12 Unbeaten; AAA lead the sheep; Leicester do the water treatment

By Tony Attwood

We filled the away section, out-shouted the home support for most of the match, but then, oh dear.

I don’t know how many times the “49” song was sung, but it was great, it was powerful and it drowned the home support, and left even their mascot (who loves to goad opposition supporters – and certainly had a big go at winding up Arsenal support) unable to enthuse the locals much.

But then, near the end of the game, the handful of AAAs who were there started to sing “Buy a fucking striker” and all was lost.  The Leicester fans loved it, joined in and swelled the sound.   Arsenal players could hear it and knew they had lost their own support.  The press, this morning, have reported nothing about the support for the rest of the match, but have that comment in as if it were all that happened down our end.

And by the end only a few of the players could bring themselves to make it across to our far corner to say their thanks.  But why should they?  The support that had been so good, and which should have recognised that we have now gone 12 unbeaten in succession, felt it better to complain and turn on the team they were there to support.

The real sadness is that the number of AAA there was small, but having followed the lead in each song thus far, the away support carried on following anything that was started, even when it was exactly the wrong song (at least the wrong song on the basis that the away support is there not just for a nice day out, but also to help the team).

There were other issues of course.  Schmeichel in goal for Leicester screamed at the local ball boys for not getting the ball back to him quick enough, and on one occasion showed us his metal by holding onto the ball while it was in play for at least 15 seconds.  (I guess the cameras were not showing him at the time).

And there was the Leicester water treatment.  I thought it had been banned – and maybe it has but Leicester just decided to flaunt the law.   Before the game one end of the pitch was heavily watered – the other end was not watered at all.   Indeed the wings in the half Leicester attacked in the first half got so much water from the in-pitch mechanism that when the ball touched down it stopped dead and splashed up leaving the defence totally wrong footed.

Leicester’s tactic seemed to be to try and work through those areas knowing that unprepared defenders could slip and make mistakes while they would be able to power forward.   And indeed we did see a couple of problems for Arsenal in that area.

But even despite that the stats show we had 70% of the possession and 24 shots on target.  It shows the dominance – but then like Mr Wenger said after the game – “Man City lost and they have lots of strikers”.

A couple of other interesting points – go to the Emirates and you don’t see a policeman inside.  A handful stroll around picking up ticket touts and keeping the streets clear of drinkers, but no mass ranked of the uniformed in and around the stadium.

At Leicester it is not like that at all.  They were everywhere, inside and out.  Huge numbers of them, with hardly any stewards at all.  It must cost the club a fortune (the club has to pay for police officers inside the ground but the police force pay (ie the local tax payers pay) for the policing around the ground).

Did they really think there would be a riot?  Does the reputation of Arsenal fans mean that the whole of the Leicestershire constabulary should be on duty?  Or are they worried about the home fans?

And just one other thing that these away visits bring home – how each stadium is different.  The Tower of Power stadium, or whatever the exact name is, is fairly modern.   But it has no big screens – just a small one saying the score in case one has forgotten, no replays of goals, nothing.   Half time entertainment was a relay race around the edge of the pitch.  Most invigorating.

However the pub up the road was jolly enough with home and away fans mixing readily, of course without any bother.   Just one little extra to note on that however.  The pub we went to was in a pedestrian area about ten minutes from the ground.  Inside it was packed, and outside a few kids played football in one corner, while the big folk chatted and drank.

Then during the course of the hour or so we were all there chatting away, I saw three or four guys of a certain stature turn up with supermarket sized collections of cans and bottles, plonk them down on what was obviously a favourite spot, and all their mates dive in for a drink.

I don’t actually think you ever see that in London.  Or at least not the bits of London I frequent.

Still, it is 11 unbeaten.  I’m not sure anyone else is mentioning that.

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92 Replies to “12 Unbeaten; AAA lead the sheep; Leicester do the water treatment”

  1. Weaknesses in the team are obvious. I will not elaborate. Wenger has a few hours to make amends with all the available cash. If he doesn’t he will be responsible for the fans fury. He has been a great manager for the Arsenal but at times it seems he refuses to see the obvious. Have a nice day all!

  2. Hey just before you start shooting… although some have already did… I have read the article. I just want to bring up the subject which for me is the most pressing of all until the transfer window closes tonight. Simple as that Pete and Va Cong. If you are dreaming of trolls look elsewhere…

  3. Yes Yiannis, guess you dream about strikers too, how many do with need? 70? and you want to Campbell to play and sell poldoski and walcott when he is back. The point the regular untold readers know what is written here, and clearly shows you have read this article. You have given a very in depth reason why we need a new striker, and how the new striker will fit in when we Giroud is back. Yes simple is that Yiannis.

