Untold FA cup final day live blog

by Walter Broeckx

This article will be updated from time to time. I will try to take you along with me on my trip, share my emotions with you, tell you about remarkable things or dull things. I hope to have a good day and I hope you will feel a bit like being with me all day long. So check this for regular updates.

And this really is a novelty for Untold Arsenal. A life blog about a football match and the journey.

8.00 I leave home near Antwerp. On my way to pick up Phil who will be one of my travelling companions. The sun is shining, lets go!

9.30 first little problem on the road in Ghent. Damned road works
11.55 local time arrived at Calais. We can almost smell England. On to the shuttle train now

12.30 local time. We are in England! Driving off the train in Folkestone. The mood is excellent. Our group of 8 supporters is confident we can do it. First little problem: our GPS has gone flat. Trying to fix the problem now.

14.00 local time. GPS is sending us through central London. Some extra sightseeing along the way. Lucky we were a bit early
Just past Tower Bridge and The Tower. Anyone got a decent GPS?

15.00 We made it!Great atmosphere around the Emirates. We could park our car near the Tollington. When I handed over the little cup final flags to my companions people asked us how mutch they should pay us. I got them tot gfree do just gave them away. I’m a bad businessman. Look on the. Childeren their face was priceles.

16.15 sitting inside upper tear great view on the big screens.

16.12 Inside the Emirates looking atthe pre matchtaa

Letthe match begin!

What a dis

What a disaster start. Corner inthe first minute and the shot is diverted in.
Hardly a few minutes later a Probert trick. Invent a foul, let them take it 10 meters further up the pitch and Hull could score again.

Oh my God!

But after being stunned for a few minutes the crowd in the Emirates started roaring them on again.

Step up you little Spanish giant!What a free kick! 2-1 can we turn this around?

Yes we can!

Koscielny with the equalizer! 2-2!!

Not extra time this time please oh well…

Giroud oh my God against the crossbar! Onze of those days?

NO NOO NOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! It’s not onze of those days!

Aaaaaarrrrooooon Ramsey with the 3-2!!!!

Hold on now….

Lukas aaaaaaaarrrgghh pfew that was close!! Hold on please!


Party time….

55 Replies to “Untold FA cup final day live blog”

  1. Makes my half hour drive (and that is only necessary to meet friends) and 20 minute train journey to Wembley seem trivial! Let’s hope the ferry/chunnel are behaving themselves?

  2. Walter,Phil and companions,

    Have a safe journey and enjoy the atmosphere.

  3. Far be it from me to divert attention on this day, to ANYTHING but the Cup Final….but the unconfirmed news that we are about to buy back Carlos Vela is an exciting pre-cursor.

  4. Hope everyone enjoys a day that ends with a trophy and official confirmation on wengers future

  5. Have a good day people, remember we’re a class apart. We are “The Arsenal”.

  6. Really weird. Where I live (150 miles from London) it’s a lovely day and people actually say “good morning, lovely day”, so I respond with “lovely cup final day”, and all the closet Spuds come out. I didn’t know there were so many this far from North London.

  7. @Walter Safe Journey and a safe journey to all others who are going.

    I am lucky enough to have a ticket and will be there cheering our team on.

    Come on you Gunners

  8. 6 hours to kick off and I am starting to get nervous and even feeling goosebumps. Strangely i feel quite confident about tonights match, I’am usually not. I get the feeling “It’s up for grabs now” 🙂

  9. I’m going to the Emirates to be amongst Arsenal fans. It is a beautiful day for a beautiful game.

    It is ARSENAL’s day to shut the biased media up.

    Please God there is no PGMOL party spoiler.

  10. I have never been so nervous as this. I just hope and pray we win the match today. whatever the scores may be, just win and bring the trophy back to the Emirates. COYG

  11. 5 hours, 7 minutes to go.

    I am pretty calm about this. Somehow, rather than scare me, our experience with Birmingham City in 2011 gave me a lot of confidence. As they say, lightening doesn’t strike twice at the same spot. My head and heart tell me that we are going to have a sweet victory today.

    Those who are lucky enough to get tickets, please make Probert know who is in charge very early and all through the match.

    Today is the day that we take away from the media and all our detractors their favourite talking point and ultimate put down on anything Arsenal.

  12. If we are focused from the start we will win – simples.
    I set off from South-east London at 13:00 to meet up with Tony and Blacksheep at Wenbley Park, then a drink and bite before the game.
    Expecting a solid performance from the team and hoping that Probert doesn’t mess up his one chance in the Cup Final. I don’t expect to have any voice at all by the end of the game.

  13. Andrew Crawshaw wrote:

    “I don’t expect to have any voice at all by the end of the game.”

    And neither do I expect you to buddy, neither do I 🙂

    I have no doubt that you Tony and blacksheep will make us proud. We are counting on you.

