Arsenal’s squad reviewed

By Andrew Crawshaw

So after the transfer window who do we have registered and likely to play for us this season – at least until the next session of madness (the January Window).

Name Squad No. Home Country Position List Home grown?
Wojceich Szczesny 1 Poland GK S Y
Mathieu Debuchy 2 France RB S
Kieran Gibbs 3 England LB S Y
Per Mertesacker 4 Germany CB S
Laurent Koscielny 6 Germany CB S
Thomas Rosicky 7 Czech Republic Mid S
Mikel Arteta 8 Spain Mid S
Lucas Podolski 9 Germany For S
Jack Wilshere 10 England Mid S Y
Mesut Özil 11 Germany Mid S
Oliver Giroud 12 France For S
David Ospina 13 Colombia GK S
Theo Walcott 14 England For S Y
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 15 England For U21
Aaron Ramsey 16 Wales MId S Y
Alexis Sanches 17 Chile For S
Nacho Monreal 18 Spain LB S
Santii Cazorla 19 Spain Mid S
Mathieu Flamini 20 France Mid S
Calum Chambers 21 England Def U21
Yaya Sanogo 22 France For U21
Danny Welbeck 23 England For S Y
Abu Diaby 24 France Mid S
Emiliano Martinez 26 Argentina GK U21
Serge Gnabry 27 Germany For U21
Joel Campbell 28 Costa Rica For U21
Francis Coquelin 34 France Mid S Y
Gedion Zelalem 35 Germany Mid U21
Semi Ajayi 37 Nigeria CB U21
Chuba Akpom 38 England For U21
Hector Bellerin 39 Spain RB U21
Samuel Galindo 41 Bolivia Mid U21
Isaac Hayden 42 England Def U21
Ryan Huddart 43 England GK U21
Deyan Iliev 44 Macedonia/Bulgaria GK U21
Alex Iwobi 45 England For U21
Jack Jebb 46 England Mid U21
Glen Kamara 47 Finland Mid U21
Matt Macey 49 England GK U21
Tafari Moore 52 England RB U21
Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill 54 England RB U21
Julio Pleguezelo 55 Spain CB U21
Josh Vickers 57 England GK U21
Dan Crowley 62 England Mid U21


This list includes a number of U21 players not in the official list of Senior players as submitted to the UK Authorities.  That list of 23 players is indicated by the S in the List column.  The last column shows the Senior players who are regarded as being ‘Home Grown’ regardless of their home nationality.

In addition to the First Team list I have also added the young professionals from Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth blog – he is the ‘go-to’ guy for detailed info on the U21s, U18s and Academy players.

These young professionals are likely to be considered for Capital One Cup and FA Cup games against lower league opposition and will also be called into the first team squad in the event of injuries or loss of form from senior players, or if their own progression indicates that they are ready for promotion.

I fully expect to see Hector Bellerin at Right Back, a hugely impressive player the current club record holder for the 40 yard sprint having broken Theo’s record, if we hadn’t signed Wellbeck then I would have also expected to see Chuba Akpom and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility for either of Semi Ajayi or Julio Pleguezelo to put in an appearance at CB at some point (although more likely to make the bench at the moment).

Whichever of the above players pull on the Arsenal shirt, they all deserve our full support, the squad is good.  Our first choice team is up to any in the Country and capable of giving the best in Europe a good run for their money, and the depth is also there including some unfamiliar names from the bottom of the list.

I am looking to the squad gelling and the prospect of Alexis, Theo and Danny attacking at speed fed by Özil or Santi is something to be relished by all Arsenal fans.


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54 Replies to “Arsenal’s squad reviewed”

  1. What is left is the fine tuning of the team now. Let’s hope the god of injuries will do us a favor this season. (We already had our fair share already). A player whom I liked during pre season was Isaac Hayden. I believe Wenger counts on him and this could be a reason for not buing a CB (???)

  2. Martinez is howmegrown as well.

    Hayden is likely to see action before Ajayi or Pleguezelo, he regularly captains the U-21s and can play centre-half or defensive midfield.

  3. Mouth watering list. Though some will be sad because there is no ‘monster’ DM there. 🙂

  4. 2 points;
    1)B.O-O 54 is a LB not a RB.
    2) It’s quite telling that the No5 is vacant. I’m certain that AW was looking to fill it but couldn’t find anyone available that was either good enough or at a realistic price.

  5. Tony Attwood
    This is to let you know that I’ve complained to Action Fraud about the behaviour of Brickfields Gunners on yesterdays Welbeck not injured as he put up a link at 9.21 which opened my gmail account to the world, but when I contacted you earlier today you completely ignored me, so I’ve gone to the internet police to say that I’ve been hacked. If you could have been arsed to reply all this unpleasantness could have been prevented.
    It’s worth noting that if he’s done this to me he has probably hacked other commenters here and may also be responsible for the cyber attacks you’ve been experiencing.
    I’ll be contacting most of the other football blogs I go onto to warn them & their commenters about security issues on Untold Arsenal.