  4. Regarding the article, watching on TV I didn’t hear the “Spend” chants. Just as well. Would have been furious. The team is on the pitch. Support them. If players notably disheartened that might have cost us 2 points. Cheers.

  5. Yiannis is no troll. He’s saying what thousands all believe. There are clear weaknesses in this team. There is plenty of quantity up front, but apart from Giroud, no quality in the CF department. This goes without even mentioning the dire need for a centre-back. To just label this as ‘trolling’ shows you for the rose-tinted, one-eyed supporters you yourself are.

    It’s quite fine to criticise the manager’s decisions, even vocally. Support or no, that team yesterday was not going to beat Leicester. Fans are quite within their right to let the millionaires know how they feel.

  6. You can’t convince people you have ‘so many strikers it’s unbelievable’, then play Sanogo and essentially ignore two internationals who have countless goals between them. And look, if the manager doesn’t believe in Podolski as a central striker, that’s fine. It’s a point of view I agree with. And if he’s unsure about whether Joel Campbell can do the job, then that’s grand too. He sees him in training every day and knows his qualities better than I do. But please, don’t talk them up as viable options when that’s not the case.

  7. I see the spend brigade is out today. The weather is fine why don’t we SPEND some time out there in the sun. After a few weeks of rain would maybe brighten a few desperate souls up.

    If we buy…fine. If we don’t buy…fine. Live goes on. We won 2 trophies in 3 months time. What is there to moan about? Just enjoy live and don’t worry about things you cannot change anyway.

    Just support the team out there each and every time

  8. Funny.

    There are no weaknesses in the Arsenal squad, in my opinion.

    For those who think Arsene should buy, then who and would they be available.

  9. Guys, I watched the game with about 60-70 Arsenal fans in the Arsenal pub in Limassol. All prayed and cheered and got behind the team until the last minute. We believe that the team knows that there are thousands of fans watching from abroad and I am sure that the players feel all our support even if we are a thousand miles away. This is one thing. The other is that everybody has the right to criticism and the right to his own opinion. This is my small resume for all people who so easily brand people who have a different opinion as trolls. And by the way I am a gooner since 1971!

    Yes Va Cong, we need a decent striker at least of Giroud’s magnitude and we can sell or loan out one or two of Sanogo, Cambpell or Gnabry. When Giroud comes back one plays and one sits on the bench or they both play according to the manager’s preferred system. Cheers!

  10. Sean, your comment is lifted verbatim (look it up…) from Arseblog’s column this morning, unless you are Arseblog in which case you’ve plagiarized yourself!

  11. I think it was obvious yesterday that we could do with some reinforcements and I expect the club are working on them. But small margins win matches and we could easily have won (or lost) that game. Alexis was brilliant and it seems to me that the team are adjusting to life without Ollie. The pitch was heavy and it took its toll (the Ox picked up an injury almost as soon as he came on). For em I’ve wanted a second striker, a CB and DM all summer; we have the CL place, the money and so let’s get them and properly compete this season.

  12. The guy (or perhaps I should say “thug”) who caught my eye in yesterday’s game, was Leicester’s Hammond. Only after his 4th nasty foul, did the incompetent Taylor see fit to yellow card him.
    As for the match, the team has still to blend in and at times, it shows. And fitness levels are still below 100% and that shows too.
    The transfer window is still open for 14 hours or so and Wenger will be keen to do business.
    I note that already he is under fire for not yet buying a striker.
    Remember that potential targets depend on fees and personal terms at the very least. And the fact that we have the money and the inclination is often not sufficient an attraction.

  13. I’m a big fan of Wenger and admire most of his work. I can’t imagine Arsenal without him, so not calling for his head. But I have come to expect a top four finish without really winning a title. A cup win would be an added bonus and a title would be a miracle. Hell, miracles do happen, even Greece has managed to win the Euro.

    My views are because I’ve come to expect certain level of complacency by Wenger, unlike say Mourinho who, as much as I hate him, doesn’t leave anything to chance. Any team which is forced to start Yaya Sanogo in case of a single injury to the main striker cannot be taken seriously as title contenders. Yes we got Walcott and Podolski as well but how many times has Wenger started them as a centre forward? As I said, I respect what Wenger has done for the club and think that he deserves the dignity of the fans not calling for his head. But I’m not hopeful of winning the title under him anymore. I accept him with his faults.

