What the statistics for the Tinies game show

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By Walter Broeckx


After our defeat against the team whose name may not be mentioned but whose supporters think it is a good idea to adopt the Paedophile Chant just when after years of complaint, Man United have taken the first tiny steps to ridding the club of it.

We lost, and the World once again stopped turning and the catastrophists came out of their cage. This was the impression I got.

To make things clear: I was in shock and I hated the fact that we lost against them for the first time in some 10 years and at this moment in time. But after a defeat instead of throwing everyone and everything out of the window I tried to take a step back, tried to forget who we played and tried to take a look from the distance and see what really was going on.

On this site a lot of fans came suddenly around and told that we should have bought, bought, bought and bought some more. That our team was not good enough, you know the usual things that comes above water whenever we face a defeat.

By a strange coincidence in the fixture list the club whose supporters think it is a good idea to sing the Paedophile Song had to play Chelsea a few days later than they played against us.  So this was a good opportunity to see where we stand in regard of the other clubs.

When I gave some statistics this week some people had a go at me, and I have no problem with this because when you stick out your neck at times, you must be ready to take some comments. To be complete I took the liberty to give the most important match statistics from our game last week. And they go like this:

Tottenham Hotspur v. Arsenal

5 Shots on Target 6

3 Shots off Target 9

7 Blocked Shots 8

4 Corners 6

65.3 Passing Success 81.2

29 Tackles 28

72.4 Tackles Success 75

33.6 Possession 66.4

37.9 Territorial Advantage 62.1

We lost 2-1 (sorry to remind you) but if you looked at the shots we had in total 23 shots and they had 15. We had more corners, we had more possession we had the territorial advantage. In short in every way we were the better team, we just lost because Gomes kept almost everything out of his goal with some amazing super saves. The keeper is part of a team.

So now let us take a look at the statistics of the ****** game against Chelsea.

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

8 Shots on Target 4

9 Shots off Target 4

6 Blocked Shots 5

13 Corners 4

76.5 Passing Success 83.8

26 Tackles 22

61.5 Tackles Success 63.6

39.5 Possession 60.5

48.1 Territorial Advantage 51.9

Chelsea also lost 2-1. Chelsea had 13 shots, Tottenham 23. Tottenham had 13 corners and Chelsea 4. Chelsea had more possession but that is about the only statistics they were better than Tottenham.

Now if you compare our statistics with that from Chelsea as they played the same team you can only see that we had far more shots on goal, more corners, more possession, our tackles success was better. In every way we had a better performance against ******** than Chelsea had.

The question that comes in to my mind is : How come that an almost complete Chelsea with all their best players on the field and with all their deputies in the squad, with their far better goalkeeper, with 2 regular centre backs, with their key midfielder Lampard in the game, with their best striker on the pitch could not win this game?

Chelsea a team that over the last years has done nothing else but buy, buy, buy and buy.

We had no Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Cesc, Arshavin and most of the game no Van Persie, our best players this season. And still we did the same as an almost complete Chelsea.

I think it is about time that Chelsea sack their manager as he is clearly as bad as Wenger. They should throw out Abramovitch as he is the man in charge of it all, they should get rid of their players as they are totally useless and utter crap.

So I think it is about time that some fans try to have a look at more than just the defeat in it. We have no right to win every game, not even against *******, and this also is the same for Chelsea as we could see today.

And if I may add, this is also the same for Manchester City. The other team that in the last years has done nothing but buy, buy, buy and buy even more. They also do lose games and are 9 points behind us for the moment.

So yes, the defeat on Wednesday was hard to take but (and I almost get a cramp in my fingers when I write this) we must admit that ******* also has improved this season and is having a good season. It is hard to lose against them, but it is nothing to be ashamed for. Maybe they could do us a favor again next week and get some points at Old Trafford.

21 Replies to “What the statistics for the Tinies game show”

  1. Brilliant article, really great. A good, convincing argument. Did we get outplayed by Spurs? Not really. It was more the difference in quality between the goalkeepers that made the difference in the end.

