How the Curse of Arsenal is affecting Tottenham

The Curse of Arsenal was placed upon Tottenham Hotspur (the Tiny Totts) following the appalling scenes at the Portsmouth vs Tinies game in which Sol Campbell was abused.   The failure of Tottenham to take any serious action over the incident resulted in the Curse being made official.

As we saw last season (when Birmingham and Milan were cursed) the curse can have dramatic effects, and already this is the case with the Tiny Totts.

Consider first their results

Drew is Wisla Krakow (ok we weren’t really paying attention and hand’t quite got ourselves together by that point.)

The defeats against Hull Stoke and Udinese.

But that’s not all.  Despite having a team low on morale, and a lack of players in suitable positions, David Bentley decided it was a good time to come out and criticise the club (his comments were reprinted in this column a few days back.)  He was dropped completely from the Udinese match.

The Woodgate came out and said that this Tinies team is worse than Leeds, and Leeds went down.

All this – 3 defeats and 2 rebellions – since the Curse was put on Tottenham.  Certainly if the success we had against Birmingham (directors arrested, club up for sale, allegations – totally unproven – of sexual misconduct and financial impropriety, relegation etc)  are anything to go by, this is going to be a fun season for the Tiny Totts.  With Milan we got a couple of defeats that meant that the club are not in the Champions League, and Mr Flamini finds himself spending quite a bit of time on the bench rather than playing (which is what he said he always wanted.)

So there we are.   With a bit of luck the fun is about to start.

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  1. looks like take overtime at white hartlane. Arsenal better watch out and the fans better start supporting the team because whether they know it or not they are helping the process of the club being taken over. There are four steps of taking over an establishment . Its been used in the past to take over governments and many other establishments. These are the four steps. 1.demoralize 2. destabilize. 3. rebellion 4.takeover. Isnt it funny how all these steps are happening with arsenal and their players and the fans. Stop listening to media reports on how arsenal are doing and use your own judgement . I believe if the negative fans were to do that they would realize the special energy that is at arsenal How come arsenal are the envy of the world but yet their own fans cant see it. Because its always better to appreciate looking in from an outside view. Lets use tottenham as a example. we can see them struggling and we can see whats causing it. The players the board, the fans, the coaching staff. Its because they are not working together. fans may laugh at spurs but if we carry on acting like them then its over for arsenal aswell. Players will leave because they wont be booed . arsene will leave because he will not let stupid ass fans destroy his creation and the board will sell up to money grabbing punks that will not care about you as fans or the club. See where im going with this. See through the bullshit and support the only big club left that actually cares about human value. If you have forgotten we are actually human. All this propaganda against arsenal is because if arsenal were to succeed with their blue print. the greedy wouldnt be needed. Therefore we as people would gain hope and not have to believe that the rich supply our dreams .We could dream again with our own independence. Therefore not be vulnerable to things such as recession . Independent over dependency. Freedom over slavery. In a funny sort of way arsenal are like a home cooked meal and all the rest are fast food chains.arsenal has culture, effort and things that are good for your soul where we know what fast food chains do,quick fix but absolutely mess up your insides. football is becoming that way.

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