What if Arsenal sign no new player this summer?

What if Arsenal Sign no New Player This Summer?

 By Bootoomee

There is an overwhelming consensus that Arsenal is definitely adding new players this summer and the question is who while the agitation is about when. I also believe that Arsenal will be adding new players this season but I hold this belief for a different reason from most on the matter.

First, there is the £100 million that has been bandied about by some Arsenal bloggers as the amount that the club has to spend on new players. I never heard anyone officially associated with Arsenal quote this number or state what it’s for but the rumour continues to be perpetuated and today, that figure has been taken by many Gooners as gospel.

I don’t think that we are going to sign new players this summer because we have the so called £100 million, whether real or made up.

Many believe that we are adding a right back because of the departure of Bacary Sagna and while I perfectly happy with Carl Jenkinson, who has been his competent deputy for the past few seasons, I am not against the club adding talents in this area.

However, I am happy to be in the minority (perhaps the only Gooner) who doesn’t think that we must sign a new right back just because of the departure of Sagna.

There are those who go on about adding a defensive midfielder, a notion that Untold Arsenal and few other Arsenal blogs have argued as not very important based on how we play, and especially the ease with which our midfielders rotate during play. Most of the clamour for defensive midfielder, I guess, comes from nostalgia and cult of personality. Every time you read or hear anyone go on about Arsenal getting a defensive midfielder, you’ll always hear them give unsolicited examples of the type they want. The name Makelele is mentioned quite often as well as Gilberto Silva.

I don’t know if Arsenal need to sign a Makelele type defensive midfielder, but I don’t think that we are going to sign one just because of the clamour for Arsene Wenger to do so.

The most popular position is that of a striker but not just any striker: a world class striker. Whatever the hell that means. I recall the furore over Higuain last summer and how the guy was given all the hype and accolades in the world. Higuain was described as “world class” apparently because he is Argentinian and played for Real Madrid. I wasn’t so convinced and he did not exactly set the Serie A on fire. Higuain played 44, scored 24 goals and provided 11 assists in all competitions which are better than Giroud’s stats of: play 51, score 22 and assist 11 but not by much. Plus Giroud brings a lot of other positives (great link up play and defensive support) to the table that Higuain clearly doesn’t.

I don’t have any problem with signing a new striker, world class or whatever, but I strongly object to the notion of getting one just because our current ones suck because they don’t.

Having gone through the list of popular positions that Gooners are clamouring additions to, I must mention the tantrum that is already being thrown by some of our fans on the Internet. Some are trying to organise the boycott of the new Puma shirts while other less extreme voices are asking for Gooners to hold on to their shirt monies until the signings are unveiled. One must wonder if this is enough though. What if the club signs the sort of players that the fans don’t think are good enough? You know, the non-world class type? Should we just buy only scarves then but no shirts?

What if Arsenal signs no new player? I don’t mean last minute signings, I mean not sign ANYONE. What would these fans do then?

I said earlier that I believe that we are going to have new additions this summer and that I hold this belief for a different reason and that is because Arsene Wenger has always added new players every season since he became Arsenal manager. Indeed it is very difficult to find any team at any tier of the professional league that adds no new player each summer. This fact makes me wonder why fans get all pissy, whiny and panicky EVERY summer about additions to their teams.

I have read and enjoyed all of Tony’s articles mocking the media for all their stupid transfer stories about Arsenal but my issue is with the whiny Arsenal fans that seem to have the memory of a goldfish. Sometimes I am mad at how stupid they can be but most of the time I just shake my head in pity for some people’s need to be constantly agitated.

Arsene Wenger is having a time of his life in Brazil playing beach football and providing great punditry. The man is looking relaxed and well rested. His players who are out of the world cup or never qualified are regularly posting pictures of themselves on holiday having a great time. But what are fans doing in June and early July: crapping their pants with trepidation on whether players would be bought, which players would be bought and whether such players would meet their exalted expectations. What a sad way to live life!

It is summer and the sun is out (at least in the part of the world where I live).  Go outside. Take a walk out on the high street or in the park. Visit friends. Go out with your family and loved ones. Read a book. See a movie. Get box sets of your favourite TV programmes and knock yourself out. Watch videos of Arsenal matches from last season, they are all free on Arsenal Player.