  2. agreed, we`re not far away. I wish fans would look at our glass half full rather than half empty. After all only 1 team can win the league and we are 1 of the teams that could!

  3. In fact it was almost a similar game. **** early in front but Chelsea could not impose themselves against ******
    Chelsea also scored late in the game.

    So very much the same game but in fact we had more chance to even win it. But like Phil said, the goalkeeper plays his part and Gomes is a man that is hard to beat sometimes as we discovered when we played PSV in the CL a few years back.

  4. Yes, and I know it wont change the result but just to show that even the team that has bought the most over the last years and more complete than us can lose against ********

  5. Another great write up Walter and further evidence to the greatness of AW in the the last 5years.

    I’m on the verge of concluding that some Arsenal fans are just spoilt and unrealistic in their expectations. There is no other aspect of anybody’s life (including their lives) that anybody has such expectations as many of them have expressed.

    I mean, in what area of life would you expect to ALWAYS be in the top 10percentile on an average budget?

    The hard work that enables AW and Arsenal to bridge this gap IN THE STADIUM BUILD YEARS when the necessary level of budget could not be afforded or was unavailable is what these grumbling Arsenal fans fail to respect or appreciate and therein is the shame!!

  6. Just one question to the panicing fans…Throw Wneger, Throw Denilson, Throw the Board, Throw Diaby, Throw Arshavin, Throw Almunia…..Throw everyone and then do what?
    Tell the replacements that those lostmind guys want tosee, Who else in place of Wenger, Who for Diaby, Denilson, and everyone they want to throw out….
    As if Real Madrid are blind enough that they have been trying to catch Wenger for past 5-6 years…..

  7. the difference was not Gk ,it was the slow movement of our attacking midfield.When the spud gain the ball,it took them few second to put us under pressure,when gain the ball the time we decide to go forward nearly every spud players were back in their half defending.Simple the low energy of our team and add to that poor decision again of diaby cost us.And only when Van Persie come in ,Bendy got any support and we score.

    Like i say in another blog,if Pires and Ljungberg were playing we would have won easy.Because they have pace allied to great technique to carry the ball fast forward and they would have support Bendy.Theo have pace but not a great technic to play wide,Diaby lack football brain and do too many bad decision under pressure.

  8. @lordgunner..

    What you dont realise is that we dont defend as 10 men behind the ball. so the opponent has got more space and time than we have. The actual difference was the GK.

    Infact this match reminded of us vs Barca in the first half when Almunia and others stopped everything in 1st half. Had it not been Almunia who would be down by atleast 3-4 goals. So no one says that we dont get outplayed but sometimes you are unlucky in a sport and that was not our day. Simple.

  9. how unlucky we are for the past 5 years.. couldn’t agree more guys..we need to invest on luck instead on worldclass players i think

    yeah we challenge in every competition at the top levels and have good facts in everything we do from the pitch to the club finance but we have been upset by the dumbest mistake ever in the world!!! do you think that is the progress we want???do you all think we can’t accept the lost???yes we can but with integrity!!!how come the mistake repeated so many times in one season???Im talking as generally..you guys pick the numbers if you want since you all so obsessed with the facts..and the best is its happen when we need that win? if its not about winning then no use to join premier league..make a charity match..

    somehow I believe this type of thinking (some of players have same thinking but not Arshavin & Fabregas & Gallas) will not give success to arsenal. sorry guys..and i believe AW knew about this but he was too soft to his player which is good but sometimes gives side effect during match…like flappin..sob sob

  10. Thanks for this article Walter. I would have never have thought of the 2 matches like that.

    I this there are a few fans (including me) who don’t mind the

  11. …oops, clicked submit too early. What I wanted to say is that there are a few of us who don’t mind the loosing (even if it is to the spuds), but it how we loose the match. The players should know the history of Arsenal and our keepie uppie neighbours and put in a performance fitting the ocassion.

    The players should know that our keepie uppie neighbours just did us a solid favour on the weekend and that we now have a good chance at the title and so the performace should fit the ocassion.

