Arsenal against Swansea: the Untold Quiz

10 Questions to while away the hours before or after kick off.  Set by Tony Attwood

1.  How many goals has Alexis scored a) in his last 13 games and b) in his last three games for Arsenal?

2.  Name the player who was transferred to Swansea with the initials LJ

3.  In what year did Arsenal beat Swansea in the FA Cup en route to Wembley?

4.  Which famous Arsenal goalkeeper was born near Swansea?

5.  Where exactly was he born (double bonus points and buy yourself a pint if you know that one)?

6.  Who did Arsenal sign from Swansea in 1958?

7.  Who did Arsenal sell to Swansea in 2012?

8.  On 1 December 2012 Arsenal lost 0-2 at home to Swansea and the media as always noted a statistic that they felt showed that Arsenal were doomed.  What was that statistic?

9.  On 16 March 2013 Arsenal beat Swansea away 0-2.   What happened after that in terms of results?

10.   On 28 September 2013 Arsenal achieved a record breaking run by beating Swansea 2-1 and at the same time equalled another record.  What were the records?


The answers can be found in the Arsenal History Society review of Arsenal and Swansea games here.


0-3: You really should be spending a little more time studying your Arsenal history

4-6: A decent score and you can be counted on to weigh in with an accurate answer or two during a debate on some point of history on a Saturday night.

7-8: Clearly an expert you should consider writing for the Arsenal History Society.  We’re always open to articles on players and events we have not yet covered.

9-10:  Nobody likes a smart arse.




50 Replies to “Arsenal against Swansea: the Untold Quiz”

  1. 1.Alexis has scored 11 goals in 13 games (the quickest Wenger’s purchase to reach ten goals in all competitions, a record was held by Marouane Chamakh), 5 in last three.

    4.Jack Kelsey.

    7.Kyle Bartley, a central defender.

    9.We won 2:0 with Nacho Monreal’s first goal in Arsenal shirt. It was the first match in our brilliant run-in – we won eight (a victory in Wales was the first one in the league although the victory in Munich was the real start of that run-in) and drew two (Everton and United at home) to over-come a seven-point deficit to Spuds.

    10.It was our 12th away victory in a row.

  2. Lets just say that I have to really be spending a little more time studying my Arsenal history !

  3. 1.has he scored yet?Why did we buy him?Bloody Wenger!
    2.Leonid Brezhnev (two pound ten shillings)
    3.Trick question!Arsenal have never been to a Cup Final.Wenger out!
    4.Jimmy Rimmer
    6.Elvis Presley, but the Colonel got upset and wouldnt let him come over from the valleys.
    7.Tower Bridge.
    8.That Wenger statistical wins in comparison with the exact distance between the moon and the pyramids divided by the probability density of ratio of the central tendency compared to a null hypothesis of type II errors in cohesive formulation of interval estimation of applied statistics meant that AW hadnt won anything for 2,000 years and therefore Owen Coyle should come in.
    9.Frenchman Wenger got a slagging.
    10.The records were “my old man said be a Tottenham fan” by Ritchie and the Powlings, (no78 in the charts)and “a cannon always better than a chicken” by The Sammy Nelson near moon experience (no22 in the charts) and Aha aha aha (da da da) by Poldi,Bastin and Den and Young*(no 2 in the charts)” I blame Ramsey” by the Jimmy Logie weird free Jazz all star (no102 in the jazz charts).
    * thats Willie Young btw.

  4. we are shocking again. Someone needs to look at our warm ups as we start most games so slowly now we are always on the back foot.

    Also, I see Dowd is nailing his colours to the mast early.

  5. Dowd has been kind to us for a change, Chambers could easily have had a penalty against him for a push in the back on Bony.

  6. Please give me a break from the Neville thing…

    Oops. Forgot I had a mute button!!!…..