But stay away from transfer news (except ones like Tony’s ridiculing the whole charade). Leave the worrying to those who are paid heavily to do the job of player recruitment. They never listen to your suggestions anyway (thank goodness for that).

Finally, if the unthinkable happens and Arsenal fail to sign any new player (or sign non-world classy ones), please don’t hurt yourself. Think about your family and what you mean to them. Despite the over the top adulation of the club and the religiously fanatical devotion that some of us Gooners love to claim to have for Arsenal, we all need to calm down and remember that it is only a game. While it is okay to cheer on or boo other people as they do their jobs, we might be taking it too far by not taking a break when they do.


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56 Replies to “What if Arsenal sign no new player this summer?”

  1. if we sign no one arsenal finish outside top 4 for the first time under wenger.


  2. I think the internet will crash due to all the AAA trying to put their word of wisdom known on various place that allows them to put messages up.

  3. Don’t be stupid, of course Arsenal will sign multiple players. The money is there, the need is there and Wenger realises he needs to add to his squad to take us to the next level of genuine title contenders and latter stages of the Champions League.

    Everyone knows our weaknesses so there is no point debating and guessing what players will come in, we just have to be patient and put our trust in Gazidis et al to close the deals we need.

  4. Despite the arguments in this article there are very good reasons why Arsenal need new players. One is that they are likely to lose several players from the first- team pool. Two of the Cup- winning side have left and at present we have only one fit, first- team class striker( Giroud) who miraculously avoided injury last season. He was however running on empty at times and it would be poor management not to augment his skills with a top- class striker( or two). It adds variety to the play, depth to the squad and freshness to the playing unit.
    Arsenal could if they gad purchased appropriate replacements challenged much more effectively for the league last season and in several other seasons. Also new signings invigorate and encourage the squad and enable us to compete with other sides who are strengthening.
    It is important that a fan base charged close to the highest prices in the world to watch their football see reinvestment in the playing strength. Arsenal will not prosper without it.

  5. No new player then lets have a large refund on the price of our season tickets ,around £300 for starters

  6. Thanks Bootoomee,

    That was bold and spot-on for me. Some may soon come out here to ask for your head though.

    To answer your question as the title asked, I won’t call for Wenger’s sack, I won’t deride my Arsenal or its players, I will trust AW’s decisions on players and look forward to what already look like an interesting season ahead of us. If I can spare extra cash, I may get an Arsenal Puma shirt and definitely for my son too. If not, I shall make do with my old Nike Arsenal shirt and support my team like never before.


  7. Even if we sign no-one, we’ll have Joel Campbell and Wellington Silva as new players to look forward to.

    Hector Bellerin deserves a chance at RB too.

    I think you’re right with the midfield. Though, people forget that Gilberto used to attack too, he didn’t just stand inside the centre circle. That’s just where he did his dirty work 🙂 I would like an all action midfielder rather than a deep lying one. He needs to be able to pick a pass and shoot too. Vidal would be brilliant at it. I guess there’s always Diaby…

  8. I feel so sorry for all of these idiots bleating on about signings right now. When in the Hell has a classy club such as ours signed up players under someone elses contract. Do you honestly think that Arsenal would sign up players whilst we were still under the Nike contract, when a brand new multi-million pound contract with Puma is a about to start. Don’t you think Arsenal would wait until the new kit unveil to do this to give credit to our new sponsors and create a decent amount of excitement about their kits and bring in revenue for the new sponsors and the clubs. People should use their bloody brains a bit more!!

  9. And, after releasing 11 (Eleven) players, I think there will be new players coming in. Who, when and at what price is what I’d rather let AW worry about.


  10. I agree there seems to be a lot of idiotic hysteria over this transfer window. I too am happy with the idea of Jenkinson taking over at RB, but then is Bellerin ready to be our 2nd choice RB? I’m not so sure. He hasn’t had any playing time in the Premier League.

    Arteta and Flamini are still good defensive midfielders. I really don’t get the abuse and criticism Arteta gets, as far as I can see he’s still a very good player. The only problem is their age. Ideally we would bring in a young DM now to help smooth the transition, but I’m not particularly worried, I still think Arteta and Flamini are good for another season.

    I also agree Giroud is a good striker. But we have been a bit lucky in that he seems virtually injury-proof. He gets through a lot of hard, physical work each game, and considering the number of minutes he played last season, it’s quite remarkable he was hardly ever injured. I don’t know if our luck will continue. Plus I think it’s a good idea to get someone different from Giroud in his style of play. So yes I think we need another striker.