  14. Does anyone know what the watering rule is? A link would be great. That sort of the thing really bothers me. Sounds corny but it’s just not sporting.

    Does anyone in their right mind really think chanting “buy a striker” is going to do anything but make Arsenal supporters look foolish. As if a few village idiots are going to influence Wenger’s decision making process anyway. If he’s buying he’s buying if not, not. Either way COYG.

  15. Yiannis, if you are prepared to have a constructive debate (and your subsequent comments are much more so) then that is fine. But re-read your original comment – the very first in the thread – and I think you will agree that it doesn’t come across as very constructive.

    To be honest, I too would like us to buy a striker if it is someone significantly better than what is currently available. Cover at the back too – and potentially a defensive midfielder although I doubt the finances will stretch to all three. I am also reminded of Wenger’s previous, justified, quotes that to bring in too many new players at once destabilises the team. We already have two new starters there (Debuchy and Sanchez).

    The other thing to remember is that Arsenal do not want to undermine their negotiating position. If Wenger says “yes, we must buy a striker” you can guess what that would do to asking prices (as well as the morale of those currently there).

    Let’s just wait and see.

  16. Blaisehayest
    I didn’t know there were any rules on watering ( other than both mangers had to agree on it ), so to discover it has been banned is a surprise and disappointment, as Arsene always wanted pre match & half time watering to speed the pitch up. I wonder who was behind the new rule.

  17. A joke of an article. You wrongly claim arsenal outsung the home support, yet sky and various other commentators on several streams mentioned how loud the leicester fans were, with fans at the ground also stating how poor arsenals support was compared to the 3000 evertonians who visited only 2 weeks prior to you.

    Instead of finding ridiculous reasons as to why arsenal didn’t beat a good leicester side (see ‘water treatment’ paragraph as my example) it would be easier for you to admit that your side was piss poor. You have sanogo leading the attack, a striker who is low on confidence and is not prolific in the slightest. Arsene himself even acknowledged that you didn’t have clear cut chances whereas leicester had 3 or 4.

    For all of your 20 something attempts Kasper rarely had to make a good save. The only attempt that springs to mind is sanogos chance (excluding your goal which was down to a defensive error).

    You sound like a typical London snob who has no grasp of the real world!
    You’d be better off supporting Chelsea.

  18. This is what I learnt from yesterday’s game vs Leicester City

    *Friendly- The friendly against Leicester City went pretty well
    *No money no pressing-Until this season we did not have the resources some top clubs have.Ok. So it is a classic case of old habits dying hard.Mind you never press. It is a football match after all. When you are done playing allow others to play as well. As if Bayern, Barcelona, Real Mad etc never press. Or they all play counter attacking football.
    *Never shoot from distance.Unless ofcourse the goal is gaping. Instead try to walk the ball round the goalkeeper. All the goals scored must be goal of the season contenders.
    *Individualism a strict no no. Never try to beat an opponent for pace or trickery in and around THEIR penalty box. Always try that in your own backyard.
    *Own half possession vs possession in opponents half. Whenever possible try to increase the possession stat by playing around in your own half. More so if the opposition presses hard
    *No dribble in one on one situation.
    *No dedicated left winger. All one needs is a jack of all trades.
    *Tired whenever they play mid week.
    * Wait for opposition to tire. Tired opposition presents the best chance to score.
    *Zeus has decreed that a few select players must never go for 70-30 balls.
    * Ref Anthony Tailor is a disgrace. Holland could have been booked for the foul on Ozil

  19. Pete, I am a bit surprised that you consider my first comment as non constructive. What is it that make it fall into this category?

    That the team has weaknesses?
    That Wenger is the only one who can amend these?
    That certain areas of the team can only strengthen by buying players?
    That people don’t just get up in the morning and think “oh let’s have a go at Wenger”
    That it is bizzare to say the least playing Sanogo at the top and droping Podolski, Oxlade and Campbell. This is one of the obvious that whereas everybody sees Wenger refuses to.

    Maybe the tone of the comment was a bit too intense but this doesn’t change the substance. I am always in for a constructive conversation myself.

    Btw, English is not my native language so please excuse possible errors

  20. Yiannis, We might need a striker, but moaning about what we have just increases negativity. I have tried with negative people in my life but there is always something to moan about. No one knew who Giroud was look how well the scapegoat is treated now?

