The silly season is over, time to get behind the team

The silly season is over, time to get behind the team

by Mahdain

Well another silly season has passed and hopefully it takes along with it all the agendas, rubbish rumours, silly childishness, entitled demanding, drivel opinions and outright idiotic outbursts. Finally the summer transfer window is shut and thankfully so because it was just getting ridiculous.

So what did the silly season bring about to Arsenal this time? We brought in five players in the form of Calum Chambers, David Ospina, Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy and Danny Welbeck to add depth and replace the departures; and good business overall in my humble opinion.

I still think we are bit too short of numbers at the back but the window is now closed and the business we did is all what could do contrary to what the moaners will say. I refuse to believe that Arsene didn’t want to sign another CB but as we all know transfers are complicated and need agreement between three parties so maybe that could not have been reached in time.

Now if you didn’t know already from all the media reporting and twitter activity, we have had deadline day and as usual it was full of drama with money being thrown all over the place with clubs rushing to sign that one player or bunch of players they think will be the last pieces of their puzzles. In summary, just a day full of madness.

The Arsenal fans not wanting to be left behind took over twitter to express and debate their opinions on who and who we should sign and should not sign and truth be told it was told it was not pretty. It’s truly amazing how needy and self-entitled some of our fans are and the shit that was being spewed yesterday was just plain disgusting. The behavior of some was just despicable with abusing the club, abusing Yaya, throwing childish tantrums, silly outbursts and of course their personal favourite i.e. throwing vile abuse to the manager being the order of the day.

Have to say one and perhaps the only advantage of deadline day on twitter is that it really helps you to see who among of the people you follow are absolute mindless raving idiots and who are sensible enough to keep following. Deadline day kept me busy as I had to clean up my timeline from words such as dithering, rip off, lack of ambition and of course hashtag Wenger Out among many others. The number of people I have unfollowed, muted and blocked grew big yesterday. I just refuse to put up with idiots anymore.

I really do wonder why these “fans” even bother supporting the Arsenal. I mean wouldn’t it be easier to just support another team instead of wasting your time on a club that in your opinion is doing nothing right? The club can do no right in these fans eyes and it’s always glass half empty and not half full to them. Sign five quality players in the market? Not enough. Sign a striker? Not good enough I want a Falcao or a Cavani. Where is my shiny new centre back? Boohoo I want my monster defensive midfielder, and all that kind of self-entitlement rubbish. No need to go on as I am sure you get my point

The whole concept of support seemed to be lost among many of our “fans”. Supporting is neither about slating the club on each and everything it does nor endlessly moaning for no reason whatsoever. It is not about throwing childish tantrums at any given opportunity, neither is it about silly outbursts nor is it about self-entitled demanding. Supporting a club is not about abusing the board, the chairman, the owner and the CEO just because they don’t give you the importance you want but do not deserve as let’s face you are a nobody. Supporting a club is definitely not about lashing out and throwing vile abuse to a manager just because he didn’t give into your whims and take your saintly advice. No it’s not about all of that no matter what some people might tell you

Supporting a club means not only to enjoy the good times but also being patient about the bad times. It`s about being there for your club no matter how dark the times may seem. It is about giving your players a lift by cheering them on when they are down, it’s about shouting your lungs out for your team when they play and enjoying the rollercoaster ride no matter where it takes you. It is about always having a positive outlook on the club and believing any hard times are just a passing thing.

Don’t get me wrong as I am not saying one should never criticize the club. Criticism is good as long as it is constructive criticism and not mindless abuse clothed as criticism. I repeat again, abusing the manager, players, CEO and board is not criticism; it’s just being a miserable twat.

The silly season is over and now it’s time to get behind the team. This is our team and these are our players and they need all of our support no matter what you think the club should have done, signed and should have not signed. Moaning now and throwing all toys out of the pram won’t give you anything. So let’s all get behind what we have, cheer them on and shout our lungs out to show our support and do our best to create a better, nontoxic atmosphere at the Emirates stadium.

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44 Replies to “The silly season is over, time to get behind the team”

  1. Brilliant written.

    Sadly, as you say, some “fans” will never be happy. If we were to go on to win the title with 36 wins and two draws, you know damned well there will be some fans who will still call for Wenger’s head because of the two draws……..and of course they all know more about football management, transfers, tactics, the dressing room etc than him.