    But I think your comparison to Higuain is a bit off. Higuain started 28 games in Serie A, coming off the bench four times, and got 17 goals and 7 assists, a very good return, especially considering that it’s his first season at Napoli. That’s nearly a goal or assist for every game he started.

  11. Dont think the subject of the article is going to happen , but hear what you are saying!
    If we bought nobody this summer, it would be beyond terrible, Stewart Robson in full and constant employment, vast swathes of AAA would descend into apoplectic media driven rage, alcohol and some drugs will become scarce, divorce rates will rocket, and our over burdened NHS would be stretched beyond the limit. Some would look to sites with an anti Arsenal/Wenger agenda for spiritual guidance and comfort. Arsenal News Review would become the new Samaritans.
    But Arsenal would survive…..

  12. 1) If no signing. The team would be alright if they can avoid injury problem. The bench will be weak without signings. They need to rely quite often on younger home grown players.

    2) If there are several 10 million to 20 million signings, they can certainly do as well as this year if not getting to third. It will be very hard to do significantly better. Nevertheless, it will NOT be a disaster.

    3) A few “expensive”signings and they work out, the team have a good chance of getting EPL.

    4) spending 100million/ + to get players and if 3/4 (or 4/5) of them work out. The team would be EPL champion. and the year after, they might get a shot at CL. Of course, there is a lot of variables and it will be hard.

    The most likely case is 3). There will be 1 or two more signings in the 25 to 40 million region plus at least two solid signings for cover / slight inforvements.

    100 million is too high an estimate. Even if that sort of fund is available, Wenger might not use all of them. We know that man. He does not change 4 or 5 players in first team and he does not waste money.

  13. I am sitting outside the nou camp stadium having just finished the tour and the official shop say they do not have any Alexis Sanchez shirts for sale.

  14. Right on!

    If you’re worried or stressing about signings, you should probably watching less football. There are far more important things in life.

  15. Life’s full of “what ifs”, but the one constant with Arsene is that he continues to improve and strengthen the squad and If the time ever comes that he says “I will not be bringing anyone in this season” it will be because we don’t have the funding or he considers his squad complete.
    Star players leaving for whatever reason are obviously always the most difficult to replace, but the recent trend for our team to remain intact (other than for the release of deadwood and end of career players) is a good situation to be in.
    @mandy Very funny, but you do see it for what it is.

  16. Good stuff BTM,
    Not forgetting the distraction provided by the actual football! Could be four or five Arsenal players in action in the he Germany vs. France QF.

    Arsene Wenger has been a manager of a football club since 1984. At an idle guess I would say he has signed players every summer since. Perhaps the year in Japan was the exception, I’m not sure I care!

    What is interesting is how many people last summer were duped by the repetitive bleatings of the AAA and the expert football journalists (I need mention no names) into believing that no players were going to be signed. We would hope that people have learnt their lessons. I hesitate to think what an anthropologist would’ve made of such unedifying scenes.

    As for the AAA: we know what they did last summer. And they failed.
    So they then tried to tell us Özil was a poorer signing then Loldado or Fellaini *wipes a tear* and now try to tell us he wasn’t one of Germany’s better players in this tournament. They do say that truth is stranger then fiction…

  17. …nothing could’ve been stranger then the look on Levy’s face on the 31st August 2013. I’m still laughing.

    People outside the ground after the Villa game told me that Levy “knew what he was doing” because the AAA had told them so. This, in spite of years and years of evidence that Levy is either:

    A) a bungling fool
    B) is more interested in bungs then the football.

  18. Henry Root,

    The article is not against Arsenal adding players. It is more about fans’ obsessive agitation about how the club does its recruitment business.

    We all need to calm down and let the club management and board do their business.

  19. The Cabbie,

    Why just ask for a £300 refund? Why not just stop spending on Arsenal altogether till they sign the players that you think the club needs?

  20. Quincy,

    I totally agree with you. Of course we need to add players to the squad in every position that manager sees fit.

    I gave Higuain his due by saying his record his better than Giroud’s but not by much. I don’t think that difference is worth his final price tag or the apoplexy that followed Arsenal’s inability to get him (which wasn’t our fault by the way).