    I am sure Wenger can see the new Anelka in Sanogo, he even mentioned we need a CB after Vermantor left. The biggest issue is all there achilles and ankle tackles we get and the referees have turned a blind eye. Oh we can get the ball lets go chip at some bone theres bound to be timber soon.

    You have not mentioned how these injuries occurred? Ozil got a battering, stop them even walking then there is no football. I think Wenger wants to ease Campbell in. There were too many pushes for my liking yesterday from Leicester with no fouls called just stopped our game. The watering didn’t help either.

    Just get behind our team! AAA shameless as usual with the ignorant chants.

  21. Those “spend some fucking money”, “buy a fucking striker” chants are very counter productive, and not what you’d usually expect of the away crowd.
    I think your stats re shots on target are a bit skewed. 24 seems a most unlikely total. Arseblog quotes 24 in all ( a record ) and 6 on target, which seems much more likely.

  22. think a pacey player who plays on the left could be much more useful as he will stretch the back four a bit

  23. Yiannis,

    I acknowledge that English is not your first language and therefore some words you choose may not come across as you intend. But let’s take a look at your initial comment:

    “Weaknesses in the team are obvious.”

    Yes and no. All teams have weaknesses, or, better expressed, could be improved. What they are is always a matter of debate between supporters.

    “I will not elaborate.”

    I think you need to. From subsequent remarks I think you believe that striker is a weakness, although a little unclear as to whether you think the solution is within the club, although suspect not?

    “Wenger has a few hours to make amends with all the available cash.”

    A few hours in this transfer window, yes. ‘Make amends’ is perjorative and provocative as you imply he has in some way made a mistake previously.

    Why ‘all the avaiable cash’? It doesn’t disappear if it is not spent. Maybe it is being saved for someone becoming available in 6 or 12 months? Maybe being put aside as a contingency. Do you run your personal finances through spending all the money you have at any given time? I don’t.

    “If he doesn’t he will be responsible for the fans fury.”

    Transfer activity is not solely down to Wenger. Other club officials are also involved. Also need to agree terms with the selling club, the player (and the agent) as well as ensuring the player’s health is OK.

    Why would the fans be furious? A very strong word to use. Fans reactions will range from unconcerned through regretful, to unhappy to angry to furious. Only a small minority would be “furious”.

    “He has been a great manager for the Arsenal but at times it seems he refuses to see the obvious.”

    Agree that he has been a great manager. Disagree that he ‘refuses to see the obvious’. His job is to run the footballing side of the club which involves many decisions and many trade-offs. It is also inappropriate for him to say publicly everything he is thinking.

    “Have a nice day all!”

    And to you too.

  24. @VaCong 10.21:

    This is something that always fails to be mentioned in any reports. How do our players get injured? Is it because they’re going over to easily?

    With Giroud, its always reported as “He picked up an injury in the Everton match”… as if he caught a cold. He got fouled. Name and shame the perpetrator. Maybe players will be a bit more careful about tackling if every time its reported exactly who injured a player and how.

  25. @Esxzte

    I think I should start a website with videos of these incidents, do you guys think it will make a difference? I may have to ask other clubs to join in if it looks to biased? Do it across the season. The main issue is of licensing…

    I was saying about the penalty liverpool got, I said to my Liverpool brother in law Giroud is consultantly giving defenders piggy backs and he doesn’t even get cautioned!

  26. esxste

    Not a foul against Giroud, but a clearance from Distin which hit him hard on his shin.
    Bit of a freak, but an accident all the same.

  27. @Pete

    Nice constructive points


    Constructive like that, you’re English is perfectly understandable. English isn’t my first language either.

  28. Looks like MU have taken Falcao. Really bizarre. Not the area they are weak and the guy will cost c.£20mm for just one season – and they are not even in Europe!

  29. @Oldgroover

    Definitely intent with the follow through. Its not just good to get the ball you need to follow through with bone contact. Its getting very repetitive when you see teams play against Arsenal.

  30. AH….brilliant analysis. Weakness can be worked upon. If buying was the only solution, then I wonder how Real lost yesterday?????

  31. @Pete

    Very strange indeed, But I thing Van Gaal is now feeling the pressure and he doesn’t trust Van Persises fitness maybe?

  32. I was just stopped on the street by someone who looked just like Cavani. He spoke in a strong Latin-American Spanish accent and asked me the quickest way to the Pie and Mash shop on Exmouth Market.
    When I told him it closed down last year, he broke down in tears. My Spanish isn’t very good but I’m sure said something along the lines of “all is lost, I had better sign for someone else”.
    At this point, I told him to try the one in Chapel Market. His face lit up. I reckon it could be on.

