A big fish in a small fry

As capitalism comes to an end, and the spivs lurk on corners preparing to mug old ladies as they walk home to unheated houses, their life savings destroyed by men who even how are demanding billion pound bonuses for attempting to get us out of the mess they got us into, so there is more news about how the change over to an Anarcho-Syndicalist Revolutionary Socialist form of government is affecting football.

Liverpool is backed in part by Wachovia, a financial services company in North Carolina (obviously close to Scoucer hearts) which was sold to Wells Fargo a week and a half ago.

The Wells Fargo-Wachovia deal got quick approval over the weekend from two federal regulators – but (and this is the big point) the deal won’t be completed until the end of the year.

Which leaves Liverpool’s finances high and dry, with every chance that no money will be available for the January transfer window.   Shame!

Financial news on the plight of those giants Fulham and Bolton in the next post.

Meanwhile, the new edition of Highbury High is out on Saturday for £2 (yipee!).  Look out for the matchday sellers outside the ground.   It includes (you will be thrilled to read) an Untold Arsenal special piece which hasn’t appeared on this site which analyses the nine major lies that journalists spout about Arsenal because they are too lazy to leave the pub.

There are of course other stories in the mag – its just that I haven’t seen anything other than the incredibly amazing and utterly extraordinarily brilliant article what I writ.

The subscription for six issues cost an unbelievably low £12 UK, £15 Europe, £18 World, 275 Flavian pobble beads (North Carolina).

Order by post from Highbury High, 11 Tannington Terrace, London N5 1LE

“David Healey is a big fish in a small fry.”  Neil Warnock.

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  1. A day without a new UntoldArsenal story is like the proverbial day without sunshine. Keep up the good work!

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