    To be quite honest, I think a lot of them still haven’t quite got to grips with the phrase “do you want fries with that” but hey ho.

  2. Well said Mahdain. Such twats do not realize that their negativity slowly eats them up. I sometimes wonder if such people ever follow trends. They refused to live beyond the successful years Wenger brought. Wenger and the board realized that such success could not be sustained from a small stadium. They took a bold and bitter decision of moving us to a bigger stadium. Bitter because it would take us backwards in terms of performance in the field. Bold because they were convinced that over the years we would reap benefits of strong showing in the field. That probably slow but strong build up can be seen now. Those who do not see it can go and hang. God bless Arsenal.

  3. Nice , Mahdain ,very well put . As one who watches the game alone at home and who does not need the internet to be ‘up to speed ‘ nor to have the latest news stat , its very easy.
    Other that this site and , I don’t waste my time trawling for the latest news . No twitter account .
    While I like to read and learn from others who come on here and give very insightful opinions and some useful links , most of the time I leave to the people in charge to pilot the goodship Arsenal FC .
    I slept trough the closing of the transfer window and I woke up to find that we had signed Danny boy ,and was ok with it .
    Found it quite amusing at the heat being generated at ManUre over the sale , and the much rending of clothes .
    Am just hoping that all of our players come back fit and raring to go at ManShitty .

  4. Totally agree with whatever is written…the unadulterated Untold view to which I completely subscribe. I think we have a brilliant team! It also looks like Wenger is going to get some positive media coverage, given the core of the team looks definitively British!

  5. Good stuff Mahdain, and lets be thankful this media driven circus is over for a few months at least.
    I agree circumstances may leave us short in some areas….Wenger may have gambled a bit here, but in CD , we have Chambers and Monreal as cover if needed. We dont have a mythical large beast in CMF, but we do have some very capable players…..Arteta, Flam, Jack maybe, Chambers again…..Coq? And I pray, Diaby??
    I do wonder if he is just trying to ensure the likes of Chambers and Monreal are guaranteed games but who knows.
    We have seen names of MFs and CDs we have been linked with… was an over priced Greek guy I for one had never heard of, Vlaar.. Nastasic…maybe but what price were we quoted. and do they want to be 3rd/ 4th choice defenders? Schneiderlin and Bender were not made available….Khedira, massive wages, serious injury, big big risk….and Carvalho, we do not know the fee or wages they wanted….or if in fact, we were interested in these players. Noted that nobody else seemed that interested in some of these aforementioned
    As you say, lets just get behind the wonderful players we already have
    I know Wenger does not like Jan signings, but sure he will if he really has to
    As for Welbeck, to me at least, this is really starting to look like an inspired signing, confirmed by a couple of Utd fans I know

  6. Good write up. I wonder what all those moaners think when u see Man U fans angry about the sale of Danny. Thank God it is over

  7. Good write up. I wonder what all those moaners think when you see Manchester United fans angry about the sale of Danny. Thank God it is over

  8. Today, the Guardian has invented a new topic over which to attack Arsenal, concocted around the failure of Ryo to break into the Arsenal first team, linking it back to Inamoto. This must mean that Arsene Wenger is responsible, not only for ruining English football, but also football in Asia.

  9. @Mike we could win all our fixtures in a season and still there will be some people moaning that we conceded too many goals. Which brings up the same question; why even bother? Just dont get them tbh

  10. @Mandy i really think we very serious about Carvalho and we probably still are but i think i read somewhere that he has a 3rd party ownership so that might have been a problem in reaching a deal. Lets also not forget thatt his agent is Jorge Mendes and we all know that he doesnt do deals unless he benefits massively. Falcao`s deal is case in point

  11. Good read Mahdain. Agree with all you say, and also what you say about Welbeck. Most utd fans I know and their ex players that include Rio and Beckham were disappointed that he left. That tells you all you need to know.

    Just to address some concerns being expressed by others, yes we may be a bit short at the back but I don’t think we are worse off in defence than we were last season; Sagna and TV were replaced by equally capable individuals, so I think we’ll be fine.