  33. RVP.. many rumours we would have moved for him had Moyes stayed…the two clearly did not see eye to eye.
    have recently read about the fitness doubts….and whether he would ever regain 100% fitness……but stranger things have happened…Wenger has the air of someone with something up his sleeve! Maybe a loan deal? Especially if they dont shift Wellbeck who may be aiming higher than the clubs he has been linked with
    Do think he will sign a striker. Think his plan was for Sanogo to develop as backup to OG, but expecting him to stay fit, develop while leading the line may not be the best idea for the team or player…he is not yet ready…..and there are fitness concerns. We of course have other forwards…Poldi and JC, but Wenger seems very reluctant to use them.
    Wonder if we have to get a few out before any come in…not sure of our squad numbers?

  34. I am a huge Wenger supporter and will always back him but, we need a top class striker. What is the point of amassing some of the best play-makers in world football and then not getting a striker of equal standing and ability to finish the chances created. It’s madness not to.

  35. Just announced in the Guardian that Falcao has signed on season loan for 6M and future options to buy (unspecified).

  36. I have always said we need to strengthen our side. We need to spend some fu*kin money and buy PGMOL. We don’t need players or strikers. We need referees. Proper honest educated officials who know the Laws and understand sporting behaviour.

  37. @Mandy

    I think its because Poldoski doesn’t play like Giroud and can’t hold up play he is more like Berbatov stroll and then turns on the action with a great shot. In regards to JC well maybe he is fatigue mentally or physically from world cup?! Wenger wants to ease him in.

    Sanago didn’t play in the world cup so Wenger thinks he had a pre season, and I can see him as an understudy to OG. Or he does good stuff in training?!?

  38. Walter

    Can you send me your email address. I have not completed the ice box challenge, or whatever its called , but have put together my thoughts re Mr Taylor

  39. Have heard he is pretty good in training Va Cong, also works hard in games, but think sometimes nerves get the better of him, and this not scoring run…Emirates Cup aside could be a bit of a psychological issue. Am sure he will be a very good player, but worry for him if continually thrown in at the deep end….and we also have to remember he has been disrupted by serious injury.
    Wenger quoted as adamant Poldi and JC staying, so hope to see more of both of them.

  40. From BBC

    Ollie in London: Arsenal were supposed to have £100m to spend, have spent £30m net, and only have 6 defenders and 2 strikers on their first-team books. Now Wenger is managing a charity match in Rome on deadline day.
    Arsenal have played appalling football, have had poor results, and every man and his dog knows the areas that need improving, yet we have seen nothing. Arsene has brought us through tough times, but now we are “through that period” he needs to start showing ambition again or leave.
    Arsenal fans will not continue to pay the most expensive tickets in the league for a club aspiring for fourth place and the occasional domestic trophy.

  41. The bleating trolls have switched to copy and pasting has gone into overdrive. Hard work, attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of a draw.

    And full on AAA propaganda from Aunty bleeb. No filters. It is what it is. Transfer deadline day.

    Too much trouble for any hacks to ever comment on the lack of players at AFC who have had third party owners in the in careers, are there any? The extreme contrast with certain other clubs when buying players from certain agents, such as Special Agent Mendes.
    Why would any hacks want to mention the agents when discussing transfers, where’s the logic in that! Strange, is it not? 24/7 football broadcasters that never, ever, mention the Agents.
    This must help explain why the petty plundits dedicate more airtime to discussing Wonga and debt peonage then they do to the actual football on the pitch. Absolutely no need to discuss the bizarre match affecting contrast in the the two penalty claims in two different games yesterday, because transfers are more important then the football to the broadcasters, and so are the agents, whom they never mention.

    Mum’s the word. *taps nose*

  42. I know that there are some here who thinks we should blame the board and not Wenger. Is it really the boards fault that we have only 6 defenders on the books? We better go out quickly from the League cup and the CL because we will never be able to cope with that many games to be played. Even worse if BFG and LK gets injured the backup CB is MONREAL. It´s all down to incompetence to be honest. Regarding our strikeforce.. Sanogoal 17 app 0 goals, Podolski even Wenger said he prefers him on the wing, Campbell so far he has not been given any chance and then Giroud who is out to New year oh and Sanchez who he can play out of position of course. We will for sure put fear in our top 4 competitors. Only one to blame and that is Wenger! He got to go no matter what!

