Arsenal/Everton violence – broader perspectives

Below is an email that has come into the blog.  Although it appears in the replies column as normal, I thought it needed a wider coverage because to me it does reflect where we seem to have got to on the Arsenal / Everton game.



I have to say – though I enjoy this blog very much and agree that we have to accept that it is unshamedly biased there also has to be room for holding your hands up when something is clearly just wrong.

Having seen the you tube footage for the first time let me say this: The stupid cowardly f*ckers who threw coins and whatever else should be identified, where possible, and banned fom attending all future Arsenal games.  There is no excuse for this behaviour and for one I am ashamed to have such cowardly fans at our club.

I do think that, on the whole, this behaviour is not representative of Arsenal fans.

The lead to tackle something like this must come from the people who run the game and the media.  But as usual they do sweet FA.

That said it is no good Arsenal fans complaining about Spurs chanting if they take no responsibility for their own fans behaviour.

I watched MOTD and, disgracefully, there was no mention of any flare ups at all.  I read a little the next day in the paper but there was no mention of the crowd trouble.  Why?!

If Arsenal choose not to act (which, lets face it, would almost certainly be the position of any club given the choice) and the media ignore that it even happened that should NOT stop the FA looking at the youtube evidence and forcing the issue to be investigated and acted upon.

I think we can all agree that the people who run our game need to be brought to count for allowing stuff like this to happen unpunished – whether it is The FA, FIFA or UEFA they are, uniformly, a pathetic disgrace.

A sack of bloated, profiteering bastards with a lengthy tenure of unremitting tolerance with regards racism, homophobia and minor crowd violence.  If any of them ever found a moral compass they wouldn’t know what to do with it – except perhaps sell it to the highest bidder!


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  1. It definitely seems like Arsenal ‘fans’ had a lot to do with the trouble on Saturday, but I have heard that AFC are investigating and are asking for witnesses, so anyone who knows anything should do the right thing.

  2. “I watched MOTD and, disgracefully, there was no mention of any flare ups at all. I read a little the next day in the paper but there was no mention of the crowd trouble. Why?!”

    Because it was Arsenal fans who started it and we wouldn’t them to land in any hot water would we. Your “fans” in the top tier pay big money don’t they and the club are hardly going to turn away or ban, given the current economic climate, fans who can dig deep into their pockets.

    If this had been at Goodison Park you could guarantee it would’ve got extensive coverage. What happened Satrday was a lot worse than a few chants directed at Steven Gerrard yet there was zero coverage of it.

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