  21. Mandy Dodd,

    That is exactly why I have written this piece. I worry for the well being of those people.

    You and I know that we are definitely adding players this season and it is the realisation of that fact that makes all the hand-wringing so annoying. Why can’t people just take a break from constant agitation for goodness sake?

  22. oldgroover,

    That is why it is so annoying to see people setting their hairs on fire over how Arsene and Arsenal do their transfer business. The man is ever trying to improve the team. Why can’t people recognise this fact and leave the man in peace to do his job?

    Like you, I love Many’s comment.

  23. finsbury,

    There were Gooners who jealously covet Levy last season for how he blew £100 million (although no one knew that at the time) and those of us who were patient with and showed faith in Arsenal’s greatest human resource (i.e. AW in case anyone is wondering) should be mocking them now for their constant stupidity. But we are better than that, we’ll just remind them every time they start losing their shit again.

  24. Guess some people out there have the luxury of being able to worry about nothing very much.
    And at a time when so much is going right for the club. But there are seething volcanos of human beings out there just waiting for the slightest excuse to lose it with the world. Some of these people are just voicing an opinion, others a bit sad, but ultimately harmless, others strike me as just a step or two removed from something really quite unpleasant.
    And all this fretting by some over nothing, Wenger and co are out there doing their jobs to the very best of their abilities and resources, as always. If we signed Sanchez, Khadeira,Hamez Rodrigues and Messi, they would find something to get very…very upset about

  25. Boo,
    I see your point and my simple personal answer to the question is that life will go on. The season will commence and, in time, we shall see the wisdom or folly of A. Wenger’s decision. Indeed, anything that ails Arsenal thereafter, most in the press, and among the fans will blame it on Wenger’s stubbornness, beautifully epitomized with the decision not to sign anybody of “world class” quality. We who love the man will look at each situation more dispassionately….

    However, on the other hand, Wenger has always signed players; for example, if the rumors are to be believed, he has already signed 2-3 15-17 year olds, as is his habit to do.

    More to the point, Wenger had never believed in signing “world class” players because the press or the fans consider them to be so or urge him to do so. He always bought players that he considers to be of value and most of them become world class under his tutelage. I don’t believe Wenger will ever change in this respect. Thus, season after season, he is bound to leave most in the press and the fans who set great store on this type of player purchasing strategy unhappy and with enough reasons to gripe.

    On the other hand, the times have changed for Arsenal. We are richer than in the period we were neck deep in financing and building the Ems. I bet in that so called 9-tropyless-year period, there must have been that one or two “world class” players who, Wenger wistfully passed up on. That no longer need to be the case now. The world cup has been with us wherein quite a number of “world class” players failed to live up to the billing and while a few other players announced their world class credentials.

    As a result, though there is the possibility and it is in Wenger’s character not to lust after any world class player just for the tags, he is very likely to buy himself one or two – on his strictly footballing terms and at prices and personal terms that are reasonable and consistent with his well established character.

    What I cannot figure out are Arsenal fans who have seen him operating like this for the past 17years and still bellyache at each transfer window about his leopard not having changed its skin! yet, it is not as if he doesn’t confound the fans and his other critics at each season’s end.

    Of course, we must make the exception to this conclusion: those who assume that it is their god-given right for their club to win a trophy each season have been left unsatisfied. However, think of it, is there a club really they could have been supporting and that would have continually satisfied this craving? There is none!

    So I end in total agreement with your conclusion too: there is no better time than now to chill out; to go out to enjoy the sun. Except for those of us living where it is either too sunny or it is raining outside.

  26. @Bootoomee,
    The last paragraph of your sobering post brought us all down to earth and gave a timely reminder of the more important things in life.
    When one considers people like Walter B. and his family circumstances, any action by Arsenal FC in the current Window is of very little consequence.

  27. Do you really think that Arsene has lasted so long in his job without knowing exactly what he is doing.

    Surely not.

  28. Excellent article Bootoomee.

    Oh and insulting the writer (or writers) on Untold will make sure your otherwise useless comment will not be published. Alas there are a few who couldn’t understand the article, Bootoomee. But that will not really be a surprise for us regular Untolders…

  29. A very interesting post BTM and one that makes several important and entirely valid points.

    I would like and expect to see 3/4 new signings but broadly share your sanguinity regarding our purchasing none.

