West Ham are attacking their supporters away to the right

There are moments in life where words are not enough.

However that’s never stopped me before, and it won’t today.

If you have had a chance to see Ramsey’s goal against Inkyland in the under 21’s game, or if you took in the highly competent displays in the reserves by Bischoff and Coquelin you’ll know that behind the current midfield of four we have an extraordinary bundle of talent.

Wilshere is looking a dream come true, and Song and Nasri are just finding their feet.

Had the mighty Lord Wenger actually purchased anyone for the midfield during the summer it is just possible that the new signing might have reactivated the team again Fulham or Hull, but that is a lot for a single new player to do, and I have my doubts.  But that is a possible upside.

On the downside, all these terrific players (and until you have watched Ramsey it is hard to understand just how good he is) would have been thinking “hang on, Arsenal are supposed to bring through players, I am doing my stuff, and I just get shuffled backwards down the order of the peck” (or whatever the phrase is).

“When,” one can hear the player moan, “will my chance come.”

And that is the point.  The midfielder that everyone wanted in the summer, the Flamini II (but not the Gilberto II) might just have given us a few more points to date – but that is a long shot.   What he would certainly have given us is a lot of disgruntled young brilliant players.

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“And its West Ham to start the second half attacking their supporters away to our right”  Radio 5 Live