Bischoff starts to show why we bought him

Bischoff came to Arsenal as a injured player who had been out for something like a year – with an injury.  He came to us from Werder Bremen.

He is, in my view, worth watching because Wenger said signing him was  a gamble, he’s  a central midfielder and it turns out he’s rather good.

He recovered from his injury during the first month or so at the club and has now played 3 times in the reserves.   Last night he scored his first goal – a flip over the defender and then a swerving shot from outside the area.  It really was something to watch.   If that wasn’t enough he set up a terrific pass for Rui Conte to score Arsenal’s second – it ended 2-0.

There was quite a few complaints about signing him especially as he only made one senior appearance for Werder Bremen- and that was in 2007.

He has played for Portugal’s under 21 side – despite being French (that’s the way these international things work).

Merida also played central midfield in the second half, and Coquelin looked bright – it maybe that all three will play against Wigan.

4 Replies to “Bischoff starts to show why we bought him”

  1. We need experience n not kids, morover in the carling cup we hav 2 field in first team if we want 2 win.

  2. eugene – it was only a couple of years ago that a kid called Fabregas played in the carling Cup. keep the faith mate.

  3. I don’t mind Bischoff, I just wish he was a defensive midfielder, Arsenal has enough attack minded midfielders !

  4. Exactly Ian – how soon people forget. Cesc would not be where he is now without Arsene taking a massive risk on his talent.

    As for DM’s I doubt that would have made a difference to Rory Delap’s long throws. We didn’t create enough going forward. Our style is attack as the first line of defence, when we try to play in a style that does not suit our personnel, that is when we come unstuck.

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