The FA could deduct points, and Everton fans speak.

Lucy Faulkner, the head of equality and diversity at the FA has confirmed that it is possible for the FA to deduct points from Tottenham for their racist and homophobic treatment of Sol Campbell at the Portsmouth Tottenham game.

However there is absolutely no sign of action – not even after the FA held a conference on the problem.  There were lots of statements about stopping to the problem, but absolutely zero action about the worst outbreak that there has been recently.

Meanwhile, a number of Everton fans have written in complaining about the articles on the Everton game – which is unusual, but I’ve no problem putting their comments up.  Except one, which in my own personal opinion was irrelevant to any sort of discussion.

Reading the various blogs etc yesterday the overwhelming majority were against all violence and assault, and that’s certainly where I stand – which of course is irrelevant in the broader scheme of things but I just thought I’d say it (given the quickness with which one can get blamed for anything).

In terms of the bias of the report of the match – of course it was biased –  that is what this blog is all about.  There are hundreds – perhaps thousands of blogs by Arsenal supporters which complain endlessly about the team – this blog is positive and sees the good in the team and criticises the rest.   That’s simply what it is.  Complaining about my bias in favour of Wenger’s teams is like complaining that the Socialist Worker doesn’t give a good press to the Conservative Party.

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