Patience is a virtue, so is seeing further than this second

By Walter Broeckx

For many years Untold stood on the barricades when it came to defending the way Arsenal was doing their business.

We understood the problems that building the new magnificent stadium had brought to our club. We understood the need for that stadium so we would be able to compete with Manchester United at first. Alas then came the oil clubs and they made the task even more difficult to come back to our previous level of competing with the top teams. On came a big recession and suddenly money was short. Don’t talk about how much money there was in the bank.  Anyone with a little notion of running a business knows that money in the bank is not the same as money to spend.  But it was no avail for those who wouldn’t see or refused to understand.

For years they said that with Wenger we would win nothing ever again. That has been put to bed two months ago with winning the FA cup.

For years they said Wenger was too stingy to spend the f*cking money. And yes in a way they were right. Maybe there was more money available than Wenger spend. But I think it is fair to say that Wenger did this with the best of Arsenal’s interest in mind. He could have blown all that money away on players that were not good enough. And at times a risk was taken and sometimes it backfired. But was it because Wenger wanted it that way or was it because he wanted to keep the powder dry for the new era that he knew was coming?

An era that was coming and that was also predicted here at Untold. We got the abuse but well that goes with saying what is on your mind one could say.

The way a part of our own supporters turned against Wenger was bad. The vile abuse he had to endure from our own fans was disgusting. In a way it was heartbreaking to see the best manager we ever had and the most successful manager we ever had being buried under that kind of criticism. The things we have filtered over the years was devastating. Abuse that was out of line and could get some people in trouble with the courts if they would print it.

Last summer was the first summer of change.  People wouldn’t believe that Arsenal was bidding an enormous amount of money for some players. They said it was all part of the plan to make the fans pay for the season tickets. A referee inspired first loss in our opening home game opened the flood gates completely. And while under fire Wenger and Arsenal were working in silence on the biggest deal ever for our club.

Signing Mesut Özil was not just an amazing stunt it also was the first sign that the new era had begun. The idiots still wouldn’t see it of course. They even claimed it was them forcing Wenger to spend the money. And we have been called deluded all those years….

The only reason why Wenger and Arsenal spend that money was because he had been saving for that day to happen.  A high person at the club told me a year before that they would make sure that signings would be massive improvements for the club and no longer a risk or a possible burden. I think we can say right now that this seems to be the truth.

Don’t forget that after years of prudent and difficult working with losing all our best players year after year Wenger has assembled a squad that came only 7 points short to win the double. And we had double or even triple the injuries from our closest rivals in the top 4.

Last year we bought a big player from Real Madrid, this year we bought a big player from Barcelona. After years of losing our players to them we now are getting their better players.  Talking about change.

And who was once again the most important piece in the jigsaw to convince Sánchez to join us? Yes, it was Wenger again. The abusers went mad and again called him all sorts of names when they saw him in Brazil doing his usual summer TV work when there is a big tournament. They went crazy when they saw him on the beach playing with other people.

But what they didn’t know was that he was also using his time away from the camera’s to work for Arsenal. A little apology would be appropriate but I really don’t count on that. After all they are so far gone in their hate against Wenger that even if we would win the quadruple this season they will still shout Wenger out. Pathetic.

The facts as Untold has said they were are now open to see for all. We said we could win under Wenger and we did. We said that if we would have money, Wenger would spend it on top quality. And he did. We said that Gazidis and his team would bring in more money with new deals, and they did. Hell we even stayed off the back of Dick Law when things went slowly in the negotiation room. And when words come out from other clubs he seems to be a tough person to negotiate with.  All because Arsenal wants the deal to be a good deal and not to just throw the money around that we have been working for.

The only down side on this is that for our young Gunners it looks an even higher mountain to climb to get in that first team for the moment.

I hope that some will now look back in shame about their abuse of Wenger, Gazidis and the board. I can only hope that it was their impatience that brought along their anger. Now is the time to admit you were wrong. And learn your lesson. Wenger loves Arsenal as much as we do. And for his love for our club and for his track record he should never be abused again in the way he was.

And if you really still want to carry on with abusing him, then it might be better to leave it all behind you. If you still are not convinced by the facts and by his love for the club I think nothing will cure you from your hate and blindness. Which is a pity. As you miss all the fun. And remember patience is a virtue.

