The scoreline didn’t reflect the result

According to 85.846% of all blogs that mention Arsenal today (including those that appear on sites in the north western port and home of slavery, Liverpool) Arsenal have got an INJURY CRISIS.

Apparently half the team have broken limbs, broken noses and headaches.

Which means that we will put out a very weakened team of Silvestre instead of Gallas, van Persie and Adebayor up front, a midfield of Nasri, Fabregas, Denilson and Walcott, and Cliche and Eboue at full back.  I hope Ramsey might get a look in, following his mid-week performance and maybe Jack could get a run out when we are six nil up midway through the second half.  Oh and Diaby will be on the bench.  And Carlos Vela.  And Djourou.

But back to the squad.  And on reflection I have to say…

My goodness that looks terrible.  An absolute CRISIS.

In reality the reason why we have lots of people around who can kick a ball a bit is becuase the idiot Trotsykist fake revolutionary national socialist scumbags who run the Sweet FA insist that we are part of the international circuit and so our players have to go and get injured regularly playing for organisations that are not Arsenal.

It seems that the rule is that 3 of them have to come back injured each time or else the international round has to be played again.

In fact is the FA ever wanted there not to be a Big Three as there is in England they could get rid of the internationals.  Then we wouldn’t get so many injuries, and then we wouldn’t need so many players.

Personally I can’t wait to see what the editor has done with my stupendous new Theory of Everything that appears in Highbury High which of course is out on Saturday for £2. It includes everything you wanted to know about tin mining in Cornwall, and the death of the president of the Warrington Elvis Look Alike Society from an overdose of hamburgers.  If you are still unable to get that return flight back from the planet Zorg  you can order by post from Highbury High, 11 Tannington Terrace, London N5 1LE

“The scoreline didn’t reflect the result”  Marcus Buckland

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  1. Well, your non-stop marketing campaign paid off and I bought a copy of Highbury High at the game today. Another good article as usual – I really wish more Arsenal fans would read it and stop believing the crap force-fed by the media. I just made the mistake of popping into a couple of sites where there is general hand-wringing and whinging because we won a game 3 – 1 after a slow start and going a goal behind? This is not deemed good enough and is a sign that we will not win anything this season and that when we come up against the big boys our rubbish team will crumble before them. I really wonder why fans like that bother to claim they support the team?

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