    Starting at the front a new world class signing of the Ozil calibre would be fun. But you are right in your defence of Giroud. In addition early in the season if not at the start we will see Theo return with both his speed and his calmness in scoring. In addition to this although the long term future for the Ox is probably deeper he is an exciting and effective option up front now. On top of this we have the interesting potential competition between Sanago and Joel Campbell to burst through this coming season. Both look difficult to handle and close to being something special. Finally up front we have Gnabry who certainly shone early last season when he was pressed into service very young and I feel played with the famous AW handbrake as he contained his movement forward to make sure he never let the team down at all.

    In mid-field we have absolutely no problem with skillful and creative and the only issue is Arteta/Flamini approaching the cusp but certainly there would be no real problem for them having at least one more season in their locker.

    Curiously the greatest alarm bells are at the back and this is because of the nature of the issue. There would be qualms but no terrors in Jenkinson/Bellerin at right back. Greatest concern curiously is with Mertescielny. They are great but we are likely to have lost both our covers and will need top quality additions but with the patience to wait their turn perhaps just on rotation. Similarly Szczesney/Martinez may be ok but could be a little too light under pressure.

    The greatest need is that our new acquisition from Germany performs as well as the German national team he is currently accompanying. It is essential we lose the unenviable lead we have in injuries if we are to be successful.

  30. Vintage Gooner,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I have no problem with signing new player and I have no doubt that we’ll be signing a few this summer as most, if not all, teams do. I am just fed up with fans whining about the club signing new players and threatening fire and brimstone if they don’t. Everybody just needs to calm down and leave the club in peace to do their business.

  31. It’s nice deal as per our reliable sources in Asia.

    There will be a few signings . Puma and Arsenal will parade these new players at Emiirates 10-12 days after Wolrd Cup

    Stay Calm. Enjoy the World Cup.

  32. No doubt Le Boss knows what he’s doing
    Regardless of comings or goings this silly season, we’ve effectively already got the best signing of the year in the bag. A certain Mrs. Walcott’s little boy Theo will be back soon and as good a boost as any world class signing we might happen to acquire.
    Roll on August.

  33. I like to think that AW has done all his dealings and has gone on holidays to unwind and recharge his batteries .
    And as I don’t read any other blogs than this , I don’t really know what maleficence and mayhem is afoot in the AAAA blogsphere .
    Not that I care an iota ,you see .

  34. Brickfields Gunners

    “And as I don’t read any other blogs than this , I don’t really know what maleficence and mayhem is afoot in the AAAA blogsphere .

    Not that I care an iota ,you see.”

    Exactly !

    Let them wallow in there own communal cesspit of bile, hatred, and vindictiveness. They deserve each other.

    Personally I love it when we buy a player/players. But, does what Wenger, or any other of our past managers for that matter, determine how I will be supporting Arsenal next season?

    Not one jot.

    More than any manager we have ever had I trust Wenger to do his absolute best for my beloved football Club.

    He doesn’t get everything right. Nobody ever does. But more often than not, he does.

    So what ever transpires this close season I will back him to the hilt.

  35. Should read:

    “But, does what Wenger, or any other of our past managers for that matter, achieve in one transfer window, determine how I will be supporting Arsenal next season?

  36. talking about signings.
    I don’t know how reliable this is but apparantely Mathieu Debuchy posted a farewell picture on his instagram. I have seen it on facebook posted by a friend of mine.
    The picture is not that important. But he wrote below it: Au revoir Bresil, bonjour @Arsenal. For those who don’t speak French: Goodbye Brasil, Welcome @Arsenal

  37. @ Walter – Where do I go to ” LIKE ” it and “SHARE” it ?
    I would also like to add ,”Bonjour !” under comment and post it , S’il vous plaît !

  38. Anyway Dan, we’ve just signed Finland U19 keeper 16 year old Hugo Keto who will obviously not make the squad, but it’s interesting that James Shea who was so highly regarded two or three years ago and released last year and has now signed for AFC Wimbledon on a free.

  39. Having read the article and all the comments let me be the rotten apple on this site ( yet again ) and say that if Arsenal sign no new player this Summer there will be some” AAA” players also known as Koscielny and possibly few others having a word with their agents , telling them that due to lack of ambition shown by Arsenal they should put a word out to Barca and Bayern’s of this world that they want to move.