  12. Great stuff Mahdain,thanks! Isnt it ironic that the AAA come to UA and hang around, like the moth to the flame? Always leaving the smell of soot and sulphur afterwards.Begone!
    Thanks again.
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  13. Several of the players that Wenger has avoided have unpalatable agents. It is the right approach to buy from good markets through good people.

    It would be interesting to get the FA to publish all player/agent partnerships and declared income. I am sure there are leeches sucking football (and eventually punters) of obscene amounts of money. Spain has been busy trying to recover undeclared taxes. I’m sure UK has just as much if not more to recover.

  14. Mahdain

    A good article & nice to see you writing again.

    Last season I felt that we had a very good squad, but not quite the finished article. just now I feel we are a bit closer to that finished product, not quite there yet, but good progress has been made.

    As for the silly season, the speculation has already started as to our Jan signings as bloggers and media try desperately to generate interest/hits. Unfortunately, like the AAAA the silly season never quite goes away!

    But you are right, come silly season, AAAAs, hell or high water, we all need to back the team!

  15. agents….now theres an issue. “Super Agent” Mendez is a big pal of Jose….would not do us any favours unless as you say,he got a very very big fee

  16. @menace

    Agree with you about the leeches, sorry I meant agents. It would be very useful if their accounts were readily available.

    If ever there was a area crying out for regulation it the activities of such persons.

  17. And for all those saying we only have 6 defenders I say we have 7 as I count Bellerin as one who will do the job in the league cup.

    And in fact I think we all forget that we have another possible defender in our team. A player we tend to forget when it comes to defenders.

    Yes I mean Flamini. He played left back for a while when we had lost all 17 (could be one less than that) other left backs we had on our books. I think he could be a good defender if we really would need one because of all the others being injured or because of suspension. So I’m not worried at all.

  18. Good call on Bellerin, only seem him once in the Ems cup, and thought he was motm, despite a four goal Sanogo.
    A bit raw, but we have Hayden as well

  19. A good sobering post.
    As a supporter since the mid 1930’s, I’ve come to expect Arsenal’s modern fickle support to wax and wain with every game. Poor Ramsey was hero and villain every 90 minutes until the morons realised the would-be legend they
    had at hand.
    Any time now, perhaps after a poor game, the “experts” will advise Arsene who to sign in the January Window.
    Someone mentioned agents and this only re-inforced my wish that these leeches should be banned. A few days ago, Joel Campbell’s leech whined that a proposed move to Benfica had fallen through. Joel will prosper more at the Emirates but the leech will have to forego a nice percentage of Benfica’s fee. Tough.

  20. @paull: you say that Wenger was unable to sign any more players because he “didn’t have the money”- seriously man, those senior moments are becoming a permanent condition. Please just try and change the record once in a while. If we hadn’t signed Desperate Dan, you’d still have said the same wouldn’t you? Nota- I am not going to bother with exact links, but just Google “Gazidis promises Wenger £70m”- the quote was shown in a number of journals (June 2013). I await your response. After IG’s boast, he came out a couple of days later with another killer statement– “there’s no guarantee Arsene will spend it all though!”- that says it all. Truegooner, no I don’t have any proof Wenger didn’t try to sign a defensive midfielder, but being the frustrated archivist you are I’m sure you can dig up links to him saying we have “sufficient numbers in midfield/ Wilshere could play there/ it would kill Arteta”- ok, the last one doesn’t exist, but you get my drift, don’t you?

  21. @Walter its the central defence we are really short imo. Sure Nacho can fill in if needed but its unfamiliar position for him and hence will be prone to make many mistakes. I for one am really praying Kos Per and Chambers all stay fit and that Hayden can emerge as a reliable cover.
    I really think the performances of Chambers might have also been a reason for not signing a CB but not from our front but to our targets. Seeing Chambers perform like he has guaranteed that he will be 3rd choice and hence any CB we had to sign would be relegated to 4th choice and im not sure there is any player happy to sit on a bench let alone be 4th choice

