The Final

A very good day to you all! I’ll keep it short, as there are better things to be doing on a beautiful day in the merry-month-of-May.

I slept in my Arsenal shirt last night – my only Arsenal shirt I hasten to add. I knew full well I’d have to wear it today, but I did it anyway…

It’s impossible to put my feelings into writing today. And if I did, they’d probably resemble unintelligible sentences, punctuated with erratic shouts of “ARSENAL!”, “WEMBLEY”, “FUCK OFF MOURINHO”… that kind of thing. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense; it would be a pyramid of emotion based on various abstractions and memories. At the base would be that bloody “<< X-many>>> years without a trophy” line, coined sometime around 08 and used in every article about Arsenal since. Above that would be the pundits who talk about “walking it in”, “lack of end product”, “they don’t like it up them…”etc.; then the broken legs, the Phil Browns, the Pulis’, the Allardyces, the Mcleishs, the Mourinhos, the Drogbas… the Catalan DNA, ‘The little boy inside” the 1 year remaining on the contract… all of it leading up to this sunny day in May.

Winning today would go some way to exorcising these memories. A new pyramid might begin, one of 40 million pound signings, 5-year contracts, Islington DNA and away wins at Stamford Bridge.



                  Sagna                Mert                 Koz             Gibbs

                                       Ramsey             Arteta

                 Cazorla                     Ozil                  Podolski.




We will win today. We have to win today. The team is fresh and our form has returned. Enjoy the day chaps. I’m off to drink beer.











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  1. Their 2nd goal came from a free kick given for what? I think we will annihilate Hull 2nd half.

  2. slow start from arsenal today, and hull got lucky. great goal by carzola, keeps us in the game….i believe we can get a goal in the second half which will completely sway the momentum of the game. we just have to believe and be patient.

    the ref has been utterly shit. should have handed out a couple yellows. and how can you let them move the ball ten yards on the second goal? that is really something the officials should get right in a cup final. the ref has played a part in shifting the momentum of the game and that is unfortunate, but entirely predictable.

    COYG….we got this!

  3. Being dragged down to floor in the penalty area doesn’t get you a penalty but brushing up against a Hull player gets you a booking.

  4. There should be a ref of the year award. Goes to the ref that does everything he can to prevent an arsenal win.

  5. What the hell is this?
    Its not acceptible in anyway.
    Every dive given for them
    Any foul not given to ud
    4penalties for god sake 4

  6. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhghhghh
    Arsenal are not for the weak hearted, am weak hearted now, but yeaaaaaahhhhh

  7. AAA have lost their best ammunition. Haven’t won a trophy in 9 years, and the joke about 4th place trophy can be shoved up their collective asses.

  8. Probert: What a wanker.

    4 really good penalty shouts.

    Not Hulls fault Proberts a prick, they gave it everything.

    The way Probert refereed you think Hull could of got away with more, and yet credit to them they didn’t resort to thuggery at any time.

    Congratulations to Hull EUROPE !! well done.

    Arsenal…..Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Absolutely marvelous! Well done the team, well done AW and well done the fans at Wembly who supported the team throughout the match.

    As for Probert – he did his best to knobble the match – just now I have two for him – the second one is….”yours”!

  10. Well done Arsenal, gave me heart attacks a few times, but well played AW and the team.

  11. Bruce.

    I like him but not a word of congratulations.

    A bit sad. I thought he was better that that.

  12. To my idol and role Model, Arsene Wenger:


    To all the Arsenal players:


    To all the supportive and understanding supporters:


    To Probert:

    UP YOURS, You biased and incompetent asshole!

    To the media:

    meh… it’s a great day for Arsenal and y’all are not worth any trouble from me.

  13. Never seen Wenger so happy!!!!!!!! Probert go over to the coop tonight where for the fourth time this season all is silent and lay an egg you crepe ref!!!
    Brilliant, brilliant, 0-2 down and coming back,not losing their bottle.All the lads so happy after all the years of poop you deserve it. Rosicky and Jack, tearing Hull to pieces at the end, should have had more!
    COYG!COYG!Wenger out Martinez in!, “average” Wenger,”specialist in failure”, except youve just won the cup!!!,this ones or Moronio(what did you win this season eh old boy?) and Stewart Robson and for the pundits and media and all our moaning pals who come on here to wind everyone up if the results dont go our way, YNWYA!.COYG!!
    Rambo, you deserve it so much after all the crepe you had to put up with, and after having such a season, and then getting injured.Untold loves you mate!!!
    And for the last, and best time this season:
    have a great night all the great people at Untold….

  14. BT Sports

    Still being negative. Still moaning.

    Fuck me does it never stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. At the game.
    Pardon my French, but:

    Fuck off Probert! 🙂

    Thirty odd thousand arsenal fans saw that ‘performance’ from Probert.
    No need for any further comment. Save, thanks be to the football gods for the linesmen!!!! 😉

  16. To Bootoomee

    Well said my friend !!!!

    And just for you my friend 🙂 🙂 🙂

    One per goal and one for luck 🙂

  17. @jambug

    BT & the cretins on ITV were as negative as possible – but for now the important thing is we won – the fcuking AAA monkey is off our back at last.

    Considering the immense pressure the team has been under this is an immense win.

    Tonight I will be celebrating, the media & AAA will not like us celebrating, but they can go fcuk themselves – time to enjoy the moment!!!