  14. Andrew
    Enjoy your day.
    If possible avoid getting your drinks from the stadium bars. If it’s still same as when i was last there it will be weak Fosters in plastic glasses. Not many pubs nearby though.

  15. Thanks for the updates ,guys ! Shout out loud too for those of who are unable to be there .

  16. Out side the ground you’ve still got Hull fans saying “If the lads need any encouragement, just pin the ‘Arsenal Parade route’ story up in the changing room”

    Do they not realise they’ve got there own route advertised on there own Web site !!!

    Just shows you:

    1) How stupid people are.

    But more importantly:

    2) How much the media influences people because no matter how crass, bias or baseless there headlines are, some mugs lap it up every time.

  17. Here is part of my contribution to keep the spirits up as we count down to the kick off .

    You Remind Me of my Son…

    Walking through a supermarket, a young man noticed an old lady following him around. He ignored her for a while, but when he got to the checkout line, she got in front of him.

    “Pardon me,” she said. “I’m sorry if I’ve been staring, but you look just like me son who died recently.

    “I’m sorry for your loss,” the young man replied. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

    “Well, as I’m leaving, could you just say ‘Goodbye, mother!?’ It would make me feel so much better.” She gave him a sweet smile.

    “Of course I can,” the young man promised.old woman laughing

    As she gathered her bags and left, he called out “Goodbye, mother!” just as she had requested, feeling good about her smile.

    Stepping up to the counter, he saw that his total was about $100 higher than it should be. “That amount is wrong,” he said. “I only have a few items!”

    “Oh, your mother said that you would pay for her,” explained the clerk.

  18. Thanks bootoome, my mistake! sorry edda!
    Oh god, even longer to wait now!

  19. @Jambug,
    Regarding the sensible pre-planning of celebrations in North London tomorrow, can you imagine the shambles this evening if Arsenal won the Cup on a penalty shoot-out around about 8pm AND THEN started to organise the ‘bus etc.
    There’s such a thing as common sense planning ahead.

  20. nicky
    Yeah, you’re right, it’s already piss weak. I suppose it makes sense for security reasons, same as at the Emirates.

  21. 2 1/2 hours to go, my nervousness has gone, and a wonderful time i wish for all Arsenals supporters whether at Wembley, Emirates, in pubs or at home all over the world.
    This is the start of something new.
    Watching Arsenal TV until kick off.

  22. Gosh Para I wish my nervousness was gone the butterflies in my stomach are getting bigger and bigger… COYG

  23. 18 minutes and already want to punch Adrian Childs. Well done ITV converting the footage of our last win into black and white.

  24. Robl,

    About punching Adrian Childs you’d have to get in line dude. That guy’s an ass.

    Did you notice that they couldn’t find one Arsenal fan that wasn’t whining about Wenger?

    Bunch of idiots.

  25. To my idol and role Model, Arsene Wenger:


    To all the Arsenal player:


    To all the supportive and understanding supporters:


    To the media:

    meh… it’s a great day for Arsenal and y’all are not worth any trouble from me.

  26. Thank you all the Gunners who always trust in the way you chose with Arsenal and our dearest and wonderful ARSENE WENGER!!!

    Thank you all the ones who shared and share the unspeakable love for Arsenal together!!!

    Just till the moment Podol “chased” after Arsene, I began to cry.

  27. Time to bring this website down!


    The website is run by one Darren McSorley (found it through a whois search of the website)

    His personal twitter is: https://twitter.com/darrenmcsorley

    His address is:
    14 Corradinna Rd,
    BT78 5BN



  28. I meant, send him a postal mail. No email provided on his website registration.

  29. 300+ Gooners (although in fairness there was a lone Hull City dissenter)in our local (Calgary, CAN) pub to cheer the team to victory!!

  30. We should have had at least one penalty given and probably two for the mugging in the box. Not surprised that Probert let Hull get away with a lot of warnings.

  31. Four penalties not given GoingGoingGooner.
    Probert should get the sacke – also Riley.

  32. Congrats Untold! Congrats Tony! Congrats Walter! Congrats Adams! Congrats Dogface! Congrats to me! Congrats everyone!

    Arsene, Keep on keeping on! The whole team, welcome to a new beginning. The Club, keep oiling the wheel; we are on the move. Congrats!

  33. Yep Pat, it should have been 6-2 in regulation (the 2 goals + 4 penalties), but I’ll settle for 3-2 in AET.

    UP THE ARSE!!!!

  34. Thank you Walter for everything – from the referee reviews to this vibrant blog post! Untold is a pure gem. On to the next trophy, Arsenal!

  35. Walter, this was an Untold first, and a brilliant piece. Although I only read it on Sunday morning (I collapsed after getting home sometime around 2315) it was a really wonderful thing to do.

    On behalf of everyone who reads Untold, and from all your friends who make Untold happen, thank you so much.


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