittier with each passing day 😳 This formation has been exposed time and time again and yet the French p*ick does nothing to change it because he of course is all knowing 👿 :cussing:

    We were beaten all over the park today but tbh I don’t really care 😳 We will still get 4th because they have a tough run in, but I don’t care one way or another. I will say though, that the ref needed a slap in the last few minutes – he booked arteta but let that fat scouse b*stard away with pushing arteta over well after the ball was gone 👿 👿

  76. Arteta used to be a great player. It is a Wenger fault that he scored the OG. He should have been subbed way before. Should I start to think that Wenger used to be a great manager?
    No pace in the first eleven, but there were options on the bench.
    Winger weak in defence against skilled players.
    No structure in defensive line. They were all over the palce so many times.
    Arsenal has the 2nd worst defence against top7 opponents. 23 goals shipped. Only Tottenham got worse with 30
    Worrying signs. Hope that Ramsey will stay fit to the end, because he is a superb player

    But still 3 points more than last seasoni in similar fixtures.

  77. @Max @5thgengooner@thomas in the last 3 season its only the arsenal which has 4 consecutive matches against the top five teams in a low is it a coincidence or a fix let it be in the first season or the second one could you guys who know better tell us why?

  78. Agree Kampala, have no problem with Giroud himself, but too much has been expected of him this year, in fact way too much. He looks mentally and physically shattered, others do as well. We need our creative MFs back ASAP. I know wenger tried to get strikers last summer and in Jan, though it is debatable if the likes of Kalou would have really been a solution.
    Our current toothless ness up front is making it way too easy for the better teams to play us, they do not have to worry about our forward, what a contrast there would be if theo was around. On that subject, why weren’t Ox or Gnabry started to inject some pace….maybe the latter is injured.
    This is a very strange time, there have been wenger teams that have been poor defensively, but have made up with attacking pace and prowess. At the moment, we are having defensive problems, and toothless in attack with little creativity. Very very strange for a wenger team that started the season so well. I acknowledge injury issues, and have always acknowledged the refs with us, but could just not understand the selection or tactics today coming off the back of notorious away performances. In fact, I am completely baffled by what I saw today. We seem to have the capacity to get spanked away against some teams, but no apparent will to do anything about it. Very very strange

  79. @Richard
    Leave it out with the ‘French p*ick’ insults and show some respect.

  80. Yep the PL is very physical and always has been. Small players although good in build-up play lack in the final third.

  81. @All

    Maybe it is time to call it day for Wenger. With the current setup so against him, it’s unlikely Arsenal will win with him in charge, our play has become too predicatble, and our setup for the big games is nothing but a formality.

  82. Yes Dan, but Ox and Gnabry are pretty quick, the latter is either injured…or out of favour for some reason? I thought Gnabs for the most part did ok when I saw him this season

  83. It’s another bad day at the office for the boys today. As usual, the sandpapers are coming out en-mass now and would be for a while. We already knew what their messages are.

    To the regular untolders, remember not to feed the trolls.

    Off topic: GOOD NEWS. I have been away for a while now. 9 days ago, my wife delivered a fair baby boy. To God be the glory.

    You are free to rejoice with me or mock AW for this defeat.


  84. this season has exhausted me.im lost for words at the mo,if anybody is still for this dinosaur then sadly you aren’t a supporter of Arsenal in my eyes

  85. It looks to me as though the team are resigned to their fate and have almost given up. When they go behind you can sense a sort of resignation, a ‘here we go again’ look about them. Maybe the months, years even, of being told by the media and a lot of our own fans, that they are no good, have no backbone, no fight, no steel, no leaders, they are tactically inept, the managers useless etc etc has finally got to them and they actually believe it. Years of negative reinforcement has finally taken it’s toll with the players and management. Additionally they know they will get nothing from the refs, they see it and feel it every week. It’s all in their minds now I am afraid and I fear for next week.

  86. It’s time for the manager to walk… He won’t be booted out like this…. Bring the banner out

  87. @Mandy Dodd thanks for the positive reply by the way talk about Gnabry we need some pacy players and the Prof have kept him out for a while i think monreal is a good player but we need more than that even gnabry can play there.
    I wonder why the Prof does not tinker in some matches we sometimes need that but he knows better and i know he will deliver.