  7. Sorry, this lays squarely at the feet of Wenger. 2 centre backs at the start of the season was stupid.

  8. Their left winger has been creating hell for chambers all evening. No cover provided for chambers.

  9. Oooops!
    Who are we blaming for this loss?
    Did anyone think Sanogo will change the game coming on the 90th minute?

  10. Wenger isto bblame. Playing the defenders in positions 5hey are not meant to. Not strengthening effectively. Sorry you can’t make feeble excuses time and time again

  11. Same sh*t different team. Seen more creativity from a labour spin doctor than Arsene!

  12. Leicester City,
    Manchester City,
    Hull City,

    We have failed to protect the lead for the sixth time this term.

    In all six matches Alexis scored.

    The Saints were the only ones not to score a header in aforementioned matches.

    No excuses are there for this defeat. We even had a significant amount of luck with the referee’s decision for once – Chambers made a penalty that wasn’t given at 0:0. We had had a lead for ten minutes, there was enough time for Arsene to make a change and add some fresh legs to our team. He failed to do so. I don’t know what the hell is happening with Rosicky but I don’t like it anyway.

  13. Wenger does not do tactics. Here’s a a reason. Their left winger tormented chambers the full 90 mins but he kept hector on the bench and finally the cross comes from the left for their second goal. We no doubt wil have analysis on how the ref screwed us, how we were tired after a tough cl game and all that. When we will actually look at what wrong we are doing.

  14. It is not like me to criticize our manager but with hindsight wouldn’t Bellerin, the fastest player in the club (including Walcott) have been preferable at right back, his natural position. Chambers who had a stinker was getting done for pace by the winger from the first minute, no surprise he put in the cross for the winning goal. Bellerin may well have had the speed to stop those crosses coming in and Chambers (who is more a centre back than a full back) could then have slotted in beside BFG.
    It’s been a bad week all round, I’m going to get drunk.

  15. Hard on Arsenal we weren’t bad , Swansea battlers tough team we need Kos back shit happens move on

  16. Shit happens, we’ve been saying it a lot. We can or could have avoided this shit happening.

  17. Do feel sorry for AW went out for lunch recorded game , just watched interview he looked a little broken needs big fan surport for Man U game fingers crossed

  18. It seems to me top teams defend as teams. Swansea reacted to going a goal down. Did we react going a goal up. No one is above constructive criticism. Wenger looked lost.

  19. Tony honestly what’s your opinion on the problems facing the team and why do you think there struggling to put a run of good results together ?

  20. This is all Arsene’s doing, I cannot feel sorry for a man with intelligence who seemingly has a reluctance to learn.

  21. Forget injuries and the belief that the PL referees have it in for Arsenal. It’s simply lack of tactics, the ability to adapt and to strengthen the squad in areas that are not attack minded.

  22. Things I couldn’t understand today…
    1. With atrocious weather and a heavy pitch, why wait until the 80th minute before fresh legs?
    2. With a goal down and a defeat likely, why introduce Sanogo at the 88th minute?
    3. When Swansea took the free from which they scored, the likelihood of a successful direct shot was clearly obvious. In such circs why didn’t the defence retreat deeper prior to the kick being taken?

  23. Why is Isaac Harden overlooked for Monreal? Is a so-so left-back actually better than Isaac which we are supposedly told is one for the future?

  24. @Nicky. There is no explaining by anyone on your 1st two points. But on the 2nd, why Sanogo? Has he scored a pl goal? Why not Poldi? On your 3rd point, their 1st goal was world class. We have to give it to them. Even if our BFG was at that post, it would have been tough for him.

  25. 5Gen – TV is also injured for Barca. There were a lot of tackles that got yellows but Williams on Santi was a leg breaker and should have had red. Dowd was poor but so was the Boss.

  26. We’ve not beaten a side outside the top six this season – a pretty pathetic state of affairs given where we were this time last year.