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  1. Well said. I think fans in general need to get over this idea that their team deserve to win titles as in reality very, very few teams ever do especially working with a tough budget. I think Bob Wilson was spot on when he said that historically most teams that build a new stadium end up getting relegated so for Wenger to achieve champions league football season after season is quite phenomenal. A remarkable achievement.

  2. As per usual fantastic article again, this is the reason why I always click on your posts on newsnow to have some positivity towards arsene and the club, arsene is a fantastic manager who’s now reaping the rewards of a club no longer restricted by the debt! Roll on August 16th cannot wait!

  3. Tell it, Walter.

    Even supposedly reasonable Arsenal fans have been on here talking about Gazidas and Law as though they know anything at all.

    For me, these people have been picked to do their jobs due to their track record elsewhere and the club’s belief that – those they employ will bring something big to the table that is AFC. Gazidas was head of MLS, or some other big US sport. I don’t know what Law was doing before. The Arsenal board sought out the right people to do the work, starting with Arsène Wenger. (Having sacked a successful manager for taking bungs).

    The Arsenal Way, don’t you know.

    How often and for how long has Arsène said something like, we will only spend on people who will add something to the squad, implying also that players must be bought at the correct price. (There is a formula, you know. Sure, the gasses and oilers/state financed clubs may splash out any amount for benchwarmers, but that’s not the Arsenal way. It never was.)

    My guess is that the moaners never had mortgages, or simply love running up their credit cards, or frittering away their inheritance.

    Patients or Patience?


    I really hope those fans who were shouting shit at the opening game against Taylor, can no longer attend games. You lot were disgraceful. You are not Arsenal supporters.

    How about “bully” and his mates on Arsenal fan tv. You spent half the season slagging off Wenger, then I saw something last night with the main presenter asking Ivan questions. This presenter assured Ivan that there was never any negativity coming from him. You, presenter-face, spent most of your on camera time urging people to slag off Arsène and the club.

    I will never forget you and your ilk, for you’ll be back to slag off whoever when you feel the time is right.

    That goes for all the blogs, press, plundits, etc. Go away. Nothing good that’s happening is due to anything you’ve said or done!

    Thanks for being here all this time, Untold Arsenal.

    Forward Arsenal

  4. Arsenal buy world class players who WANT TO PLAY FOR ARSENAL, and Arsène.

    Now there’s something to be so proud of.

  5. There it is:
    “if we would win the quadruple this season”.

    I was wondering if any one else had this same thought. After all, this is what is on offer, and we have to start with the confidence to KNOW that we are able to win ALL four, so lets think big, that is no crime.

    What ever, Arsenal are going to thrill this season, and i cant’ wait.
    Come on Arsenal, come on.

  6. As we know Arsene as well as being a highly rated football coach and manager( except of course in the country that calls itself ‘the home of football, England of course’) has a degree in economics.

    A degree which he puts into practice. He needs top players, to get these has to scout for them. Arsenal pay him to do this.

    So does French Television who pay him to work for them at international matches. Arsene is paid and placed in an ideal situation to bring great players to England (the home of football where they are ridiculed) and to Arsenal where they are respected and appreciated and loved.

    In respect of looking at players for Arsenal,Arsene gets paid twice for doing a job he loves. Who says economics is just theory!

    This is not a criticism of Arsene. I admired him for his ability and the respect the world of football outside England has for him.

    As an Englishman I am ashamed of the disrespect almost to the extent of hatrid English football, the media and its following has for Arsene.

    I have always been proud to be a gooner, never more so then now. (By now I mean the Arsene Years’.)

  7. well said. The likes of Wenger Law and Ivan are changing everything…for the better. As for the AAA, some may not be beyond redemption, as for the rest, they can FODTL

  8. Thanks Walter for this article.

    I remember that after the signing of Ózil last summer, like a Prophet, Untold Arsenal likened Ózil’s signing to that of Dennis Bergkamp in that it would attract more world class players to Arsenal. Just 11 months after and it’s already happening. Tony, Walter and all ‘Untold writers’ deserve a “told you so” award. I mean for real.

    Don’t worry about the AAA. The reason why they are who they are is because of their negativity towards anything Arsenal. So I don’t expect them, the media and its ‘pundits’ to change or eat the humble pie.

    Happy days are here folks. Good, Better, Arsenal!


  9. Walter a great article and excellent summing up of the situation.

    Will we ever see any apologies from the anti Arsenal press or their brainless pals in the AAA – I doubt it. They will try some new angles of attack to continue their disgraceful and disgraced agenda.