  18. In grasp of an emotionally overpowering moment…just two points I want to make, this is just a point on the continuum of a genius manager whose achievement goes beyond just a trophy and it does not do any reinforcing since the belief had never wavered! Two, untold’s position that there’s a bias against us needs just to view this game. We had to play and win against a team of twelve!

  19. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done guys ! Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat . Went against the grain today !
    So glad to see Le Boss smiling ,and the outpouring of love from the fans was very nice to see .
    Fuck you , the AAAA , BSM and all you ‘lady parts’ plastic fans with all your negativity !
    Long live the AKBs – the true fans and supporters of the club !God bless you all.
    And thanks to Adam ,for looking out for us from above .

  20. FA CUP CHAMPIONS 2014!!! 😀

    Oh to be a Gooner! Congrats to the club, players fans & the boss!

  21. @Btjgooner, Jambug,

    Don`t waste this moment on those scums, just turn the thing off and celebrate. they dont deserve you attention.

    @ Bootoome, Congratulations to u too, and to all Arsenal supporters and club.

    And this win is for you Adam, u deserved to comment here the most for your loyalty to this team.

  22. jambug,

    My dear friend: many thanks!

    I can’t recall a worse performance than Probert’s today since I have been following football. The guy was absolutely terrible.

    4 very clear penalties. FOUR!!!! Including a 2 hand punch in 18 box.

    And that moron Adrian Childs, I feel like kicking him in the nuts. What a wanker!

  23. Hey Jambug!! but like 79!!! F.stop magic!!
    I am so pleased for Wenger.Im also really pleased for all the Untolders, from March the 1st(Stoke) till the Everton game it was really a tough time for us here and the team…

    I want to say something else, lets all think of Adam and his family. Adam, this ones for you mate.


  24. In the words of Freddie : ‘It’s fuckin excellent’ 🙂

    A big FU to all the naysayers, all who rejoice in our misery and bad luck. Especially to the media who lie out of their holes and to the referee who decided to create some bad ‘luck’.

    4 penalties not given, and all they’ll talk about is one wrongly awarded corner. Hahaha.. Their misery is now my glee 🙂

    We won. So very very happy for the players and especially Arsene Wenger. Now please sign a new contract and stay with us.

    Man what a game, what a feeling! Thank you Arsenal.

    ok am a bit insane now, but who cares YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAah!!!!!!!

    what a master stroke sub by the Master Boss, Sanogo boy, what has gone up with you, MOTM for me, like a monster.

    Come on this should be a movie, the kid who should not wear an Arsenal shirt, the kid who got back from broken leg, losing his like father figure in ” Speed”. who everyone booooooed, and everyone said Arsenal will not win another trophy with players like, has won us this today, COME ON WORLD WATCH THIS, THIS IS WHY WE LOVE WENGER, HE IS A MANAGER AND A FATHER AND HUMAN. GO TO HELL U STUPID MEDIA, U KNOW NOTHING OF FOOTBALL, SO U AAA. AKBs forever, Arsenal till we die.
    what a come back, what a joy, what a team with all the pressure, 2-0 down in the first 7 min. Am proud of you boys.

    Come on Diaby, do a Ramsey, come on Abou,

  26. 3 283 … Some journalist dont know which have found out that this is the number of day since the last time Arsenal won a trophy. 3 283 days… I Wonder if the same journalist have had the same Research of Clubs like Liverpool, Everton and Spurs ? And I Wonder if the “specialist in failure” will get his number of days without a trophy counted ??? It should be at least 3 figueres by now…

  27. It is 8792 days, 20 hours, 43 minutes, 43 seconds 8counting since Liverpool last won the league…erm how long since Arsenal last won the FAC?

  28. Congratulations to every Untold(ers)! Many Congratulations to the team!! A big congratulation to Arsene Wenger!!! Very huge congratulation to the Club!!!!

    Did you guys realise that its a brand new spanking Cup that we won today? The FA cup used last year has been retired to the FA HQ.

    Probert can go f..k himself for all I care.

  29. This feeling is overwhelming.

    Thank you Wenger for being a bigger man than I could ever be.

    Thank you. Thank You. Thank you.

    My love and appreciation for ever 🙂

  30. A great day! The way Probert was calling it, I was waiting for him to send a Gunner off. Just how many times can you warn someone before he should be carded. Handball in the box, Cazorla feet pulled out from beneath him and Giroud yanked over backwards. Three stonewall penalties and a couple more possibilities.

    Fantastic comeback from an unlucky start. No one can doubt the character on this team!!

  31. Absolutely fantastic! Brilliant work boys! All in spite of that total f*ckwit, Probert. Annoyed the neighbours, but don’t care…. just enjoying the day now. Love it, love them. COYG!!

  32. To Arsene Wenger , may you rule forevermore .

    If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

    Goodnight guys , its almost 4 am. Will not be able to sleep just yet .Do hope Dortmund win . Was glad to see AM win La liga .

  33. Congratulations Arsenal! had the following text commentary about the “excellent refereeing” shown today:

    > 11 ITV are reporting that Arsenal are furious about the set-piece situation leading to the second goal. Video suggests that the free-kick was taken eight yards ahead of where the foul was committed. Nevertheless, the Tigers have another set-piece here.

    > 24 A crunching tackle from Liam Rosenior, who is late on Bacary Sagna. The France international is writhing in pain, but the referee awards a foul, and no booking.