  43. Wenger’s sheep will soon be on here saying that Kroenke has withheld the money and/or this would have hindered the useless Sanogo’s progress. We don’t need a defensive midfielder because we have the weak snail, Arteta. Do Utd really need Falcao with RVP and Rooney already there no! Do we need another manager- yes!But, it’s OK- if/when we get fourth, the sheep will hail this has-been as a genius. Some fools will put up with mediocrity for ever and say “support another team”. If you truly supported Arsenal you would be disgusted by this tyrant’s behaviour.

  44. “unbeaten in 5”- wow that’s great. What are your aspirations for this or any season- top four? No doubt you’ll be on here soon saying “let’s wait until January, then let’s see what happens at the end of the season”. Finally in June, you’ll say let’s see what Wenger does now he finally has some money to spend. Don’t you dare tell people to “calm down”. If you don’t care about the club, go and support another team if you can’t see that this manager who is so sure of his position, can’t even be bothered to be in this country when he could have done some last- minute business- he’s a disgrace. No doubt you think that useless yank, Law, can bring in someone we’ve all heard of?!

  45. Great Fan love Arsenal to death that when we lose it feels like someone in my family just died .Over the years I have seen Arsenal grow from stride to stride.Bringing in improvements when necessary. But since the Emirate Stadium days we have struggled as a club and as fans supporting a team that is known for excellence on the pitch its a let down.As big as a club as Arsenal is its my opinion even back in the day with the Bergkamps the Vieras the Henrys and the Pires we were not a big day squad so many times we got close but couldn’t last the whole nine yards especially with our Champions League quest for glory.
    Extra players gives depth in bench but why pray tell would a manager that only Harps about top top players bring in on loan an injured players.Such moves to me smell of lack of judgement especially of a manager human though he be has been prone to making reoccurring mistakes hoping to get a different end result.Did anyone say madness.Then there is our extra special player Diaby who I hope is being paid as he plays other than that I smell money pit.As big a club as Arsenal it pained me as a fan/supporter to watch that match on Sunday.Koscielny should have been substituted but alas not enough defensive cover.So a player whose job it is to be an aerial treat in set pieces and and be strong in the air had to make the conscientious decision to be excused.Why is it that other players are benched to protect their physical well being but anotherv player is allowed to continue with an open wound that was stapled and strapped likely to be reopened in any aerial challenge.Sub bench 1 gk 2 forwards 3 Attacking midfiekders 1 defender/utility player 0 defensive midfield cover.That’s the depth we have in our bench and if you count Walcott back in September/October Giroud back next year January ,Arteta ? and Diaby???(extra question mark for why is he still on the pay roll) If Arsenal are to progress they have to compete for the best players out there and stop settling for weak fragile potential who most of the time take seasons to show their worth or just plain old worthless.Arsenal need to spend and stop being so miserly.If I an average Joe can splash £80 on a kit then at least utilize some the income generated by kit sales world wide to invest in the best.

  46. f Wenger doesn’t sign a centre forward he has to go. What kind of a joke is this. Are we supposed to win anything with useless Sanogo upfront? Mertesacker has a better shot than he does. I feel sorry for Mesut and Alexis, from supplying and playing with Ronaldo and Messi, to playing with Giroud and Sanogo. What was going through their minds when they signed for us.

  47. Criticism …Sanogo ????

    I don’t see the logic to play Poldi or Campbell yesterday.
    Physical stature and robustness is what required against Leicester. Poldi and Campbell I don’t think the game suits them.So for me us okay and in fairness the kid didn’t disappoint me.He fight for every ball and was a winner on every duelling.

    From Sanogo more than to score himself create a lot havoc and a nightmare for diffenders and someone like Sanchez stabb it as yesterday.Replacement for Giroud is Yaya not Poldi or Campbell.

  48. With Falcao being loaned to United, I don’t think Wenger’s gonna sign a striker. I think he’s looking to turn Sanchez from winger to striker just like Henry. We can’t judge him on 2 games up front, he’s just joined a new league after all, he may not look ready as a PL striker but time can be given, his work rate and talent is exceptional. I remember Henry’s first season, a handful of appearances on the wing, getting used to the physicality of the PL, being put up front here and there, just like Sanchez so far, took him around 10 games to get going. I certainly think Sanchez has the attributes for it but it’s a gamble. But if this is Wenger’s plan and he does well on the road to becoming a world class striker while Giroud’s out, I certainly wouldn’t complain about Sanchez, Giroud, Sanogo as our 3 strikers 3/4 months down the line. Something to think about: I was watching Arsenal’s greatest team on Sky yesterday and Wenger said (I’m paraphrasing): ‘for a great team you need a great passer to a great striker’ re Bergkamp and Henry. If there is potential for Ozil to link up with Sanchez as number 10 and 9, Wenger has to make it happen because Fabregas and Costa look like they’re gonna take the PL by storm right now