  88. Kampala gun, why don’t you grow a pair andoobserve the game rather than talk rubbish.

  89. sadly a lot of arsenal supporters these days cant remember life before Wenger and are scared of change

  90. I don’t see any realistic circumstances in which AW can sign a new contract. There’d be uproar.Even winning the Cup (and at this point, that looks unlikely) just isn’t going to paper over some gaping cracks.The most disappointing thing from today is that that result and performance wasn’t even a surprise. And when you get to that stage, enough is enough.

  91. Oh dear. 🙂

    What will be will be.

    Still an FA Cup to win.

    Being out the Champions league will be a failure in the eyes of Arsene and the board. They will up their game with the coming campaign and be better prepared.

  92. @Arsenal1Again: It’s the same old same old for the last nine years. Why is nothing changing at our club. Every weekend and Tuesday/Wednesday evening, I make time to watch Arsenal, I put my whole life on hold to watch Arsenal, and for what? The same rubbish week in, week out. There is no passion, no excitement, no determination, not even any aggression, when we are losing. I feel sorry for those who pay to watch every game, I know you must support your team, but what an expense to watch a team who doesn’t give a dam. I think it’s time for change at the top. Wenger needs to go, if he wins the FA Cup, then that is that. We need to bring the passion and honour back to Arsenal and the only way that will happen, is with a new manager. Wenger has become to comfortable with his position at Arsenal. Time for change.

  93. Why are we still keeping faith in Wenger? 9 YEARS without a trophy all because he might show the brilliance last seen in 2005? Lest us not forget we sacked Rioch after 1 year and he signed Bergkamp!

    It’s time for a change and you are in the minority in thinking this is not the case. Why should we be expected to pay hundreds of pounds every year to see failure? – The most expensive ticket in the PL!

  94. In simplistic terms how anyone can now honestly believe Wenger can stay at Arsenal is beyond me. He has lumbered us with a team that cannot defend, that is packed with midfield midgets who can only trundle around the pitch like crabs and a donkey up front who cannot run backed up by an injury prone kid who has still to score any sort of goal for the first team or second string xi after 9 months. Wenger’s stubborn refusal to buy, his inept tactics, appalling body language, excuses and barmy press conferences must convince every Arsenal fan that his tenure has run its course. If he had an ounce of decency he would walk, I suspect he will try to hang on and get his greedy hands on another lucrative contract. Does this con man have no shame, no dignity. Utter disgrace.

  95. @max i though you knew better why do you fear to step into wengers shoes? Then stop talking bullshit you know shit happens so shut the fuck up.Liver pool have got two penalties are you watching if you are watching why didn’t we get ours?

  96. @KampalaGun: I am watching. They were stonewall penalties oh boohoo the fa are against us, the refs are against us…ohh no I am going to go cry to my mommy…Get the fuck outta here you loser and take that idiot manager with you…The man solely responsible for shattering the confidence in this team.

  97. Hmmmm…..

    If people think ref. Errors against a particular team won’t hurt their moral. Think again. No matter how professional or how good, people cannot perform when they know things are stacked up against them……

  98. @richard ha ha ha ha ha you don’t have a mum you are a bastard the way you talk, looks like they picked you from a garbage, van ooooh yeah you are a sewer rat no doubt and for your information wenger has signed a new contract what are you gona do about it hmmmmm cry to whooo??

  99. @KampalaGun: You sore loser. Does your bottom hurt after being rampaged by these defeats or wait was it the dictator who came in from behind to give you a riding?

  100. Ha ha ha ha ha ha exactly as expected from a bastard the sewers are not good either but soon you will come back to the fold.

  101. @KampalaGun – When you actually pay good money to see the Gunners play then perhaps we will listen. In the mean time you talk total crap and have no idea about football. Muppet!

  102. Every man and his dog has identified a weakness down our left hand side and every single manager now targets it.Martinez had the genius idea of putting Lukaku up against the dismal Monreal and we were torn to shreds.What did our tactical genius do to counteract this either during the first half or at HT? NOTHING,NADA,DIDDLEY SQUAT. Yes,the man who has been a manager for 30 yrs,”coach of the decade”,paid 7.5 mill a year did nothing.After the game he again admitted he couldn’t explain the performance.Just you wait,Wigan will target our left hand side and so will West Ham,West Brom,Newcastle,Hull and Norwich. Wenger will remain rooted to his seat gazing on impotently.Just you wait.Hey funny if Ozil has a CL clause in his contract allowing him to leave if we don’t qualify!!! Bet we don’t see him again this season,doesn’t want to be associated with this abject failure,another spineless Wenger signing to go with all the others.

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