    > 42 Weird refereeing there. Matty Fryatt latches onto a through ball, and holds off Laurent Koscielny to the point of a foul. But the assistant does not flag at all, before the referee makes the call.

    > 57 PENALTY? NO! Olivier Giroud is furious. A speculative ball in the box causes problems for Hull. But Huddlestone has a clear hand on Giroud’s shoulder, but the referee waves play on.

    > 64 SANOGO! Header wide from a corner, but the substitute is making a notable impact for the Gunners. But the controversy is in the build-up, as it appears that Rosenior deflects the cross into the box with his hands. Unnoticed by the referee.

    > 68 PENALTY? NO says the referee! Arsenal up in arms as Ramsey picks out Cazorla with a stunning pass. The Spaniard makes progress in the penalty box, where he is upended by Curtis Davies. TV replays suggest the defender did get a bit of the man. The referee, however, waves play on.

    > 80 PENALTY? NO! That’s four penalty calls now denied for Arsenal by the referee Lee Probert. Cazorla is on the end of a fine pass in the box by Ramsey. Meyler is on the wrong side of Cazorla, and bundles him over. Strong penalty call, and Meyler was already on a booking.


    The FA sure showed the world how good English refereeing is.

  34. The referee was defiantly trying to fix or organise the outcome of the match. Shame to the PGMOL and the football association to allow this to happen.

  35. I think someone said it earlier but a big up for Sanogo.

    Whatever you say about the lad he makes a difference.

    For want of a better phrase he’s a ‘handful’

    Certainly made a difference when he came on.

    Once he scores a goal. Who knows?

  36. After we were denied the first penalty I said ‘We’re not allowed to win this trophy.’

    I’m so happy I was wrong – but it’s all due to the skill and fighting spirit of our players and our manager – and no thanks to the referee and the referee’s boss.

    It was absolutely fantastic to see our players and manager and all the fans enjoying the celebrations at the end. I’ll have to watch that a few times!

  37. I am watching the match in Hong Kong TV. The commenter here says similar things – Hull was lucky to get away with these penalty. Everyone see it.

  38. Gord

    Thanks for giving chapter and verse on a disgraceful refereeing performance.

    But will there be any repercussions for this referee?

    Don’t hold your breath!

  39. jambug,

    Sanogo was very useful nuisance today. Boy, did he harass the Hull defence or what? Once he gets his goal (and he came inches close today) the sky will be the limit.

    And how unlucky was Giroud with a great header hitting the crossbar? He was a handful and that back heel assist was a peach. I once again raise my middle finger to all his detractors and abusers both within and outside the Arsenal fan base.

  40. Well done arsenal. Monkey off the back. Wenger a winner again after ten years of building after a new stadium . Now the world knows what we knew all along, wenger is a winner. There is a new specialist in failure in London Town, a very expensive one.
    Many reasonably sane blogs called for wengers head after the Everton game, untold kept its head.
    Fourth place, big points haul despite some of the worst injuries I can remember, and now a trophy, should shut up the trophy glory hunters in our midst. The only English club to win more than us did so with massive FFP violating funds.
    A day for heroes, freakishly terrible start, but the team became warriors to shut up the media, Aaa and,other critics. This team have proved mental strength.
    The media will still find sticks to beat wenger with but the welsh Jesus and co today made their job harder.
    Over an hour and a half without lifting a trophy….WENGER OUT!

  41. Fuk sake we do it the hard way!!! No boring 1 sided games from us, hell no..
    6am, it’s cold? bit drunk, going home to watch replay now!!
    COYG!!! Well done Wenger, you deserve it!!!

  42. @Gord

    >57 – Huddlestone half a second later had Giroud by the throat – still no penalty!

  43. So happy for Wenger! Well done boys! fuck the media! And I said I wouldn’t watch footie but the amount of abuse I’ve had I can only imagine Wenger has it a billion fold! oooh!

  44. Sorry folks! I’ve had a few brandy’s, so you’ll have excuse me for swearing but, are the media going to “f**king accuse the teams of not winning any thing for a long time?” Tossers

  45. Mandy, brilliant,loved the Wenger out! at the end!!!
    Still cant get over the way Wenger really hugged each player after the final whistle, amazing to watch to see him going up the steps and everyone grabbing his shirt, he must have thought to “himself what a failure I am!” What a really likeable group of lads this team is.Im so pleased for them all.COYG! Those bloody injuries this season, 128 days on top…

  46. Bootoome

    Lee Probert, had an agenda to even the game out, but like all cheats they got found out? Football an even game? I thinks NOT!

  47. Bootoomee

    Didn’t think Giroud, or even Ramsey for that matter, had the best games they’ve ever had.

    But that’s what you get with WORLD CLASS !!

    Even on a bad day they MAKE IT HAPPEN !!

  48. Congratulations Arsenal!

    You’re welcome to all who liked the comments. I just looked at the BBC game specific commentary (provided by Opta), and there is not a single mention of screwy refereeing. I am just about to go through the BBC’s own commentary.

  49. Was Arsene getting emotional in first post match interview his eyes seemed watery and he could not get away fast enough
    Fanatastic day/result a rollercoaster ride

  50. Congratulations to Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, the players and all fans especially AKBs like all untolders who deserve to be happy today.

    Some Nigerian gooners had secured 4 cows as at yesterday for this celebration. The numbers will increase in coming days.

    Shame on the ref, pundicts, AAA and the media. They can’t celebrate today because they don’t deserve it.

