Dear Ludivine Kadri Sagna,

An open letter from a worried supporter, man, father,…

Dear Ludivine,

First of all I want to apologise for using your first name.  As I know that you probably will not know me but for me you are a more familiar person. I follow you on twitter and so I have learned to know you over the last years. And you do seem to be a real caring wife and loving mother of your children.  I have seen you post pictures of yourself and as I am a man I can appreciate looking at a beautiful woman.

But I must say that I am a bit worried about a few things I have heard about your husband, Bacary. Now I am a man of middle age myself and so I know that younger man do foolish things. But in my stage of my life I have left those things behind me. I think. Must ask my wife if she agrees on this.

The thing is that when young man do foolish things it is very important that their wives take matters in hand. Maybe you don’t know what Bac is up to so I just want to tell you about the things I have heard and don’t like.

Apparently Bacary is unhappy with the proposal that Arsenal has made for a possible future contract.  Do you know about that? Because I have seen you pose on many occasions in an Arsenal shirt and I presume that you feel a bit of a Gooner yourself after all those years being the wife of an Arsenal player. And I must say that you look gorgeous in those pictures in an Arsenal shirt.

Tell me Ludivine, would you be happy that Bacary leaves Arsenal? I really doubt it. And not just because I think you like Arsenal but also for other reasons. I have asked someone who knows a bit about fashion and photo shoots and he has confirmed me that you would look terrible in something else than the Arsenal red. He said that Liverpool red makes you look fat and Manchester United red are just table cloths and make you look ugly.

I know the rumours are that Bacary might go to Manchester City. Have you ever been there? Don’t go if you love your children. And the same fashion knower told me that seeing you in blue would be the end of your career. No photographer will ever want to take another picture of you. That colour doesn’t go with you at all. Not my words as I know nothing about it to be honest. But I trust my  friend on this as he knows a bit about those things. So for your own sake don’t let Bac go to one of those clubs in blue.

Now I know from my own younger days that men between 30-35 years are in a difficult age. They are getting a bit older but don’t want to admit that they are slowly on the wrong side of things. So they usually react with running behind other things that they never seemed to need before.

Some will start chasing other woman, some want to change from job, some want to change from employer. Thinking they will be happier with that. Let me tell you that this is a false dream!  They usually end up empty handed or unhappy. I have seen it happening many times around me.

I must admit I never had that when I was around that age. Because my wife kept me on the right track all the time. When I had crazy dreams she talked me out of them. I didn’t dare to look at other woman as well… you know I think I wouldn’t be here any more to write about it.

And looking back at it I feel very happy that she took control and took care of me in those days of youthful foolishness.

So my advice to you is that when Bacary comes home from training today you drag him by his hair to the kitchen table. Tell him to sit down and you ask him what he is up to. Ask him if the rumours that he wants to leave Arsenal are true. And if he confirms this tell him in no uncertain terms that he must be out of is mind. Ask him if he has lost his mind.

You seem a very strong woman to me. And a caring and loving one. I remember you tweeting in a worried way a few years ago when your kids were sick. So I think it is time to take care and to be strong.  Not for your children this time but for that big child of yours: Bacary.

Do what a strong woman does when it is needed. Tell him to forget about it. Tell him to pick up the phone and call Arsène and Ivan and let Bacary say that he has changed his mind and that he will stay at Arsenal after all. If needed pick up the phone yourself and ask Arsène and Ivan to give in to one little thing so that Bacary will feel as if he has won the negotiations. I know man are like that and find it important to feel that they achieved what they wanted. Even if not so in reality.

And if you really love Arsenal and London don’t be afraid to be firm about some things. Tell Bacary that going to another rich club in London is not possible at all. Tell him it would make you unhappy and probably ugly if you should pose in blue. Tell him that living in Manchester is out of the question and that he then will have to choose between earning more money but not seeing the children as much as now. Tell him that no sane and smart woman would consider leaving London and go to Manchester.

So I am calling on to you to make sure that Bacary will see the light and will understand that he has to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career.  I’m sure it will make you all happy.

And it will make me happy.

And if Bacary comes up with wanting to win something you have to say two things:

1) you must win the FA cup now

2) if you go now, you might miss being part of the new Arsenal that is around the corner and who knows maybe a second invincibles….

