And now something completely different

I started this blog as an experiment just around a year ago.  The experiment being to see if anyone was interested in following a different sort of approach to commenting on Arsenal – one that backed Wenger, covered issues that others didn’t bother about too much, including the financial background, and which maybe included a spot of humour.

The blog now has a monthly audience of between 50,000 and 60,000 people – that is 50-60,000 people read at least two pages of the blog each month.

I’ve only just begun to realise that this is quite a significant number – somehow I imagined that all the other blogs were getting 250,000 a month, and I, as the new kid on the block, was gradually picking up the pace.

Turns out Untold Arsenal is fairly much up there with the big boys – and getting an audience that others are quite interested in.

Obviously I write this blog for fun – and the fun is quadrupled by the comments I get in – both to the blog itself and directly to me.     It really does mean a lot when there are compliments – and I take note of the criticisms too – although the racist abuse I could do without.

Anyway, I’m writing this for two reasons.  One is because, as Bob Dylan would have said, in the aftermath of last night’s game, “I need something strong to distract my mind”.

The other is because I am looking to see if there are any other related projects that could sit alongside this blog.

One thing that is on the way is a book about the end of Woolwich Arsenal and the move to Highbury.   I don’t think there is anything around that is detailed on this topic (it is obviously covered in passing by all histories of the club, but the real detail is missing).   The research is more or less done, and I’m really into the book itself now – it should be available next year.  (Incidentally if you do know of a book that covers that period in detail do let me know.)

That’s easy for me, because I earn my living as a writer.   But I’m also looking for anything else that could be associated with the web site.  This is not to say I am going to turn this into a full-scale shop – the whole point of the blog is that it is a blog.   But rather, instead of just having a couple of ads that lots of other blogs have on their site, I’d like to try and have different things, things that are original and which reflect the “difference” of this blog.

So, if you have anything that is not widely avaialble elsewhere and you are looking to market it, please do write to me (Tony at  I won’t be coming back and saying, “fine – you can advertise here, the cost is ££££”, but rather talking about a commission on sales or something like that.

Here’s one idea I have had: t-shirts with slogans on that are 100% different from what everyone else has.  I don’t have any background in t-shirt manufacture, but if you do, maybe we could talk.

Or indeed if you have an idea which you haven’t yet started bringing to market, we could talk about that, if you felt able to share it with someone you don’t know.

Overall, what I am trying to say is this.  Readers have kindly said over time that this blog is unusual and different.  So what I am thinking is – let’s go further.  Let’s try and develop not just a blog, but some products that are different and unusual, and which might appeal to Arsenal fans.   This site would then become the home of Arsenal seen from a different point of view.

Therefore just a simple rule: if the product (or something very much like it) is already sold in the Arsenal shops or on-line, that’s probably not what I am after.  But if it really is different, then maybe some of the readers here (who by definition like an approach that is a bit different from the norm) might like to buy them.

If you think that I’ve finally lost it, gone over the top and disappeared up my own backside, then fine – you are not alone in that point of view.  But if you see what I am rambling on about, and you have an idea, do drop me a line.

Many thanks for reading.  Last night was a bugger, but its nothing that a 16-0 victory against Stoke and a few glasses of red wine can’t put right.