    Im going wild now!


  51. The ref embarrassed himself , the pgmol, and the English game today, but our warriors defeated him as well as an admirable hull. Mental strength. The media had their knives sharpened, they must have been ecstatic after ten mins. But now they can go back in their box, or pick on another team with a trophy drought….tho they seem a bit fond of at least two of those teams.
    This guy should not ref again until given an intensive course in the laws of the game and what constitutes a penalty….or what constitutes three or four penalties. That game went out to the world. mike Riley and lee probert should retreat into a dark cave of shame. Is our game clean after seeing such things? But whatever they clearly wanted, it did not work thanks to the spirit within this team.
    Soon there will be a new banner celebrating today at the emirates. Carve …or paint …this teams name with pride.

  52. Congratulations Arsenal!

    Here is my look at the BBC’s own commentary.

    About 14:03

    > Former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira on Twitter: I’m sorry I can’t be there but will be watching all the way from Senegal. Wishing you luck at Wembley today.

    Only 25,000 at Emirates Stadium? What say you Walter (or others who were there)?

    About 15:22

    > Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner on Instagram: It’s all about that silverware today. I hope the boys will do it and bring back something we have missed at Arsenal for a long time.

    15:39 Phil McNulty is only there to eat desserts.

    > 24 mins Arsenal 1-2 Hull
    > Liam Rosenior’s blood is up. The Hull full-back goes chasing after a ball that he is always second favourite for and takes out Bacary Sagna en route. Referee Lee Probert takes mercy issuing a telling off, but keeping his cards in his pocket.

    > 43 mins Arsenal 1-2 Hull
    > That might be the way that Matty Fryatt gets the better of Laurent Koscielny, muscling the Arsenal defender out of the way and advancing on goal. The referee’s whistle blows before he can get a shot off, but it was a marginal call. The linesman, who was closer, seemed quite happy with the Hull striker’s challenge.

    [ Endless parade of AAA commenting on how bad Arsenal is. ]

    > 59 mins PENALTY APPEAL Arsenal 1-2 Hull
    > Tom Huddlestone realises that he has lost Olivier Giroud and panics as the ball comes into the box, grabbing away at the Arsenal striker’s shoulder to try to get him back within range. Giroud goes down and it is a decent shout for a penalty, but Lee Probert decides there was not enough in it.

    > 64 mins Arsenal 1-2 Hull
    > Replays suggest that Jake Livermore may have blocked Sanogo’s header with a forearm. It was too quick for the referee’s eye at normal speed though.

    > 68 mins PENALTY APPEAL Arsenal 1-2 Hull
    > It is opening up now. Arsenal fans want a penalty as Curtis Davies gets a bit of the ball and a lot of Santi Cazorla in the box. Nothing doing from Lee Probert, the man that matters.

    > 81 mins PENALTY APPEAL Arsenal 2-2 Hull
    > Arsenal’s third, very presentable, penalty shout and again it falls on deaf ears as Santi Cazorla is barged over by David Meyler in the box.
    > The Spaniard cannot believe the decision.

    No BBC comments about referee quality after game.

  53. Arsenal who have not won silverware for 9 years until they managed to luckily win against a rampant Hull side by 3 goals to two in extra time will be parading the FA cup in Islington tomorrow. They are managed by the well known specialist in failure Arsene Wenger. The final was refereed by PGMOL’s own Probert who was completely clear in all his decisions apart from giving Arsenal the victory by giving a corner when Sanogo clearly backheeled the ball out of play.

    #anotherPGMOLcheat such a pathetic corrupt performance by PGMOL’s professional match officials.

  54. The media will brush it under the carpet Gord. I heard Neil Warnock and Maichael Owen barefacedly lie about the challenge on Cazorla (what should have been our third penalty of the game).

    Warnock was particularly the one moaning about Arsenal ‘don’t need an excuse to go down, do they?’ whenever a Hull challenge took out an Arsenal player.

    And yet, he was literally bemoaning for 15 minutes after the second goal (St Laurent) that the corner should have been a goalkick. Even during extra time and after the match he was saying Arsenal got lucky because that shouldn’t have been a corner, and how it is always the smaller teams who get decisions go against them.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous and I only hope everyone sees through it as the farce it is. But how likely is that?

  55. Gord

    Can you imagine the uproar if those appeals had been for Hull.

    Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  56. I hope that no injuries came out of the game, but I suspect Koscielny will have a very sore ankle. Not sure about others.


  57. Arsenal are the most honest footballing clubs in the world and we have got to the Champions League 17 times in succession. We Have won the FA cup in 2014. The officials that referee the matches we play in the English Premier League have been unashamedly corrupt in their interpretation of the Laws of The Game.

    In an honest unbiased competition, Arsenal would be champions this season. I am ashamed to call the EPL sport or football as it is a sham.

  58. Congrats to all players, AW, all the staff and millions of fans who had been waiting for this.
    Once again, Gunners made life difficult but they came thru in the end.
    Love you all & good night (in fact, great night!).

  59. Shard

    It’s bad enough listening to the usual morons, but, Warnock and Owen good god!!!

  60. I don’t know, should I find my PIN to send a response to the FA? Thank them for such high quality refereeing? Bunch of dorks.

    Really, it should not just be Scudamore leaving a football headoffice this summer. There should be some wholesale changes at the FA and PGMOL.


  61. Shard.

    I’m surprised to hear that from Warnock as I’ve always found him to be one of the more, shall we say, generous pundits towards us.