As I do think that we might be on the eve of a new invincible era. Impossible? They thought the first time it was impossible. And he would have a life long regret if he would miss out on that.

So Ludivine, do what you have to do and tell your husband what to do: sign that thing with Arsenal. He will be grateful for that later on. I promise you that.

Thanks for listening to me and I hope you can do the job you need to do.

Kind regards


Walter Broeckx, an Arsenal supporter

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21 Replies to “Dear Ludivine Kadri Sagna,”

  1. 🙂 🙂

    Walter, may I add one little passage to your touching letter (the one might end up with a) a restraining order and/or b) your divorce if your significant other reads UA though)?

    “Arsenal are the greatest club from the greatest football city in the world. Therefore, anywhere you go from here is going from horse to donkey.”

  2. Walter,

    This is emotional blackmail at its worst and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Pst…pst…(in hushed voice)…well done and thank you for this. I hope it works.

  3. I could have added : do you think that the supporters at City will cheer on your son if he scores a goal after the last match of the season? No, their supporters will ask to each other: how much ££££££M did he cost? Nothing? Useless….

    But us Gooners we will cheer for them….

  4. Mrs Sagna, at Arsenal , Bac is the responsible senior pro type,leads by example, mentors young players, but if he moves and gets much more dollar, may go to his head, and he might behave in an indiscreet way like his Arsenal and France teammate…you owe it to your family to keep him at Arsenal no less!

  5. Back, we love you, don’t go.
    Being totally mercenary, Nudge that Belgian out the door and be our right back, then centreback when you lose a little pace!

  6. Walter….this letter says more about you thanit does about Bac or his lovely wife! The entire pantomime smells of greedy agent and aging player mid-life crisis or as my grand old grannie often said; men need mid-wive crises to have mid-life crises!

  7. Bacary, what can Ludivine do in Turkey?

    Bac you are my fave Gunner, just beating out the BMFG. Yes I added the “M”.

    I know you want your last BIG payday before retirement, I respect that. But taking the Missus to Manchester is like driving a Bentley on a dirt road.

    We will still love you man regardless of your decision, cuz you were loyal and you gave 100%, and with Theo out you were our Right Winger. Wenger asked you to get up make crosses then come back and play defense.

    Stay with us, dude, you will never feel the love like this elsewhere. If not Ludivine will make you sleep on the couch.

  8. There is a problem here.
    It’s between head and heart of a player, about to begin probably the final major contract of his career.
    On the one hand he can stay with his present employers by accepting an improved contract.
    On the other hand he can move elsewhere and obtain a vastly improved offer from a new employer.
    The biggest problem is that the top class professional footballer today enjoys a wage and standard of living, well beyond the dreams of his peers a few generations ago.
    What hasn’t changed, though, is the relatively short working life.
    Consequently, it would appear to make sense for the player to plan for the day when his terminal working income will be as high as possible.
    Accordingly, in my view, loyalty to present employer must take second place, despite the upset this will cause to those fans who support him and his club.
    His primary duty to provide for the future must involve his family.

  9. And ask him if he really thinks he will replace the present city RB.

    No chance.

    Who would volunteer to spend the next couple of seasons on the bench.

    Bacaray is too bright and good for that.

  10. Well Mrs. S could also ask the wives of K. Toure and Adebayor how life was in Manchester ( and in the latter’s case – Madrid and the other side of North London !)

  11. I can bet on my life, Sagna will never to City. He is too responsible and loyal to do that to Arsenal. Just unfortunate that it has to come to this. This is an example of a professional (along with the Rosicky). Very humble guy. Example of what Arsenal represents. Would have loved for the club to give in to him. Baring in mind that we will spend more getting a replacement. I still think the guy can give Arsenal 3-4 years more.
    Mrs Sagna, please talk some sense into the guy. We love him too much to lose him.

    Walter, nice one. I hope she sees your letter.
    Been a while i placed a comment.

  12. We all want Bac to stay; as an experienced professional he still has much to offer the first team and also the younger players, the young players can learn much from Bac by his example and from his advice.

    Sign up Bac!

  13. Sagna has said he will be leaving – so its done as far as I am concerned. We need a new RB. I am not upset by this at all as I have not rated Sagna highly over the last 3 years (injuries have caught up with him). He is not as quick to the ball and leaves to much space for crosses. We can do better.

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