A broken nose

Quote of the day: “After that goal, Scotland have the bit between their legs… I mean their tail between their teeth.”  (Radio 5).

Injury of the day: Cesc has broken his nose playing for Spain.

Injury of a few more days: Djourou is injured and couldn’t play for Switzerland

Injury maybe maybe not: Robin VP played for a bit of the Holland game

Annoyance of the day: Ever since I started writing little quotes as the headlines Goonernews has stopped running all my blogs – including the much more serious one earlier today about the FA and Sol Campbell, which didn’t even have a joke in it.  Except that it mentioned the FA who are a joke.

Excitement of the day: Football starts again in 2 days.

Extra excitement of the day: Highbury High appears on the streets on saturday and the editor assures me that my 272 chapter analysis of the fact that the Lord Wenger is in reality a Time Lord is being printed word for word.   Apparently each copy of Highbury High now weighs 27 stone 12 lbs 4 oz, and special troops of vendors are being drafted in to sell it.  Backup troops of wheelbarrow merchants will be on hand with, er, wheelbarrows, so you will be able to cart the mega volume away.  My piece is called “A sound bite is not a tactic” or something like that.  I can’t remember exactly, what with the excitement of football being just almost nearly upon us, as it were.

Another quote of the day: “Many of them have developed muscles on parts of their bodies that they have never had.”  Fulham FC Website.

Scandal of the year: the treatment of Sol by the FA – in that they have done nothing about the Tiny Totts.

Game of the month: Make up a statement by a player.  Make up a player.  Make up a club that the player does not play for.  Mix them up.   Phone them to a national newspaper.  Claim to be an agent.  Tell them the names.  Tell them a transfer is going to happen.  Tell them its true.  Watch it turn up in the news.   Fun eh?

Player of the week: Aaron Ramsey.

Time of day: 1.18pm

Colour of my eyes: blue

Colour of coats of men who have just come through the door: white

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  1. Hi Tony, thanks for a laugh on a day of hand-wringing on most blogs. Time for some real football to take our minds off the international snore-fest.

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