    It just goes to show they all end up having to tow the line eventually.

    If you wanna keep your job I suppose.

    How very very sad.

  62. jambug

    Yes. I had the same feeling about Warnock actually. I too reached the same conclusion as you. They come in with a pre-determined editorial brief, and they just go along with it. Their simply tools (pun intended) Someone else is pulling the trigger to their mouths. News channels do it as a matter of course. So, unfortunately, do sports channels.

    With Warnock, I think it was a little inexperience in the punditry seat because he kept pushing the party line so much. Too much probably. No reasonable football person can see the video of the tackle on Cazorla and determine that that was not a penalty and that he went down too easy. And then continuously bemoan a wrongly awarded corner.

  63. I’ll repeat what I said the other day on here.

    Refereeing displays like that are maddening.

    The medias total apathy towards such trash is worrying

  64. So, now we are playing faster than the speed of light – that’s the only possible cause which keeps the ref noticing the penalties against us, and they only show up only on the replay. My God, we are good!

  65. …keeps the ref from noticing… Obviously I’m not yet fully awake. Actually that’s right, it still feels like living a dream.

  66. The media reaction would almost suggest that they expected us to lose – slightly different from hoping we would lose.

    Did they think that Probert’s antics would ensure we would lose – never mind the penalties, there were a lot of bizarre free kick decisions and non cards for Hull?

    Sky Sports seem to be doing their best to pretend the FA Cup final didn’t happen.

    To finish on the positive – what a class goal from Cazorla, what a determined goal fron Kos and what an absolute beauty from Ramsey!!

  67. @Florian

    I hope you don’t mind me adding to your excellent comment: –

    “So, now we are playing faster than the speed of light” – just wait until Walcott comes back!! 🙂

  68. bjtgooner

    I haven’t seen the replays, but arseblog is reporting that Hull’s second goal was offside as well.

  69. @Shard

    I would need to watch the match again – will do so later or tomorrow.

    I am not convinced on the validity of the foul for the Hull first goal, but would need to see it in slow motion. Certainly Hull were allowed to take the free kick from a position approx 10 yards from the incident.

  70. Have you guys noticed, that Arsenal has the most sharpely dressed players after changing out of uniforms? That was a good deal that Arsenal did with that French clothing house.

    Come on, Wenger and Sagna, please Sign Da Ting!



  71. The Daily Mail thinks Arsenal have done Spurs a favour:

    Arsenal FA Cup success saves Spurs from grueling Europa League start on July 31

    No URL, that is the only useful thing in the article from one aspect of the Meedja.


  72. bjt,

    You’re right, we’re breaking new records here! All sorts of records in fact. 4 penalties not awarded for a team in one game, my oh my. What was Probert smoking?

    I one can’t wait to see the whole team working next season and score 103 goals. With Theo flying past defenders, Giroud improving even more, Ozil up to his true potential, Santi back to his best, Jack scoring 3 more goals of the season, and Ramsey player of the season, why not?

  73. Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    A huge fuck you to Lee Probert who in all fainerss did his utter best to rob us.

    An even bigger fuck you to the media who failed to mention Probert’s disgraceful night and did not find it in their hearts to pay us any respect for coming back from 2-0. Really expected the word “heroic” or “character” but nevermind because FUCK YOU we won !!!

    A huge congratulations to Wenger and the team what a rollercoaster of a game … Never stopped believing even when everything was up there against us including lady luck…

    All hard fought victories taste sweeter, remember that.

    Good night !!!!

  74. Well done Arsenal we deserved the victory.

    I gave the names of the FA Committee members who appointed Probert in my preview. Feel free to write any of them a protest letter via the FA. They might just get the message!

    No days without a trophy and we start the next season on a five game unbeaten streak – fourth five to go to beat our record.


  75. Huffington Post

    Apparently, Steve Bruce feels that Hull seen the short end of the bulk of refereeing decisions, that 2 of our goals should have been called back or something.

    Sorry Steve, I was willing to think Hull had put in a good effort (and took advantage of Probert’s attitude), but if you think that you lost the game on referee being biased against you, I hope you never see a cup in the remainder of your time managing football teams.


  76. Will do Andrew, this ref is an embarrassment to his profession.
    Glad the team could overcome him, this just adds to our victory.
    Why do they hate our manager so much?

  77. @Florian

    Agreed, we have a very good squad, not quite the finished article, but very good. All our younger players will improve over the next few seasons and as you rightly point out some may step up just the way Ramsey has. In addition AW may well find the right additions to compliment the squad – if so we will be a very formidable outfit next season.

  78. @Florian

    A final point I meant to add to the above – from today – this team has learned something which it didn’t quite know before – how to get over the line and how to win!

  79. bjt,

    Let this be the spark that ignites our success!

    And, in case no one noticed, no YAAAPs! 🙂 Avery happy day indeed!

  80. @jambug & Mandy

    Let sleeping slugs lie – 🙂 – they will unfortunately turn up when it suits them. Anyway, time mow to pull a few (more) corks and enjoy the occasion.

    I am so pleased for the fans – especially those who remained loyal through difficult times and can now enjoy this excellent result and indeed campaign – as well as the team and esp AW – that man has been unfairley put under far too much pressure by the asinine media and has won through. Well done all.