    But, this is a happy day, not one where we should worry too much about the serial negative twits. In celebration (further celebration) of our new signing I have purchased some Chilean wine – planning to open one tonight!

    I note the vampire has departed; there could be a wee upturn in garlic sales in Barcelona!

  10. I think the main problem unfortunately has always been the lack of Rational thinking amongst fans which was insinuated by media reports and hind-sighted punditry on what it takes for a Club to be successful, let alone the small matter of Stability, as well as the very definition of success. Arsene always wants his teams to play with style and hence he never compromised on that aspect even when others tended to resort to the infamous Park the Bus tactic. people tend to gloat about how Klopp has transformed BVB with a attractive style of play coupled with a shoestring budget.what they fail to realize is that the competition in Germany which was fairly open became a 2 horse race with the emergence of BVB under klopp and the ever present Bayern due to the other big teams losing their top talent. I still maintain that even after 2006, we always had a good crop of players to win trophies just owing to the style of play and the talent at the club. This is evident since we did make it to a couple of semifinals and finals as well as pushing for the Title. again injuries wrecked the promising campaign and we where left with Champions league football for all these years. Unfortunately consistency is not at all valued since people will praise the one with one final win in 5 years rather than a 3 time finalist. Stability and an attractive footballing philosophy and infrastructure are things that people take for granted these days without any thought for the time and effort behind it. This very reliance on shortsighted conclusions on the future as Arsene himself suggested is really harmful. The pundits and media could atleast acknowledge (Ok, i am dreaming now!!!) that this is quality is one of the reasons why Arsene is the manager and not a lousy journalist or a pindit who claim to know it all under the sun.

  11. A..A..A
    Agree Agree Agree
    Well done and thank you for putting our the above article.
    I have been slagging and f…king those so called blogs like arsenal truth, Anr etc etc ec, they are really etc etc etc blogs who take every minute opportunity to slag the Cluband Manager. When one week the result goes against us these people crawl out of the woodwork and all they know its to criticise and worst abuse. Kids, all of them. Easy to sit back and criticise, no real work done.
    Our club has shown the world how it’s done. No need to be a rich man’s toy or a despotic ruler plaything.
    Thank you once again for supporting what’s really good in the running of the club.

  12. Spot on Walter. Wenger and the board have been ridiculed by people who couldn’t even run a lemonade-vending business outside their garage for only 3 months per year in the summer. It’s ridiculous. I agree there may have been money available at one stage or another to buy a 20 or 30 mil player. But another angle many fail to see is even though that may have been possible, the said player comes with an expectation of a certain wage,or commands certain wages. Typically that would be in the region of 100-200k per week, depending on other factors. And because we weren’t ready to offer those kinds of wages at Arsenal, Wenger avoided bringing such a player as they would trigger unrest in the dressing room. Now we can afford to offer such wages, these players are now being signed. So while they were bleating that there was 70m in the bank and why aren’t we spending it, they were failing to acknowledge the basic principles of business that you can only spend what you are making. What would have been the point in going to buy a 40m player as a one off, then have that same player earning 3 times as much as the next guy? Had we bought such a player before we would be hearing from uefa regarding FFP, and now looking to sell before we can buy players such as Sanchez. And it’s unlikely these kinds of players would join knowing a club is in trouble.

    Regarding the accusation Wenger was wasting time on the beach, if certain people in this country had any decency they’d be offering him an apology. But knowing what kind of people these are, we are more likely to hear another angle of attack than an apology.

  13. BJT
    Couldn’t believe reading your second paragraph of your 16:16post! I opened this link, read it, and then went on to do something else before coming back to post, without refreshing the page. Agree 100% an apology will not be forthcoming, just waiting for the new attack. I have a rough idea what that maybe, but don’t want to give these scumbags fuel so will keep it to myself 🙂

  14. Thank you for the kind words guys.
    But let me tell you that it just isn’t Tony and me and other regular contributors. No, it is mostly because of you. It is two way traffic.

    And with you I don’t just mean those who comment. Of course those who comment are the ones that are visible and that makes the team or writers determined to carry on in the same way.

    But I would also like to thank those who don’t comment but come back each day or on a regular basic. If you look somewhere on the left there is a soccerlink hitlist and Untold is thanks to all of you and probably also because of our articles and our point of view the number 1 site.