  49. I’ve stuck by Wenger for a long time now and last season was a serious wake up call. In Jan we needed a striker everyone was yelling out for it, he signed a midfielder. At that point i thought maybe he should just leave at the end of season. The FA cup final popped up and i thought ok, if he can win this and sign some top talent in the summer then maybe i can give him one season, a season where his hands arent tied. We won the cup, fantastic, we signed Sanchez a big player witha big reputation, fantastic. All we need to to do now is sign teh striker we’ve needed for 2 years and the strong midfield enforcer we’ve needed since paddy left. If these are not brought in then i think Wenger should walk if not then he should be sacked for failing to do his duties as manager. I’ve never been in teh wenger out shouting brigade and wouldnt want to be. I just want to see us push forward and actually get players that our club deserves (especially after the prices we pay) Big players win matches, winning matches win trophies, winning trophies generates lots of cash. How can Wenger and the board especially not see that.

  50. Some of you guys remind me of the showers after a game. You are all looking at what others have between their legs and forgetting what you can do with what you’ve got!!

  51. “…the handful of AAA….”, that is simply not true, and you know it.

    Of course you are correct in that this type of fan behaviour does not help the team during play. However at the same time surely fans who are unhappy have the right to protest and be heard, or do you believe the ‘minority’ should be silenced?

  52. @InitialsBB -Who says we are the minority? I think you are in the minority mate! It does not really matter what we fans think. Wenger is only out to prove the pundits wrong any way. That is why he did not try to sign Balotelli, Falcao, Khedira, Bender, Carvalho, Kostas or anyone else. He wants to see how far he can go before he is proven wrong. With Sanogoal up front I´m pretty sure it will happen this season and that might be a blessing in disquise

  53. mika

    I say you are the minority, in my opinion, otherwise your noise would drown the rest of us out all the time, and it doesnt.

    What you fail to realise is, whether you like it or not, Arsene does not give a toss about what the pundits think. Or what ex players, dissenting fans think either. Only a lunatic would want what you claim, that Arsene wants “to see how far he can go before he is proven wrong”. Read that again and think about how stupid it sounds. Maybe he has lost a little bit of his competitive edge, understandable at pension age.

  54. I heard that the pitches are not all the same size either. I think this is a basic necessity for the game to be equal.

    And then this watering issue. The pitch should not be allowed to be wet(waterlogged) unless it is raining.

    So much needs to be brought up to date in football, and through site like this attention is brought to the rest of the footballing world and a movement is started to change things.

    At least that is how it should work.

  55. Haha Defoe! My manure supporting friend he would pay for welbeck to go Arsenal! That would be tragic.

  56. There is not one prem league club that would play Sanogo up front.
    We’ve brought in one player in Alexis who’s an addition and not a replacement to the squad.
    Where’s the war chest that was mentioned along with all the horse sh!t that Arsenal can now compete with the big boys.
    All the title contenders of premier league have at least 2 if not more strikers of equal or much better quality than our main striker (Giroud) we have never replaced Van Persie and Utd are replacing him with Falcao whilst we look to be getting there cast offs. It’s an effing joke and totally understand fans frustration in this. Wenger has done great things for the club over years but if he’s to stubborn to see the obvious then he needs sectioned. FFS!
    I’m not saying that would fix Gooners problems as I personally think we need a defender and defensive midfielder also to compete with Chelsea/city or have any hope of euro glory.
    Creating 24 chances against a newly promoted club and failing to score only highlights our need to for a striker of quality.
    We needed one before Girouds injury as for me Girouds should never be our standard for a striker…..great back up but not the standard.

  57. @mika

    So you are saying Wenger is not doing his JOB as MANAGER??
    Thank you for your support all this years, but if you can’t take the heat, please do step aside, i’m concerned about your health..

    Maybe it would be healthier for you to be plastic fans as lee..

    Yeah i can picture you giggling with those little ration plastic flags in yer hands…

  58. Mika – you disrespect Sanogo but you are not worthy of wiping his arse. Respct our team and all our players. They wear our badge and play in our team.

