Arsenal v Monaco: the line ups, the options, and funny ol’ stuff

By Tony Attwood
First off Djourou – we had a discussion as to whether he was an Arsenal player or not.  He still appears on the Arsenal web site – but without a number.  But Wiki has him transferred already, as a result of his loan last season.  I can’t take this any further – but he’s certainly not likely to be in the Arsenal line up today.
And thanks to everyone who pointed out that Sanogo is still an under 21 so we have two gaps in our list of players over 21 not home grown.  So that is space for two more purchases if we want them.  
And all of that is by way of saying that I obviously didn’t have much of a clue who would start yesterday and today I am struggling also – even though I think we can take out those who started yesterday.   I know some sites are going with players who started yesterday, to start again but that to me seems unlikely.   The Ox might come on for a second half showing, but even though he only played part of the match, I’d be surprised if he started again.
But then, I’m probably basing this on all the wrong facts.  Or no facts, more like.
How does this look for starters.
Debuchy Koscielny Hayden Miquel
Zelalem Wilshere  Olsson Toral
Mr Wenger’s interviews said nothing else was moving on the transfer front at the moment but we still had time.  So still the option of an Ozil like move at the very end – and space in the squad for him.
Mind you none of that stops the funny MIU site running this, this morning
“Reports have claimed Arsenal are close to agreeing a deal to sign Sporting Lisbon midfielder William Carvalho.”
I believe Diaby was not present yesterday, which might be ominous, or maybe is the slightest of knocks or even a heavy cold, so let’s hope that the world hasn’t fallen apart for him.  Rumours circulate all the time about him, and are often untrue, so the “I heard that” grapevine is at its least reliable at this point.  I really hope he’s ok.
Meanwhile I am also hoping Walter will take over the site today, as I’ve now got to get myself together for a Sunday morning phone chat with my daughter in Australia, and then over to Ian’s before we drive to London and get on with the show.
Only problem is I can’t for the life of me find my Arsenal shirt.
PS If you are watching on BT Sport, do write in and let us know how they (BT Sport) did, so we can see if the new look positive pro-Arsenal station was more than just a one day wonder.

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45 Replies to “Arsenal v Monaco: the line ups, the options, and funny ol’ stuff”

  1. Tony

    I agree, lets hope it wasn’t a one day wonder.

    Owen wasn’t on duty for our game yesterday so I would guess he will be today.

    Alas, I can’t see there being any change in his stance.

    It will be interesting to see how he and the rest of them perform today.

  2. Tony,

    BT Sport’s commentary yesterday was in no way or form “pro-Arsenal”. They were balanced and not anti-Arsenal. That is a good thing and it’s all we’ve always been clamouring for.

    Looking forward to meeting you today.

  3. Tony, Arsene said in post match interview yesterday, the Diaby is fine, but he could only put 11 on bench yesterday – we might see him today. Also that Sanogo and Campbell are staying!

    and when asked about Khedira he said there has been no contact, so where all the rumours about wage demands etc came from is anyones guess!

  4. jambug,

    Tony will be getting there a little later than me. I intend to get there by 1.30pm. I am entering through turnstile H. When are you arriving and via which turnstile?

  5. @jambug
    August 3, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Your ‘no Owen’ was a surprise to me as I had the match on a stream and he was his usual speak all ignorant self.

    I agree with others who say that BT was resonable. However I am beginning to wonder if it was a BT link on the stream.

  6. As long as BT coverage does not include the iniquitous Michael Owen it is watchable.He is a nasty, opinionated,biassed cretin with a vocabulary wholly unsuited to commentary (and certainly despises Aresenal).I have to mute the sound whenever he is commentating.Why on earth they don’t give Andy Gray more games,instead,is beyond me!

  7. colario

    Owen worked the Monaco match but not ours.

    He still wasn’t great, but he never really had a chance to get stuck in to Arsenal.

    Not until today anyway.

    The guys that did our game, and the guys in the studio, especially Wenger’s new BFF McManaman, where all pretty fair.

    Owen will be a different kettle of fish all together.


    Thanks 🙂

  8. jambug,

    I’ll catch up with you at turnstile J around 1.50. I’ll be holding a set of twin girls. It will be impossible for you to miss me.

  9. Spent a wonderful afternoon at the Emirates with my oldest lad and wife and have to say how impressed i was with Chambers and young Bellerin. Chambers was excellent throughout and his positioning was superb. Bellerin was a danger all day going forward and although got caught out of position a couple of times he looked a great prospect. On the negative side, Monreal was very poor and a liability and i know its not his normal position but he got beat fro pace a number of times. Great to see Sanogo get his first goal which seemed to breathe self belief into the lad and although Campbell was a little wasteful at times his confidence and quality couldn’t be denied. Ideally we just need a world class centre half and Def midfielder and i believe we will have the best squad in the P/L….come on Arsenal!

  10. Where is Gnabry in your lineup.

    He is as good as anyone else and seems to me underrated by many.

  11. We should keep listening to whatever Micheal Owen had to say. It shows the importantance and relevance of our dear Arsenal FC in the World of football. We don’t expect every football pundit to be a Gunner. Do we? Even we Gooners do criticiize the Gunners failings and appaull their successes a times. Talkless of a former Cop and Red Devil. His criticism can only make us stronger as we take it and draw any positives in it to advance us. As for the today’s line up, I want the boss to still start the trio of Campbell, Sanogo and Chambers if they are okay. I want the midfilders of Ramsey and Flamini, to start as well. The team partnership of these five has turn out to be a revelation for the Gunners in the Benfica game. The boss should please still test the effectiveness of this partnership to see if it can become reliable for him to use it in the must win Charity Sheild game with Man City.