  22. @Mahdain: I hear that Wenger will weave his supposed magic and transform this 1 goal in 5 games misfit into an Henry or even a Sturridge- dream on. Henry showed his class in the 98 World Cup, Sturridge always had an eye for goal but it was his head that needed sorting out. Welbeck is rubbish and LVG has mugged us. Welbeck is part of that overvalued, untalented, prematurely promoted bunch of internationals at United that include Smalling, Cleverley and Young. Jones is the only decent one of that bunch. Wenger could have exercised the option on a proper striker like Bony for another £3m, a loan on Negredo or even Remy for half that price. But no, he goes for someone with a worse record than Giroud, who’s also sub-standard. But wait, I can hear Wenger now justify his stupidity- “he has pace, quality and can play across the front line!” Brilliant transfer- he’ll now play him at all costs as he cost so much, like he does with Cazorla when fit, or like Arteta as he’s our skipper for some unfathomable reason. I ask all you clueless Wengerites, who’re clapping away at this mindless decision. He’ll play Welbeck in all the big games and CL and probably away from home,and possibly Giroud when he’s back. What will this do for one of our few real stars- the Ox, who’s already a bit-part player? Wenger out- you’re washed up.

  23. @menace totally agree about the leeches. They seriously need to be regulated as they are among of the many reasons for the inflated transfer market. Any other organisation and they would be under strict regulations buts its FIFA we’re talking about here so i expect nothing to be done.
    Look at Mendes clients transfers this summer and see how much they cost. He has laughed all the way to the bank

  24. @bjt transfers are to the AAA what porn is to some people. They just cant get excited without them

  25. @Mika a)where is this paull comment where he/she supposedly said we didnt sign more players because we didnt have more money
    b) who is this true gooner you are talking about?
    C) did you actually read this thread?
    d) the fact that you are actually trying to say Arsene didnt develop the player he was says a lot about you. If he was that good why did Juve let him go?
    e) Why write off a player when he hasnt even kicked a ball for us? Welbeck is still young and Arsene can develop him into a fine striker.
    f) stop taking recycled garbage as fact
    g) stop talking shit

  26. @ Mika, so you can’t fathom why Arteta is our captain? Surely that’s a shortcoming of yours not Arsene’s? I’ll give you a hint, one of the tabloids did an analysis of Arteta’s arsenal years and in all the time he has been with us he has averaged the 2nd highest pass completion rate and 3rd highest tackles made and won of all premier league midfielders. That should help you on your road to backing up your arguements with facts.
    He also has perfect hair.

  27. mika
    September 4, 2014 at 10:11 pm
    Mika you copied and pasted this nonsense from your comment on September 2, 2014 at 10:18 am from the ‘Welbeck and Henry on the same starting line at Arsenal’ thread.
    You really must stop repeating yourself. It was crap then and it is crap now.

  28. Poor, poor Mika……not only cutting and pasting your shite from your older shite but making derogatory BS statement about Welbeck and Wenger based on what evidence? As well, you have NO idea how much AFC actually paid for Welbeck and even less idea of what Wenger can do with under-developed talent like he has. Why do you even bother coming on here and trying to bait true Gooners…stick to following the sheep at LeGrove….a more productive use of your time. If you actually had the ability to support your opinions with hard facts, maybe you’d be appropriate to our UA dialogue but you have the most serious case of verbal diarrhea we have ever seen and it is only getting worse.

  29. Mika,

    Why are wasting our space here? Your rise to stupidity is nothing short of spectacular. Are you a loner, a desperate or an unsuccessful serial killer? Nut job…

  30. Kenneth’s comment about moths ( @ AAAA) being drawn to the flame ( UA and AKBs pro Arsenal/Arsene stance ) and another’s about a ‘collection’ of AKBs , got me thinking .
    What do call a collection of AKBs ?
    a) A brilliance .
    b) An illumination .
    c) A positivity .
    d) An intelligence.
    e) A confluence .

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  32. Mika – Wenger DID spend (net) the vast majority of the £70mm, depending on how you calculate it. Could probably have shelled out another £10mm or so but couldn’t find the right deal.

    As for your assertion that Welbeck will always be played because Wenger signed him… doesn’t that also apply to, er, Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ox, Sanogo, Campbell, Podolski…? Poor old Akpom – he has no chance!

    Happy to engage in rational debate but you are not being rational.

  33. I am expanding the number of words that if used in a comment about Wenger mean I will automatically not read it:


    (interesting how these words are, to some extent, mutually exclusive – which says all you need to know)

    This is because it shows the commenter cannot think for him/herself and is resorting to insults/plagiarism rather than intelligent critique.

    I will continue to build this lexicon…

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