  59. It’s absolutely amazing that on the last few hours of every Transfer Window, the knives are out for poor old Arsene.
    For the past couple of months, the amateur managers have been urging him to sign players from all parts of the globe….and he hasn’t done so. What an idiot he is.
    This scenario is repeated at the end of each Window since time began and I’m already looking forward to the end of the next Window on the 1st February 2015 (it’s a Sunday)when additional knives will doubtless be drawn

  60. Nicky

    It is cyclical. Dangerously cyclical!

    Almost as if people were having their buttons pushed.

  61. So. We get to the first interlull:

    1 – Arteta: crocked in play. Not even a foul.
    2 – Kozza: crocked in play, looked reckless. Not a yellow? Looking forest for the review to clear that one up for me. Out of Internationals.
    3 – Ozil: crocked in play. Out of Internationals
    4 – Chamberlain: crocked in play. Hopefully ok?

    I wonder if the disingenuous Redzone experts who are right now Groaning over Arsenal never ever having signed a player signed to Special Agent Mendes, (and I don’t think they ever well. These people say they are experts on Arsenal!), I wonder if they have ever considered if they should pay attention to what happens on the pitch. Or are they too busy being experts in Football, Finance and Physiotherapy?

    It doesn’t matter who AFC sign.
    It doesn’t matter when they sign them.
    As long as opponents are allowed to hack away and get away with it, with no retaliation being allowed, any squad will have problems.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s anatomy.

  62. I didnt hear any chants on the TV so assume it was only a handful. Really didnt think we needed Welbeck as really think Sanogo can be the real thing. I get nearly as much pleasure seeing a home grown player come through the ranks as winning a trophy.
    Lets get behind the Mr Wenger.

  63. It’s 13 unbeaten in competitive matches – 8 in the league (6 victories, two draws), two in FA Cup, two in CL qualifiers and one in Community Shield.

  64. I really love arsenal, do you really love arsenal too?
    Or arsenal with the trophy -Dennis Bergkamp –

  65. Oh my god. The away fans was disgraceful. I’m not sure which live cast I saw from but I can hear the stupid chant very clearly. If I were one of the players, I would have been so disheartened that I would substitute myself. I frankly blame the two points dropped on the fans. Who in the right mind would play for such fans? We have already tired players running like machines especially Cazorla, Flamini and Sanchez after a tough two weeks, and these particular fans really showed to the whole world what moronic they are. I’m so ashamed by it and apologize to the players and Arsene.

  66. Micheal Ram- that is embarrassing- watch the game again- the away fans were disappointed at a poor performance against moderate but spirited opposition- and I think they have every right to be. Blaming the fans for reacting to poor player performance- not good.

  67. AB

    You are entitled of your opinion in response to my list of players who’ve picked up knocks from blatant hacks not called as fouls. And as a consequence have had to see a doctor as well as a physio.

    It’s not as if we haven’t seen these before. Robinson or Essien on Diaby. Gardner on the F Word. Targeted hacks not called as fouls for some reason.

    Strange that a sport fan observing the physical condition of the players in the team, their need to see doctors after cheating from opponents and the documented and proven bias from the officials that is there for all to see and is undeniable in any statistical study should offend you so.

    Almost as if the groaning is more important then what happens on the football pitch. I guess that’s why they are called the AAAA.

  68. I have to say what a load of rubbish. You Arsenal fans didn’t out sing us at all on Sunday.

    You were fairly noisy after your goal, as to be expected, but other than that you made less noise than Everton, who were also poor.

    If more of you spent more time supporting your team rather than whingeing and being completely up your own end you might just make a decent noise and out sing someone. I expect Man Utd’s support to be far superior when they arrive at Filbert Way in a couple of weeks.

  69. I’ve heard it all now… Moaning about a watered pitch because you failed to beat little old Leicester. Who despite your “dominance” created the more clear cut chances. I presume by dominance you mean kicking it around midfield for an age, getting nowhere and then shooting well wide from 35 yards… If so, yes you were dominant.

    You do realise that there is a coin toss before the game and if you guess correctly you choose which way you want to attack? Perhaps the ref has a two sided coin, or perhaps your players were blinded by water and deafened by your noise (or shocked by the lack of it) they were unable to pick between head or tails.

    Also, why is it your defenders would slip on the water and ours would “power through”‘ were your players wearing trainers and not boots with studs or something like ours? Do our players have the ability to walk on water, I know they are good but I’m not sure they are Jesus.

    I’m sorry we made you look poor, you won’t be the first team this year it happens to. Hopefully they take it with a bit more grace.

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