  6. Andrew,

    Why are Damian Martinez and Joel Campbell listed as an under 21s here, when they are in the senior squad on the official Premier league list?

    I’ve been looking at the league list and it makes for interesting reading. Our “supporters” complain about our being light at the back, but Chelsea only have 5 senior defenders on their list! Liverpool only have 19 senior players total! It is also interesting that only two teams take up the maximum of 17 non-homegrown players: Cheski and the Tiny Totts!


  7. Oldgroover,

    If you click the link, it opens your own email account, so it may seem like you’ve been hacked, but in reality, you are most likely signed in, so it opens the email of the person who clicks it.

  8. Dear Tony , despite having explained what really happened in detail in the original post , …..
    I actually don’t know what else to add ! Stupid people do that to you -they leave you speechless !
    Anyway as a 57 year old Malaysian medical doctor ,and a newbie at this internet thing ( am proud to say here that I never attended a single computer class !), I have a life and don’t trawl and bottom crawl/feed as some others and have way , mucho , way better things to do than spy on insignificant creeps !
    Sorry Tony , if it had upset the true believers – the awesome AKBs . My apologies guys . You truly are gentlemen.
    Cheers !

  9. so to i tink this arsenal player are ok just let us out in prayer that most of them should give us what we all need from them this season and also injure should stay far away from them .. so to me in arsenal fc i beliv

  10. @Brickfields

    I noted that you asked, almost immediately, for the link to be removed and in consequence did not open it.

  11. I am glad oldgroover has not been hacked, I would not wish that on him, even if he is a pain in the ass.

    Now we can relax on this one and enjoy the irony of oldgroover trolling his own email account! 🙂

  12. @ bjgooner – I really got a fright and deleted all my porn!
    That worried was I ! And you know what they say about a man and his porn ….!

  13. So I don’t have to worry about Cyber Troops knocking down my door tonight ? That’s a relief !

  14. @ bjtgooner – not much fazes me as I see all sizes and shapes in my practice , but hair in the ears sort of send shivers up my spine !
    Thank god we will not see that !

  15. @Brickfields

    If there was a cyber investigation it could well start on oldgroover’s computer…….

  16. @ AL – That’s a good thing isn’t it ? You know ,keeping them happy and in good spirits?
    Instead of fools bothering them with silly complaints ?

  17. Goodnight , guys , its almost the bewitching hour and the Mrs. is wondering why I haven’t had my dinner yet !

  18. I hope oldgroover has not carried out his threat to share his perceived problem with the Arsenal universe; but if he has and especially if he has wrongly advised about a security issue on UA – I trust he will now return to the WWW Arsenal universe and correct any misinformation.

  19. Look i also am not an internet expert but this still opens my tamil account even when i’m logged off. I hope it doesn’t happen to any of you.
    It’s alright Jokerboy laughing it off, but it’s his fault.

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  21. Oldgroover
    Clear your cookies, then click on it again. If it is still logging into your account you chose your browser to remember your password ( a really bad thing). Just search ‘how to clear your cookies/history’ for the respective browser you are using. Remember to clear everything, as browsers such as Firefox and Chrome can offer you the option to clear history from the last 1hr only.

    But remember all your recent browsing history will go, so if you see pages that your browser remembered no longer appearing this is why. That is how to stay safe online should be like anyway;
    1. regularly clear your browsing history
    2. Do not offer browsers the choice to remember your passwords
    3. do not click on any links in emails, unless you know who it is coming from and what the subject is all about.
    4. Don’t hand over your password to anyone, even if it’s your service provider, they don’t need to know it.

    Happy surfing 🙂

  22. oldgroover Als spot on, you can also clear the “cache” on your server which is why you might be still logging in to your own account via that link,as well as the bits and pieces Al suggests.The same thing happened today to me via the link,its not a hack just bs.Stuff like that is everywhere online,in the end its better to keep cool and then check around on the net for advice.A hack is way different.

  23. Al
    Thanks for trying to help while others are taking the piss.
    Yes, I’m a bit lax in clearing history (but I’ve just done it) and never clear cookies as it takes so long going through Safari deleting them , I just leave them in now. I have cleared the whole lot once before and couldn’t access essential sites, so don’t do it now.
    Have changed my password today, and log out each session (not something I always do).
    If you get a chance some time could you please go to the Welbeck not injured thread from yesterday and click on Brickfield’s link at 9.21 and see what comes up please.
    I truly don’t understand that bloke at all. I’d hate to be one of his patients.
    Thanks again for helping

  24. Kenneth
    Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one getting it.
    So when you click the link it doesn’t open my gmail account then?