    I know the players are just human and loose form every now and then and we have a few first teamers missing, but the players that come in should put in a performance as best as they can to do the manager proud and not coast through the game thinking they just have to turn up to win (I am referring to the one called Diaby). I hate to pick on players but he got on my nerve against Wigan.

  12. We lost because we had a weak side on the field,Gomes had a blinder and Gael Clichy is brain dead and does not undrestand the game.

  13. Great articles and i guess every team had their moment but don’t worry we’ll be back and next season will be more interesting because it is going to be 6 teams that will fight for the title and in the end i’m afraid to say that WE WILL WIN IT…=D

  14. Is Clichy really brain dead GoonerGaz? Not according to a few lung busting performances of late, and not forgetting the leaps and bounds he’s come since Cashley we away with the faries.

  15. Yes, Walter, an excellent article showing why we should have won and why we should not be despondent. It also shows how bad statistics are – the only one that counts is goals scored.

  16. Walter

    Stop making excuses about the injuries. Spurs had 7 out too and a 19 year old making his debut.

    We weren’t good enough in the final third and had no penetration until Robin came on. Fact.

    Our team lacked cutting edge in front of goal, doesn’t know how to co-ordinate pronged attacks into the box to justify crossing the ball and this won’t change unless either training regimens change or personnel are upgraded. I said it in 2006/7 and I’ll say it again. Because it doesn’t change……

    Spurs 4 strikers: Defoe, Crouch, Keane, RP. All 4 experienced internationals who score lots of goals. Ours? Robin, Bendtner, the Mexican and Eduardo. It doesn’t stack up. And Eduardo’s not what he was in 2008, is he?

    Spurs possess four wingers with cutting edge: Lennon, Bale, O’Hara and Bentley. We possess Walcott. End of.

    Spurs possess Huddlestone and Palacios as midfield enforcers. We possess Song. End of.

    Spurs possess Modric, we possess Cesc, with Ramsey as back up. We might possess an edge there, but it’s not huge against most teams. Because Modric is bloody good.

    Spurs possess Krancjar, Jenas and we possess, Nasri, Denilson, Rosicky, Ramsey – lots more, but for one position, not three.

    Spurs possess Dawson, King, Woodgate, Bassong. We possess Gallas, Thomas the Tank, Djourou, Campbell and the French pensioner. No edge for Arsenal there – similar, isn’t it?

    Spurs possess Corluka at right back, we possess Sagna. Edge to Arsenal. Assou-Ekotto against Clichy? Ditto. Our back up at left back is good, theirs is Bale.

    Spurs possess Gomes, we possess Almunia. Spurs win.

    Spurs are building a squad of 22-25 players who are ready to perform. Right now, we are not.

    Now I’m prepared to see with my eyes our players grow up in the close season, take responsibility and show I’m wrong. I’d cheer that from the rooftops.

    But it won’t happen if Arsene thinks the way you do.


  17. How appropriate that you came out with this last night Walter. Watching the Barca game, after about 5 minutes I said to my better half, “Barca look nackered.” It wasn’t that they weren’t controlling possession, they were and they did…but they were oh so slow in comparison with the performances against Real and us. Which was when I realised where I’d seen all this before. At spuds and Wigan.

  18. Those statistics show exactly the same as the stats between Inter and Barca last night, and that, is that all the possession, free kicks, pass completion and triangles made don’t amount to a hill of beans if the ball doesn’t go in the net as often as it does for the opposition.

  19. Last nite game had confirmd my belief that barca arent different to us. They find it difficult to play physical sides. Remember Chelski last season-semi final CL. Only luck got them thru. Same wit us, finding it hard to win against teams who defend wit eleven players. Seems we are beginning to find the solution though

  20. I don’t think comparisons to the Barca team playing Inter last night are that relevant.

    Barca lost because Inter marked Messi out of the game; more importantly the whole team was dead from having traveled 12 hours by coach.

    Barcelona are better than Arsenal, I think we need to accept that and learn from it. Their passing and pressing game is just stronger than ours is at the moment.

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