  27. @AB,

    If you allow me to answer the question you asked Tony,

    Our problem is forgeting defence, we were 1-0 up, and look how the free kick resulted, a counter attack. Where was Cazorla and Ramsey?
    Arteta is smart enough to be deployed alone, but Flamini cant make all that on his own.
    We need our central mids to realize they have to defend, its not the first time. We play good, and then concede goals from counters (while winning).
    Hope Arteta gets back early, we do need him.

  28. Another terrible performance from Arsenal defensively but hardly surprising. chambers was getting skinned more or less every time Swansea attacked, a tactically astute manager would have at least tried to address that, but not wenger he just sat there completely clueless imo the man is finished, his time is up it really is time for change at Arsenal.

  29. Yassin your right , after making three great purchases ( Sanchez Wellbeck and Chambers ) it’s so hard to believe why we struggling so much, but then we look behind the offensive line up and all the cracks start appearing

  30. Kel – its time you supported Chelsea, Wenger is not to blame for defensive failure against a very good attack. Arsenal have issues that need to be resolved and Wenger will do that in his own way. Remember he built this squad and PGMOL have reduced it to this state. It is not unrecoverable and Wenger will resolve the issues. Introducing fresh legs may not have been ideal considering there are many more games to play.

    There are many battles in a war and not all are won. I have faith in Wengers decisions.

  31. Menace
    November 9, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    5Gen – TV is also injured for Barca. There were a lot of tackles that got yellows but Williams on Santi was a leg breaker and should have had red. Dowd was poor but so was the Boss.

    On MOTD no mention of the tackle. There were two one with studs to Santi’s shin and one a kick to try and break the leg. Dowd only books the second tackle. The first was just as bad. So he’s not that type of player! I don’t care. The evil bastard should have been off. The FA should look at the tackles and act.

  32. menace….so because i blame wenger for Arsenal’s defensive problems i should support chelsea? haha what a childish response.. i blame wenger because he has consistently failed to address arsenal’s defensive problems for yrs, particularly the lack of a proper DM, and this summer not replacing vermaelen was a bad decision imo. (this doesn’t make me anti Arsenal or want to support chelsea) it’s a valid opinion.

    you said Introducing fresh legs may not have been ideal considering there are many more games to play.
    im sorry that is absolutely pathetic, so while chambers was getting roasted wenger couldn’t have brought Bellerin on, put him on the right to combat the swansea threat down that side?? he couldn’t do this because he has more games to play????

    you say there are many battles in war well… wenger has not won a battle against a team outside of the bottom six this season. also the past 15 meetings against the top 4 spanning over 5 seasons is
    my opinion still stands menace, hes finished.

  33. kel -ok so you are an Arsenal supporter. Arsenal are a squad built by Wenger. The squad has been decimated by injuries due to lack of protection by ‘officials’. I support Arsenal & Wenger because he has a good footballing philosophy based on good economics. He is human & does occasionally have to cope with surprises. My money is on Arsenal winning the league despite the handicap of biased officiating. Results of Arsenal against top 4 is no surprise as we were 4th for that period. Our points total was not poor compared to the rest. Beating the top 4 does not win the league.

    Consistent winning is what is needed an our squad will get us there. We need some tweaks to balance the team & that will be done Wengers way.

  34. Of course I support Arsenal it was ur inability to except my opinion that wenger is to blame for the current defensive shambles that made you spit ur dummy out by telling me to support Chelsea.

    we are decimated with injuries every yr menace yet the Arsenal squad that wenger built never has the depth to cope. Every man and his dog knew we were weak defensively before the transfer window closed. everyone knows we lack height and strength in key positions and have done so for seasons now, we have needed that tweak for a long time.

    We have absolutely no chance of winning the league this season with wengers weak defence and predictable tactics, you are completely deluded thinking we can,we are fighting for 4th again.

    You say we don’t need to beat the top 4 to win the league, well I suppose its possible but very unlikely. I know one thing tho you can’t consistently fail to beat Chelsea city utd either.

    I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree menace. I hope ur right tho and we win the league I hope wenger can get it right I really do, but deep down i know he’s finished m8 i believe a change is needed.

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