  81. @Mandy,
    No am not intrested, ans i dont want to hear from any AAA for a while now. Am happy here with u and other untolders who kept faith no matter what. We deserved this and it should not be ruined by any AAA/media/etc

  82. Looking at the various news articles (and reading the twits from supposed Arsenal fans in the BBC commentary), all thought Ozil had a bad game (one comment was disinterested). I think that Ozil probably attempted many passes where a foul by Hull stopped the pass from working, and that is what Ozil was frustrated with. To me, he looked to be effective.

    Giroud must be a real pain to play against. And when Sanogo came on, he at least doubled the misery. I don’t know how he got turned around to shoot, with 2 Hull players draped all over him at the end.

    I also don’t understand what happened to Mertesacker when he fell at the end and Hull had that chance at a shot from the edge of the field. Cramps?

  83. Fuck me. The shuttle trains are disrupted. 7am train apparently. Then another 2,5 hours till i get home around 11 with time difference. Just in time for the parade 🙂

  84. Can’t believe the BT commentators going on and on about the corner that shouldn’t have been…no mention of the fouls in the box or the handball.

  85. Gord,

    That was an almost sure sign of fatigue. He rose back short after, without any need for medical treatment, so I don’t think it was cramps. It’s understandable, in the 120-ish minute.

  86. ITV Highlights.

    “both teams probably thought they had a few decisions”

    Then went on to question the free kick on the lead up to our first goal. Which in fairness they said WAS a foul. Then they proved the corner which lead to our leveller wasn’t. Which it wasn’t. Fine. No problem there.


    What the Fuck do we have to do to get a fair shake down from the media ??????

  87. Sorry to hear you are having transport problems Walter. I’m guessing this is the train from Wembley?

    I think a legitimate feed that just had stadium noise (no commentators) would do well, world wide. GoingGoingGooner, did you stop at Peter’s Drive Inn for french fries after seeing the game at the pub? (I’m in Grande Prairie.) I seen the game at home.

    I didn’t look to see what the temperature was a Wembley, but I did notice a few articles saying “warm”. Mid 20’s? High 20’s? I really didn’t notice Mertesacker making any mistakes, other than whatever it was at the end.

  88. @Shard

    Re the Hull second goal (not the first) – I couldn’t see anything like a foul to justify a free kick, also Hull advanced the position for the free by approx 10 yards. But, I couldn’t see an offside – I will leave that one to Walter when he has a chance to review it.

  89. @Gord

    Nah, had a Duke (steak and eggs) for breakfast (at the Duke and Pig) and a couple of pints to wash it down during the game. Expected maybe 60 Gooners for the match and close to 150 packed the place. Very loud, very positive, much singing, too (even a VIERA chant when they showed highlights of 2005)

  90. Steve Bruce, is that how you describe not getting enough referee bias in a game, running out of juice?

    > Bruce, who won the FA Cup three times as a Manchester United player, felt his team just ran out of steam as injuries and fatigue caught up with them in the end.

    Probert/PGMOL/TheFA let you kick the shit out of Arsenal all game, and you are complaining about injuries?

    I suppose if you had a sugar daddy owner, you might have gotten more juice. Maybe gotten Mike Dean or some other referee who gave ManU everything when you played there?

  91. @GoingGoingGooner

    Glad to hear there are Arsenal fans in Calgary. Or rather, there are many Arsenal fans in Calgary.

  92. One man to thank.

    Arsene Wenger.

    The team came back from goals down but we more or less expected them to do being a “big team”.

    Arsene made effective substitution + a change information.

    audiencces may or may not expect that but Hull certainly did not. Putting Sanago there bold but watching him mess up Hull’s back was enjoyable.

  93. @bjtgooner


    I hope you don’t mind me adding to your excellent comment: –

    “So, now we are playing faster than the speed of light” – just wait until Walcott comes back!! 🙂
    We will be like a black hole, faster than light and sucking up the light of the other teams.

    I already know which strip should be for next season. Have a guess.

  94. Ozil will be leathel next season. He is getting the grips of the English game….

    He will learn to play around this bias.

  95. Well done Arsenal.. Well done the players and well done to Arsene Wenger and all true Arsenal fans. They can spin it however they like but this is our moment and no media negativity is going to ruin it. Once again the world saw just how incompetent and bent the English “professional” match officials are and just how much the meedja hate us. That must have some record to deny FOUR NAILED ON penalties, just how does that even happen? Lee Probert did his bent best to try and rob us but we still defeated him. Any other country and their medias would probably been banging for him to be investigated but no not in England as they are whiter than white. He should be sacked and never referee again
    On another note gooners are everywhere in the world

  96. Wish i could take some photos from here in Dar-es-salaam and share with how we all were celebrkting but was too busy shouting my lungs out and giving back all the stick i got through the years to do that. What a great day and its my belief this is going to be a springboard to even more success

  97. FINALly. Very entertaining open game, all the better for Hull scoring two goals early on as it injected a sense of urgency in to our team. Just had a feeling Cazorla would score that free kick.

    The ref was poor, gave us a corner which was actually a goal kick, and then Koscielny scored. Oh yes maybe we should have had at least three penalties but in retrospect I’m glad we didn’t get them, I wanted us to win in open play. You could see our quality gradually nullify Hull’s tenacity. We were the better side though both teams were far from their best.

    MOTM Koscielny, closely followed by Ramsey.

