Territorial Misdemeanours

This weekend the team at the bottom of the league beat the team at the top of the league.  The team who were a couple from bottom beat the team who were 4th.

The first story seems to be full of Harry Hotspur and the miracle of the man whose only previous achievement is to win the FA Cup by beating Cardiff.  The second story seems to be full of Arsenal implodes.

There’s no implosion, in my view.  Remember the end of the 49 games – we lost and then didn’t seem to be able to win again.   That’s how it goes.

Most people are aware that there is a strong Anti-Arsenal element in the media and they will jump on Arsenal at any opportunity.  Now seems a good time for some of us who feel like it to resist the negative attitudes of the hacks.

In the end we are still 6 points behind the leaders and have maintained that position despite going through a poor result against Stoke and a poor 2 minutes against the Tiny Fantasists (a new name for the Tiny Totts – I’ll explain another time).   Is that so awful?

If it is, how awful are Liverpool Insolvency losing to the Tinies?  And what about that time when we were (what was it? 10 points behind Manchester with only 8 games to go – something like that) (sorry I am writing this 160 miles from home and don’t have my reference books here, and am being asked to get up and go to see James Bond).

Final point – there were a couple of comments suggesting that I was wrong to start telling people how to think.  If that’s how it came across it was bad writing on my part.   This column is written for the amusement of me and anyone who cares to read it – I certainly don’t believe that I can influence anyone, I’m just saying the world as I see it, and saying if you agree, maybe you’d agree with this following point.  If not, ok, you see the world your way.  

Really, I’m just an ordinary guy who happens to have decided to write a blog.  

5 Replies to “Territorial Misdemeanours”

  1. I like this article. People dont seem to understand the implications of sacking wenger, this isn’t a european team where we have a director of football, sacking a manager is hugely significant. Wenger may not be everyone’s favorate at the moment but he’s better then the other options, lets just hope he can rectify the team’s issues.

  2. Thanks for keeping the positivity going Tony. I think there will be many more twists and turns to come this season, so mental strength and resilience will be required by all of us.

  3. On your last post one guy said don’t tell true fans how to react to a situation. You shouldn’t really need to – except there is so much negativity out there you are truly doing a valuable job.
    The job of a ‘true’ fan is so simple. Support the team enthusiastically and and with passion – especially at time the club needs your support. The club needs our support right now.
    If you only support the team when we win then you aren’t a supporter, you are a spectator.
    It is bad results and poor performances that sorts out the supporters from the spectators.
    Like you Tony, I am a supporter.

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