  12. Watching the Monaco game yesterday they looked pretty vulnerable at the back, but better going forwards. For that reason I would suggest it will be Koscielny and Hayden for the centre back pairing, at least for part, if not most of the game. Debuchy at RB, and probably Gibbs and Monreal sharing the LB position.
    The midfield trio are pretty certain to be Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby I would have thought?
    The wide pair, or alternatively, an variable midfield 5, Ox and Zelalem. It is slightly less clear whether any of the other of those younger ones who played Friday night will get a look in, which includes Toral and Olsson, but also others like Maitland-Niles and young Crowley? However, personally I would love to see Bellerin be given another outing, but as a right winger. His crosses could bean asset for Giroud up front?
    No surprise to see Campbell on the bench, and may be a short stint for Alexis, to give the second day fans a showing? Also, Akpom to have a bit more time, either with, or for Giroud. A Campbell-Akpom duo my work as well as yesterday’s pair did?

    What they will miss is Flamini’s organising. My first though was when he went off, and the trio of subs who came on, was who is going sort the defence. Sure enough,on the next corner the concede the only goal, and Martinez had good reason to look displeased? Arteta tends to be a bit quiet, and probably Miquel more concerned with his own task? Today at least Szchezzer will be doing a bit of shouting and pointing.

    I don’t think it will be a runaway success today, but it should be another positive step forwards.

  13. @Gerry

    Some good points there, but I would add to your comment about Flamini. I felt that when Ramsey, Rosicky & Flamini were replaced by Coquelin, Arteta & Wilshere we lost a bit of organization & control in midfield, allowing Benfica much more time on the ball.

    The later substitution seemed to regain the initiative – and excitement!

  14. Stating the obvious but they will have to watch falcao if he plays, some nice lay offs in his brief appearance yesterday. Funny hearing berbatov taking stick as the pantomime villain, he is or was clearly a good player but so languid, seemed to take half an hour for him to walk off the pitch when substituted

  15. jambug,

    I waited at turnstile J till 1.55pm before I left. The Mrs and the girls were getting restless.

    We are at seats 553 to 556, row 16, block 111 upper tier. If I know where you’ll be I can come see you there.


  16. Is that the keepers colors??…. Was wondering how come Valencia’s keeper is half wet??

  17. The team is not playing badly. What I have noticed is that the players are trying things that are not quite coming off. These are things that look great when they become second nature; when you get to know the other players. I like that Chambers and Debuchy have been told to bring the ball forward more quickly than was the case with our backs last year.BT is saying things like ‘they look vulnerable onset pieces’…rubbish, actually, despite the one Falcao goal (which was Chambers’ mistake) they have looked OK there.

  18. Good shift by Sanchez, and good performances all round. Just seen very poor decision making again from premiership officials; no penalty nor red card…

    Was that you I just saw in the crowd, with with sun glasses on your head? 🙂

  19. To be fair to Atkinson he had pointed to the spot, only to change his mind after the lino told him it wasn’t.

  20. That’s right Al, Atkinson shouldn’t have let the lino make him change his mind.

  21. Owen was poor as expected.
    “No chances for arsenal”, he said ignoring chances like Wilshere’s saved shot, seconds before the penalty shout.

  22. Two games. Two non-pens. The PGMOB officials are warming up for the season well 🙂

  23. This team now has a variety of options, which makes me so happy. They played well, and i got the idea they were not pushing over the top, just flexing and getting to know one another, trying things, trying players.
    AW will now know who is starting the next game, before the ones that count, although the Shield would not be frowned on.

    Locking forward to season.

  24. Yet another match destroyed by the PGMOL.

    Carvalho seemed to escape three yellows and as for the not given penalty…..

  25. Poor show by the officials but lest not ignore that we barely had a shot on goal throughout the game. We lost purely because Monaco were the better team on the day. Still need to sharpen our attack, Giroud simply isn’t good enough!

  26. We need an accomplished mobile striker and obviously a defensive midfielder. Reckon YaYa should be first choice over Giroud.

  27. Hi Boo

    We where at J but inside the ground.

    Could be my fault. Was you outside?

    PS, I’m a bit of an old fogy and do not possess an iPhone so this is the first time I’ve been back on line.

    As for the game.

    Hard to know what to make of it.

    Alexis: Played ok but possibly a bit short of fitness and I think he tried too hard.

    Ramsey: A bit off today.

    Jack: Some good moments but gave the ball away too much.

    Chambers: Played well:

    The OX: Impressive when came on.

    Giroud: Miles off the pace. Poor.

    Santi: Started ok but faded.

    Left hand side was the problem.

    As for there goal. Hmmm. A bit worrying. 2 goals from simple crosses. Missed the BFG !

    All in all a bit of a let down, but as you cant get carried away with yesterdays 5 – 1 you shouldn’t get too down about this.

  28. The way the analysts went on today makes me think we won’t get a fair shake unless we get a dmf. Then the ever important media can give us the seal approval, so they can say we told you so if we win epl.

  29. “Poor show by the officials but lest not ignore that we barely had a shot on goal throughout the game. We lost purely because Monaco were the better team on the day. Still need to sharpen our attack, Giroud simply isn’t good enough!”

    I love the cognitive dissonance in this type of sentence (usually associated with AAA types), Poor show by the officials (acknowledging that we should indeed have had a penalty), yet we lost PURELY because Monaco were better (ignoring that with said penalty it presumably would have been a draw and not a loss in the first place regardless of how good Monaco or Arsenal were in the game).

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