  40. We only have Sanogo and Giroud as strikers and Sanogo is VERY injury prone.

    Is Vermaelen staying?

    Our only right back is Jenkinson.

    11 players have been released by the club.

    None of these points were raised by you? Even poor old Flamini fails to get a mention when you speak of Defensive Midfielders, lol.

    And thanks for telling us how we have to feel about Arsenal on ‘Untold’ straight after Tony claims ‘Untold’ doesn’t do this in the very article you sycophantically pointed out yourself.

    Did you enjoy your barbecue when the FA Cup final was on, I hope you did, but I think only real Arsenal fans have a valid right to comment about my club.

  41. Tom,

    Has Koscielny threatened to stop playing for Arsenal if there are no new signings? Has he issued any threat of any kind if there are no new signings? Is he whining on blogs about how miserable he would be if there are no new signings?

    If the answer to all of the above is no, then your comment is pointless. You may enjoy being the “rotten apple” on Untold Arsenal by bringing ‘insights’ like the above that the rest of us are incapable of but seriously, no one cares anymore.

  42. Bootoomee

    My comment is no more pointless than your entire article , as you yourself admit there will be new signings.

    ” I think we will need a goalkeeper , a right back, a midfielder and a striker. It’s important to have a minimum of these four players so that we’ll be better able to challenge over the course of a whole season against teams like Man City, Chelsea or Man United” said Koscielny in an interview.

    When your star player, who has been rumored to peek an interest from clubs like Barca and Bayern ,goes on the record about who he thinks Arsenal should get, then it’s a statement of intent. He doesn’t have to “whine on blogs how miserable he would be if there are no new signings”

    Combine that statement with his other statements where he says how important winning the league or CL is to him and how he believes “Arsenal need to make the next step” and he doesn’t have to make any threats.
    Did RVP make and threats before he decided to leave on grounds that Arsenal weren’t showing enough ambition( allegedly)?

    If Arsenal make no new signings and fail to finish in top four then I would bet a large amount of money on Koscielny leaving next season.

  43. Always keep a positive attitude!!!

    Thursday night he gradually came to, stiff as a board and in pain in the hospital’s ICU with tubes up his nose and down his throat, wires monitoring every function and a gorgeous nurse hovering over him. It was obvious he’d been in a serious accident.

    She gave him a deep and steady heartfelt look straight in the eyes and he heard her slowly say, “You may not feel anything from the waist down.”

    He somehow managed to mumble in reply, “Can I feel your tits, then?”


  44. Nice one Brickfields 🙂

    Further to a positive attitude I always believe it can be unnecessarily destructive to worry about situations before they happen – time enough to worry afterwards – but it is better to turn the concern into a positive response.

    To qualify that comment a little; it can be a positive action to try to anticipate alternative situations and plan a positive response for each – but without worrying.


    Well written article.

  45. @ Bootoome – though posting here will be in contradiction to the following, you are spot on (re: what you wrote in the last few paragraphs) – IT’S SUMMERTIME!!!

    This is EXACTLY why I’m not posting (and hardly reading) Untold in the summer…

    And I’ll add that – if you wanna bitch, why not give yourself a summer break, and bitch after September 1st? The whiners really make little sense…

    Best wishes to you all from [sandy beaches/cool beers/Wimbeldon/playing football with my kids/building stuff from lego…]


  46. @bjtgooner – Sometimes when the mood moves you and really decide to get off your butt and do IT , unexpected gains follow ! Like in this tale…

    The Flower Show…

    Two little old ladies, Connie & Evelyn, were sitting on a park bench outside the local town hall where a flower show was in progress.
    The short one, Connie, leaned over and said, ‘Life is so boring. We never have any fun anymore. For $10.00 I’d take my clothes off and streak through that stupid, boring flower show!’

    ‘You’re on!’ said Evelyn, holding up a $10.00 bill.

    So Connie slowly fumbled her way out of her clothes. She grabbed a dried flower from a nearby display and held it between her teeth.. Then, completely naked, streaked through the front door.
    Her friend soon heard a huge commotion inside the hall, followed by loud applause and shrill whistling. Finally, the smiling Connie came through the exit door surrounded by a cheering, clapping crowd.

    ‘What happened?’ asked Evelyn.

    ‘I won $1,000 as 1st prize for ‘Best Dried Arrangement!”

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