    Like I said it is two way traffic and on days like this, just like on FA cup final day, it is nice to celebrate together something good happening to our club.

    I noticed a lot of Barcelona fans not happy about losing Sánchez to Arsenal. And suddenly Liverpool fans saying he isn’t that good after telling us only one week ago that he was theirs. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure we bought a decent player 🙂

  15. Remember Jose refusing to loan Demba Ba to us, he feared doing so would make us title contenders with Ozil having joined our ranks.
    So just what does signing Sanchez make us?

    I know they are driven people and imagine not the types to rest on laurels, but I hope Wenger, Ivan and Dick Law take time out for just a little moment basking in glory over this immense step.
    Ivan Gazidis, WTF do you do indeed! makes as much sense as telling Wenger he doesnt know what hes doing…and to think, will not be hearing that spend some money chant this season, how that will be missed
    Are Liverpool fans really saying Sanchez is not that great?? That is amusing

  16. Please whatever Gazidis and co are smoking, I sure will like to borrow some for the AAA now.

  17. The time now is ours. Like minded (mostly!) People like us who saw Wenger’s plan, method and realised we probably would have barren years… we have. The stadium paid for, or a very minor manageable amount left. We are now bearing fruit. The cornerstone has been laid. I have suffered as I know you have with narrow minded ‘pros’ agendas and blinkered vision. Ignorant media fed sheeple who don’t have the capacity to question or choose not to. Trying to show people the bigger picture. Conspiracy! The atmosphere and aura about the Gunner’s has changed. I think the rest of the premiership teams and supporters know this too. We are not shackled anymore and it is closer to a level playing field. We have over achieved previously if truth be told and I think we will be right up there now! Roll on the opening kick off

  18. Brilliant piece Walter. Its amazing that even after all that has happened some still refuse admitting they were wrong and sticking to the narratives instead of apologising. Dis these people really think that there was no plan at all? Did they really think our management was as thick as they perceived? How dare they abuse the most brilliant mind in football world and call him all sorts of names?

    If only these people understood the words the emirates was built on then they would have known that the trophyless years was just a building phase and that the good times are coming. The deeper the foundations, the stronger the fortress.

  19. Im thinking about writing something on this. Let me string a few sentences together first and see what comes of it.

  20. I was surprised by the negative reactions to the beach video. Oh come on, he deserves a holiday too. His season starts early, has no breaks and ends late.

    And by wasting time there, he has introduced more people to the world of ARSENAL.

  21. @Mandy

    You are right about the bin dippers, they are crying their eyes out about the vampire and have started rubbishing Sanchez, having last week described him as the ideal replacement for Suarez.

    I suppose we should not expect too much from them – they do lack class at the top.

  22. Walter, well written.

    I would suggest that too many ignored what Ivan AND Tom Fox, were saying – a 5-year plan!

    Ivan started the plan, by upgrading Highbury House to the 21st century technology.

    Ivan did the recruiting of the personnel, necessary for the implementation of the 5-year plan.

    The ONLY bone of contention, is the solicitor, who had Tibetan sympathies! The Chinese authorities will have noted, that recruitment.

    The increase in the number of employees on the payroll, is indicative of Ivan, the man with a plan.

    As for the doubters, are they privy to anything that happens in the front and back offices of The Arsenal?

  23. Mandy

    I’ve not seen any evidence of Liverpool supporters slagging Sanchez, unless they’re going onto Arsenal blogs to do it which is most likely.
    It’s interesting though that in an on line vote in the Liverpool Echo they went 77% to 23% in favour of the Suarez to Barca deal as good bit of business.

  24. Nice work Walter. Remember there is still the man in the middle who decides the match. Please keep him under pressure so that we can see the Game in its beautiful entirety. I would hate another 1st match robbery.

    I’m sure all fans would love to hear about the standards at which the Game will be officiated and the Laws and their interpretation by the officials before the season starts.

  25. Great article Walter. A brilliant summery of the last few years.

    And some very good comments from the usual suspects.

  26. Rantetta – It is this that needs taking to the Court for Arbitration of Sport. The bite should be treated with contempt and the penalty doubled. Spurs were allowed to ‘stone’ the First Aiders & Stretcher bearers without punishment. The FA as usual toothless (should have borrowed some from Gnasher) did nothing to the bastards that damaged Theo’s knee.