    And for hilarity I have to mention Sanogo. Half the time I don’t think he has a clue what he’s doing and neither does the opposition. Unfortunately neither do his team mates at times. Can’t fault his enthusiasm though. He could turn out to be brilliant or a complete flop, hopefully the former but he probably needs a loan spell.

    We scored two class goals. Giroud’s back heel to Ramsey was class and the finish sublime. I don’t think anyone deserved the winning goal more than Ramsey.

    Congratulations to Arsenal.

  98. @ AAA Cook

    “The ref was poor, gave us a corner which was actually a goal kick, and then Koscielny scored”

    The universe was poor, it gave us you which is actually AAA…

    “… I have to mention Sanogo. Half the time I don’t think he has a clue what he’s doing…”

    Well, half the time you don’t think, and the other half you don’t have a clue!

  99. @Wengerson, ah fuck off you killjoy. You only appear on here when we win. AAA in disguise.

  100. @jambug, what are you moaning about? We won, be happy. Some of you just can’t enjoy a win without moaning about the ref and you’re so sanctimonious you cant even get humour without an emoticon. 🙂

  101. @ AAA Cook

    More like kill-sewer-rat. I would also like to appear in the sewers from whence you descend, when we win, it’s just that theyre not on my gps.

  102. @ AAA Cook

    More like kill-sewer-rat. I would also like to appear in the sewers from whence you descend, when we win, it’s just that theyre not on my gps.

    Well I can’t fault your enthusiasm though. Its just that you’ve turned out to be a complete flop

  103. @Wengerson, you’re a right little twat aren’t you? Pick out a few lines out of my post and then make it into some sort of AAA crap. Usually I have time for everyone on here but you’re just a troll.


    There that’s put some balance back into my original post.

  104. Once again the unanimity of the posts is disrupted by a YAAAP from the BBCC (boring boring corrosive cook), presumably using his ALL (anti Laptop Laptop)!

  105. To all the moaners who find reasons to slag the team, here is a quote from the master himself:

    “The happiness is linked sometimes with the suffering and the time you have to wait.”

    Arsene Wenger

    Now butt off you AAA and let us be joyful without limits.

  106. “The ref was poor, gave us a corner which was actually a goal kick, and then Koscielny scored. Oh yes MAYBE we should have had at least three penalties but in retrospect I’m glad we didn’t get them, I wanted us to win in open play.”

    Rupert Cook,

    “maybe” is the best you could say about those penalty calls? Just “maybe”?

    Why not rewrite the rules to ban penalties as you don’t consider them the right way to win? Funny that when Arsenal lose by a penalty goal, you have a totally different reaction, you hypocrite and Arsenal hater.

    It’s a great day on Untold, so just go away with your double talk and phony half hearted praise. You are not fooling anyone here.

  107. Well said Bootoomee. This is our moment – we are damn well going to enjoy it and the antics of the BBCC (boring boring corrosive cook) will not detract from that!!

  108. Rupert Cook you would complain about the suitcase being too heavy if you were given 10 million dollars, wouldn’t ya?

    Yeah yeah you wrote that you’re happy, good for you. The thing is, my friend, is that you contradict your own soul –

    If you want everybody to be on celebration mode, why not lead by example? What’s there for you to gain by mentioning the “no corner” (cue Steve Bruce’s moaning) and not mention the 100 wrong decision (including 3 stonewall pentalies and one rubble wall penalty not awarded to us)? Why say anything negative about any player tonight?

    But you can’t expect people not to feel aggrieved when you choose to play the preacher at the gate, at everybody’s celebration, and then tell us to “celebrate and enjoy”. We were bloody doing it before you came and this is one night where nobody wants any “balanced” (my ass) ASSessment…

    You are just not a big enough person.

  109. @Tommie Gun, whinge whinge whinge. You lot are so serious. I thought I’d rub you up the wrong way by mentioning the corner and it worked.

    @Bootoome, oh do shut up you twat. What reaction do I have? I don’t hate Arsenal, I just hate morons like you. We won, stop talking nonsense about people you don’t know.

  110. @Jax, yes I know. That Bootoome fellow thinks he’s some intellectual giant because he slags people off and makes up complete nonsense about people he’s never met. I wonder if he’s a goose, his name might suggest so.

  111. Rupert Cook.

    What’s this obsession you have with people not ‘knowing’ you.

    Of course we don’t bloody know you.

    Do we all have to meet you down the pub before we can comment on your inane rants?

    You don’t know me from adam but you have told me to fuck off on more than one occasion, as you have wengerson today. You have also called Bootoomee a ‘Moron’.

    You need anger management.

  112. Jax,

    “Looks like it’s tin helmet time.”

    That’s why I call you a butt kisser and a toady. If you share Rupert’s point of view so much, why weren’t you posting his type of comment since you’ve been commenting on the thread.

    I know you’ve known Rupert for a billion years but does that mean that you are duty bound to always join him in denigrating people that you were getting along with fine before he came along with his ridiculous comments?

    Some may like your kind of loyalty but I am grateful that I have no friend like you. You are the type that will cheer a friend on into their destruction.

  113. jambug,

    Talk about a retarded cretin. The imbecile couldn’t even troll right. Rupert Cook, the idiot. Of course insults from him don’t bother me.

    My grouse is more with his thoughtless side-kick, Jax. That guy gives sycophants everywhere a bad name.

  114. My first stalker has turned up, and all I said was “it’s tin helmet time” People on here are so full of themselves.

  115. Jax,

    No one is stalking you. For fuck sake, you are on an Internet forum by choice. You are fair game dude.