  25. Returning to the title subject – the squad looks excellent.

    How we perform over the duration of the season will depend on injuries and, we have already noted that the PGMO(L) have not always taken sufficient action to prevent vicious tackling.

    The squad still need to get used to playing together, but there is reason to be optimistic.

  26. Oldgroover,if youve done what both AL and I say, and your Gmail account is closed(you are totally logged out), as mine was today, it wont automatically open the account only lead you to the signing in page.
    If you dont clear the cache and youve got your browser set up to remember you pass word and suchlike to certain sites,then it might open your Gmail account automatically etc.
    Follow ALs guidelines well its good advice hes given you re the net.
    There should be a simple guide to clearing the cache of surfari online, if you dont know how to just type it and ask online and follow the steps.I dont have surfari but I would have thought it would be in >preferences, then >clear cache after that.
    As for clearing cookies on on Surfari you are 100% able to clear in one go,again type in how to do it.
    Once youve done it, just try it.I just tried the link, my Gmail account is closed and the link does not automatically open it.
    Brickfields is a good bloke man, it was just as horrible for him.If there were security issues at UA we would all be affected.But if you dont know these things it can be panicky, as Bricks said it was for him too.

    COYG! Aha and Amen

    btjgooner, you cracked me up laughing today!Good job I wasnt eating my dinner and looking at the screen at the same time!

  27. Kenneth

    I used to be able to clear Safari cache from the prefs, but it’s not there anymore, so I just use the Safari reset option, which usually seems to do the trick. Doing the cookie thing’s a bit of a no-no as it leaves some of my sites inaccessible.
    Login in/out is something I forget more often than not.
    It seems as though I’m not the only one this has happened to today so thought it should be an issue really and see it as carelessness.
    Thanks for info & help

  28. @kenneth

    Thanks, once we knew that it was not a hack I thought we could enjoy the funny side of the situation – well, most of us! (The irony unfortunately appealed to my sense of humor!)

  29. Oldgroover,

    No, the link doesn’t open your account for me. It will open mine if I click it. Or brickfields if he clicks it.

  30. As far as the authorities for cyber crime. They’ll probably ignore your message a soon as they look at the link.

  31. bjtgooner,trouble is Im still laughing,it was so funny the idea of trolling yourself!

    Oldgroover,it might be worth doing some research on cookies management, perhaps you can clear then the websites will reset each time you go on? Might be worth looking into.Theres usually information about such issues on line. Its exactly as Dave C says,it just opens your own account not yours.
    Today was just an accident,like I said Brickfields is an A1 guy.

    COYG etc.

  32. Dave C
    Thanks for checking.
    If Tony Atwood had responded to my contact earlier today it would have avoided all this unpleasantness.

  33. @ old groover,

    being hacked is never fun, and always gives you a scare if you think you have been. i understand that and have compassion for how that can make you feel.

    however, the fact that you immediately went to the ‘action fraud’ internet police before you had any understanding of what was actually happening makes you…to put it kindly a f—–g idiot. make sure you actually know whats going on before you start making accusations and possibly making life difficult for innocent people.
    by doing that you have cleared any compassion that i may have had for you, next time, take a breath figure out the problem and dont immediately jump to being a dick.

  34. @ old groover,

    if you had read brickfields comments immediately after he posted the link, you could have avoided all this unpleasantness.
    if you had tried to understand the problem before calling people out, you could have avoided all this unpleasantness.
    its not tony’s fault mate, its yours. any unpleasantness is of your own making and deservedly so.

  35. I was trying to be nice, but John is right, and you shouldn’t try to shirk blame. It’s not Tony’s fault you jump to conclusions.

    To be honest, it explains many of your comments about Arsenal and Wenger. In my field, people shirk blame all the time, and it’s counterproductive. Let’s move forward instead.

  36. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, ….”, from Casablanca , my sentiments in a way ! Of all the Arsenal fans in the world , I had to tangle up with the biggest ……( fill in the blanks with the appropriate word ).
    Although I speak and understand Tamil ( my mother tongue ) , I don’t read nor write it .But I do love most of Tamil cookies and cakes !

    I end this pointless ‘debate’ with another great and suitable quote from Casablanca –
    “You know how you sound…? Like a man who’s trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t believe in his heart.”

  37. I am very late to this party but John L’s comments made me feel like justice was done.

    Every time I have argued or quarrelled with oldgroover, it has always been because of his love of painting Untold Arsenal and its regulars in a bad light OR happily singing along with those who do. For someone who keeps hanging around here, I just don’t get his motivations. His reaction over this misunderstood matter is like killing an ant with a sledge-hammer and it perfectly shows us who oldgroover is. I am glad I am not in his social circle.

    John L,

    Lovely no-nonsense replies that I absolutely love. You are best!

  38. Agree with John L, Dave C and Boo. Can’t say it better than them.

    At the very least, after all the fuss, I think Brickfields is owed an apology.

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