  27. Great stuff, Walter.

    Arseblog has got a link in his latest article to a very nice short publicity video where Arsene Wenger tells us what Arsenal football club is all about – Untolders will like it!

  28. Hear, Hear! Well said! But, alas, whingers will always find something to whinge about.

  29. Interesting views on the Liverpool fans. Suppose it is good business in the circumstances, though he will be very hard to replace, for his ability….and what he sometimes gets away with in the penalty box at least. Wonder if those pool fans really mean it or are just resigned to him going though.
    If it were Arsenal selling him, even at such a price and for a good reason, the media selling club stuff would be appearing, have yet to see that with Liverpool?
    Liverpool seem to now be going for markovich who I at least know absolutely nothing about, and possibly Bony. Think we have signed the nearest like for like version of Suarez….without the bitey thing, and cheaper than him

  30. I have the same type excitement among bloggers like last season when we signed Ozil. As the season progress and when the team had its blips, the same bloggers complain about Ozil, Giroud, Arteta and other scapegoats. Treating the players like punching bags. Now, what’s the point of going all yahoo and hoorah at this moment if these certain people show their true colors when the team needs the supporters the most. Let Sanchez intregate with the team first. Plz give him some time to adjust to EPL as it is full of thugs in jerseys and uniforms.

  31. I truly hope this site continues to provide a home for the kind of people this post has encouraged to comment above.
    Keep up the excellent work Walter, Tony et al.

  32. Rantetta,

    Until last season, Clattenburg was a decent ref. Remember he won the Untold award for the best ref two years ago. The disease is only extending its tentacles. I’m just hoping the masquerade from last season’s opener was so obvious that they won’t dare to repeat it this time around, and Clattenburg could be a decent pick. But even counting the ref as their 12th player, Arsenal are much stronger than the ex-Harry boys.

    Another interesting aspect is that with the Sanchez deal done early, Arsene shut the mouth of the “spend the ****ing money” whiners – spectators and media alike. It irritated me to no end to see those banners hanging out in the stadium – and the media dutifully framing them. For once, I wish there were stricter controls at the stadium entrance.

  33. Hoping we sign Debuchy

    Lets look at the squad


    Giroud and Alexis – then Walcott, Ox, Chamberlain, Sanogo – No shortage quality or quantity


    Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, – then Carzorla, Ox, Diably, Rosicky, Arteta,Flamini, Zelelam, Gnabry, possibly Cambell


    Gibbs, Kosz, Per, Debuchy, them Naco, The Verminator,Miquel, Jenkinson, Bellerin – bit weak??????


    Szczesny, Martinez, AN Other – not a problem we will sign or find Loanee

    I feel sorry for Arsene trying to find a starting 11 from that lot each week

    Are we finally about to enter the promised land
    Gosh – I am just Sooooo Optimistic

  34. Here’s a serious question

    What are we going to do with the biased anti Arsenal press this year
    I mean – we’ve proved them wrong, Arsene, his approach, his style, has won with his hand tied round a new stadium.

    it has been continuous crap from them about how we lack this, how we cannot do that
    Now they have turned their attention to our players – in particular Ozil who has neither had a bad season for nor a bad World cup for GmbH
    Look at the “Castrol Index” he’s up there with the best – look at the press reviews – he’s arch enemy no 1

    So this is what I say to the press Shut the **** up

  35. Nick the Gooner
    Funny you should say that (about Ozil) because todays Mail is running a story about the so called assault on a photographer earlier this year, and with a follow up of police officers (photographed) as guests in his private box at the Emirates, more or less suggesting he’d bought them off. Why all of a sudden is this being revealed?

  36. I dont agree with the OP. Arsenal have had the resources to do what they are doing now in the transfer market for years. The extra money from the new TV deal and sponsorships means that the club can more comfortably spend to complete now – that is certainly true. But it is not a case of no money yesterday, money today. That is simply not true. The approach was too conservative over the last few years – we could have spent an extra £15-20m net a year for the last 6-7 years and been perfectly fine – well within FFP and well within the spend what we earn philosophy. Frankly though, it is a moot point, because you can’t change history. I am just delighted that the club are making serious moves to compete at the very top level of the game. I have been very critical of the clubs approach over the last few years but now I am very happy to see them release the hand brake and go for it (within sensible boundaries of course). As long as the club is spending the available money to improve the performances on the pitch first and foremost and the players are giving their all then you can only be happy.