    You are a butt-kisser. The very worst type of yes-man.

    Hell, have you no modicum of pride and self respect?

  116. The FA cup final has proved beyond doubt that Arsenal are a great football team. Arsene Wenger knows best. The Gooners are the best fans and with all their views they still love the Arsenal.

    It has also proved that PGMOL are corrupt and not fit for purpose. The media are an absolute sham. They report selective aspects of truth and lie where truth does not fit their agenda.

    We are Arsenal. The best footballing team in the world with the best manager that has ever graced the game – Arsene Wenger.

  117. Come on lads, this is supposed to be a day of celebrating and instead its scrapping with each other…

  118. Bootoomee
    I repeat, all I said was “it’s tin helmet time” What on earth do you find so wrong with that? I came on here at around 9.15am read some of the posts, and saw that Rupert was having fun winding you all up in that way that he does it, and as I didn’t actually agree with his views on the game left him to get on with it, and made a couple of my own comments. I saw a little later that he was still having fun so made my joke. Rupert doesn’t need my support “dude” he does rather well on his own by successfully winding you & the other mutual masturbators up. Get back in the car park, they must be missing you.

  119. Jax,

    Don’t use terms if you don’t know their meaning. Tin hats or helmet in your case is used to refer to crazy people. If you meant something complimentary please let us know.

    “…saw that Rupert was having fun winding you all up in that way that he does it, and as I didn’t actually agree with his views on the game…”

    If you know that Rupert is a wind up and you don’t agree with his views, then bloody hell, why do you always jump to his defence and cheer him on as he insults and irritates people?

    My issue with you as ever is that without Rupert, you are cool but as soon as he appears, you become something else.

  120. @jambug, did I ever tell you to fuck off? Probably because you’ve said it to me before. Who cares?

    Funny me having an obsession with people not knowing me as that’s usually Bootoome’s attitude whenever someone says they’ve supported Arsenal for X number of years. The old goose tells them that’s irrelevant because we don’t know who they are. Of course when I use this tactic I get criticism.

    I get complete crap from some Bootoome goose telling me I hate Arsenal. This is where you can see his temperature outpacing his IQ. What a stupid statement about someone he doesn’t know. Jax has known me for years and he’s well aware I don’t hate Arsenal. I don’t even hate Wenger!

    The anger management might suit you better. I’m usually mildness personified when I’m on here. As for Wengerson he deliberately cherry picked my post to slag me off, he’s no different from the media you lot rant about every day.

    Good game though wasn’t it?

    @Kenneth Widmerpool, I totally agree.

  121. Tin helmets being used to protect people from metaphorical mud-slinging. I think that’s what Jax meant.

  122. Rupert
    Exactly. Tin hats when you’re under attack. My little joke , and see what a really big issue he’s made out of it.

  123. It has to be the two trolls doesn’t it – the BBCC (boring boring corrosive cook) and Jax who talks out of the BBCC’s jaxie – who have to come on to Untold to try and create misery and discord – it won’t work – we are celebrating and your infantile rubbish will not detract from that.

    For all SUPPORTERS – the Arsenal victory tour is covered now on Arsenal player.

  124. Jax, I imagine, just as I am, is as elated about us winning as everyone on here. Do stop with your pathetic piffle bjtgooner.

  125. @Rupert Cook
    May 18, 2014 at 10:13 am……
    ‘You lot are so serious. I thought I’d rub you up the wrong way by mentioning the corner and it worked.’
    Finally you admit your motive for frequenting Untold. This admission should be sufficient to earn you a permanent red card.

  126. @BBCC (boring boring corrosive cook)

    Still twisting aren’t you – you are only happy when you are moaning and/or making infantile corrosive comments about our team – hypocrite.

    Your outbursts this morning indicate you less than happy that we won – no doubt you were hoping we would lose – then you could enjoy yourself spreading more misery.

  127. Just incase anyone thinks I’ve got a multi personalty disorder……you’re right. Someone has compared me to a ventriloquist dummy so I’m doing the revolving head bit. Will revert to Jax when I can manage it.

  128. Jax

    You come across as the BBCC’s suppository – no wonder you are a bit confused at times.

  129. bjtgooner
    Yeah, it’s switched me back now (thank god). Bootoomee said I was a ventriloquists dummy so I got smart & posted as Archie Andrews. The posts went into moderation and have now been removed.I wasn’t actually pretending to be the real AA as I think he supports Spurs along with all the other dummies.

  130. Tony and Walter when are you going to red card this troll? We were having a great and wonderful conversations and then he turns up and just like that he has made this about himself and disrupted the thread. Kick him out

  131. @Rupert

    I don’t understand why you would want to wind up people the day after an FA Cup win. We all have different ideas about the way forward but today is a celebration.

  132. @ Mahdain May 18, 2014 at 7:19 am – Thanks for putting up that link showing real and true Arsenal supporters enjoying their moment of joy ,even if they were far ,far away from the action .
    AKBs that whole lot of them .As it should be .
    Up the Gunners !

  133. Congratulations to all Arsenal fans, players , Arsena Wenger and everybody involved with the club on winning the FA cup. Watching Arsenal lift the trophy at Wembley was one of the most memorable experiences as an Arsenal fan of 17 years. Well done ! Any one who thinks the FA cup has lost its shine must’ve not been at Wembley on Saturday . Let’s hope this marks the beginning of the new era for our club.

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