  37. jayramfootball

    I don’t agree with your post at all.

    What I would like you to explain is WHY would Wenger/Arsenal of deliberately NOT spent the money if they really thought it safe and prudent to do so?

    What has changed?

  38. @jambug I think (emphasis!) that the board have wanted a significant safety net before releasing funds in the way they have started to do over the last 12 months. The additional money for the TV rights and the improved contracts commercially mean that Arsenal can now spend and still keep a very healthy ‘cushion’ should things not go according to plan. Now that is not such a terrible strategy, but I believe the club were TOO conservative. I think we could have done more and still operate on what we earn and stayed safe from trouble. It really is just water under the bridge now though – what matters is moving forward and I am pleased that the shackles seemed to have been loosened.

  39. jayramfootball

    Well I know what you are saying but I just don’t agree.

    I think to suggest we had perhaps £20/£30 Million to spend each summer over the last 6 or 7 years is a gross over estimation of our financial situation.

    I concede that perhaps, PERHAPS, we could of spent a bit more over the last couple of years (pre Ozil), but would it really of made that much difference when you compare it with the oilers who posted net loses over that period of in the region of £50 million a season?

    You say you think we was perhaps TOO conservative. Maybe you’re wrong maybe you’re right but I know what I would prefer.

    We’ve got to where we are without EVER putting the Club anywhere near financial danger.

    When you consider the fate of other Clubs that have sailed close to the wind or pushed the boat out and built a new stadium, Arsenal FC have, in my view, achieved miracles.

    In summery, I just feel, when you take into account the financial minefield Arsenal had to negotiate, being critical of a 2 or 3 year period of over caution is ungracious in the extreme.

  40. @jambug – I am talking about a 7-8 year period, not 2-3 years and I don’t think 20-30m a season is what I am saying. I said 15-20 and I think that MIGHT have been significant. We’ll never know, so its conjecture at this point. What I won’t accept for a second is that we had no money and were shackled through lack of resources. We were not according to the only factual information we have – the accounts.

    To be honest I don’t really care anymore about that period – moving forward there is much cause for optimism.

  41. Walter thanks for the thanks I am one of your readers who come every day but rarely post a comment.
    On the money issue how much Arsenal had to spend I think the 3 A’s will always use it as crutch. Because they think it excuses them for their stupid and anti-arsenal behavior. It never mattered how much money Arsenal actualy had to spend.

  42. jayramfootball

    The oilers have been sponsored to the tune of nearly a BILLION pounds over the period you are talking about.

    We have built a Stadium at the cost of £450 Million over the same period

    The differential between those 2 figures is mind boggling.

    To suggest that hasn’t hampered us Massively and to say:

    “What I won’t accept for a second is that we had no money and were shackled through lack of resources.”

    is in my view amazing.

    But if that’s what you believe nothing I’m going to say is going to change your mind.

  43. @jayramfootball
    By not spending the money you say you think we could have spent we would have accumulated 15 mil x 7 years = 105 million. The fact that we haven’t spent it surely means that 105 mil would be/still is in the kitty to be used and coincidentally that is approximately the amount popularly mooted as currently being available to spend. So the fact the money has not been spent the last few years has put us in the position of being able to now purchase superstars like Ozil and Sanchez without borrowing. Or would you have preferred an annual Christopher Samba for each of the previous seven years?

  44. You have completely taken that out of context- it was a reply to a WUM who said “No strikers were available” in the Jan transfer window when Long Jelavich and Berbatoss all were transferred in that window  thats of course ignoring the fact that other strikers may have been available if approaches had been made… – we had NO ONE other than Giroud who actually could get the ball in the net. Bendy was cock and Sanogoal was no goal. IF Giroud had been injured who would have been our striker  Sure the 3 mentioned are all pretty shit but both do actually score goals and could have been shipped on when ” Wengers masterplan” came to fruition. They are far less shit that Bendy and Sanogo at the momen

  45. @mick
    The money being spent now is based on an increase in income of £70m per year from sponsorships and tv money increases. We can comfortably afford to sign Sanchez, Khedira, Debuchy and a new goalkeeper without relying on any savings we have accumulated, having also released a large amount on wages through players leaving the club.

    Its all good though, all I am saying is that arsenal decided to keep things ultra safe – too safe I think, but that’s just my view.

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